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M2 fled, Ws. 


1653 East Moin Strest 
Roaheater, Naw York a a609 

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Q, Edison. pers 



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Thomas A. Edison Papers 
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The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 
New Jersey. 

ISBN 0-89093-702-8. 


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A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 


Reel duplication of the whole or of. ha, 
any part of this film is prohibited. . °°. 
In lieu of transcripts, however, vee 
enlarged photocopies of selected ~ 
items contained on these reels . oo) 
_Mmay be made in order to facilitate een 
_research. : 

Letterbook, LB-055 

This letterbook covers the period December 1891-March 1892, Most of 
the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also correspondence by Edison and 
Thomas Maguire. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing 
of phonographs and cylinder recordings and to legal and financial dealings 
among the various phonograph companies. There are several letters pertaining 
to Edison’s loan of $3,500 to the Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co. Other 
documents deal with mining and ore milling, electric light and power, and the 
kinetograph. Included also are letters about position openings at the West 
Orange laboratory and about the collection and storage of material at the 
Menlo Park laboratory. There are numerous letters, many addressed to 
Edison’s attorney, Sherburne B. Eaton, regarding patent infringements and 
other patent matters. Beginning on page 89 is a three-page description of 
Edison’s inventions for 1891, Beginning on page 189 is a five-page list of 
requirements for an electric railroad motor. The spine is stamped "Letters" 
and is labeled "From Dec. 31, 1891. To Mar. 9, 1892." The book contains 698 
numbered pages and an index. Approximately 20 percent of the book has 
been filmed. Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-051 
and LB-053. 

Messrs. Munn & Coe, 

No. 461 Broadway, New York. 

Dear Sirs: 

With reference to the attached query, Mio Eaison 
eae that he tested by automatic means thd effect Upon an incandes~ 

bent lamp of tluawing off and pn the current fifty thousand tines, 
and found that it made na didPerence in the life of the lamp. 
Tiis is sent +0 You in ‘compliance with the request contained 

in your favor of 29th instant, 

Yours trnly, 

Private Secretary. 

Dacembtr Slat, 1892. 

4yttar Brisnano, Bsq., 
#47 Enat. Forty-fogrth Stay 
Now York City. 

Dear Str?~ 
Yair acter dates 26th of December, reqeating an intor.~ 

view vith Mr. Rilnon, was reeeived here this morning. 

In reply Mr, Edison has instructed me to say to you that he its 
ing cut of town fosmorren or text dey ant will be absent uiti2 
Sbext the ldth of Jemary. After that date he will pleased to 
ste you at Sil Léhovdtory ‘with referents to the miter refered to 

fn yout lotter undexs voply. 

Youre very troly, 

January 4, 1899, 
; ® 

> S Gorton, Esq., 

The Chicago Edison Company, 

Chicago, I13 inois, 


Dear Sirs. 

Mee Edison has rece ived your letter o; 

P 30th ult iac., 
with enclosure ag stated 

» and also your jetter of Sist Ultines 

Mra disor 

are Oo. K. A few 
wil] be able to determine as to the lamp. 

Yours truly FY 

> yam 

Jame 4, 1392, 

Be Ke Seguine, Esqe, 
No. 76 Montromery Street, 

Jersey City, N» J. 

Dear sir: 

Mro Edison has asked me to acknowledge the rece ips 
of your letter of 30th ultimo and to thank you for the invitation 
therein extended to him to be present at the experiments to be 
conducted by the Harriman Wrought Iron Coe at Rockaway, N. Je, in 
connection with the Neville Direct Iron sie eees. and which are to 
begin ‘nest Monday 3 Should Mr. Bdisor find it rossible to visit 
Rockaway and witness the experinents in question he will be vory 
glad to do £Qg but at present he is not sure that his engagements 
will permit of his attendance thero. 

Again thanking you for your ‘letter 

Ioan, yours truly, 

Frivaty Secretary. 

SOT Tr et eee 



wMaty 4th, 1802, 

Gee. ¥, Glatke, Eaq., 

#118 Hing St. Vat, 

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA ». 

Dear Sirt. 


Your letter ef 20th wit ime addressed to the Kings 


Phonograph toy Hunn facturing Cy., ingairing about tetking ctosky, 
hie ‘heer referred fa this efPkge. tt voply t beg to inform you 

that Mr. Maison hac not yet pileed his toathing tlogks ugeot the 
Wark st, 

Yours very trafg, 

Steal gee 

Sifavite Sucretargs 

y 7 

January 4, 18926. 

fhe Bdison & Swan United Electric Light Coe, Ltde, 

100 Victorian Street, London, Se We, Englandn 

Dear Sirst- 
In accordance with the provisions of Section 9 of 
what is know as the Bouverie Agreoment of February 18th, 1882, 
X beg to inform you that X have made an improvement upon and con 
nected with the said inventions referred to in said agreement, the 
same -being an improvement in the Leading-in-Wires of Incandescent 
emps, and have obtained British Letters Patent Nose 15,792, of 
‘October 46, 189D, therefor; and that the experimental and other 
expenses in -connection therewith and heretofore paid by me, are 
as follows, namely!) 
Experimental, expenses ‘leading up to improvement 
an Bead ing-in-Wireg------——~-r--s enn w annem 4y 800000 
One hundred per cent add @d----- nae nnn eee n n-ne 4,800.00 

Bxpense ‘of. objaining patent Noe 15,792, of 1890-—-~ — 90200 
Bae & : Benense ‘oF maintaining : said patent------~- eewernnn 800.00 

Ee & Be Ue Be In Cow wd 


the sata invention end ‘patent therefor, 

said agreement. 

Very ttrniy yours, 7 ; ae 

ee eee ee eee 

Janary sth, 1892 

Nesars, Dyer & Seely, 

#36 Wall Sto, New York City. 

Dear Sirg:- 
XY return herewith the drawings which AQ Compeniad yore. 

Jetter of 80th ultimo aldressed to Mr, Rats on with relation te nis 

cage #981, in which the reciprocating orushing reller 6 is doserin 

bed as beane longer than the roller 4. Mr. Kai son Notes that the 

& aoe et, 2i),, 
patents cited by the Somaicsioner show it to be old to rec iprosate 

one or both of the rollers in mechanism for crushing. or eeener ne 
for the prpose of Preventing the rollers becoming warn indiroa me 
ferential Grooves, ard that you will therefore be ohbigel to re~ 
striet the ovens a6 minor features of construction, “In reply 
Mr. Edison says for you to do the best you can with this ease and 

to elaim all the other details. 

Yours very tnuly, 

Penwate Segretary.s 
erie 5 


Se er materia, adhe matin etna ge tonne ane ha pr eect 

wb ee 


Jamary 5th, 1.892, 

Philip S. Dyer, Faq., 
No. 34 Victoria 8t., Weotminater, 

London, ENGLAND. 

Dear Sirs- 
Mr. Edison has asked me to thank you for your favor of 
7th ultimo, enclosing a report on Magnetic Iron Ore written by Mr. 

T. Forster Brewn, and whieh Mr. 4. L. Fran Thomas requested you to 

forward te Mri Edi sone The Intter read this document with mych 
interest anti he is mich obliged te yourself and Mr. Thomas for scenie 
ing it to him. 

He expects soon to be able: to forward to you a commrcial Pein 
port on the mine at Ogden. Mr. Hadison thinks that plenty of money 
cw.1d be made in concentrating some of the ores mentioned in ‘ir. 

Brown's report, provided that the freight rates are favorailo. 

Yours very tmly, Les 



.Private Seerotarye 
& A: 


& Mtiestion in regard to the phenayreriy cae very hie had ine 

GHartes Wirt, Rds, 

The fisetrical aphey des, 
#102 Mgphigan Ave«, Baicago, FS} a 

Pear Siri» 
Mr. Fdiaqn Has read your jetter af Bath ulbimo, making 

Eee gated ie ea ot eaten we oy % 
structed me to inform you that we did use, herd mibher shelis in 
eofingetion with the phonograph. A yubber Shel) was plated on $he 

brass marndril and the cylinder placed Meo tt: «this vas found 26 

be effectual th stopping the dradking of 6Yiinder’ fiom the canst 

cited in your léttef; bit the troable wai tht tne publi¢ did not 

618A paying for the BHet1t,“tnd vonaethintay efiktr mana facture 

was abanddneds 

Yours very truly, 

v private § focrelbi 


ed ae 

#dison Genera) Ele etric Coe, 

Samuel Insull, E 

“dey 2nd Vice-President < 

New York City. 

Dear Sioyeee 

Mr» Edison nes mead your letzes ot Sth duster. ate 


Copy oF Major Ratos? 

8 conmunication SCCcomeunyine se 


regart to the regulate: 

used in connestion With ous are 3 ess 

machine ge 

In reply he has tustructed mz to Say that sone 4: 

matter of providing apnaratus for ose in ovr are + ipht bes 

Was receiving hig attention, but you informed him tnat 

CVG ry ta ine 

connseted therewith ves Satisfactory, and tins nothing further 

was required, in vie: of which infomation sli are Right wort 

DYOgress at the tim: 

in the Laboratory was discansinuedy 

In view, however, of the General Gonpamr's nvesers j.sakion 

in the matter, as explained in your lettaw, Mey Ediser will ime 


mediately take the work UP AgAan and sc, what oan te done in 28 

way of providing regulates which ean ta aibstiv ted for + 

a Poyvhes anc 

“ow in use in 

‘he event of an wntavarenbia deelsioan bebng rere 

Janwary 7, 1892, 

samuel Insull, Bsq., 

in the Chicago suit, which you refer to. 

Yours very truly, 

Privata Secretary, 

Joseph Thompson, Esqe, 

Atlantic Gity, Ne ds 

Dear Sirt- 

Replying to your letter of 6th instant in regard to 
“hs Ernst electric storage cells, I regret to say that I am not 
vot yeady to report concerning the samee The testi of these 
eclis has been greatly delayed owing to the aiffienlty which we 
have experienced in procuring the necessary jars, without which 
tha tests could not be proceeded with. As a matter of fact, we 

only succeeded a few days ago in finding suitable jarse I will 


comnunicate with you regarding the matter at tm earliest pos 

moment o 

Yours truly, 
2 ; 

Private’ Sacretary. 

January 6, 1892. . 
Rob' te Grimshaw, Esq., 
Room 49, No. 27 Park Ror, 

New York City. 

Dear Sir:. 

In compliance with the request contains: in your 

letter of 30th ultimo, I sr lose herewith additional information 

in rerard to the work acc onplished by Mr. Edison “last year. 

Trusting that you will fim the same sufficient for your PULP Os & 

Iam, yours vary truly, 

Private Secretary, 




Electrie Railwa Ye 

New system fop electric railways which will do away with the 

trolley wire; especially adapted for large cities vwiere overkead 
wires are prohibited. : 

It has hitherto peen considered impossible to Supply a streot 
car, propelled electrically, with current from the rails, for tyo 
reasons: lst, because the nud and water would be liable to produce 
& heavy electrical iogss by leakage; and secondly, because of tha 
adiffieulty in delivering a large volume of current to the car 
through the md and Slush with which the rails might be covered. 

The Lirst difficulty mentioned above Mr. Edison has overcome 
by anploying a electrical pressure sufficiently low to be without 

danger of frightening horses and without appreciable come reial 
Joss or leakage. 

Special apparatus of a Simple nature has enabled him to supply 
in practical trial any desired quantity of current to a car unisex 
the worst conditions of Streete By these means it is possible, 
and las been experimentally proved practical, to supply a car 
with a motive power indepeadently of any trolley wire. 

ta nena eee aE 9, 

The difficulties in the way of electrical propulsion for 
steam railroads Mr. Edison has considered to be mostly of detail 
amd not of principlee In connection with his experiments in this 
line he had constructed a Short length of track, upon which he 
demonstrated it to be possible to supply a moving train with the 
necessary amount of electrical energy for its propulsione 

High Voit Lamp. 

This lamp effects « Saving of over fifty per eant in copper. 
It has been found up to the present time impracticable to manufac- 
ture an olectric lamp overated on @ higher preasure than a little 
over 100 volts. Doubling the pressure on such lanps is capable 
of reducing the total yuantity of copper in a conducting system 
of supply by 75% theoretically, and perhaps 70% practicallys 
Guided by the importance of this desired end Mre Edison found a 
means of making a lamp capable of Giving the present standard of 
illumination under ali. the usual conditionsy but. working at 200 
volts, or nearly twice the present pressure, and this lamp will-Ue 
tO believe.’scon be available for general use. 


Theao ara Lor registering accurately the consumpt ion of 
alestric gurrent. 

In connection with electric lamps Mr. Edison has beon seeking 
for a form of clectric meter vhich would be as effective as ‘those 
heretofore used, but whieh would be cheaper and wore accurate, thus 
vondaring it capable of mgre universal adoption. These features 
ob bude evos are onbodied in his nev series of electric light 


The alternating current system which Mr. Edison has worked 
ont embodies a high, degree of efficienoy with mechanical conven- 
ience but does not essentially aiter in principle from other 
oxisting similar systems. : 

New Phonograph: 

This phonograph is a-great improvement on tha olde form of 
instrument, and tivre are many new features anhodied in it which 
the earlier machines did fot possesse The now phonograph is more 
simple of operation, and its caracity (about 1500 words) is treble 
that of the old machina. A mailing cylinder, especially adapted 
to correspondence, has heen provided for use in conne ection with 
the new phonograph; this mailing cylinder is small, light in weight 
ard d@xrable ama will hold 600 verds; it can be placed in a box a/c 
of an inch in diameter ad can be sent through the mils at-a cost 
of two cents, and with perfect safety. The @iaphragm used on the 
new style of machine is of the most sensitive character, and a 
whisper recorded on the eylinder can be reproduced with the fvcue 
est distinctness. 

In the new phonograph are onhodiad ali the improvements that 
have bedn sugeested or thought of sino the indtrument was first 
introduced to the public. 

This process mkes it possible to furnish any desired number 

of duplicates of any particular phonogmph rocord, musical or ; 
vocal, tho drplicates being equal in gvexy respect to the originals 






Je SMicbane Walker, Hist] oy 

Tee ey, 
Now York Gilye 

be. 2 $3 oes 

Me Bu soa has rena Gu a. to of Ath ingtany + 


im rephr has instructed ms to anform you that he raivets ha 

unable te f-anish you with a gun cotton engine. He saya thai <5 


wucth sven an engine would Vequirs a considerable smounk of 

exnarinenting, but thet a 3000 engineer ourtht to b: able to dest, 

onte Some tine aso My. Eoison conducted at the Laboratory a fen 

Vaundamen tel exparinent 


‘nm this ‘diroation. but tine experiusnts 

wero never brought to a sompletion and had to te abandoned fa 
baporta at , 

Vavor of other, wrk whith was more Pressing 


Yours timaily, 

January 1], 1992, 

Avthur Michaud, Esq., 
No. 13 James Street, 

Quebec, Canada. 


Dear Sirs 
Referring to your letter of 96h wit imo, 1 beg ta 

jetomes you that the sample of iron sand mentioned therein vay 

faly soeg 


ved and examined ty Mr. Edison, who found that it con. 
tainal 29,408 risteallic iron, and after soncent ration Le 40% tie 
tanimie. he sre possesse2 no great value owing to the excesding i. 
high percentage of titanium vhich it vontalnge | 

io am semlivy 2 communication similar to this one 40 Mire Ap He 
Cook, of your Gitye, 

Thaniing you for your kindness in having the sanple sont te 

My. - Ba ison 

fan, yours truly, 


cols ae 


Private Sevratarye 

s ye e 

January 11, 182. 

Ac Oo Tate , Esq o, 

Edison Building, Broa: Street, 

New Yor!: City. 

Dear Sir 

With voference +o the dpiicate records made by the 
Chicago “Phonograph Company, twelve of whieh were received at the 
Laboratory on Saturday last. Walter Miller hag examined Shese ani 
reports that they are vory much inferi vr to our records in qualiwry. 
tone and volumes The shipment consist2d of two vocal and ten 
band records, the latter made by the Ue Se Marine and Old Guard 
bands: Waiter is of the eoinion that oniv seven of the records 
are duplicates and that ‘the other Live ave originals. He thinks 
tnat the method of aiplitation employed by the Chicago Company i: 

simply te record upon ons phonograph the veproeduction of anoths.o 


yl Y . 

S Yours traily, 

Tfanuary 12, 1892. 

@ H. Goster, Eaqe, 

New York Qity- 
My dear Cagter, - 

Your iptten of Sth instant is before me, and I 
Qn, glau that: tie an, Conn ganda 8 Whiioh you refer to have ee BAL me 
im the interest of the Ne Y. IVlumingting Oo. -Byerything of 
general utility fs hound to sneceed in New York City. 
Regex ing the 50 wait lamp, remeniber that our opponents have 
gimost a voyner an natwile in that provesa, but Lo have got it dow: 
+p 74 volts and am working hard on the problem. Give me a litt!s 
more time and T'lL hob ip nevohety with a fifty volter; I apprecie+ 
ate its camerpial valde. ; , 

Yours very truly, 

Yl i Zoek 
Bfleicisy 6, Cds Obes 
; a 

wow Be 

Jamiary 12, 1891 & 

Richard s, ‘Smyth » Esq., President, 

United Linemen'g Assoc jat.ion, 

PLZ & 23% East 33rq Sta, New York, 

Dear Sire. 

Replying to your letter of Bth instant, 

please ‘forward 
te My 

“so Edison twenty dollars ywowth of tickets: to your Anmmual 

Reception, to take Place 14th instant, 

which is ‘and oblige 

Yours truly, 

Private Sec retary, 



a “cinder atts 
a . 

Puts 4. Je Rarrington, 

Mo G14 University, Roytyeal, Candda, 

Dear Striu 

Replying to yaur kether of 20th ultimo aifrosaed to Mivy 
Ediagn, I téy to say with relation to mics as applted in praatical 
appitentions Lor eleatrical machines that it 1e-of fay more impor ~ 
tance it should be mechanically workable than of the very highost 
themical purity, provided of course that the insulation ean be 
ntasonoviy maintained. — On this account it is mah more casontial 
that the brand of mica sto.1d be cheap ant easily worked by the 
méchanie’ than that it should poasees a very high electrical or 

uhémice) condition, although of course these latter would be ine 

Yopondont advantapes. 

Yours very tru ly, 

Semnty woh, 1802, 

Private Becratarys ¢. 
. J. 
a FP %, 

Vangake 2th, Tse. 

Hire Reo. He Parke, 
#712 Went Ath Bip, 

Whiliamsport, Pa, , 

Desr Sirs. 

With reference to your letter of 8th uitimo in regard 

to Mra Ydison's eleatria vailway system, | beg to inform yas that 

the electrical pressure which he wointaina ‘on the rails is av lov 

that thé leakage, dvon in net weather, is an insignificant affair, 

ang quite inefficient to causé & short olronit. 

Yours very tru ly, 

Private Sec recurys 


Jan. 16 » 18926 

Waltet Ct, Numstonea, Esqe, Sup't., 
Western Union Telssraph Company, 

#195 Broadway, New York. 


Bear Sits- 
Mi. Edison has j.sked me to refiar to you the encinger 
Tettéy whioh fe has receive, from the Superintendent of the New 
Jusdey and Paniiaylyania congentrating Works, in regard to the 
ostaklishwent of a asters fai an Telegraph office at Ogden, Ne Je, 
ar whieh subject I believe jou have altealy been communicated 
with direct from the Works at Ogden. Mrs Edison wuld be yuch 
obliged. if you would kindly inform hitA as to what the’ prospects 
are of an.otfice béing opthed at that point, 
Yours vdry try, 
oe COKE | 

Private Secretar#. 

te * 

Jamary 16, 1899, 

Poilip S- Dyer, Eaq., 
No. 34 Vietoria Stranat, 

Wes troinis ter, Lon on, 'S. Wa, England. 

My goar Siv:- 
I enclage he: ‘ewikh bill of William Bashall, #145 

Cheapside, Lonion, against me, for He-s-0, This is for Ties 
aeotaee: of Ore Milling app .vatus Which I sent to London some time 
AmOe Please be pood enouwsh to pay to Mr. Bashall the amount of 
his bill and retum to me che voucher recoipted. 

Z des ire to have the apparatug now in storage at Mr. Bash: 
all's Warchouse returned ‘.o mm at the Laboratory, with as 1i+t le 
d@ley ds Possible, and TI will be very much Obligea if you will 
kindly take the matter ir hana and sea that the foods are shipped 
to America, properly pac sed ete. 

Thanking you in adi ince for yolks etontten to the matter 

I an, yours very truly, 

Bb ruap Le. Gootinte 

Tetra ary 2a, 2399, 

1 oj Mn,s Al, Standish, 
| Noe 31 Nassau Qveet, 

New ¥i ok dity, 

Dear Sir:- 

Mne Edison ia V6 el Vad. your detter of ASth instant, 
Gre Jos ing a SoMes of amy yseg of wagnebic ore roe your "Fare 
Hida» property. He ward like to be infonned as to the tdring. 
HPON Which you woulda be vn P12 ing, ta lease this Property. an early~ 

Teply will oblize 

Yours trily A 

Rvivate Svemtarys 

Tar, 16, 
Mr. Be VY, Tmesdoll, dbn'i, Gales Agent, 
. Bundy Méfutadturing Compiny, 
thilddelphia, Pa. 


Dear Sir;- 

We have reqgived your letter of 12¢h instant, in 
Magar to the Bundy Antomtig Time Recorder. We save no doubt 
that this wld te an exgeTIant device to have in est abt sboonta—— 
Where it is @ositasda to koep the time of 4 largo mamber of ome 
ployee as In tie Lavoratory the Gime of only aq ame] tmbér of 
‘ib staff ia kept - those working in tho mecthatical departments - 
wd if would hardly te: torth ott while to adopt the apparatetd 
ferred to. The system in use here 4b presont is guffieidht for 
om puirp O06 Thanktig you for your lettar 
We 0 Yours. trnly, 


w bf wal ees 

January 19,1892. 

e ity : : 
A. Bo Dick Company, — <2 ; 
Nose 152 =.154 Lake Strect, 
Chicago, Illinois. 


Dear Sirst- 
Pléasa accept my thanks for ‘your letter of \1sth inst ., 

enelosing check for $938.91, to cover royal tiesorl’ Mimeographs 

gold by your Company during the’ quarter oniing January: dst, -1892, 

as per contract, tie same having beon received. by me in-to-day.'s 

mail. : 4 

Yours truly, 

Jan. 20, 1898. 

Henry Villard, Baqe, 
Mills Building, 

New York Citye 

Dear Sirt= ‘ 

At Mre Edison's request I forward to you the enclosed 
copy of specification of ths requirements for an eloctric railway 
motor, as desided upon at the last meeting of the mMpresentatives 

of the Northern Pacifie Railway held at the Laboratory, 

Yours tiady, 

Private Secretary. 



Weight on driving wheels 60,000 lbs. a. 

Speed required 30 miles per hour, bat motor mat work with high 

effieaioney at all speedes from 0 to say 100 miles per hours ; 

Weight behind motor 450 tons. 

fabe of grade 26 feet per mile virtual. ; 

Dianster of driving wheel mst not exceed 6 1/2 ft, No rigid 

wheel base. 

It is desivable to cushion weight of armatures and fields on jour- 

nal ne 

Driving journals to be coupled together by a frame allowing suf- | 
ficient latitude to permit axles to assume a radial position on 

eiuvires of 20 degrees maximum. 


losd should be distrimmted on not less than two driving axles and 

a wheel bass of a fficient length to prevent longitudinal rocking 

of var. Minimim length not less than 15 fte 

Motox should be designed with a view of having the center of grav- 

ity as low eas possible. 

Minimam clearance between top of rail and lowest part of motor 

(except pilot) to be not less than six inches. 

Gaage of track rt. 8 1/2 in. 

Motor tHeél thread and flange in accordance with the ‘standard es- 

tablished by the R&ilway Master Mechanics{ Associations 

Mowor to be provided with the ueval aie ‘PUPP -Addwtged wy spooled 
motor for the purpose. 

All drivers to be furnished with Weatinghou se atandard ‘brekes sto 
be applied ‘on horizontal axis through thie center of wheels, 
Provide two shoes for each driver, 

in nddition to che Westinghose air brakes, electrio brakes are 
magested for engine bat with reference to future extension to train 

Armatures shold be woind directly upon the driving axles if pos- 
sible and the use of gears, sprocket wheels and pelte of any ‘King 
should be avoided. 

The cab shoulf. be eqiipped with Westinghouse standard train signals 
end arrangemeuts provided for eleetric virouit throu ghaxt ‘the ‘tnain 
+o condact current for lighting, signals and for an alternate on- 
tact at the rear of train. Also:sitable Alarm Bell and Whistle 
Trolley for rear contact to be under care of brakemen, and allow 
control as ty current by the motorman. This rear contact is pro- 
viaed for +12 purpose of bridging gaps of any nature, (at street 
crossings elo. ) ; 
Provide preper means for starting motor graudually .and -emagthiy 
from staty of rest to fall speed, 

The .extnemse width sinetoc a not exgped 10 ft. Kxtxame hajight 
14 \ft. 

Gab sexs nust tbe ae highs: and command Home wiew of :tnagk ahd 


train as are at prdsent in use on thé Amoriaan R. Re 

Bevan Jocor 

The cab to be Pprovidod with Blazed 9penings on all Sides to Peynit, 

unobstruated view in every dirpetion, 

Establish position of motorman ‘in center of cab and arrange for 

ors at sides or corners to show by rpflection the sides of the 
‘rain re front to rear, 

Apeanne for air signal or bea] ere in each foach to enable motor 
driver tesignal trainmen. 

(Calla for hrakes, etc. in case air 

floes not work. ) 

Head light for oil ana to be located preferably on top of the aah 

and pivoted so that it can be turned in any direction at wills 

Motor mist be provided with Pilots at both ends with suitable mi 

fers for protection of ends of motor. 

The Motor mach inery, 

armatures and field magnet should be encased 

or “iron clad" and should be fust and water proof. 

#ramé bearings and oil boxes tq be Provided for on the. outside of 

the wheels. Bearings for field magnets to be inside or between 

the heels. 

Particular attention shoal be paid in the construction of hemo 

tors to avoid PYSERERS INE, of bearingss 

Provigion mist also he made for heating the Gade 

Contact by trolley wndeld mut act positively on either gine af 

motor aril at i. ents to BLOW current to be piaked up &t wy 

Bron eithbr Ae 

6 and tf frhtinst motor to bridgt gapa-of shy king. 


X6 mat Sngrige andl Ad penanes ghth the trolley ber witg Maadtity 

antl certainty. 

Genter cut tralley nor shelg pe @ ft. 6 in. from center of track, 

and from 4 ft, in holght to throe ipshes. 4n height above top of 

rail, and should be gesigned to form contact from ¢ither side for 

dabdle track use. - 

The tyolley bar should generally be placed from 

8 to 4 ft. in height. lessor heights to be used only in apecial 

cases - in yards and other losationa where a greater height in not 


The form of contact between the carp should be such as ta aiepenge 

with the necessity of a separate operation ana ehould be arranged 

in connection with the cauplings air or stem hose connagtion soa 

contact is made at. single operatton. 

If possible a high tenstan gurrent either alternat ing or direct, 

with transformers shold be used, provided that the expense is not 

prohibitative, in order to reduee fizet ‘cost of contuatorg,. 

Taking inte consideratiqn the nggeasity of high velocities of laaal 

trains betyem eity atations ana for through trains traveling with- 

in aity limits, a differonce in the potential of the current suPp~ 

plied to the trolley bars for qity and bountry use seens Inexpeds 

tent, It ip vocommended. that the track be devided into otee= 
tric bicoks of feononical Length so arranged that the trayeting 

motor upytdschitg any edtion wi} matomapioally turn the current 

on to that suction and shut off the aurrent from thes section which 
it has left. This aggests tho possibility of establibhing a paf- 
ety block system by means of suitable indicators on the iidtors dnd 

at stations, by which the presence of two trains on the same sec~ 

tion could be instantly detected. 
Pilcta, coiplings, mffers and draw gear attachments are to be pro-~ 
vided for both ends of the motor ang mst conform to the standard 
railroad requirements. 
. J. VW. kendrick. 
G. We. Diskingon. - 
Ko Ve Hikgard. 
Julins Meyer 
Je CO. Barbera 
Fo W. Fratt. 
Dr. W. T. Barnard. 

KE. He Mo Henry. 

Jamary .20, 1202. 
Ae O, Tate, Fae, 
Raison Building, Broad Street, 
New York Gity. 
. Dear Sirt- 

I have succeeded in obtaining a copy of the test of 

tho battery fluid about which I spuke to you a few weaks ago, and 
I ano lose the same herewith, 

The lady ‘ais controis this battery solution is willing to 
twnish us with a sarboy of it for testing, provided she or her 
representative is allowed t be presont when the tast is conduct-- 
Ode Her object in making this provision is to insure against any 
wralysis of the fluid being made, as she is anxious Oks ‘the in-~ 
gredierlts containcd timrein should not he discovered. the formi~ 
tac {s for sale; and the lady males the foregoing offer under tre 
inpvess ion that we wold be likely purchasers in case the test 
proved the yoltitibn to bo all that is claimed for its 

Peder Hatt the copy af test when you are finishad with its 

Yours very truly, 

Jans, 20, 1892. 

Mu, We He Harvap, 
Richmond Hitl, Blackfriars St. Salford, . 2 
Mancherter, England. 

Dear Sirt~ 

Your letter of lst instant adiressed to Mre Edison, 


in regard to the phonograph, has beon receivede The latoat form 

of instrument has only one diaphragin, connected to which ars the 

recording md reproducing needles, cither of which ean be brought 

into play by a sinple adjustment. Theret'ore the sound is recorded 

snd reproduced through the same orifice. 

The faet that the orifice corneeted to the diaphragm is 

smaller in diameter than the diaphragm itself does not in any way 

affect the quality of the sound reproduction, for the roason that. 

the sound vibrations are ‘confined mainly to the centre of the dia-~ 

pavagm, immediately over which the orifice is placed. Therefore 

any distortion which you my have noticed must have been dic en-— 

tively to other causes - possibly. bad adjustment of the instrument 

in either the recoriing or reproduction of the ‘records The reason 

for combining in one diaphragm the functions of the two previously 

used was to simplify the operation of tho phonopraph. 

My, Edison raceives qa great many communications in regard to 

We He He ~ Re Jan» 20, 1892, 

the phonograph and he appreciates highly the interest which tho 
public is taking in his invention. The various mechanical details 
embodied in the present type of phonogya pli are the result of 
extensive experimentation and nothing has been omitted which would 
be likely to improve the instrument. I am distating this reply 
to one of the latest machinese 

Thanking you for vour lotter 

I an, yours truly, 


Private Secretarye 


Jarnaary 20, (oy 

Major Se B, Eaton, 

Edison Bui ding, Broad. Stvect, 
New York Gity. 

TL erciose herewith copy os 

EB ko hha weea crags “) MMe 

. Erison {rou Ge To Read, of #904 High Ste. Granga, Ne Ie, in 


to a patent which he ovms, and whieh he alle B35 Myre Edisen jc 

infringing, Copy of the said pater: 


Alge veralosedt Gr te 

mumbernit 215,338 ard was is sued Marr 25th, 1879, ta ¢ 


EIGP, Tro, of Aubur, No Ye, for ian AMPpoeyement in meachjurss 

Yor separating magnet ie svastances inwm gre ine 

Plense advise Mr. Bg ton in ton matter at your earliest 

sonvenicnee, and hiige 

Private Secretary. 


OOR ¥, Be 
bia hee a ea 

Ovange, N, Jey Jans th, 1892, 
T, Ao Fai son, Erq., 

Grange, Ne Je 
My lear Sire. 

Eneloved :t send you a sopy of Patent No. 
sued Mareh 25th, 3am9 ¢¢, Cyroms Yheeler, 

ME o You Wit) gee from the speci Noation and espéviaily from claim 
No. 32 that, you are directly infringing this patent, 

my desira te eMmes you any tron bly or inconvenience; 
many other bersong who are algo wudangins 
intend to Prostente,. As yar meen3nes are 
fr ingeme at, being tailt simost Oxectly en the 
Wheeler patent, I am Bdvised as a watter 
iret suns ageinst you. I dislips 

218,298 43. 
Jr, which now belongs to 

but there are 
this parent ang whom I 
the most diri:t Zak. 

Specification ox woe 
92 expediency to bring my 

vOry mach to bring a legal ace 
tion aguinst one whom I esteem so tighly and with Whom I heave enw 
soyed sach friendly relations, Hur this 

Bee you and lay before yo: 

veason I enteavorad to 
iaining hew £ eame to mire 

the his.ory of the whole matter, ex. 
hase tho patent to avoid infringing 14 
mYeeLe, See Linu confident that we ‘os ld settis the matter out sz 
court in a mmaner that woald be nut, enly amicahle, bat sat lsfeetory 
aro to yourself, I mate no less 
to yar haporatory to sez you, but 

‘ than six snipe different trips 
have beer unable tc find You... 
4s the petent in meastio:, has only a» little over four years to Ten, 
< have no time to tose aud ag & last resorg I take this method or 
notitving you of your infringement, 
I still believe that 

corlé be eettied as indi 
MCs Unless I hear 
I shall inter that you 

if we wsre +o talk th 

gated above and I invite you to a confer. 
com you’ at an early date (within 10 days), 

challenge me to a legal Proceediy sre 

is matter over it 

T remain with respect snd eateem, 

Yors very truly, 


Jan, 21, 1892, 

Dr. Shas, Tarver, 

KFagle Pass, Texano 

Dear Siria 

Mre Edison has received your letter of Srd instant, 

mngesting that the tracings mide by the phonograrh mivlt be mde 

the true basis for phonetic writing. In reply 

* U8 to jatorrn yea 

that this eae iden presentod itself to: Mrs Eicon soma tine BHO» 

“and he experimented considernbly in gonnee.tion thevewith. He gbu 

tained by a photographic proceus a recer’d of the phonographic fur 

row in the hope df being able to recognize certain words, Mr 

Wiison found, however, that tne tracings were 

80 intricate and une» 

inteliig@ble that he abandoned all hope of @ practival Solution of 

the probleme 

Thaxiking you for your better, I am 

Yolra very triy; 


Tameh2, 1892, 

Hye Qo Js Conley, 
Ne J. & Penn'a, Concentrating Works, 
Ogcens burg h- Ne Jo 

Sar Sire 

My. Edison has mds the following pencil memorandum 

in reply to your letter of 20th instant: 

“Look in Boston Belting Co's catalogue for directions 

to mix painte The anowmt of Japan varnish vequired you 
will have to pet by experiments You might imix three or 
four lots of ten pounds each with different amounts of 
Japan; then paint 4 or 5 streaks on one belt with the 
different qualitios and see effect of service, Order 
from Sargent Card Clothing Co. a duplicate of last order; 
You have it recorded on order booke Edison," 

Yours truly, . : 
7d LE 
Private Secrea ° 

s a 2 nm OO ees 

January 22,1692. 
Myce He Be Hareington, 
No. 1250 Seventh Bixee, 
Port Euron, Michiten, 

Dear Madara, — 

Z take Much plpesune An ene jog ine herawith Mr. 
Bdison’s cheek, to yquy onder, for fifty dollars ($50, 00}, the 

anount -of his subsoript sion to the Building Wmd of the Univerda. 

list Shurch of your gity. Kindiy aqknowladee receipt of sare 
Mr. Rgison Was duly notified by the Bink of the amrt which 
iz referred to +0 in your lether of Ith instant, received fomtay. 
“bat 48 nod one here Iney anything ahouwt the arate, and the Bank 
OS Iaials could not Hive wb any infomation on the subject - ag 
O whose accoumt it vas for eto. - it was parmitted to be. returned 
Wpaide it vas a very unbusiness-like “eocecding on tha part of 
thé Trustees to mke a Grafh upon Mr. Edison without notifying bine 
is auwangD of thoir action, | Angtdag of Qaving a dary had hay 
written to Mrs Edis on, request ing him to ramib the aout of his 
subseription, a chee) WRI have begn Lorwardedk to them prompt ty 
Regretian; the iota ip wih Toft has been made in the matter | 
a + FOS very vaspesthal ty, 

Tans Big 1692, 

Chavlos Wirt, Esq., 
The Biectrichl Supply Cos, 
Chicago, Illinois, 

Dear Sirt~ 

Po com SE a Se a Sees ——S 

Your lotter of 12th instant was mily received, and in 

Seer as 

compliance with the request contdimed tie rein I take mach ploessizre 


a ae 

in sending to you by this wail, umler depamte covar, B large 

panel] portrait of Mr, Edison, whieh I have had him dedicate to 

en FA 


The havd rubber shelis for use in ponnection with the plHond+ 

graph, wWrich I referred to ih ny previobs letter, are shelis made 

of bard aivbber that Pit over tlh brasp mandinil,-~the phonograph 

cylinder in tien fitting qver the shéil. In fradtice ‘these 

shells were found efficacious Ain prs Vont ing tke cracking of 

cylinders ivtm the cause mentioned by yous Their monutacture 

a s 
hag ‘been abantonod, however, fon the rgdgdit statad in my last 

Jetters ‘he sylindérs used Win those shells ware of a specfal 

pattern, ab “the ordinary pidtiks wate not mig.wors 
a ‘Pottils Golly tty, gel aad 

New Jersey & Penn'as Concentrating Works, 
We Se Perry, Esqey Treasurer, 

New York City. 

Dear Sinys 

I beg to advise you that the test magnet called for 
on your order #732, and referred to in your letter of Sth inste 
addressed to the Laboratory, is now completed md ready for ship» 
mény« We will. try and have it go Lrorvard to Ogden by to-day's 
express; and if not to-day it will certainly go early on Monday 

nexte The completion of this magnet was unavoidably delayed 

owing to other important work whidh was in progress at the Labora~ 

tory and which demanded our mdivided attentions 

Yours very truly, 

Private Seeretary: 


Jane 23, 1892. 
Yo Se Pervy, Esqe, Sccratary, 
The Edison Ore Milling Ca., Limited, 

Edison Builaing, Broad Ste, New York City. 

Dear Sirte 
I have ree eive-l your letter of 2ist instant, notify ing 
me of my election to the Iirectorats of your Company to serve 

for the onsu ing yeare I snall be giad to serve as a Director 

amd this letter is to Signify my aeseptance of the office. 

Yours truly, en 
— Sl.» ad a Ane cae 

Mre Ce rary Conley, 
No Jy & Penn's, Coreen trating Yorks 

Ogdens burgh, Ne J ° 

Dear Sips. 

Edison's request I forwang to you the ene loseg 

totter received by me to-day from the Superintendent of the 

Western Union Telegraph Co,, Mr. Walter ¢, Ihimstone, with re lation 
te the establishment of a te lagraph Office at Ogden, As you will 
S€Q, Sup't, Holmes, unter Whose Supervision the pro posed off ice 
Would came, considers it impracticable to loop the wire from . 
Cadens burgh to Ogden, ang Bineeats that a telephone line be built 
Prom tha mine to Ogdensburgh, to connect with the office at that 

Yours tru ly, 

Es hes 
Private deta tary. 


Jamaty 25, 1892, 

ho Ge Late » Esqo, 
Edison Building, Broad Ste, 

New York Qity. 

Dear Sir 
Pursuant to your letter of 22nd instant, I enclose 

herewith a copy of the correspondence which passed hetwoen youre 
self’, Mire Gottschalk, the President of the Automatic pyonogta ph 
Exhibition Coe, and Major Eaton, concerning Mre Edison's loan of 
$3,500.00 to the As Pe Be Coo 

You will romember that’ the letter of date January 29th, 1891, 
addressed by you to the Automtic Phonograph Exhibition Co., was 
sant to that Company in error. 

Yours truly, 

. t; 
Mirae Ales oo 

OP y, Be 

Orange, MN J., January aoth, 1801, 

fatomatie Phonograph xhibit ion Co, 

#13 Park Row, New York City. 

Dear Sirst- 

On the 14th of fugist lost Mr. Eatagn drew a check on 

Messrs; Drexel, Morgan & Co., to the oxder of Jegge H. Lippingott, 

for $8,500, “hich waa delivered by me te Mr. Lippineott in porson. 

Thin cheek was turned over by Ure Lippincott to the Automatic Pheno- 

araph Exhibition Co., gs 0 cash loan from Mr. Raison} ant Mr. Eai- 

fon fa now credited on the Books of that Company with the 

Bmount » We desire to obtat. from the A. Pe FE. 06. an acknow}ed~ 

gement of this debt. Mr. Lippingott, and the Cheever-Gilli lang 

interst have also wade loana to the Campany, and in eonsidering the 

form of acknowWlgdgement. we have to remember that these parties ean 

demand like recognition of their ¢laima. For this reason we do xh ; 

hot sonaisder it fesirable ta ask Tor a demand note, as Guach form of 

ugkhovledgement might be dangerois in other than Mre Bitgon's vente 

A Aime tote id open to the same objeetion, da 1€ would béeome wr. dba 
Heat wh bh maturity, ened form of Beoarity yould you tidentht whiten 

‘when Suth- ibe ha th ohbedet alee , 
‘fhe deas “ei eRe ow , ", rn itee*y., 

— OOPYs By 

Wehr Sirs~ 

#16 PARK ROW, NEW YORK, Jan. Sint, 18d%s 

Mr. A. 0. Tate, 

Orange, N. J. 

" Referring to your favor of the 29th instant, you are 

migteken pa to the mode of procedure in this motte, ani think the 

aorreetions ought to be made without delays 
rn over your cheok for $3,500. to mr 


Hy. Lippincott did not tu 

Company, nor Wan this loan credited to your account on our bo 

Mr. Lippineott. sent us a check of the North Amerisan Phono~ 

eraph Company for $7,500, and requested ue to credit thia amount 
on our books to Masire. Robinson: & Blodgett Trustees > 

‘These instructions have been ‘followed, and we suggest that you 
geeure without delay an order from Mesers. Robingon & Blodgett, 

instrieting us to transfer your share of the entire amount, now to 

thede bredit, to your accounts There te all told $21, 250, to 
thei? evedit ap to dates , 
Ropsddns form of security, 
eaawet abit pian, by think an acknowledgement of these loons sould 
a Ae an Adige mel, free from the yiak of one of the parties 
wig le he fat sutepongs | nt “e rest. 

Sa Haas OORT Mint 

ne think: your. attorney aoy ld 



Change, Sy Jey Pata Rew And, TROL. 

. tk 2 ; 
Mew York dive. iS 



e Salsa” oe Petrie Mann by 

Mre iyo lng te 

SEO OVS UG Al. fa home dt 

Exhihitsen Gov ag a loa 

yee i we eng . 
Pos Mye Rebssoe. 


Wott gave the Ao PL & Cao cheek of the Mes, ian 

remitebing them co evadit the amount on thei: 



& biodgett, Trustees. Mr, 

Leon Son Rhett ot ake 

Amount the Gs. 50C raved xdoves 

We Weve no vee. spithien af us 

be Nite 
La Cera 

am oeaire to abtain one. The vVheevereUallila.. LTHoAe Pe yt 

% hist. 

loaned money to the Ap #. # 

© Ue Tn visw oof tng Mry 

BA he BO 


to auk Sov a demand nove ar 

the other oeauite: hear dd he 

cody hike FecuIity, thicsh might besune a MOPS negre Soa 4 : 

an Pe Sec) 

duetsere in tasiz hands, &é time note is one 

SO the Same obsset Lin. 

as it 

Weonss a a srond wpon wretur ii, Yo 

BrGHORs some way in seich wes ean Obtain an BknowLeagement of thts 

debt and avois the Cord TaGHay trasoghed abuve, 

Yo vaoy tae ly, 

Jarnary 25th, 1892. 

Av Us Tate, Rago eC 

Biiam Aeiiding, Brona Sto, 

New York City. 

Dear firs. 

Im regard wo Mr; Vallara’s request for a bine print 

oF cur vingle remuction motox, 

Sbout witth Y spoke te ¥eu this 

morning an the telephdno, shortly after our denver 

EMaH WA TedeLeed fret Me, 

dation a teten 

Villard to tha effect that ha dda not 

fesire the print sent. Therefore —E hove not forvardad ey My, 

Insel2 the Jetter ex tr; VaLlara, 

the redsint of the 

téldgrem mone 

kk unngéessary to 3e B00 The 
Leteer on question is addregced te Hy, 

honed in the forenping vingend 

Rigor, ahd contains a Otte 
af aur single reduction moter. 

Ple xeazsat for a blue print 

Yours truly, 

Tose &» Rich, Eage, Mayon, 
“Laity of odio, Alabama, 

Dear Sirt~ 

Your letter of ASth instant has romined unanswered 
owing to the alsenga of Mor Riison, wig returned to the Laboratory 
to-daye In wply ta\ your query as to the paregntage of depreci- 
ation ammally of elogtvie lighting plants, Mr. Rdison gays that 
in his opinion the annui\ depreciation of a lavge station, incan- 
descent system, saouda bd charged at seven per conte He also 

adds the follo ving? 

Dynamo (Tnsandence nt) 38 Dynamo (Are) 10% 
Engine 3% Boiler (Babcock) 6% 
General appliangas\ in station 38 

Overhead wires, poles etc. 10% 

Underground Edison ‘tubing 4g 

Regarding are systema, ta\ the above should be addeg 15 to 18 
per cent for depreciation in ara lamps, deponding upon the charao~ 
ter of the lamps, some of whieh are so bad as to nogesgitate the 
cortinuons enpleymént of a myaberr of wachinis ts to repair them. 
Mir, Edison dees not consider himself? a very good judge af arc 
Jight apparatus. ; , 

‘Yours rogpeatfnily, 


The Aeol dan Orran ¢. Mus ie Coe, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirss. 
Mr Edison has reeeiveg your 

letter of 
request ing &-Lfew lines 

22nd insta re, 7 

that he Willi be Glad 

from hin in reGarei to hig AZO 
reply he has ins tructad me to say “0 song 
YOU a lettey 6n that Subject, hut before do ing $¢ che woulil like 

you to Send a man out bere to lool: 

at the instrunent, Which is ay 
Present out of: repair ang will not operate Properly, DT think 
there ig Something the matter with 

the balio WSe0 

Yours traly, 

Nelson wy, Perry, Esqe, Editar, 

Bleetriecity wa 

New York, 

Dear Sirs. 

Edison duly Tecpivad your letter oy 21st, 

Meations of an el.2¢ trical nature pe 

Kea indy to the stifest o 
Heri al 

Mavigation, and Stating that You world 
Yoursolr of Mr, 

‘be glad te avast 

Er) bbiy ie, 
y ibe, Bistased £4 
‘bh: boanopat Stan’ 

Edison's agyieg in. the mtber, 
Edison has ing truoted me tu say to Moa Xha% tie’ a. 

render you such aid as ho van in vohnost ion hi; 

Jany 27, 1892-6 

Mo 3S landish, Tsqe, 

Noe 51 Nassau Street, 

New York, 


Dear Sirs. 

I have your letter of 20th instant, in regard to the 

Pervo Hill mines, Concent rating ore dow 

nas low as 20% wilt not 

Permit of the pay 

nent of royalties such as are mentioned by you! 

and concentrating narroy Streaks of 3" to 408 wuldu't pay if no 

“oyaity was asked at all. 

There must be cong iderable width, : 
pemitting open cutt ing ta make 

it pay. t your rate the royalty 

vould be equal to two or th 

ce dollars. per ton in the vein proper, 

Yours very truiy, 

Bh. op Whole hits 


Thomes G. 

Lichenan, fey, P 
Grant Aye, 

NOar 38988 St., Doe Youle city, 

Dear Stirs. 

iir, Edison Aa 

“4 TEpR igs THE letter of L248; Sreta mt 
informing him of > 


ba Bitte on 
» however, that in HIS cand thy Peyedy whten Fou propdels Honre 
not be practicable, 

RAH IE Rah enae witortunstely botz. 
drums ‘ore Per raton, 

Pregiuteg highly yor kindnesy 
haa asked me to 

19 sending tin YouY Heine ent py 
thahk yoy Lor thy Some, : ; 

Yours vey afR yp, 

one 5 etm ae rennet FEE So 

Poe FA, ABTSy 

Ae O- Mate, Bone, 

Saison Building, Broad Bt, 
New York ity » 

Denar Sirs- 

With reforrence to the attaghea FOCPOSROHMGIGR, 39 
Ue Sy Patent Na, 215,598, 

for ‘improvement in maghings fox separ 

Wah Se 

wagiebic substances from gin, I brought the gene befora 

Mr. Edison as you desired, 

He was very mach annoyed that tho 

Matter h 

ad been referred to Major Eston withont his being Lirst 

fcnsnited and expressed himself very Vigorous ly on the subject. 

He reauasted we to prepare a letter for his 

signature, instruct ing 

Major Beton to take no further action in the meG tons 

This I did 

end the letter poes forvarg by to-night's mail. 

When f brought Reed's lotter before Mr 

zopy of et and of tho patont involved had 

‘ Edison I was particu-~ 

ter to tel2 him that a 

beak sent to Haj ay 

Baton, ‘and ke said not thing at that tino» 

Pe de he wopy ah. Wh Airy, what 
danve eee eye t titis OL fee He tes. 

ae H 
2 thang? coma nie it, we Be he to koap aNd? Melis on! 8 
3 connie 

Major So Bo Faton, 
Eutson Buildim, Broad Street, 
New Yor, City. 

Refers ing +o Mre fate's letter to YOU OL Both snk 
Ue Se Father Nee 215, 598, wor ‘nprovenent in MEG ys, 
‘ating magnetic Lrbstances from erain, controlled by Cre Tus 

a¢ Myrther act ion with reation THOME Ore : 

WANS CeSsary no hava the patent examined at 

share ton, ana fT would the ys Poa ask that you ‘Cancel the Atte 
EXVEN Lu conneeti on therevith, ay 1 

wae AY exxense in th TAS ite 

Jane 29, 189% 

Major Se B, Eaton, 

Gdison Building, #42 Broad St., 

New York City. 


Dear Sirte 

Mr. Edison is mich obliged for the information con- 

tained in your letter of 26th instmt with relation ta the Pila- 

ment, Feeder, and Carbon Treatment cases. It is yis desire that 

“you, keep hin informed as +o the progress which is being made in 

Rich matters, and he says that you need have no hesitation in 

conmnicating with him et all tims; likes to learn of the 

various developments as they arise. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary: 



diate x 

eres ipsa ces acs, Be renrciien isl alan BS Behera Sa gcedeh ye, No paveda tgs Been Sie Basa saeee dla F 
7 : oO ang ee eee omen eo % Nees Tot 
pea int sack hee GR a SS RETO en Tg oe 

Sane BOR, He 

Mr. Be Clark, 

$64 Front St., Newark, N. J+ 

Dear Sirt= 
We ean now offer you work at the Laboratory if yur are 

still unemployed and open for an engagement Should you desire 

to avail yourself of this opportunity please calt and see out Nre 

Jonn Ott as early as postible. 

Yaurs vey traty/ 

Private Seavetary- 
hala? ° 

Jemary 20th, 1892 

Mre Bo F. Olbrigh, 

Wrerbenthal, Silesia, Austria. 

Dear Sirse 

Mro Rdison's kineot ograyh, §n instrument intended to 
reprofuee motion and sand similtandoxaly ~ being a specially vor 
ere camera anti phonograph-~ will accomplish what yu. deserips 
in your letteh of 6th instant. Mr. Bitaon pects to have this 
spparatue ready for exhibition a+ ‘Wad Chicago World's Fairy in 
1865, It will do. tor the eye what the phonograph does for the 

Yaré very traly, 

——————— > Se 


enn a | 


Fane 30, 1892, 
MLajyor Qn By Loton, 

cu tson Building, Broad Sti, 

Wew York City. 

I onelose herewith power of attorney for Cape Colony 

UN Seven agsimnments of inventi on for British India, New South 

Wales, Vieteria, South Australia, Queensiand, Tasnunig and New 

Zealand, respectively, for Gaee 96, which were forwarded to Mra 

Raison for his signature by Meserse. Seligomn & Seli gman, in behaly' 
of the Edis 

on United Phonograph Company. .Mroe Edigon hag executed 

these dociments, but beforg delivering them to Messrs, Seligmen 

and Seligman he desired them submitted to yourself for approvals 
¥' PF 

If tin Papers are all right please have them forwarded to Messrs, 

Seligman & Selignan, Nex 15 Broad Sto, Now York, together with the 

aeconipanying utter addvessed to that fim» 

Enclesed herewith are also two assignments dated December 

24th, 189] (1) Ge Ge Me Hawlingham to Thoss A‘ Edison, and (2). 

|. George Be Gourand to Thomas Ag Edison, of British Patents in con« 

mHesion with dolls etes Thege assignments were received from 
| _BRMion by Messrs. Selignait & Selimzan, with instructions to deliver 


RS Seige “ 

a F Jane 30, 1892. 

Be eee ern eee ee 

thom to Mr. Bdison ‘the latter wishes you io oxamine these docu- 

ments ard see if they secure to him ail the rights to which he is 

entitled in t)e. premises. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secre My. 


Chas. Misle, Haqo, 

#760 Bergen Sto, Nowark, Ih J. ° 

Doar Sires 
We dan now offer yu werk at the Labératery, if yoy 
are stil] unemployed and onen for arc engagonent « Should you desing 

by wyad2 yoursol? of this oppornity piéise aati and ase ont Hy, 

John Ott as early as possiple. 

Youre ver! vay, 

fn cog 
Private Seeretary, 
A. sort f “ 

fajor S. B, Eaton, 
Edison Building, Brosa Sto, 
Now York City. 

eFerrins to your letter of 268th uitimo, the poke 
wish to cover ig thise The Byard of Directors of hone 
Hl gaa PLONE). Yours inevessea the Capital fitook av thie 
cact hye off Geto nox Sths 1890, fro $605,000.00 to $2,200, 000, 
No entries have evar been made in ou 200ks SsLOving this 
Vaplted stall being camied at $660,000, Is it not 
tha Officers of the Camany to maka the weeords conto, with 
tne ao¢ion Of the Board, or in other Wrdsy should not the Bald 

mount of this inePease, ramely, 6,005 shamas of stock be placed 

in the Gompany'g trenoey?e The Treasurer of the Company }.as 

~Peady een instrvesed by the Beard, thréugh the resolutions 
‘acsad at the meeting of Out. Sth, 1890, that fifty-two percentu 

of theee 6,000 shares ara so be issued tea Mra Edison ag and when 


‘ha remaining 26Sty-two nerceritite is issued; Wes pending the issue 

st the latter 1¢ is the dpinidn Ef the we i bia ands the Brele of 

tha autivoeriged inorvage shdtld go into the Gampady' sWisung in 
compliance with the rs 1ufions adopted by the Beard of ovidesars 



a sa 2 
at the mosting refervd 

7. BbOVA. There dod® Rot gear te We 


OBL 09 
ye a So oe a 

By» B. E, Feb, 1, 92, 


up to this point that would N@censitate consul tation 

with Myr, Selioman, 

The Gapital bas ac 

tually pean increased and 

the fi sures Ought to show on the Looks of the Works, 

The vromise 
made by Mr, 

Insull - to Ma, 

Selignan that this iner 

eased capital ee | 

should not be issued With out first 

advising boy, 

Seligman would 

not be 

broken by Pla¢ing the 

stock in the Company's treasury, 
This promise relates to the issne of 

the stock from the 

oY at least 

“ch is my under 

Standing. Pie 

ase let me hear frorq 

you further, 

Yonrs vary truly, 






ry l, Iss, 

Majoi ' Eaton, 
Edison Building, Broad She, 
Now York City, 
Dear Sisi- 


are very meh Oblised for YOu! Jettey of 29th 


ulte, in megard ta the Payet Wiss 

iT @ Gauze Commitator Brush Patent, 
fy Now 452, $97, WO aie fomiliayr with your investiguttons made -on 

hehelf of the Haisdn General Blag 


tric Vomnany, We have no reason 

£0 suposa that the brug 

heg in use on the phonograph motor ine 

fviaygr. ie natant. 

In fa0t, wa are tonvingea that thoy do not, 

ant WO hava yot the 

slightest intention of Weognizing Me, 

ediim an ayy way Matavever, whieh fact we 

boliove is clearly indi-~ 

ested in our correspondened with 

‘that gentlenan, evpy of wsteh 

wea submitted to vow with ot 

tetter of 27th ulsimo, 

Yours tiny, 



Febs 2, 1892. 

Major Se Be Raton, 
Edison Building, Broad Street, 

New York Citys 

Dear sirt- 

I am very mach obliged for your letter of 29th ultimo, 
in regard to money which I advanced to the Avtonitie Phonograph 
Dxhibiti on Company o I, enc lose herewith copy of a latter which I 
adivessed to~day to the North Am. Phonograph fo., and I trust 

thet this loar will te pub in propet shape ab m garty addtae 

Yotixed trady, 

Pghe i, Bea, 

North Anwican Phonograph o., 
HAison Puilding, Broad gtreq?, 

New York gitr, 

Bear Sixrsi— 

When the Automatis Phonograyh Exhibition Company 
first commenced business they provided! innds for thedw atragsmry 
By means bi a lod, a portion of hich, namely, $3,500.00, wae 

“ gontributed by mee On the Mth day of Auyuist, 2659, I dvera 
thesk to the oder oF Jésse ie Lippincott for the sum named, 
whith said eheck was handed by hb Tats personally to Mer. Lippin- 
gott, mpon the underst ariding that at vas to be pala ixtho the: 
keto tic ‘Pronopmph Exhibition, tompatty, toget hd! with 2 Like etic 
staieh Mr, Lippincott himself was 4o dénttinute. The arrangement 
wkRs bf AD. Waippinedts Thvelved the t¥ansfek or ‘this. maméy to tua 
sriviters, Messrae Robitts or and broadest, though vhonr tkee-patnients- 
to the a. P. BE. Go. vote nade, and who dndeatr on the bodks of tHe 
A. P. H. Lo. ag creditors for the sum eavandas CU desdit to hirwer 
ahe aun adydaved bY ing, $3,500.00, Placed fo my credit ont: the 

regotis af thd Apbomitig fonpiny, ghd to ottarn- feos thet a 

propir Saecomniti on gs fhe dq)vt» ry yaya gquent bad wp Qounsel, 

Fob. 1, 1892, 

Major Baton, and hana you herewith draft of a letter prepared by 

him to be addressed py yourselves to the Anutomatie Phonograph 

Exhibition Go, “Ehis draft was prepared after consultation with 

Mr, Gottschalk, the President of the Autongtie Phonograph Ex- 
: ah 
hibition Co. Wilk you be kind enough to giye this matter your 
ae ; : 
immediate attention. 

Yours truly, 

An tomatig Phonograph Exhibition Company, 

Felix Gottschalk, FKeq., President, 

Dear Sir;~ 
| Referring to oyr instructions for ya to place to the 

eredit of Messrs, Robinson & Blodgett, trustoes, certain mongys 
Which we have heretofore sent You our checks for, and refer ring 
more partioularly to our request for you to place ons certain sum 
of $7,500 to the credit of said trustees, we hereby request you to 
transfer $3,500 of that amount to Thomas A, Rdison, as of the tate 
on which yon received our chock for the said $7,500. Please open 
BM Bec oat with Mr. Edison personally, and Plage the said sum of 
$5,500 to his credit, That money was advanced by him and throy gh 

a misuyderstanding vas, under our instructions, Placed to the crea. 

it Sf the sata trustees, whe rea as Mr. Edison now claims and as we 

are Willing to admit, the same should be placed to hig eredit. 
tindly notify us and Mre Eéison when this is done, anf send a 

sopy Gr your letter to Mr. Hdison to Mr. S. B, Eatens 

Very tmlys yours, 

Febo Ist, 1892. 

Those (@. Harris, Keyo, Curator, 
State Museum, 

Raleti@ahy, No Cc. 

Mro Fdison has read your letter of 2lst instant in re- 
gad to a jot of water being made to carry a current of high poten- 
tial, and describing an experiment in that line conducted by you 
some ten years Geocwaten was prohietive of meh am soment. It is - 
a strange coined dence, bit Mr. Edison contaéted an experiment in 
1869, in the Round House of the C0. & Is Railroad, exactly similar 
to the one that you descritte. His experiment Like your own ‘was 
vory s,c06sstil and néver Milol ta frodace the desired effeot. 

Thanking you for yoir Letter, £ am 

Yaurd Very bani LY, 

re ees 

Febs 2, 18926 

. iq 

Major S.» B. Eaton, 
Bdison Building, Broad ‘Street, 

New York Citys 

Dear Siri- 

Re United States patent Now 214,598, for Improvements 
in Machines for Separating Magnetic Substances from Grain, cén= 
.trolled by ©. J. Reed. TI ave yom letter of 29%h ultimo in renly 
to er of she 28the Should we not send a letter to Reed infors- 
ing him that owing to the facts revealed by the rssearches of oi 
experts in the state of the art we have decided to stand suit? 

An early reply will oblige . 

Yours very truly, 

Feb, 2, 1392, 
Be Ke. Sagzuine, Esqe,; 
Noe 75 Mont gomery Street, 

Jareey City, N, J, 

Beary Sirse 

Mr« Edison caly received your letter of 29th ultin thy 

and he was very glad to learn that the series of experiments 
whish you have been Condueting at Rosiaway with the Neville di» 
reet poveass Proved ‘so secess ful. Ee notes that you vedueed the 
Ogden mine ore, extracting trom 87 +o 90% of the iron, and says 
that he Hepes to be able to : 

sopply you with very much better con» 

eentrates fLhan you have been settings 

Yours tral v4 

Private Séeretarye 

Feb.o 4th, 1892, 

Sdward D, Raston, Vago, 

Columbia Phonograph Coo, 

Wash ington, D. 0 ° 

Dear Sire 

Your will Tecollect that ir, 

Hdd son, at your 
sennitive reprudigers and arms, 

ine af the Koumanical Council, 


loaned yoy tio 

for use at the meet. 

“which was held 

in Washington ao Pov 
Months QZ00 

He would be m 

th obliged ir You wold kindly re 


to him the said urticles, 

We are in need of them at the prasont 

e860n would ask you to Bive the matter 
return yoor prompt attention. 

tint, and for that r 

of thet» 

Yours very truly, 

am, ao . 
a eo = onan 

+ tn 

. ‘ » ene? 
Private Scoratary, 





Mro Alhort Wesslar, 

#88 Orange St., Newark, Ne J. 

Dear Sirse 


We ¢an not offer you dork at the Laboratory. 

agtl and see our Mr. John Ott as early as Possible, 

Yours tryly, 

Privat9 Secrotary. 

Febe Sth, i892/ 

“Bo fe Slack, Fsqo, 

Sto Loris United Elevetor: Goe, 

8 to, houdts. Mae 

Igar Sarin 

With vefavenee to your letter of nd imstan:, Yom: 

My Pe ya 

inform vor that most of 

the stantard imeycloosetias sommain sae 

Thare bar heen severed pooke 

ographical skateh of Mr, Batson. 

pedli shed on the abject, one of which is issued Dy Cassell & Go. 

of New York, and is entitled "Ndison ona Morse,* ® perused 2f which 

Iam sure would be helptil in the preparation olf your preposed 

paper. I take pleaeure in senting ts you, by this mail, under a 

separate cover, a copy of a little Pemphlet which containn » brin? 

sketch of Mrs Edison's life ang also an account of each o his ine 

ventionay fram which yo. cold perhaps compile sufficient data for 

Your Purp ofGs Numerous newspaper articles have af cairse appeur~a 

ed in regard to Mre Edigon anid his inventions. One of those 

which I recall to mind at the momnt-is contained in “Frank Les- 

lie’e Weekly," issue of May oth, 1#91, under the caption of "A Vis~ 

is to tHe-#dtson Laboratory,© from whieh you night alse be able to 

Ries some uneth) data, 

y in t oe] 
URE iH hat the into ria ti n Cantained itt the for ago ing ma) 
a x 

he of gervice go you, I am 

Yours yery tryly, 

fe. per fe 
Ae r abies 
Ot op Cemenes 
we se 
Oe gel gt ges us 


Private Secretary. 


insu, Lsae, 2nd Vi 

Eaditon Gon? 


“7 Beak ; 
0 dy ie We Et 

SOCHS 2 eregat Of Latins. 

Pants ae 

tieusarcd Colton. (fee, 90G) » 

soving afte sted ai Ie Dans Woules by cartain os Mite Edius + Ske 
Dvovenentse Wa have ney x, Placed this syount “* Our boone. aa ae 

anderatand the account hase nos 

Cundd not sivig 
j Masher reeeive agrl attention, so 

Lowe Gan muko oul yecovds 

2Onfe.m with those of the Edison Gan'i, Gos? 

Fobe 8 Py LEO Zar, 

Thome Butler, Esdes. 
Edison Building, Broad Street, 

; New York Citys 

Deay Sirte 

With reference to your telephone inquiry of to-day 
concerning a box of ore vhich was received from Mr. Jacob Stern, 
of Frankfort, and which was forwarded to the Laboratory for Mra, 
Keison's inspection, I enclose he evtth a copy of each of two 


conmunications, dated respective) Nove 15th and 23rd, that f 
addressed to Mr« Tate on the sub, scte 

Yours truly, ae 
r yf? a oa 
AM a self Peg 

Novelmber Lath, 1804, 

From Mrs Magiire to Mr. Tatos 
"Re Mardus ore. Mrs Dickson analyzed this ore on Septomber 

i4th but in accordance with Mrs Fdison's instructions the result 

of the analysis was not reported to Mr. Marcus. Mrs Diekson is 

commanicating with Mre Edison on the subject to-day. * 

PEP Gi) 
ey i 

} ! 



Ora ye, My Jay November Bard, 1801. 

ho Oo Tate, Heqe, 

Raison Bailding, Bread Story 

New York City. 

Dear Sirt- 

Ye which were 

ee SE 

Referring again to the twh barrels of o 

sent by Mr. Maraus b> the Loboratory, Mr. Bitson says trek the 

eaid ore is nonemagnesia, and that pre is trying to gaviae & means 

may to do this now, sha it 

Pee me 

of enriching it- “®pore ia no hnownl 
ime te evbive such a process. 

will, of aourse, yegquire % 

Yous} ‘rudy, 

tstamn) SHOMAS HAG tke. 

Feb. 9, 1892, 

Dear Mr. Edison, ~ 

I ontilose he rewith 2 letter received from My. 
James Symington, in Which he aska Mr. Réison te send kin a check 
ror $30. I wierstand dvom Mra Randotph thet you desire @12 such 

requests refemred ta youwself be-ore- Vela acted wpom Please in» 

form my if it is your web that lin, Elson showld sond the cheek 

asked for, or if you prefer to pay tha money yourself, Also, 
please retnum Me. Symington'’s Inttoy leit your reply. 

Trusting that you are havifig a good time ang are enjoying 
§00a8 health 

ZT an, yours. truly, 

‘Private Searstarty, 

‘Eugene He Lewis, Esqe, 

Se Eaton “& Gevis, 

New York City. 

I enclose herewith another letter recsivdéd by Mr, 
Feison from Theo. Lehmann, in regard to thie ‘Cranberry ‘Mines in 
North Carolina, The indications ayn not good. 

Please retum the 

after perusal. 

Yours truly a 

ead oe 

Wore Whitehoad, Esq., 
No. 50 Wali Street, 
“ New Yorp, 

Dear Sirs. 


your Jo tter 

MAde of jum y 

wf Sth TNS tant » 
vith ve 

lation ta the Naw 


Properties of the Whitehvag Minir 
Mo information, On the Subjeg 

he wiqz impart 
t. Re Aas gent Me. Bary to New 
Hampshire to ins pest 4 

hopes 4 

Private Se Gretany, 

February 16, 1.992. 

iiegene He hewis, Estey; 

New Yow: City, 

To diane aa cores ste, dette adds. ed sa are 

Porson Comaittes on. t Kidagorn Unites Phonograph Coe, 16 

is attached copy ot, eommunicat ion acivessed to. the Edisua uutto: 
Phonograph Co. by Metaree Bivoham Oo, Se'iudtors, bus. 
io mever believed that anv sod WAS Uraugit aeons h Mie Y 
in bondon. I think he was ih en 4 with | rol proceedings. - 

De vou wish me to obtain aay 

February 10, 1892. 

Ggorge Parsons Lathrop, Esqe, 

New London, Cone. 

Dear diets 

With reference to your letter of Sist witimo, Mire 
Eaisen has dcesetna me to infomn -yor that he has bddn unable to 
write out any more notes for use ia come ction with your novel, 

for the reason that he has been sick for tha last woek or so 

and could not give the mitter attentions 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary, 

FY. Ae La Rothe, Esqe, 
Noe 116 North Sixth Street, 

Phijedelynia, Pae 

Dear Sivs- 

Mr. Edison has diretted i bo inform you: sm ovr ue 
your letter of 30th AY tino that the has m0 objostimntot thst wren 
his. matte “in ‘sorlection with tho Weetiteal Sooiety wish you are 
organizing in Philadelphia. 

This veply hag been umavoidalily delayed otjing to the absence 

ol My. Edisone 

Youus truly, 

brisate ‘Soordtary. 

Major s, B. Raton, 
: Bdison Building, Bron 4 Strect, 

New York cy iY 

Dear Sin: 

Ro Whee lor Patent. x “um herewith the go...- 
Pondence -in regard to thay mtter wich 

stant, ‘pon white! Mr, fa 

reply, as fold ows? 

fecampeniag your favor 
of Sth i 

isen made a. pengit note, in 
8 "Say that our experts have. advised. 

us to 
Stand suit.y- 

Yours trniy, 

Private Secretary, 

Feb, 11, 1892,° 

Messys, Seligman & Seligman, 
Mills Wilee, #15 Broaa Street, 

New York City, 

Dear Sirg:- ‘ 

; Your letter of 8th instant, cnelosing two assignments 
ol Belgian patents for exocution by Mr, Edison, has been duly re-~ 
ccived, Yow previous lsttar of 29th ultimo was also received, 
as were the documents rerervred to therein, nanely, Power of Attore 
ney Lor Cape Colony and Seven assicmnents (not 8 assignments ag 
Cmonsously stated by you) of inventions Lor Br. India, Now South 
Wales, Vietoria, South Aus tralia, Queenslend, Tasmania and New 
Z3aland, vespectively, the sane being forwarded for execution by 
Myre Idison: also two assignments dated Dec. 14th, 1891 (a) @ 4, 
Me Har&ingham +o Thomas Ae Edison, and (b} @, BE. Gouvaud to T. A, 
Edison, of the rights tor dollg ete. under certain British patents, 

I beg to advise you that the matter of these assignments wag 
reforred by Mre Edison to his. dawyer, Maj or Sa By Haton, who ine 
forms him that the same are not dram in proper forme Mr. Edison 
has instructed Major Baton to have othar assignménts propared in 
proper. form to taise ‘the place of those sent by yous Ag soon as 

the new dosuments ave drawn up they will pe executed by Br. 
Hdigon and delivered to youy Trusting that this will be Satis- 

T am, yous trey, 




er a 

Febs 12, 1892. 

We Ey Gilmore, Esqe, A 

ssistant Manager, 

Sehenvevady Works, Edison Gene val Flectric Company, 

Schenecta vy, NY 

Please pardon the delay vinish has oecurved in answering 


your inguiny of Ist instant conesrning a box of brown powder sent 


“eur che Laboratory some time 2g6 to your Mre Kreusi. The powder 

in Guest ion as infusorial earth, 

and is intended for mixture with 

Mune inPiamnable compound which we sent to Schenectady fur test. 
to M>. Kvousi, 
A letter vas addvessed from the Laboratory,on Decomber Mth last, 


quantity of infuserial earth vas going Lorvard 

advising him that « 

and giving will direetions as to how it sould be applied. 

We are in veceipt of a letter from your Purchasing Agent 


“rqnesting cortain information in repard ts 

the material above 

mentioned, and we therefore assume 

that its usd has been discovered: 

The letter of your Purchasing Avent is being replied to to-day. 

Yours very truly, 

ae ee 

Fob. 12, 1692, 
EBugcns He Tey wis, Esq., 


Mesore. Raton & Levis, ‘ 

Rdison Building, Broad Ste, New York, 

Dowr Sirte 

Z ous tees herewith ¢ twa Coumunioations received from 
Me, Gelwnann in r2zard to the Cranberry Mine. Mr. Edison says 
ne the showing is Pnpen ear ay. Poor, Sons idering the reputation 
of the mine» Please return Mr. Lehmann! s letters when you are ; 
finishea With them. . 

Yours truly. 

Private Se ope tary. 


Major g, py Yaton, 

Edigan Ruiiging, -Broag Strogt, 

New Yor}, City. 

Dear Sive.. 

ZT return herewith the Jettop 

. i NY He 
of Npsarg, Dyer See y, 
“e Canadian Patents, Whioh aC COnpanied your Jetter ta le of’ 

ins tant. 

I owas avare tigt no Canadian Yatents for anti oF ny 

trie lighting had been. wpdiad 
a thet Canadian Patent 
Money ta obta 

invent ions 
relating +o elos 

for since Iss; ¢ 
eos ldera S had no va lugs, 
in ‘them: . 

“Heh tho dite of 
oe to rresponui ng U. & patents, 


Yours very binlsry, 


eet eee 


Pcbywayy 1B, O2q 

Major S. Be Eaton, 

Edison Building, Broad Street 

tr 2 

Now York Gity. 

et er 

Dear Sirs. 

Re French Antigination of Graphophone Ratent’ for 

Striating Phonograph Cylinderss Agreeable to the requast con- 



2 a ee 

tained in your Hous of 12th instant, I onelose harawith copy of 
the Frénech reference, about ried I spoke ta you, together with 
a tracing of the apparatus described. 
The nerevonae in question is contained in Noe 809 of 
"La Nature” (issue of May Sri, 1879), a French monthly Scientilié 
Review, published in Parise The artiele is entitled "tag Lane s 
Parlantes de Mi Lambrigot," and’ is by Ev Hospitai ier; it begins 
oY Page 349 of the mumber mentioned. 
Yours very truly, 

et e 
ats, -g ? “ 
Key ft Ea ane ae 
net 7 

wer KO: 



Apres avoir vhtem: par le phonographe a’ Bai son WN9 reprotie~ 
tion fiddle de toues les vibrations ddélica 
Son artionls on lq 
sible do multiplic: 

Remplacons la’ bointe du Phonographe a' R8ison per une petite 
lame @'acier en forme de Couteay et. Is cylindyre tournant par un 
chariot sur lemel nus fixerong une baguette de verre portant une 
souche de St@pine suv une de Bes facen.. 

I promenant un *ertain nombre de fois le chariot devant 1a 
Plaque, la lame d’aciur va racler la stgrine et en former une sure 
face parfaitement unie. 

Faisons passer une aerniere fois le chariot devant lp plaqe 
da phonographe avee ane vitesse uniforme en parlant devant catt®... 
Plagqre, la Jame a@'acier, en suivant ‘toutes leg vibrations de la 
plaque, va venir strier la Stgrine ot former a 80, surface une repro 
fiction exacte jes vibrations qi l'ont influencee «lg sterine, of-~ 
frant une resistance moins grande que la fouille d’etain emply@ 
dana le phonographe, perme® d‘obtenir une reproduction Plus fiddle 
dee vibrations dela Plaque. oe 

La baguette le verre est enlevee du chariot, endiite de pilom. 
bagine a cotd de la stdrrino » 2t mise dans un bain balvanoplas- 
tique of elie se recouvre d'une corche Je Cuivre sur la face on se 
trouve la stéarine,. On obtient ainsi une matrice: en Cuivre repro-~ 

zisant fideLement toutes les vibrations tracdes a'abord sur la 
at éarino. : 

¥n Plagant mur cette mMatrice en cuivre deg petits fils de 
Plomb de 1 millimetre 1/2 de diametre, ot en exereant une pression 
convanable, on obtient sur le plomb une reprodiction oxacte dy 
strdage de la etearine; le Cuivre etant: plus @ie que le plomb per- 
me@ a'obtenir par pression un trgs grand ‘Yumbre de lames avec un 
seul cliche en cuivre, En passant sur cs lames de plomb ainsi 
prepurces un petit diaqae de carton, co diaqe va Suivre tortes les 
ondu lations tracdées ‘sur log. lames et vibrer de. fagon & reproduire 
tras nettement leg Paroles inserites par le phoropraphe onregise 
troury : . ‘ 4 
Pour rendre les sons plus perceptiblas, M4, Lambri pot attache 
un £11 de plomb ay centra du Bisque et fixe un tornet do. carton a 
Bon autre extromitesles vibrations ge transmottent moldceu lairement 
par 19 £11 de plomb et font v: 
vibrations sur l'oroilte mM Oo 

‘ 3 : , ; 
peter ln plupart des experiences que l'on fait avec le phojorraghe; 
ainsi on passant ‘le carton sur la lame OB den vitesses aire rentes, 


on reprodit 

la phre 
de basse & 

seconde on viron, 

> y % pent coneevsiy un dis 

serie for 

Papier fixd Sarune caise 
teur automatique et 

ulaire e+ imape’e dy Nowlin a Paroles 
tion, i1 ya pou a fa: 

et des perfeetionnem 
l'appareil primitif, 

Yn effet, dans uy 
lames sur une caisse yr 

b Adroutur ré ni 
¥ sannente, 

y W2 carte 
une vitesse convenable, 

Ces lamés, qui 
“leant de rots Services 
Clles Permettent de COnserver 4 
‘loisir les mots dont la pro 
nombren s08 reb@tstions. On ary 
dioti aire parang, probleme a 
*speree ni méme Preyue il vy a m1 

ye inscite aveg une voix 
La vitesse Moyenne agt 

41 de Plomb qu'un moive 
ement au-dessus dy pe 

On justifierait e 

® AU point 
‘r@ pour réaliger 

‘nts ont dja éu¢ 

y autra tispovition, M. 
Ysonnants et leg Phrases 

@ la. fois, sans le sec 
a Jourerf ig surface 

Peuvent Cire »fabriquees a tr 

pour l'etde 
Setiniment. et de se 
ation trop difficize 

vera’a const it@ir ainsi Un veritable 
ont la soluti 

elques ames 

< de tenor om une Vaogx 
de 20 centimetres par 

ment dthorlo- 
tit disqe ae 
ainsiiun lec. 
b'e*prossion Pop~ 
om en est la quos- 
cea M16 Nous. venons de dire, 
apportes par Liaateur a 

a . 
Scours tout entier imprime par lq pro- 
cade EY kariun long ft 

On uohliserait 
nm mome temps 

Lambrigot Place seg 

tre porenes 

Ree dy cornds, , 

e des Lames aved 
vent, if 
es on i Sai rane 
des langes Strenre es, car, 
faire dire. a 
nécessite de 

on ne poavait 




Foke 15, 2892, 

fhe Agolian Dvsan & Musica Ca., 

Woe 18 West 23rd Street, New York. 

Sar Sirs: 

Your letter of 13th instant ig Qc hande Your 
Eayvioug lette; pf SOtbh January wes also reece Lved.e mice 
obtain tromty. Edison the iettex in wegard ¢o the Acolian 
Whidh he promised to send youn He has been very busily oo 
sermied or you would have received it are thig. 2 hopo- to 
bg able to sond it to you in the vowlse of a fay days. 

Yours tray, 

Private Scoretany , 

ait Pepe ihe 

et weet 2 

= Saw oes i 

Febs 15, 1892, 

Alexander Elliott, Tre, Esqe, 
Fivst National Bank Building, 

Paterson, Np J. 

Doar Sire- 

f return herewith the cormespondence in regard to 

Ninervel lands adjoining.-tho Saul proparty at Gardiner'’s Station, 

which accompanied your Jetter of 15th instant addreseed to Myre 
Edison. Mt, Rdison says in veply that he is willing to lease the 

propersy refered to, hut he will not buy if, 

Yourn tintly, 


POISE en, 

" ~ 

Private Sacretary. 


wee ie 

Polo 16, 18926 

Sammel G. Burn, Esqe, 

Littleton, Ne He 

Deav Sirte 
Mr. Edison has read your leytdy of 14th instant, end 
in view of your report as to tho condition of things in New 

Hampshive, he saya you hid better wturm to Qrango. 

Yours -very trily, 

’ oF 
Private Seeratary. 


C a Otte La ee 
DR HC Mile F hoe Kes Gow, 

BO ot 
heirs x bt ALG 
en, she 


nery avth, 




ae Vio 









in the Laborutor 


Ee a y c 
2 at 



Pronk lyri, 




tg og 



f00p AVE., 


that thape 


oe xy 

4 8 



avad i 





Private Secrataury: 

‘ery broly, 

Yours | 




Fe De 18 ? 18 I 

The Am, Watclman's Time Detector Co», 

Nop 234 Broadway, New York City. . 
bear Sirg~ 7 
Your favor of llth instant in ragard to the Time 
Detector which was placed in my eharatoin. by your Company, was 

aduly received. - This apparatus has been inoperative for a long 

time, and I shall be glad to avail taysel? of your’ offer ty rapair 

it so that it will ba capable of doing its WO Pies You Gan send, 
your representative. to the Laboratory for the purpose of attend ing 
_ to the matter at any time convenient to yeaa 

Thanking you for your letter 

I an, yours very, a 

Feb, 18, 1892; 

Chas. De Shain, Esqa, Districs 
Bestern District, Edison cy 
Edison Building, Br 

m*le Electric Company, 
ogg Ste, New York City. 

Dear Siri 

Please have shippag te, tho Ushovatory the wix 

ments vhigh vere raseived by you gome thins 430 from Noe 19 Doy 

Stren, and whith are refered t6 in your 
instat. Tha ings 

latter to ug of 154 

rormmnts in quadtion are doubtless aldestyla 

| PaovoRrsHh motorg ang belong to Mr. Edison, Yo fan make tige of 

them at the Laboratory. 

, Thanking you for having ballad ow atténtion to the mtter 

Wo ara, yours very trily, 




Sige owe et 


mE es oe 

Robs 13, ABIL. 

We E. Gilmore, Esqe, Asa't. Manager, 
Schene etady Works, Edison Gen']l. Blectri¢ Gor, 

Schenectady, Ne Ye 

Dear Sir: 

Your order for 50 lbs. of non-inflemnable eompound, 
referred to in your letter ol 15th instant, has been receiveds 
We regret te say we are unabi¢ to supply you with any more of 
the material in question. ih. Edison say's that he lost hope 

of ever getting any tha satisfactory in these insulating sub- 

stances, and as thg@than who had charge of the experinents is not 

now at the Laboratory it is impossible for ts to Pill your last 
order ' 
Yours truly, 



Bake 18, 189s. | 
Majov S. B, Exton, 

Edison Building, ‘Bread. S$! veo , 

New York & ie 


Doar Sivn 

My. Edison has mgd Your letter of Eth instant, in 
Nhegh you refer to the eoniiht on bf tha baulldings air Marc “Pye 
and he says that you had net ter dtrange with Mr, Hughes to carry 

Siggebtion relative Yo $e cting together all the. 

ond woul 

: : x at i - é nearer 
smaterial there and storing: #5 pws an the office building Par 
safe keeping. 

Yours: vty fay ; 

: om! 
Private Secretar. 



n J 







- “ aD 
> fon 


WS ses 

a7) re 
aE ee enor © 


} : 






‘a Verio 


Robruany 19, 
Major S. 3B, Egton, 
No. 44 Broad Strest, - 

New Yort: City. 

Doar Sirs~ 

I beg to acknowladga recaipt of youn Layam af 16th 

instant, onelosing check of Mr. Predorigk Adang to my order for 

$698.42, being the balance Sollgetad by him of the surplus nidneys 

which averved upon the sale undor the foreclosure of the Chandler 

Mortgage.’ Thanking you for your attention to the matter 

Iam, yours. trnify , : ? 

4 : tot i af 
: <i ee got : 
CH ke efi Ee Bt 

ee ee 

Beahimery 29, 1892, 
Mr. Charles Be Potts, 
No. 102 Eleventh Street, 

Troy, Ne Ye. 

Dear Sirs- 

Reply ‘to your jet ta of Blst ultimo has been unavoid~ 

ably Tollayeds 

Is wasver to your question I beg to inform 

vou thet whist is 

mnom as the Edison Mlectrie 

Rallway Systen was first put-in 
vation in the City of Richmond, Vas What you have in mind, 

sOWever, may ba Mrs Wdisents Yow tension system of eleatiie pro- 

pudsion; and i? so I wie sey that tliat uyatein has never been 

Publicly introdueéd; it was “‘mecessfully operated in 1830 on sg. 

URvee mile experimorital srack at Menlo Park, Ns Js 

Urs Edisoh is much oblized Tor the dtiele on "The Frorvess 

at Maétevieity! whodn ateconnanied your lotta wider replys 
Yours very ‘truly; 
AEP Fe ag 
om ye 
yp te: 

Private Seo rs 

Fale 20, 18926 

do oe Tate, Esaqe, 

Edason Building, Broad Street,. : 

Now Yovk City. 

Dear Sire 

I this moming received you lettar of 19th Lastant, 

in regard to the agreement between Marshall and. the Edison Phono~ 

avaph Works relating to duplicate ye cords, an have noted éontents 

of same. 

My letter to the North American Phonograph Company, to which 

you refer, intimated that 2 personally would. not make any more 

records at the Sbaboratory. I did not speak for the Phonogranh, 

Works, no records ever having been nade thera. 

I have diverted that a copy.of your letter be sengk to Mr- 


yours very truly, 

1 ge vos 
fo fee if A ‘ cg 

Bohs 24, 1392s 

Messrs, Dyer & Seely, 
No. 36 Wall Street, 

New York City. 

Mr» Edison has read your letter of 20th instant, 
infeiming him that his application #927, whieh is on an eleo~ 

trical meter having a weighing device which can be moved so 

to weigh the kathode in ocither of two celis, has been al- 


loved by the Patent Office. 

Regarding the claims that were originally embodied in 
the abave application, but betwaen which and the claims to 
she meter. the Patent office required division, and which were 
therefore cancelled by you, Mrs Bdison says that you need not 
file a divisional application covering thease cancelled claims, 
fhe meter claims involving the weighing apparatus being all 
iat he cares farsa 

Yourts tatay ; 

cee eines 

Febp 24, 1892-¢ 

Paveon, Uathron, Esqe, 

New Lonion, Conn, 

vot lettey of 20th instant was duly received by hits 
cree, wha hes been siek and ig not yet thorowshly recovered. 
AS soon nz ne Teale well onough to undertake the trip it is his 

.vieint lon ty visit Ogden, where ha hopes to recuperate. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary: 

ey . 

Rahe 25, 1892, 

Thomas Butler, Esqo, 
Edison Building, Broad Street, 

New York City. 

Dear Sir: 

On the 12th instant I forwarded to Mr, Ware, by 
direction of Mr. Tato, a notice which I prepared for trang- 
mission to the various Phonograph Companies in regard to the 
price of musical recordse -As I understand that the matter was 

referred to yourself I Would ask you to please inform me if 

the said notices have been sent out yee to the Companies, Ir 

Mek this inquiry so that the Phiononvant Works’ may be properly 

pilsed Por ‘the recordse An carly reply will oblige 

Yours truly, 

AD hevorcole Fi fe, 

Hob. 28, 4992 

New Jevsey & Penn!a. fangentxra ting Wortsp, 


Pgenhenokurgh, wa 



Dear Sirs 

On yom Test Repart of Eqbroayy 25.4 the following 

vemarks. appears 

to * Moisture in ore going to #1 Stockhouse 148, of 1g." 

Ze 7 Ove going into #1 Stockhouse 45¢ below 50 mesh." 

Mra Edison does not understand the first of the statements quoted 
aboveo Does it mean that tho moisture contained in the ore going 
to gl Stockhouse is 1% ana 40/100 or one per-cent? Please explain. 
Reeandiing the second statement, Mro Edison wishes to Imow if 55% 
ot che ore going into 74 Siookiousd is above 50 meshe 

Please reply promptly. 

Yoars truly, 

Private Sesretary. 

o £ 
Mca fe 



the Pudhtrng Iarnaey marund 







Ctrae hook ag wer the Dureetory a 

Vultuctnr, fublrated 


itthalinp Haronidty a? baterard 

of thes date, tr 

Fels 26, 1892. 

Major S$, By Baton, 
Edison Building, Broad Streot 

New York ity. 

Dear Sirs a 

Re Assignment of Mortgage te Mrs, Ellen Baison, 
I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your let ter of 24th instant, 
englosing for exeeution duplicate assignments of mort page by me to 
Heiocn Edison, of Pte Iron, Michigans i have executed both copies 
of this assignuent in the manner indicated in your letter above 
referred to, and have retained oho gopy for. my files. The other 
copy I ehelose herewiths Please seo that it is properly recorded 
and then delivered to Mrs.’ Edistmy’ The other papers nentioned in 
your ietter were also received by me and ate nov in the Laboratory 
sat ou 

Yours vary eae 






Fol, 26, R02 

We Ny Stewmvt, sae, 

ses 2 


+ Serie 

Bilison Blegtyrig Tliwainating Go, 

Milwaukee, Wisgonain, 

Dear Sin 
. Mre Zdison. caviy received vour lotten of 2Qth instant 
and has asked me ‘to acknowledge its vecoint, © "he panikesctto - 
tha sonsolitation are ‘pert ott ly- tndependomk 4 all patant SoH 
siderations, ark tho ghbject of patents has héén dropped ottt 
aj topether, 

touts var titty 


Btrreto” geord tary 


won Lh, 

Febe 26, 1892. 

Gharibes Wo Price, Esqe, Editor, 

New Yor City. 

dear Siwse 

Fernit me to congatulate the REVIEW u pon atta indsis 


The special nunher issued te celebrate thst 

ites +t Sith piythday » 
aie is isa eredit to all concorne:! in its production, and is away 
anead oc any thing before pubiisher by the eleetriaal PERS 
With best wishes for iyture prosperity 

Believe me. yeurs sineere ly, 


: A a. AGeduagsm 

Febe 27, 1892, 
Samel Insvl, Esq., 

Edison Buildings, Broad St., 

New Yori City. 

Doar Sirte 
I enclose herewith a letter roceived by My. Edison from 

Messrs. Dyer & Seely, in regard to an apnlication of Mr. Jom Ott 

for a patent on Improvements in Niokel~in-the-Siot Phonogra phs, 

which application lias been allowed by the Patent Office, the pay- 

ment. of" the final government fee being all that is required to 

ensure the issne of the patent. Tacings of the dvawings of this 

invention are attached to byer & deeiy’s letter. This patent 

when issued would ke assigned to the Autouatie Phonogranh Hxhi- 

bition Co., and in eons idevation of that fact Mr. Edison is of 

the opinion that the Automatig Company shoulda stand the expenses 

conne ected therewith. Otherwise Wo. Bdison wilt permit the vatent 

in gestion to become abanioned. He would like to hear from you 

in She matter. 

Yours tyaly, 

Private Secrat ary. 

{. ne FY « 

Bab. 29, 1892. 

Jamuad Ingull, Eaq., 2nd Vice-President, 
Badison Gente Blectrigc Co, 

New ‘fork Gity. 

Dear Sive- 

By direction of My. Bdison I vefer to you the enclosed 
Jetter veceived by him from Mr. OC. Le Rugayr, of the Edison Blac. 
Illiminating Co. of Bostofi, in regard to the donation of an 
oFeetrical outlit to Rutrors Call ege by the General Company. 
Hie. Ndison considers it mood policy to make these presentations, 

and he would approye of Me. RBaigar's request being granted. 

Youry very truly, 

: ‘ Private Secy. 


Feb. 29, 1392, ~ 

Major S. Be Eaton, ow 
Edison Building, Broad treet, 

New York @.ty, 

Referring to your letter of A7th instant, in whieh 

94 Radiisd attention to the condition of the buildings at Menlo / be 

“ye ana td my letter ta you of 18th instant in which I ‘intorned 
fo" Gn Mee Ruasen's desire that you arrange with Myre Hughes to 
hove gil othe material at Menlo vollectead together and placed in 

“ine there flor sufe keeping, I sn¢lose herewith a 


olvies bud 

srom cu: Mire Diekson coigarning certain apparatus used 

Flemen wie visited Menile Jast week and which were lett 

PeNY. 1 Gade Iosend this to you at Mr. Raison's request, and if tho 
ath ow eolleeting the matecial at Menlo is not already undar 

mee. Re wrotd ihe you to giv: it immediate attentione 

Yours truly, 

Private Sec'y. 

— —_ U7, 

_Febe 29, 1392. 

Migs Olara Le Gaoke,. 
No. 72 Addison Road, Heaton, 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Bnglands. 

Dear Madama, - 

Your letter of Sth instant addressed to Mr Edison, 
suggesting an adaption of the phonogyvaph Lor use at sea, Waa duly 
reesivads In veply I veg to inform vou that Sir. Edison was srant- 
ed a patent on the 29th of December last on a system for trans~ 
mitting sitmals electrically between distant points, by induction, 
and without the use of wires, which woule seem to accomplish all 
that is susrested in your letter. Mr, Edison discovered that if 
sufficient elevation were obtained to overvome the curvature of 
the sarth's surface and to vedyee to the mininum the earth's 
absorption electric telographing or signaling betwaen distant 
points could Ye divied on by induetion without the use of wires: 
comestirn: atith buintg, the. disvovery is especially applicable 
to Yelteraphite Adloay bodies of water, or Lor sopaunienting be- 
toon vedadds ay Bis, Of Brevcen vessels gi sea ahd points on | 

and, gud A dhew be wen the dee of sth bine cabldss 1 note 

tie corto ie feo RES nbs er ptont sont 



ae re 


oa eS 


es ee es eg 

Thee tem rem eee Se oat ge ‘ hus eet aT — Pin tlenialesinhaae 
' PES Pg 
Mion fi Fag. (SG Oops ~De Dalya 20, 4 
Sk #RY: \ a et SEMA T EY Uy TS en 

At, WM trGg an zteyation of one Mindved fegt J gary gon 
AAA @. Aegtri golly & great duunanee, AKL singe this 
wigvation op aya mfhigientiy high ¢an be had by wtiliq- 
ims the masts of ships gignals ovr be san amd veaaived 
batwoay ships agparated a consiirrable dlatange, and by 
wopeating the ujgnals from ship’ to ship comemnication -can 
by astabli shea betweon points af ony distanca apart ox 
agrosys tra Jarrest soag and evon pedanss The collision 
of shins jn Logs gan he provente:! by this cNaracter of 
aignaling, by tho use of whigh, «so, the safety o! 9 ship 
in approaching a dangerous coag’. in fogry weather can be 
gssured ete., eto : 

You will see therefore frou the. foregoing that the system 

yefayred to covers all the points raised in your letter. 

Thanking you for your cormaunication and timst ing that you 

will find the information containsd herein of interest 

To an. yours respectfully, 

New York Gity,, 

My. Eddsow has reced 2 your letter of 

tre Exaainer h 

or ? 

finally rejeeted his 
ribes the use of a card bymsh for clegaiiag 
Ges SOMense Mog Uddsur. rite aon thig casa vou inne rt ant pear ds 


Yours! very truly, 

velula heravith the copies of patents whieh aceompanied 

yt nn ere ATTN ae 

es ae: 

March 1, 1892. 

Messrs. Pyer & Soclv 


No. 36 Wali Struaet, 

re Mew York City. 

Fee LT REO ee 


Dear Sirsi~ 

Mr. Edison has vegyived ‘your letten of 894h ultiio, 

in vegard to the amplications of Hesnrs, Ott and Kounely 1454 and 


1455, both of which have bean, allewed by the Patent Uffiee; algo 

- referring to. several Other appliestions of 

Messys. O64 and Kemolly 

“Yelating to Sresie moter and electric motors. Mx. Bddson 

that all these should be asginned to tho Edison Gongral Mievtric 

c Company. 

TZ voturn herewith the drawings which Levolanded your aaa om 

Yours tmily, Fosaty-} 

ra a 

je , we : Heid, 

en eg at trang 

= # len, i, 
2 i Cee io? 
eh a ; : Private gocrotayy. 



cla ne Oe. - df (EGR “ 

Ake Ctra Gal Pree 6° 
aie le 




MC Ce Me And 

Se ga ee 


Phin af oa "nhs the petting 

| fettershi-o suet tod tA yi ht 

Getaterat ap abel Pee gt 

Bee, ove senrhr, Lrr A tween. Kigoodoeis. 
PRM Ie ge CRs Bontls, 

ooo: Uunrted Ive fv; ee Manet 
Eee, Ge Coonds as “o 
Aro. alaww We & lire ee for. B Lt [00 Coo. 

aed f ise 7 fated Sal a go 
hms Bain 7 


Bo mess 

Hang 44 1802. 

Major 8. Be Hatan, 

ditison Lnilaing, ‘Broad Street, 
Now York Gity. 

Peay Sirj- 

Ba Assignugnt of Moytesce ‘to Mess Holen Bdisen. The 
rye Mone on my jetter attached hereto is an gmrort if should 
be VHotenet Altar, the domumant was oan vecorded gheasa geri i+ 
to Mrso Basson. “Her address ig a4 Soflowst Mrs. wh Be Raison, e/a 

Bo He Welton, Port Burpn, Mighigya. 

fours truly,’ 

Leen ALY 7 



SS a he ED 


Mapah 8th, 1993. 

John Chandler, Esq., 

Foot of Court Sto, Brooklyn, Me Yo 

Dear Sirte 

I return herewith the ciroulars in regard to the 
*PARISIAN INVENTORS ACADEMY* which accompanies yarr letter of gra 
instant. Mr» Edis on Inows nothing about this society further than 
that he receives from it at short intervals duplicates af the com- 
minicationn which rere sent to you ra61f. The writer has a very 
strong conviction that the "ACADEMY" is a fake of the worst kind, 

and world advise you to have not}.ing to So with it. 

Yours +e ry truly, 


’ he ig 


Private Secretary. 


He We Seely, Bsus, 

Nue SG Wall Streat, 

New York City. 

Doav Sirs. 

With Voveronce to yOu Tel tor oy ist instant (PSE 

My. Edison how Wedn 

esday, Mareh Suh, “ould sais him 

+ i Eye 
vO Tas 

the Field Case, be wishes you to pos 

“one ag long as poss ible the 
stakian of dite beg: imony in this MATTE» 

Make the date as Lay 

aw: ay 

as you ean, notify Me, Edison oo it 

» ANd he will attend. 
“his reply has been somewhe! dstaved owing to the necessity ° 
OL my having to Tomrard your lei ter to Ogden, vhere Me. Edison 

now is. : 

Le ae ee ee 

Marvel 5, 1802. 

Mesora. Dyey & Jacly, 

No. 36 Wall Strdet, New York Pity. 

Dear Sirst~ 

Mr, Bdison has read your letter of 2nd instant in 
regan to his applications 750 aja 405, both of witieh have been | 
rejceted by the Patent Office. Mr. o4tson desires you to appeal 
the first namad of these applications 1750); the last nemad you H 

tan allow to boetome abandoned.. 

Yotrs truly, > 

Privata Scero tary. 

Oi Rien ns moo 



ho Oo Tate, Fisq oy 

Euison Building, Broad Street. 

New York City.” 

Dear Sings 

I beg to advise you that Mre Edison has instratted 

John Ost to pus in shape the mode .s o> tho yavious toy phonceraph 

aevencnts whieh were made at the req.ast of the Edison Phonon nt: 


Loy Manufac tur ing Company, 80 th + they may be available for use 

as exhibits when the suit which the Toy Company has brought against 

the Phonograph Works comes to trial. ‘My. Edison issued these 

instructions in accordance wis 1 your letter of 2nd instant. 

“murs, tray, 


Egy. Ways, TER, 

4 Wallign ann, Heg 79 7 . 
American Book Go., FROR4 Aran She, | 
Philadtertpnia, Pa. 

Dear Sirs- 

Your letter of- Brg ingtent addreanod +o Mp. Edison in | - 
NGgerd to the phonograph was suly received. Tyere is no tloubt : q 

that the phonograph can be used to moh advantage by phyaiciens in 

ne treatment of diseases. The inotrucent has gretted n creat j 

dozl of interest among tha medical profession and is ot the present 
time receiving mach attontion from the members thereof. Tt has 
aiready been used for the purpose which yea susmest, and with very 

satisfactory resi lts. 

I enclose herewith two navanpayer clippings on the subject 

hich may interest you. Please roturn them after perusal, ang 

eB le 

mich oblige 

Yours very truly, 

all tes 
Private Secretary 


8 inns amr 5 a 

Saag a ST ae aa eT 


Letterbook, LB-056 

This letterbook covers the period March-June 1892. Most of the letters 
are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also correspondence by Edison and Thomas 
Maguire. Many of the letters relate to the phonograph and to legal and 
financial dealings among the various phonograph companies. Beginning on 
page 131 is a two-page letter from Edison to George E. Gouraud comparing 
the phonograph business in the United States and Europe and alluding to 
Edison’s takeover of the North American Phonograph Co. There are also 
letters referring to the formation of the General Electric Co. and to Edison’s 
sale of his stock in the Edison General Electric Co. Other documents deal with 
mining and ore milling, electric motors, and the kinetoscope. There are 
numerous letters to Edison’s attorney, Sherburne B. Eaton, and to the firm of 
Dyer & Seely regarding patent interferences and other litigation in which 
Edison was involved, as well as additional patent-related matters. Included also 
are letters pertaining to the development of an underground telegraph cable 
for the Pennsylvania Railroad and to the installation of a sprinkler system at 
the West Orange laboratory. The front cover is marked "1892." The spine is 
stamped "Letters" and is labeled "1892 Mar 9 June 16." The book contains 
700 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 20 percent of the book has 
been filmed. Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-053. 

wh Papehalets aint, THAME I RGES cape it me eet ae Ss gueeremmemen cree smite ats ra 

Maveh.9, 189% 

Thomas feo Bison, Raa, 

Ogdensburgin, We Ee a 1 

Rage Sist~ > a 

‘s 1 onglose herewith a letter trem My. Suely, notifying 

SE ASL i To a a 

a vy 
é : va he has avo inted“Wednesdey next, Maren 16th, ea the day 


‘aon Wrich you are to testity in the PieTd enac I+ wilh bo 

dtdedusary Lor you to be vresdrit ab hig affjec in Wall Struct at 

34 of a@loak ge me on the dese went Lomde 

Yours wey traly, 

Private Secretary. 

ahs Ms 

Sammie] Ingull, Msae, Ani Vieu-Preatte, 
Edison G@enl ily Ele gt sia Gos, 

Yow York Citys 

Dear Siri- 

In compliance with your telephone raanest of to-day, 
I enclose herewith a copy of the iekior adlregsed to yon by Mre 
Edigon on the 19th of Febrasry last in rerly to your carmunication 
to him of the 17th of Febroary with relation to an alectrie motor 
for the Northern Pacific System. I vepgret that one sentence and 
rart of mmotimr sontonee of Mr. Edison's cammuinicatign, as con- 
tained in ow? letter-book, ave indecipherable, the nrasy copy of 
she sume Leing inmerfeét. Mie, Edison did not weite tha letter 
with oopying ink henad our offies boy failed to secure a good 
dupresuior of its Showld the original be fod in your off iae 
I rondd be obliged it fon would Kindly lave sunt to me a copy of 
thoas portions. of the ésammnication whieh ara onitt ed from our 

ee py, ie 7 i 7 
letier-book, and wiieh are indicated on tne copy seit you herewith, 

80 that ow record: ceo be perfeate 

Youvag yary truly, 

Private Seotyas. 

Swavel Lnsnll, Bane, 

L have reegived copy of specifi- 

gateons dvawn wn by the Bneinsers of the Northarn Pacific Re Re 

In vaply I would atata that widie it would be a vary desirabie 

tiving to obtain a Locomotive as apecified, LT think it would he a 

waste of mungy Lorie te undertake its design, as I do not feal 

myEcl’ gonpeten’ to devise a sahiable Teaomotive upon the lines 

laid dowite {Here follows a sentence wirceh is indacipharable » 

Its maport was that Mire Edison would not consider fhrthar the 

natter of dasigning the proposed hocomot ive )« 
{Signedy fe AE Qison 

Pe de My impyesoion is tat some one of the designers of the 
twd Companies colild easily devise a Logomotive upon the 
linos of tho sps@ifications, but (the vanaimler of tho 

sentence cannot be rade out} 

March 12, 1892 

Dr. Henry &. Nesh, 
Na, 53 Wast S2nd Street, 

New York Ditys 

Doar girt- 

Mrs Raison arly received your etter of 6th instant, 
wbkity by information in regard to acroloine In reply he has 
aire oted. we to say that ati he knows about aerolein is t3 extect 

upon the hirved. Acrolain iy produced in our chanminal sxperi-~ 

ments, and ig very abundnfit in burning cigavetbe paper. 

Yours truly, 

Privase Seurotarys 

Maran 11, 1892. 

Mr. Davia Me Biaith, 

RPagauadena, Gajifornia. 

Pear Sirte 
Mr. Edison atly yveceived your lettar of 29th ulbinos 

He was very giad to hear from you and, to learn that you were 
Vivihg so happy an existence and anon’ yueh delightful environ 
monts. Hi fears, howeyer that so felicitous a state ds yot 
describe iibt be conducive tb dndolonce, and he would, warn you 
not to let your prain run to dry rot, whith is not good. Toa 
provide agains t suon a cont Jngency he suggests. that you put up &- 
seialY shop in your back yard - if thore are any back yards, it 
Pasaderla ~ , hire two maaifinists, and go to work. He belyeves 
that such a fired es dint wotlk be beneficial , nantally ané@ ply seic~ 
ally, and that it would ddd to your happiness, 

it is Mr. Edison's. intention to visit Qaliforttia thd years 
henee, aya when he does he will certainly ealI gnd see you. 

Thanking ypu, in Mi. Hdison's behalt, for your lotter 

i am, yours. yary truly, 

Briyat o Seely. 

Maren 22, 13892. 

ve. o, Mount Bleyer, 
No. 315 Raat 16th Street, 
Ney York Qity~ 
My gear Sirt~ 
Reply to your lytter of 6th instant has been 

somewhat dolaved quing to the necessity of my having to forward. 

it to Mr. Raison, whe ig at present absent from homes 
tty. Edison has directed mo to say that he will notify you 
immediately after his return to the Baboratory, whieh you can 

emg out and see him and he will be very phdased to inform you 

fully with telation to his latest york apon the phonograph. 

In regard to the presentation of . phonograph to the Hew 
York Infirmary of the Diseaavs oi Nose and Throat, Mm Edison 
will be very glad te mske this donatiof ord will have an ihgtro’ 
ment spebially prepared Lor the purpede whith WAdA be adapted for 
use in such ah iitcbibttion. The phonograph whith he will lave 
constructed will bd nivndohed with @ diathya gm gapable of wary 
eocurdte ang sensitive wotlk. 

Yours very tihuly, 

Private georetarys 


March 12, 1892, 

Chariss He Lewis, Esq,, 
No. 3] Hidsk Stroet, 

Boston, Mass,» 

Dear Sir:- . 
I duly received yotr letter of 7th instant, in regard 

to the Higham Are Dynamo. ‘I have great doubts as to tha twonty 

per cent. saving you rorer to». Our dynemos give ninety-five per 

gent olficiency. I an not nov actively interested in electric 

lighting and do not therefore desire to examine into the ierite 

of ths dynamo to whieh you have kindly invited my attentions 

Thanking you for your letter 

Zam, yours try, 

March 14, 1892. 

Samel hisult, Esq, 
Edison Ballaing, Broad Street, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirs- 

Is there any reason why Mr. Randolph should not fo 
ahead and: make up the haboratoty books, whith are incoansplete now 
for three months? Conld you not dictate 4 memorandum of your 

ideas regarding new methods and send it ontt 

Yours very traly, 

af at a 
tne w 
} . 

Private Secretary. 

March 24,1392, 

Masov S. B. Raton, 
Raison Buildife, Beaad Street, 

New York C&tye 

Dear Sirt- 

Your letter of 22th instant vw Mr. Edison, informing 
kim that Hornig has been bronght on from Si. Lonis to prove tint 
the rubber spring now found on the o%d wtotor at Mento Pak was 
weally there in 1930, hag been. auly recqi ved. Mie Bison gays 
that it would be usaless to exht upon hin to testify in this 
smattest, ag hia teutimony would do no good. He doas not vomember 
anything about the spring in trestion, Hid af ealled upon would 
‘Sestiffy to that offect. . 

Youxs vary tiny, 

Private See'y. 


March 14, 1892, 

H.W. Seely, Rage, 

No, 36 Wall Street, an 

New York (ty 


Dear Sirt- 

ite Rdison ecbly received vow letter of 83th iustant, 

. . . t 4 * 
informing him that you hag wWranged for the taking of his testi- 

mony in the Field enae on Wodnesday, Maren USth, 1392, and re- 

quésting his presanee in you 

office on that dete at clover 

O'cloak as tis He w 


il be 4: attendance on the day and at the 

how montdioned. d 

Yours. tly, 

* , 


Private Searstary. 


March 14, 1892. 

Mre Re De Casterline, 

The Eagia Hotel, Bethicham, Pa. 

Dear Sirt- 

Mr. Edison has veceived your letter of 12th instant, 

and notes that you are working on a ounenie situate about two 
aid a half miles south of Bethlehem, where there seems to be a 
good range of light attraction. Mr. Edison approves of your 
inveit igating this rroperty, and. when tig map which you propose 
making is completed he desirds you to mail dt to him for his inw 

Yours truly, 

Ds daga 

Private Secretary. © 

Merch 14, 1992, 

The Acolian Company, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Your letter ol 9th instant is at hands I regret 
that I have not yet been able to obtain from My. Edison the 
letter which you desire in regard to The Aeolian, He is now 
absont trom Orange and is not expected to return for some timo. 
As amitter of fact, tr. Edison objects to writing, letters for 
use ag testimonials, and werd: it not for that I think he could 
hawe been pyoyailed upon erg this to write the letter in auestion. 

He rdooives a peat many rednests similar to the one preferred by 

yourselves and hé invariablf¥ declines to comply with them 

Yours very truly, 

Private Sec! Yu 

ay if 

Ma rei, 

Ezra CO. Williams, Esqe, 

Chadian. ow Committee, 
West Orange, Ne de. 

lounderstand <hat the subject of axteru: 
through Liswollyn Park iv to be considered ab the ric 
Essex Coury Road Board 4o-morrow. night. “The pre past 
if carried ont, would ve. in my opinion, a gross Ln juss. at 
residents of the Park, aud I am therefore Samael ty fa. 
of continuing Park Avenue I would Sugeest that vane Crane 
Provide for the Videning of Velley Road, betwoon Par 
iistniads Money devoted to that Fur pose would ke produetiw: 
much more good to the commnity than if applied to the Oordoumegac, 

of vosds in tho Park, and would La appreciated by the tex-payerne 

Pristin) that’ you wild use your influence ta prevent the 

propodad tation being taken 

t dh, yours: truly, 

March 15, 92 
SuCra tear’ ¢ 

= this seas 





fn reply lie 




ne changes al Myo 







nd pernged ky hime: 

F to. 


eel ved 

Thia + : * % 
hankiug: you for you A2tter, ans 

Mre Janes Symington, 
My dear § 
auly x 

Mare h, 1G, 1895, 

Ea iso 
I enclose herewith: drat+ (ol a letter 
whith Major Raton’ is Very anxious My. Raison showld write to Sir 
William thomson The iwatter has alrandy been brought to Mr. 
Haison's NOsige, but so rany other things enGage his attention 

wen at the Laboratory he hus not had an opportunity to write 

the letter, 7 therefore song tie dvatt to YoU and would request 

that yor hiyetay being it before ir. Raison some Svening when he 

dy Gia orlvagade 

Sings the letter Was prepared Si» William has been raised 
“Dey the. 92 Mage, and he is now taiowm as Baroy Kelvin, by. whieh 
tisie ab witha be necessary to address hin. Please aention that 
Aagt to Mr, Hitocns | 

Yours . Pespecss uty, 



Se ae 


Mar. 16, 1692, 

We A. Steyn, Enq., 
Builitt Buitading, 

Philadelphia, Penn Qe 

Doar sirs- 

Your Wtter of rith instant in regara to patent No. 346 


5BB, of July 27th, 1886, which covers the lighting ee train of 

pally dus ny electric incahdescent lamps, and , Ae ‘ounedt jointly 

Wy yourds it did ue, - Vafgon, Maa aly received and pergsed by the 

Tet ro y. Mr, Paiaon notes whet you sexy with relation to the gen- 

ove infringement of tata patent ant your atest ation thet somethin: 

ft . 
sudtia p¥ 4énd to mt. a stofl to it. Hey héwever, 4aes not desire 

fo spend ary Hdndy for that ba rpone. 

Yiftes vorg. me ly / 

bettas sonnetanys 


Seyet peo 

Mar. 36, 1892. 

M. Me. Marble, Kaq., 
Hillhouse Jigh School, 

Rew Haven, Qonn. 

Dear Siri- 

‘With reference to your letter of 8th instant addressed, 
to Mr. Wdaison, I take pleasure in stating thet we can loan you for 
use on the occasion to which you refer the following lantern slides, 
which I take it will be more aadeptable than éngravings: 

1. A view of the ar iggine 4, phonograph. 

2. Ave not the-yreddn di phonograph. 
be A sectitndl vibw of 4hke..phonagraph. 
4 A view representing Wr. Hdlpon Listéning to the 
Phono graph. 

1 eased Mill be unahte to san’ you a. view of a phonographic 
impression highly magnified; Aeitiver will it -be. practjqeble- for re 
to ohntain for you: & phondgraphic ‘Yecord of Mr. Rdiaan'’g ages. So 
neny people write Mr.’ Rilisor for a record of his valoq;that he de~ 
piines to consiger all mech veq@rests. Showld youdesiro a photo- 
ktaph of Mr. Hdinon in addition to the one mentfomad abeve, I can 
jena you o picture by Falk, from which you dark? have a slide made. 

the slides ment joned are heing made tn tha Jeboratory far a spacial 

jurpose ond Wil} pe sags ined vy us Jaton pn - = I would therefore 

ee Wise ceaeeee 

HW. OM. Marble, Kaq. “2- 

ack that yor take# good esre of the samo and return then imme lintaly 
after the lecturd in vonreetion with which they ave to kbd wsed is 

If you will advise the writer of the date upon which you witl 
regiairg the sligas, he will see thet they ere forwarded to you in 
ace sonable time. 

In Peperd to phonographic sound repro&etions, the tone dis- 
tortion and matatlic ring to which you refer in your letter haye 

heen ontira eliminated from th? latest type of instrument, whase 

reprodictions are porfect and absolutoly fnithihl to the original, 

Yours very truly, 

Private See rdtary. 

LL af tinea ans ak ete os 


Mareli 17, 199 

Broau Sticns, 

ema koiad Geo from Polo: Gobtischabk vas reaa 
"hW Sul& that ict aad no Objeetion to tis 
che Phonograph, but t 

ma* tials were nov bOing conve te, 

Yan che wy serial whieh was Pound to sive 
to casalt would be ALOT ble Mr. Eocuon stated bearaien 

GMb e Bullow disk the petice wan ioprevedt mandrel i: 
ea andoow: takeing these dit: erens sats of 

Mayage oP onghe 

7 Yo yery truly. 


Nhe she haa ete Aine AR inet dais gga 

Banh 17,1892. 

Myo Os 3. Conloy, 
Ne J. & Ponth'a, Cohtent catia; Worky, 
Oudensbungh, Ne TN ‘ 

Dear Sirt- 

L be g to goyfirm tha Mollowing wegsage whigh Was 

velephoned to you torday by divcetion of iy, Edison? 

"Ask the Ghemist this Sup ‘os ing 

you have a seventy per 

how wuoeh, if aiiy, lime or a 
per ton ta agt as a blanket 
would it be impossible to vy 
mining with other 
ig brithede 
matter over arid above tint 
33 necessary tO use on 3 
ore, EBERGigon?® 


i ores? I ms 
What I want ig to 

Yours very 

cent ore and the ramaining angue is: helf quarte-and halt 
Silicaze’ of alimina, and yo cused 

coke with Linx for agh, 

her :materie] would you uge 

to prevent Oxidation, or 
& so pare an ore without 
SUDPOS Ene of course om ora. 
ascertain how mach fluxing 

6o Llwx the ash of the cake it 
8 sivanty per cent bricked Opden 


F * ® a — we ue 
b CL ea ons, 

brivate Sec'tys ~— 

Seis y rig See. det See serotews eeea Nie 
hai de. to 

eas eaaeee cece 

lhareh YB, 1392 

ty Je Ho Bryson, 

Huntsvilis, Alahamae 

Peat Bavie 
Repivirg to your inquiry of 16th ivstant, T beg te 
informa you that Mea Edigce’s mother was a native of Massachusetts, 

ov Sacsen savsntbages 

. iy ae 
Private Sucretsrre 

@ A 

— (ma 


' MARCH 15th, ls0e. 

Mara 0. Witians, Fsq., 
Chairman, Town Committed, 
Veen t range, N a 

Dear Siri. 

Tunderstand that: tire eubject of extending Park AV rrr 

through Llewellyn Park is to be considerad at the meoting of the 

Essex County Road Board to-mortnw night. ‘The Proposed extengion, 

if capriad out, wold he, in my opinion, a cross injustice tg the 

Tesidents of the Park, and 1 am therefore oppnued to it.  Instélt 

of contiming Park Aveme I wereld surest that your Committes pra~ 
v Lite for tho widening of Valley Road, between Park and Palymont 

Avérmts, Honey devote to that marpose would be pkotietive of 

much More good to the Community than if applied ta the constrmeti{on 

of roads in the Park, and word be appreciated by the tax.payérn. 

trusting thet you will ude your influonee to provont the 

proposed aetion being tuken 

Iam, yours traly, 


Mareh 19, 1892, 

Dry Js Mount Blayiun, 
Noo 118 Bast 16th Street, 
New York Citys 

Dear Sirt- 

Your letter of i7th instant, asking for photographs 

of the phonograph, to illustrate an article on that instrument 

which you have written and which is to be incorporated in a 

presentation volume to be given to Prot, Thiereh, of the Leipzig 
University, was received yesterday by Mr. Hdison, who will be 
vse glnd to comply with your. request. He has given instructions 

to his Photographer to prepare several pictures of the Phonograph. 

These will be £otten out at the éarliest practicable moment, after 

which they will be forwarded to you without aelays We hope to be 

able to send then to you Carly next waek 

» which I trust will be 

I am sending to you by thts. aid, under SéPdrate 
covery & PHotogtanh and a steel plate 

Snig¢ Pid hurts 

engraving ot’ bey Edison, the 
oP hitt which we have at the Labora toxys 
tle phen gia fon whieh the engraving wae mage can he 
tie the, F98 Besddway, Row Yeirk s 

4 copy of 


Yours very trily; 


ane aS 
ea. oe ‘ 
Private ‘Seo! pe 

Ve re. of 
vw ty Dc alae 

March 2h) 3892 


‘Thie is to certify that My. Bar] Atkinson haa ben employed 

in my Laboratory, a8 a machinist, for the part two end a hal! 

yoarso Part ox les Came ing had charge ‘t my Machlas Sicr at 

performed the duties somacted with that position to my satise 

factions He is a goad worknan, induatri ous, s¥liabie, and Y 

says vegormend him te any ons in need of bis aervicens 

Nro Atkingon had also considerable eleetrical knowladge of 

@ pragtical kind, whiph increases his value ab 4 vorknano 

Marph 22, 289 At 

Jobn J. Kisxnan, Bsq-, 
No. 3Q Broad Stréet, 
New York City. 

My dear Kiernan, - 

I have your letter of 19th instant, ono losing 
description of ‘the Brewer. Mine. Tt would. be impossible for ma to 
visit ths property just now, bib 3X may be abie to do 30 Union 
T have personally examined over’ 209 Southern mining propentios 
aha alk trot}? well avquninted with the Brewer Mips ajyeadys 
Perraye yout people wai8 1ikq te Tease the mine to me one 
garanteed intarost on present tapital, feunitting my td Kork 
ib An ity don Wag | 

Yoorsvery traly, =, 
LK oe we tat: east coe 
ies 7 

Seng Me 

Marah Re, FSR 

Gol. George E. Gouraud, 
Bdison House, Northumberland Avenue, 

London, Ss» We, Englands 

My dear Sirts. 

I have veaeived your lotter of @th instant, ene 
closing copy cf your letter to Mx. Jesse Seligman, dated 8th 
inetant, concerning the delay of the Edison United Phonograph 
Company in commencing active businesse 

You are so familiar with what my views are and have always 
heen that it is wmmecessary for me to reiterate them heres If 
the foreign phonograph business had been carried out on the lines 
of the original contract between you and myself we would to~day 
both be deriving a handsome revenue from that sources I do 20% 

know that there ig anything which I van do that will chang: the 

policy of the Edison United Phonograph Companys I be lieve I have 
exhausted every effort: in that Girectione 

_ Moevlt and my friends have obtained control of the North 

Nas Piittidgvaph Company, and are solling mathinese We are 
will ‘ieHe ot the lives of a regular sommero ial business, which 

s Wie ‘aii wa oer a auccessiul business can be astablishstie 



a = lo a 

a ze = 

« bf tg 

& g 8 : 

ge 82 x4 

f Ra X 
os © AS oe 
. tae OY 
ss nae 
pos a NG 
ng ¢ a 
» m Mos 

g BE a 

: a . 

a rN 
2 & = 

e 5 § 

¢ && 

Ea pee 

F Ex 

e by 

t gt 

and & 

¢ ge F 

3 EW se 

& Raz 

March ‘22,1892. 

Wo Fy Taylor, Bagqe, Dive op® Yeo» 
Ponnsylyania Railroad Company, 
Altoona, Pa. 

Dear Sives 

Your lotéar of 19th instant, in regerd to the use of 

‘anderground cables by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, is ‘befors 


I had svprosed ere 1 ‘received your latter that this subject 

Thad been drosped ‘by your people. 

I have no longer any financial 

intereat sin the matter, but ‘will say 

that 1 should very much like 

‘tO see the Pennsylvania. ‘Railroad Company pioneer an underground 


which, if the base plan ‘is correct, would I believe preve 

such a success that it wowld ‘be -an epoch in the business, It Cane 

not be done, however, ‘in a hurry. 

I am willi ing +0 ia by giving 
the results of the experiences which I have had with. ‘interferange 
“ant retamlation, .acquired 

by years of oxyarimenting on Automatic 

‘The best way would h& to have a Committee of 
one or %wo geritlsmen-come to the Laboratory, 

ard Quad sya'temg. 

ith all the data, 

‘and ‘apend tan saftermoon ‘with (Mi ‘Kennelly and mysclg. we could 

~then Zobdk into ‘the Tidtter oavefuliy,. 

Fours -vary coreg 

“ith 4 nbhea 

4 iia 

Warch 22, 159% 

Bullitt Building, Philadelphia, Pae 



Dear Sirt- 

I have your letter of yoaterday's date, asking 4f t 

gay that I em not willing to do that, but I will sell out if you 

can get a partner 

Yours very truly, 





March 23, Oe 

Me Me Marble, Esqo, 
Hillhouee High School, 

New Havon, Conne 

bear Sirs~ 

Your letter of 21st instant is at hand. The views 
mentioned in my previous letter will be forwarded to you before 
April 10th, the date which you specify. Mro Rdison would not 
parmit the slides +6 be sold, and you will therefore please return 
them the day after the graduating exercises take place. Your 
raqueat wae received just at a time when wa were preparing views 
for 8 spédial purpose gf ow own; othorwisd we would have besn 
unable ta atcorniodate you. A photogitiph of Mr. Edison, from 
prieh yok oan have @ Side made, oe foryard to yout by this mail, 

5 under van parte cover. In regard to a takeing doll, I regret yory 


Wich my inability to dyigh you with om of these. The Toy 
Phonegraph business in tied ug 4m latigation, and it ig therefore 
4 impoas ible ‘to grabify yolir- wishes 4n this apmection. Ragarding 
* a view of a phqnogtarhig peosed, highly wagtified, I da not know 
where sith a view dpyld ko outained; at present wo senid not under- A 

take $0 make ome Yours t ~iv, o eZ Private See’ yo at ‘ 

March 23, 1898.» 

Ap Oc Tate, Esqe, 

Laison Building, Broad Streqt, 

St New York City> 


Dear Sirte 

I enclose herewith for your information copy of a - 

letter received this morning fim Major Raton, in regard to ths 

"$3,500.00 which Mr. Edison ‘advariceé on August 14th, 1890, to the 

Automtic Phonograph Exhilition Companys As you will sae, it was 

arranged to give Mr. Edison propar credit on, ths books of the 

Company for the amount named. 

vo Yours Pou ’ 

PY, BAe 0 


Now York, Maroh Bra, Lage. 

Thomas A. Edison, liaq., 

Orange, NHN. J, 

Dear Siri- 

Roforrins to *he corresponience which we have had in 
relation to tha 35,500. whieh you advanced, on hast Vth, 1890 to 
the Automatic Phonograph Fxhibition Compeny, ard more pert ieularty 
to yarr favor of FKei'ys lat, 1802, I beg to state that thia whole 
matter was goes iea at @ conference betwaen Mr. Insa1], My. Ssh and 

: myyol fon Thursday last, at whith it wag erranged that the proper 
erasit wold pe given you upon the yeoks of the company Lor the 
dbove arniount which you taeiek to them. 

Trigt ing this will be satisfactory, J remin 

Yery truky yours, 


March 24, 1892. 

Wye We Me Conger, 

Noo 156 Summit Stragt, 

Nawark, No Jo 

Doar Sivge 


lease inform the bearer hoy ston yor can let us 

have the Meter dovers whieh wore sent to you to he japannad. 

The jJavarming wants to be done Plainty, with g gilt hair tine, 

and very Little ornamentation. Wa are in a hurry for these an 

WIS be glad tf you will expedite the work. 

Yours truly » 
? Lae sn 
by 7 44a feen. A, 

March 28, 3892. 

Messrs. Dyer & Seely, . 

No. 36 Wail Streat, 
New York City. 
Dear Sirs~ 
| "The following are Yhe numes anit addresses of tho men 
who were engaged at the Laboratory in the tonstiuetion of ‘the 
Maghetic Belt apparatus about August, Iaysail , 
George F, Atwsod, #32 Mt. Veron Aventié, Orange, Ne J 
Be AtKixson, LakesSide.Ave. & “orange, Weat Orange, Ne Js 

: Be J. MoGuirk, 272 thabe- St., Orange, ode 
A» & Kennelly, Northfield Ra., Oranges N. J. 

Mr. Keluelay ani £. J, McGuirk aré std1l dh the Laboratory; the 
other twd are no longer in ite Edison's entfloy. 

the above eonfirms our telephone madege oP this morning. 

Yours truly, 

Privat a, SadFetary. 

r ety 
oe ca 

manna * 

Private Secretary. 


March 25, 189% 

Man wt 

New York City. 
ming him that the Tax. Coninisgioners of New York 

Mr. Edison is. meh obliged for your letter of 23rd 

Raison Building, Broka Ste, 

Major Se Bp Baton, 

hava Sanee]ie_ the proposed tax ayainst him. 

Dear Sir 

March 25, 1892. 

Major Se Be. Baton, 
‘Hdiaon Buildin, Broad St., 
New fork Citys. 

Deer. Sixt- 

T yave your Yetter of 25ni instant, informing we that 
‘She Assignment “oF Horteags to \ess Hoabxt Raigon has been recorded 
an the Registar's office or Sty Wait county, Michigan, and thest 
‘the app tap-begn forvaraga tb ser, Bf) Ot ich is: satiofactory. 

March 26, 92. 

Pete is to certify that JAMES. DUNCAM was employed Sy my 
Tabkommtory about four years, during all ef which period he 
performed tha qrtiee assigned to him to my entire satisfaction. 
He 4g wilting, obliging arid industrious, and I take pleasure in 
redommending him to any one in need of auch sérvices. as he is 
capable of vende rivig. , 

Ain seas Oc Eien Ac 

"He Aa Stern, Bears 

ie BAR ike Bodading, Be Wdel yhie, . 
; Ras | 
: Déast Biv! : 

Fun seetet of your fertor ot oth hidtark, 
offering ny PUY iritewedt jav. de Bilan. Ros Bad, SA Zam 
the pumef five thodsapa ahjanray Srp not Whit to: Daye ete 
iwtdvedt ti the aid patent att. pod taal atte pote a paette 
Ane Purge wy Sihtémat: = : 5 


ey Sey oe 
a - 


Marth 26, 4892. 

Haylenasea Vis 

7 Axtinguisher Coo, 
Noo 77 Want Houston Street, 

os Now York City 

Pear Sirsie 

% would bo oblige’ ix you witl kindly sexta 
cepresentative to tha Laboratory, for ecnsultation in resard 
te ageinktey eonipment. When he salls sieage have him sak fox 

Mro John Ott. 

Yours traly, 

tg ee 

wo te £ Pt 
CL ee : peer te 
Od bee sini, OF Ne low Diy Bet 

Maloy Ae BeBetsm, 
pfetison Baijging, Prog weet, 
New 3 Beitys 

Sear Sint 
T have your lett of 2oeh inetant, stati high wos 

Will De bhijged to eat) pon & bo taatéty an the Adéine Rage: 

“An eqtiapes with yout rqpest 1 wha VSI Kayto- Bank or, 
Beidny ROXt, Mpril ist, and ho. thy moter shares: Tt wir 
RO be neReasary fer any onp £0 pesomapAy we te axplasn matteny,: 
‘Pet Af you Aven Gt Aasirablp Top alr. yensize to pine alors; I | 
have No *titastdons - 

Margh 28, 1992. 

My. We ein, Secratary, 
owe, Phonograph Company, 

Sioux City, Towa. 

Dead sir 

Your letter of 22m] inétant was duly received by 
Mr.-@aiwony who hod ivquested fie th say jn reply that Berliner 
9998 what oa Mapes’, with poor vost tts. 

Youts taeuly; 
Oo on ; 
BE nnn 
At. Ce ee v4 

ee tm nw tow et 


Private Storatazys” 

r f 
AE : 

Mareh 29, Is¢e, 
Merayer Pyey & Ra9dy, 
Nae 499 Wat dh SAreat, 

dear Sirs:~ 

Re Interference Harrington vs. Edison, It ja My. 

Edison's degire that you let this matter arop ang pe 

rmit Haryington 
t6 obtain a paterit on the itegnetia belt. 

-£hs above ip #n eply t¢ your tetber vr 

yesterday's date 
addddaded $6 My. Rayaon, 

Yours twniy, 

Private sac Leta, 

Be i Mae Pager 
‘peat apsh a0 
fw. as raat 
Papp sis 

+ Rydng 4,0 the.. abgenag - “of ony phot ggrtphar F reget ta. . 
say that we Tpewe been unabr¢ +o: fet ok Lor you the ploteres of 
‘the phonograph waferrna tq oy ap Apttey of A9¢h instant.  Utidten. 
thease eivcuistances ZT have Rheught de bet ta pore to Kaw tomday 
‘by express Pouy Photographa Whigh we Tah wn the offies. Theaa 

serene in very geod condition, ‘put if you simply require them for 

the yrpdss or having elec trptynes made they may enewer your pir, 

Ppee Th wag copias of these sane pictywres that Mr. Edison in« 

“tanded bo have printed for. you. If thoy would do a week henes, 

We bei furnish thom ta yot by tint yimo 
whl] thet Be bap. 
44 oblige 

) as our photogra phar” 
Please let vs hear from you on this pois, 

¥ours: truly, 

tt Ee | 
Hee horn Lge 

gence! ” 

Private Seora tare 


Agparce "yer & podty, 
yo. $5 Mari wBrres sy . 
¢ : 4 a te 
Soy perk City> a 

Pear Sirat- 
in yogard +o my” 

Por Kinako~ 

your letter of 2gth jbstarnt 
praratua fox Taking Pictures 
in 2c dovdanne wath he veqeriremgnes of 
a she gjaine inthe paid. apr 
‘fewios far vmnirodling the movement ~~ 
Joh. tha piatnveg ove axeh. Please 

sever ‘Gnis device, wha ovkigs 

YT rave 

pppacation #902 Oi A 
Scopes, wl MOLE iat 
bya BRamtndy jon tunnels 
sal lala +e Agtent or shop 
-wEkhe gansityee “eram an wri 

dike Waging? wPritation te 

. Feels i 
op SG 

f PaaS ae pp ee 
ed ra a OR HL Beast 
a , 




amet sae 

eee ne ee SEO 

Maw Sohn fs Doken, — 
Yo.-56-Groduwoba Street, 
Spitingfield, Miss. | 

dédv Sine ; = 

Your lester oP bth frstant, Wm regia to Htomenta 
“for Dibandbevent Aamps, is ‘vefor’ me. Pour vAsé Yrota are nat 
noyresy. There is xiot <n si tphtust aethinn for A lamp fasten 
Ww pitkstnetie ai. * platinum fang gavin: ‘sitkbaen CANES. WATE, 
wner +h ‘vada 38 ‘endian, give ‘Yess: ‘is one phndile ‘by vodson of" - 
the A099 of Theat ey senyottlonadtenditit, “Kees, ‘you aya miaraken 
‘RBRVS tthe aniourt af “entry ‘at tameinetd "0 wring different subs 

abaroad Wo. Aneanaeseines the Serre re ‘proportdoned $o ‘the, 
radiating dene ‘aut 38 Andepéndent. bie wna fitertax. — 

You's vail evsty, 
eae Bs Pes he “ 
Pr each tee 


dy No } 

Mro hb Po Moody 



Dear S 

9 I hag 

28th instant 



With reference 


ely taken 1 
im to & 

ble for h 

impra: ties 

1s entir 

"s tim: 

it ig 

AX Ea 
de matters, 

ons, ani 

¥ mr that M 


48 own invent 

attention to 


LY 6, 

ivate Seovs 



Yours tryly 


*  *S80TAMAS uns 

Uf auo AUS Co WL BU td 
8Uz FO Uotqeiede sy. uqrs AQT ABI Lue Z 

Snuapuodseciod UL SdUuRySTSSt U2 whit 
oan Por Ars inet, 
aryedzo st ay *ATTAOPIE SL PES BY 
a ala = Be 

Setzry syd 5 
ME UT besopdaus 

patoejisa pue * 
u ser. 
SMO Zeroqug z 


@ se AQVTTTGE STW Io-ucsvsa Aq 
04 ceudtsse 
*sueak INoZ yt.oqe 

te nee 
Be eS, 

BULITIAaT UBS J wMydexSououd 


Mel GN 

we A Wioag ep Tabuaty 

March 31, 1892-6 


Yimo Fo Vansise, fsqe, 

Edison Building, #44 Broad Street, 

Hew York City. 

Dear Sirte 
I beg to confirm the following message telephoned to 

you from this office to-dayt- 

ral. Myaacaheay par ors 

Re Mr. Edison's proposed visit to Menlo Park to-morrow 
iPrisayj. Mre Edison cannct state positively what train 
he will takee He is going to New York to-night and will 
ieava there to-morrow morning abowt ten or eleven o'clock | 

for Menlo. 



Yours truly.» 

Apts} 4, TSAR 
Senvel Insull, Eege, 

New York City. 

Dear sirt- 

I am to-day in receipt through Wi. Thomas Buthey the. 
following certificates of the Capital Stébk of the New Jersey and 
Pennsylvania Concentrating Works, vite, : 

No. 539, in tho name of T. A, Edison ” 83 Shara 
Ro. 540, in the name of T. A. Edison 16 Shares 
Noo 312, in the name af W. So Perry 77 Shares: 
148 hares: 
Adding in the certifigates I have already im uw 

possession as. collateral far the loan of 20D 
shares of Edison Gen'l. Electric Co. stock 352: 

“a9 0" 
' I understand from Mit. Butler that ‘the certifiogte for 77 
shares in the name of We So Perry has bean loenad yotl merely Por 
tho purpose of enabling you to take up a balanee of 76 shares an 

which you have the cal on Mro Batehelor; that in the courses af a 

day or x9 you will deliver to ma certificates for the 76 shares 

mads ont in my name in exchange for thg certificate for 77 shares. 
Confimiing the 2svaugement I made with you verbadly jast week 

~ amto purchase these 497 shares, paying therefor in the stoch of 

Sa Inswii, Isa. wy April 4, 1892 

the Edison Geral Eleetr:e Co. at the rate of 123/100 shares for *’: 
one GY the No 7. & Pe Co Whie, both stocks Lor present purpcses 

bein: taken at pars The 4)! shares at 123/100 will bring 611 


SNAYES ¢ Deduct 400 Loanesi to younsew cme emneme mare remem A00 


Le avegqir ene en 211 

i understand fom Mr. tuticr that youn will forthwith sell 

these shaves and that you e.pec. the proceeds to bk about $20467: 
that out of thia aucunt you have to make the following payments, 
vive - 2 | 
Chase Baseheloy, 76 Shares -cew swe ween een een mm $7, 600000 
No So & Po Oe Wiese 55 shar a $5,300.00 . 

No Jo & Pe Co Wkso 16 3Sharus 1,600.00 . 
. ars 6,990.00 

"1A, 500000 
- The balance © 55967004 
you are forthwith to pay over to Edison Phonograph Works on 
uvgrvumt of the Bates Manulieturing Company 
Mz» Butler informa ane ths wtdgwaia the Edison Phonograph 
‘Vovks on Friday last $1,0°0.00, and that not later een ‘some day 
worine the current week ym will pay a further sum to make up your 
peymcnts to not leas thar $10,000. 
Thend you herewith cali option on me for 242 shares of Ne 

Io & Po Ge Whe stock, 1 ider the arrangement wade with you Jast 



et J hecaceaer dean 

‘April 5, 1892+. 

Mes, Chas, Hopflinger, 
Menlo Park, Ne Je 

Pear Sirt-. 

Thay are stored in the Laboratory building at Menlo 
some red fénce pickets, and a green fan of igttice, belonging to 
My. Martin Ne Porte. Mr. Force desires to yemove these articlesa 

Please permit him to do so upon pitéaentation to you of this letter. 

yours oitely, 

g Fs) gies, 
iE phe A oe. 
ed ettlle i oO pas 
A odio BE ere 
Bee yo tg 4S 
Pia & daord tatty 
3 a 

ye OA 

Amid & 3892. 

Piro MoM. Aarbla, 
Hilinouse High ggheol, c 
| Now Havon, Cénie — 
Dear sir: 
| i have your Jetter of 2nd instant and regret to learnt 
that the coby of tie Little hook whith I tailed to you, containing 
& iat pt ‘ar Edigon's invert tons, failed te reaah you. I am 
degding “tp ybu to-diy anpther copy and Hope tht £% will be rae! de 
ada Aighe. Why Vdews wida ifpotmatadd $0 your atiiveee to-mo¥raw. 

Potees vty) titty, 

PZ Oe. 
« BR, 

: Private Beoret ae 

§ de ” 

Tae SET Lee 

Raringss Fire Extinguisher Oc., 
Noy 77 Wegt, Houston Street, 

New York. 

Dear Sirs:-~ 
Mr, Edison has received your letter of 2nd instant 

in regard to certain work which is to ba done in camection with 

fy the sprinkler equipmnt at the Laboratory. He will be obliged if 

| you will proceed with the work with as little adlay as possiblee 

Yours truly, 

Apr41 5, 1892, 

Messrs, Dyer & Seely, 

No, 36 Wall Street 

‘New York Oity. 


Dear Sirsi« 

Ur. Edison has read your letter of Ist instant, in 
regard to his application No. 599, filed November lst, 1883, for 

Improvement in Generating Electricity. In connection with this 

ease Mr. Edison wishes you to send him a sketch of the device 

dascribede Upon receipt of same he will have a model made, 

Yours truly, 

pi ns 
Private Secretary, 

e a 
Pate, F <2 lt 


Mr de ARgueer, 
cha. Mee John J. Govington, 

No. 29 B'way., New York. 

‘Rear Sini~ 
Your letter of Ist instant hms come to hand in the 
absence. of Mr. Edisom, who is not expested to return here for - 

some time yet. I regret therefors tiat it will be impracticable 

foxy him to arrange to moet you, as desired. 

Yours truly, 

Private Sucre tarys 




Dre gs Mount Bleyer, 
fldy 438 Host 16bh Street, 

New York City. 

Svar Cir:- 
Your lotter pf 30th yltimo was duly receinga ‘bx shin, 
Keisolte a 
Additional protographs of the phanograph 69 sopegye dp vay 
teday by express prepaide 
fir Kdison believes that the Phenegraph shih is boSHe sons, 
structed tor the Ne Y. Infirmary of the Diseasas vf Nose & ey 
WAL be completed: by the arid of this months 

Kou titae 

eee oe 
a ¥, 



Mien Mare B. Fuggedie, | 
We 4% Pank fivrest, 

Nevark, Ne Je 

Bias Viadana, ~ 

Your letter of 27th ultimo was duly received ty 
Mite. Bdisom. He regrets very mucn that he is unable to furnish 
xau with any informat i ion on the subject mantionad in your letter, 
Perhaps af you appIied to the Comitaniene® of Patents at Washing. 
ton, Ds @. -he might be able to supply you with some interesting 

Yours truly, 
LE Boe 
Private segreanye 

A, ’ 

April 6,°1892, 
WM J, & Boun'a, Concentrating Works, 
; Ogdan, Ney Tovar y 
Dear Sirat— 

With reference to your Tens Report for Ait 4th. 

Mitte Edison wishes 

ailings so internally 

Please reply PY aptly o 

tO know what mates tha + 
high in M421 No, 2. 

Yours truly ’ 

5 li amy aims 

AUPA} fir 4009- 

Merfdi-s. Bs Rator, 
Bdivow Buildin: Broad Strpoty 
Hiky Yowk duty! 

Dear Sirte 

Re Interferénce batweem Ydigon, Chinnock and Wheeler 

for inaortdng kh Appears Méetew on the ead where dynamos are used 

in Multiple are. Mr. Eaisan, nas redid Yotey letter of 5th instant 

“em nated contents of sqiat [py Neg RPS Ww examitsing him es a wit 
Hbes naxt wedk Hor thy pePpose of imtsVINg note book ete., at 
hhe proagnt + dnp nis novanerrtx ara ko unbértain he is unable to 
ate on BRDRInkORM. He anegggts That yin ascertain by beLephotis 
any dey text week yheéthex ho ts at ‘the Iaborstomg, and should he 
be ede. wion fou ihn, 449 be wry pleased fo have Mr. 
Dyrisenz] <pmp ont am abridnet, tho examination. 

Pyivat & Swore tatty. 

Dp re 

Mr, Fo Jo Kune , 

Noe 18 Front Street, 

“Net York City, 


Roar Sirie 

With refererice to the last baryel of cylinder cil which 

you sent to the Laboratoyy, our Enginber reports that it is not 

tultable for our engines or pampa. Th ‘his estimation tne oil is 
of a very inferior grade. Thaenalen ab the piston of our isvge 

engine travels at the rate of 334 fedt per minute it is impevative-~ 

ly nécessary that we vise a superior grade of oii, with goud lnbri- 

6sting qualities. Your 011 does not meet our requirements. 

Engin’: 42 we do not hee. 

The gynamd oi1 supptiea by you 
wé ao nob coiteider worth what ym charge for its 

Yours truly, 


oe MEL , 


April &, 1892. 

” Sagan Eaopo1a vkn Leave 
—— Miteaz yeaa to the tmp. 4 Bay D AuitiviuHonparian Embassy, 
Ne Oo Regen “Bt 5. ¥, : D Ny, Foglend. 

Bear divi 
Youn Aetrex 2 22n4 ultimo in regaxd to i, Edison's 
system Hex trangmittine signals ofectricaity, without wires, has 
bien théhived. Ur, 2a5s0n adveor me te Say ix reply to your 

inguivy that fle dyaten stele | tute nob fet been put to. 

buted ead usc, Whhroioua axb s hittey forleveas, beon con~ 
audtod\ wi dite Php WEEE it ied wots sccess ful, Hy, Raison 
hopes 46: * 48 monk tin Stee Iepeediiontd dnd: débduftine thereby the 

ASeariie te ‘bebe apes tHvagibiinge dear. we Opi ives she prinsiple 

aves Seer fils “waokiog Lepitheng Me thes cause on Chit applied 
An, ate. ‘ater Senin: wrtajirhely Whit bette. ge enessnes baen 

Somes teet aratweany. Shan % wiorediig, Yavete 

April 9, 8926 

Mears. Dyer & Seely, 

Noo 56 Wali SBtreet , 

New York Cit ye 

Bear Sirsie 

To have your lettor of Sth instant ir wagar’ to une 

oyvigg ta 

Raison-Chinnock-Wheeley interference. You had brie 

examine Mre Edison in this mutte~ before next Thursday, as he 

goes. out of town on that day and will be absent fer soine t inate 

Yours truly, 

Privaté’ Snevetarys 


| ART a age 
Major SB. Daten, . 

Risen inedset tie, Erica Steges, 
oh es : 
Sew Yep Ofte 

Dear aiyi~ 

Re Welen was S¢d/eon, Wis Gdison hea rege your 
Metter oF Veh instant and says 

reply that he is whittling to 
Pay $13,000 to Aettip this dasey and you can so inform got. 

_ Yours trety, a 4 

Private Searetary. 


Aprit i, 3892. 

datinuh National Bank, 

Newark, Md 

Dear Sirsi- . 

Referring to the so curd hy whigh Mr. & O Tate offers. 
you for a fouy montha jpay oF aes anjmsand dediarp ($6,990-00), 
vide, aixty-five (OG ee Sa xatrteineectteruttanagal..08. 
Hedy {viand duttyahbiras die ul ti toy 4d day tit 1 aval gba 
#0 Heke thd ldah, ad in consideration thi#dof I agred thon the 

maturity of sald oan, or at any tite within thirty days there- 

“tits, 4o Murchawe sald seenrity a} your requagt at tha PyrHeR OF 

ninety-three Wolters 6398v00)}—per—phare—- 2 4 Spill ee Rae 
| es inva Bin ty; 


oP * butch Eh vee 

April 9, 8926 

Apis, Renstew;, Bega, . 
We... SrSRRLONE Gane, fanron St,, 
Tendon, Be Qs, Eng levid. 

E bog to adwige you that Mx J+ Lawis Young is con- 
dating, ¢ bseiness at No. 67 Fore Street, Londen, in the sale of 
Batixorr: Mimeqgrapha, under the name and. atyta of the "Edison 
Mimograph Companys" My» ¥quiig is entiyely unauthorized by me 
ta. ineonparate ny namé¢ in the title of his Company, and I will be 
abiiges: if RO will formally notify nits te disdontimue ite use 
Barodkaterr.. , 

S¥id@utd- Mr. Young fail. to comply with this request, please 
adetge we sid EX will at once instruct you concerning the conmence~ 
went Qf: Lagat proceedings) : 

. ‘ ve Yours traly, 

April 11, 1892. 

WO Eee. epror, Req», Div. Operator, 

Remtisytvania Railroad Go, 


Altoona, Pae 


XE have received your letter of 8th instant, informing 

M& that: ny sttggestions relative to making a test of a cable under 
about the conditions which would prevail in working a cable bes . 
tween Jersey City and Philadelphia, havd bean favorably dondidered 
By the Committee of Officers of yduy Qonipany in charge df the 
matter, and that the Contnd tt 6 on Cableb was instructed to arrange 
foe stich a test under my directidhs also that you have been dow 
tettew to arrangs ths tiatter. . 

¥ Wilt dt onde make the necessary propatdtione for this fest, 
ahd ds soot as Ws ald today to proceed with the prediminary wrk 
£ #i4t notity yok. t nave no objection to Your being pHesent 
dertegt thd a as of the tests and shatt be glad t¢ have you 

Fours yery truly, 

Megsrs, Seligman & Seligman, 
Mills Building, #15 Broad Street, 
New York City. 

Boar Lrg 

Your letter, of llth instant has been received by Yn. 

the assignments of phonograph patents which you refer to and 

weyieh accompanioad your favor of 23rd ultimo, wers signed by Mr. 

Wrison..g. few days ago and sent by- him to Major Baton, with in- 

Remeghione to deliver then to the Edison United Phonograph Co., 

Bh. af the same time obtain trom that Company an agreement +0 

HERVE. a, Liedtige in his (Mr. Rdison's) favor, covering dolls 
SORU ng 

Qe, in exch case where such reservation is not ineluded. 

The proposad power of attomay for Porttigal which game en- 

proved with your 16¢¢dx now Wider reply Has Yeon Sortarded by Mr. 

Bdison to Major Baton. It. would bave time wero vou to submit 

sw2h doqumsntd ag these ta Major Baton in the faitue instanoe » 

Apri] 33, 

Samet Inatkl, Bsq., 2nd Vice-Pres't., 
R@ison General Blerktric Qo, 

New York City. 

Dear gir 

Exe ‘Baison hag read your Aettbr of 12th distant, and. in 
reply has directed mé to say that the tedts which your Cabla 
Department desities. made ag ‘to ‘the persbntage of tin that shone 
go into the lead used in. lead covering, are tibw being condudtdd 
at the Idpdratow. | 

Tha 9xporimenta whi ah ‘She Pounsytvanzu Hasivoda yeople wien 
Made to assist tham in aovorint ing vihs thes aut HHabAHoine sable 
“system fot télegraphic purposes ds practiedbie ahi shpabid of ates 
vessiul operation, ave abdit to *be taken up at tHe bavdskdoy, an 
the work will be proaeeaea with with 922 doaswihid ddopatet, or 
mecagsary wire is alresay orderea aor upd ot PEROT PE tise oye 
Witl ve cotmenced. The experimints will WR We ‘exhanyrddy 

April 16, 1892, 


i> Woody Regis 
Hoey IS. & 20: Liberty Stree &y. ; 
How York Citys 

Peer Fe 
: Hb to réfer $0 yay tie enclosed commmnication from 

ena ware af the middie States Inspaetion Bureau, addressed 

i) WA fem Harkness, Bene, 
at tie Laboratorya You will 

y of plaginy sprinklers between racks or 
Mis Bdison would be pleased, 

in regard ta the sprinkler aqiipmant 
sea that thee sa urge the neces 

Bit cast stands in tie 

atorg rang diipining darpenter shop. 

to habe soar aayide in Yee mattere 
ce ton ae 

April 21, 3802, | 

Setar He: food , Bay, es 
#18 & 20 Liberty Street, 
New Yor Citys, 

Beer bir:- 

I beg to advise you thet in accorgance with the recor 

mendations of the Middle Statey Inspection Bureau, and also ct 

the Harkness Firg Extinguisher tea, 


done in connection with the Sa ok once, BAM Etinerck e 

Phe ee 

In the Chemical Room the old heefe nnve bud 

ones have been put on, and the valve has bean changsdw — fyve 

heads have been pitt An Blackamith's Shop. 

Differential Valve hax 

bebn repaired, 

The blind attic aver Dynamo Room has been equi 


Ped with obirinklers, and there arg now 18 heads in that apartinent » 

fro street sotinectiong have been made with apri 
Ofe with the WH daiIding, 


ink] or Saul pment, 

ahi 4he other with + Ho ema bu 


freeziny system with combitat son valve, 

Maih valve was a 

. broken is uo re pktreds. 

in regan to subitituting new heads fo¥ dirtein heads that 
are pairited, 

Sho hat syonl the Harkness Hite Extinguisher 
auperintanied this ' 

Be Witd 
tiie, exdningd thea hainvel | hens, found they 
Were not painted on: the add , and prondtitid then ta be ‘aid rights 

de Ie Wood, Esq. “Re April 21, 2 

whe painted heads were therefore allowed to vemains the mei so. 
theiy removal was entirely unnecessa:, as they were 0. Ke 

Ony Hre Ott went over the syste sith tha representative of 

Company, and found everything in good order. 

Yours vary truly, 

Privata Seo'y. 

Aptid 26, 1892, 

‘Yasaroy Séikendti & Selidndn, 
Hille Botiding, New York City. 

Peat aihss- 

d vetilin Hidkewith the power of attorney for Portugal 
wiytoht You Soh} Lor my bilearure with your Tebte to we of Wth 
amped, t pave hide “thie ssapel’ trifistadsd avd find that £¢ does 
wat Mbudet bu ud w power by abe ontiiy 288m He, bat ofty from aol, 

» fiédiitily, vind fide osdeutdd the santo} ated thad die adenine te 
andaglaty at atthe aa BY avd inpordiaht ydulby, shyt te to day, tb 
alas af HS ual $8 idgtoly to Hert) Wyble at any pricey Y with 
wot afk w WAY Ue thtey ny nil w had bpdcdtte teslore i 
Ht reat ni Haretahh 

| aut atts, 

April 25, 189B¢ 

Mejor % By Raton, 
Hdibon Budiding, Bigad Street, 
New York Oity, 

Déar pire 

i tn mith obligéd for your letter of 20th instaft, 
retirning power af attomey for Portugal wich ‘was sont’ to ue 
fox exgeution by Messrs. ‘Seligman & géisguian, and wrieh f sot 
fo yo for criticism, 1 note wht you say: in regard te tnigs 
Podumett, and I. hava ‘bo-day “yeturned, the same +0 os ériss &, & Sey 
with a tether bb the bifoot that I wotkla not ae dith a power 
add that % sbt vu made: mavh sfecisid perors it ita pocdive 
raf wf cere ts . 

vould Wily, 

oe ee 

Be Wn & Rowe, 

Réading, P as 
Bear’ gari~ 
Referring again to your tatter of 14th drwtand’, whan 

whiel WaS melosed same of magtibtie iron 

ore, Mr, Edison reag 
thy shine Upon his fet to the haboritory this moruing, and’ aise 
Skeiliitted the satipre, 

In reply hd atvocts me +6 say te vou thaé 

Fe: hiver tried these decomposed’ shists before, a eowtTonadr dav ity 

athe & BaYHYT of sume havo for expesrinintal purposed, ‘ty, oaar 

WY diss abiseotihtyy ith tite, thy wuda have 6 be wathed, bln 
ebb: abit séThe, bri thw highest bonventrate wold nut excaad 
8H ser aorta dM de bifoved att He¥8 an care in New Ioteay, 
od wet weet Thais brand te kee wy woh mony tet Sts the 
Besuition Hesbls Wat hea Loh 

spoilt vely bide 

Apypi 25, aRds ae 
be i if 
? Vi 

Be, K be Casterline, 
o/o The Central House, 

Reading, Pas 


péxe Sei 
‘Yotth lettar of Zist. anstayt, returning letter of 

Aabon Rutty, 47 ut hand. 

Hire Haisan Yt reqhtstta nf ta: porta tb you the ondlosed 
hetter from Wine Ge Rone, ‘of nadine, Pas, togabher with abenpld of 7 
“Syaisor say Wat tis ta acbuniposed aibiet. a 
ones tefobe o wat rom yatisothre: atte Me. Rdiéow a danipis of this: > se 
ote, *ikert {Pen a Vein witch be. odd was @ dite wide aid tots mixse. 
song) Lt GAs Very Ingh ay inon. Hy. Rader tishat foe ts teblc out. 
‘vob thie ddpodlits tis. ss: dheftne a Yon seater sia tbs | Prete 


Ae Sine 
_ a 5s aa eins |, ee 

magnat La. iron. oye. Mr. 

give td inavtt ev} jour attentions 
‘Sows tate 

‘Writ o6, 1862 

au Sa, Petfory, Bays 
Ni ds & Pann! a piansnaptie ith», - 
he avr York bist’, 

thle geFlowing 42 on pxtrawt trom a ietidt’ fadh ated by 
RE Hr saont MO dott gPicinbine, OF Philadoiphier 

hee ery reer the nyatay 

3 Bebduced ot aw 2 pclext ran va ee 
Se ae ini {iid 

Sa bon W808 

jie: itp ¢ 

itd a: -— ais f oy gine wee om 





_ SPS tot, Aetcinhine, 
Ady AR Re Be Gity Hard Sy, HH Sunsped Bb, 

Fuddodel phi Pay 

_ i 

Wied Hes 

Vir Hainon has meby yori Iatp-o pF 28th Srdtaart, (tn 
Ed db Ge Hating aprligavion t- the Phitadeinhie & Bbating, 
itt b hide Coe for" pomparatt deft a tin raork high. yey. dtd HE" Hh 
gotinalcris'de-wetn* tte dddsing 4 aan, of: tn Preven Coyyoy pi bilby ( 
RAE aly 06 chal cimitdetr: an reply thy Wakbbn ab reetn me “bo 
gage tte yote tHe rid vas? fot fet conmedisa wpainttcnercn the amdstge a 
thsi apiestlih AAA nite’ aot Hoeninig time, bend ao tate bre 
eT, flee etond sane od dite ne es — 
beni tts wtf ‘otervidl tS taxa tow pin 
in Ra hie Fok Hanif tron, ‘haw svigatedt toapeatt: vA 
ndfatise oo Bhedy. ; 

BS ro ey, 
pe trate ailing ogy 




SA 5 er, 

_ rane 

ent Py p wp Writae dais. att eo Hees teld 
Pd | ue a ve of meee seach ees = ape 

Aprh2 PB, FBZ. - 

Ny Fe & Petmt ay Goncent hating Works, 

Opaden, Mw 

Rear Sirsi- 

Referring +o the hddark on-your Text Report of 25rtl 
April, 1892, to the effect that M£1] Me, 1 was not in aperakson 
for the reason that ore was not wanted ing abork housa, Mr» 
Bdison wishes to be informed as ta why ove was not wanted in # 
stook houses 

Yoors. tral, . 

April 28, 1392, 

Mi, 0. #, Gotlley, 
N, J. & Bein'a, Concentrating Warkd, 
Oddensbultch, Me Fe 
Rear Sirt« 

Mr. Raison directed mé to férwixa tb you the. enclosdd 

aopy of conte ty wovetting the ifataltdtibh aria diairitonahye of two 
dete or téephbris inutmmbnts tn the Wek or the Ny Jo & Pann's. 

Gonbentiubin; Worke dt Ogden atia Notaifls Hints New, 
Youss tray, 

byivate Seete tay, 

“ath 8, ata 

Benj. Butterworth, Hsq., Secretar), 

the Wotid's Corpreds aang 
of si WOR Bea peng, 

Exposition Hedaquidtans,. Daina, hast 

Bear Sirs 

My, | Raison has aitordd Rr) ‘ho saseONNBe “Hiya 
of Your esteemed favor uridé date hoe: ‘Rad itha, ert Rey 
Yeceived here until 25th institht, novtlysing inns, the as agg: 
appodhted a tembar ut tho ddvdso) cotlucta. nO the Mobaahe aipyiagen 
Auki dian) of bli Howra?s Dotibtal. “Bxbobits pn act mn R prema 
Yeilreas, ave bd May 4H vepty tndb no. weogpts Aide Sebsi nha alton 
BYawahhd dad Wad Widely doudponibe dat. 0 .<pemnieete 0 tte tie 
waked ds bvehw ditorta to mike. dre ‘Phopbmedtompten ts a ane dalie, 

Youve: Very: trtiy, — 


Writia ps, doe 
Wsenavit 0, gonndon, bag.) SUB ty iy, | 
Statd of Maite, Masith tien. fan the Ravka'giion of tie pest’, 
Sha ach apo Vis y: Widen 
Dear sirt 
Your unbigitea 2etter of fou Bastant cagd Buty to hand, 
but Yepjy to #he satie hal ‘bear: nfiavolasaly Maleyeds 
“wre Basghe was Very imbh inferefied an the expetinent oon- 
ducted im pou? Bnstitution whtiy the mhonepraph as a means of 
teaching arbichistioy to the deaf, ah -entoutit of which you kindy 
sent tO hime Re Bays, howavers toad che tan make tnd few suger 
pestions on $e subjact, as be watt} ange vot pomprahend ite “Tho 
only aifferencg that ha pan 96e% betteena phonograph and at ordi- 
‘nary speaking tube, note twseéd, ghy ape purpose: jn question, is the 
avdedaive brartnebe of 48 soafi wilco Brom the former as compared 
with tiosd gyro tie later, att fume the thet this extreme sharps 
mesh ib Wisk ddnisd’ tim bsifeed te ae ut. Baison noticed in 
tho bhas of b bMbia. ér nis who id wotty deop that na eouls baer 
hy aad, reiddneed Hy the phonoaegnh. whieh tie purposely made sharp, — 
aud thet ha ¢ aiid vit hheaxt the wfptednct iin ot the sang tyns, al- “ 
‘Anpugh aquatzy Add, when this ihontphiads ‘Was, angen. if this 
shappngas 16 He 6 Nasiap fon, Hoots ‘com, he wadg an whigh he 

eguBA manph waa bd axewayery atti, Te | 
Spee wey taps es ; 
Sere a ee re 0 Brtyate Soghye 

——-- je 


May 2nd, 1892, 

a a a SO 

Major S» By Raton, 24 

Edison Building, Broad Street, ms soa 

New York. Citye 

Dear Sirt- . 
. . Referring to the attached letter addressed to you by 
the Secretary of the Edison United Phonograph Company, in which it 
is stated that they do not think if would be my wish £0 delay the 
delivery of the assignments of patents ab present resting In your 
hands in view of the importance of forwarding these promptly to 
their patent agents, I' do not wdérstand why the Edison United 
Phonograph Company should attempt to throw upon me responsibility 
for delay Browing cut of the fact that the Officers of the Company 
apparéntiy have not sufficient tine at their disposal to sive at- 
Lerttby te its affairs, As I I stated to you,in ny previous coin 
hidft det tou, ¥ decline to assume any pergonal risk in connect ion 
Bie he idsignnavt of these petents. 

Yours very truly, 
fe cd re co 

May 3, 38920 

Jom Birkinbine, Isae, 
No, 28 North Jwiper Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa . 

Dear sir:- 

Referring agein to your letter of 19th ultgne, asking 
how many Edison Unipolar ina Edison-Diekson uavhines are 49 ape, 
whith infomation you desire in connection with the stat ement you. 
are provaring on thé condition of iron concentration, I ez to 
dnfvin you that. there are. six of tle Edison Unite! wy ami tuenty 
of the Hat conmb)soKeon nibediinds how in ofration, all of which ars 
ftedted at dodony Ne te 

— F vétwin hevdwith the davd witelr adconyitiied Your letter 
rhove vi feriiad: tby duly rladed our, ana that will give you the 
Ache Uet yak destwe raw inéorpoYhtion in tid Minette Btatiatics: - 
ox tid’ gat a Mixegfdat % Sturvey, me ch yaoi abd how tngtsed in edm~ 
PEs ¢s . 

: eth tid Ty J 

Pelvebs dvbre tary. 

May 9, 18926 

{Tne Trenton Maliaste Tron Co., . 
. Yyrenton, Now Jeysey. 

‘Year Sire:- . 
We have defore us thp letter of your Mr. Tomes Be 
Payton of flovimber 20th last, diract ing om at tention to the fagt 
that you ave nsking a specialty of all kinds of malleable iron 
worke | 

We are desirous of testing tho mgnetic proparties of your 
malloable iron, end for that puilpose are sending fo you by this 
tiait a patbowh, of which we wisH sample tings cast. Please ha 
Rind enough td fumisdh us with fim castings each of four differerk 
degrees of matleableisine 4+ that is td say, leave the bashings in. 
firnad¢e vatioud Letgths of time, aiviae ug into four diferent 
wembley leubplying tw of anew, at guosd ns price on sdttie. 
Bridthad: the Avon prove, sstdedad ey yom a magnetic standpoint urtd 
be Agantaa ¥dy buy Burpos? in‘ bthav ways, ve can give you an ovddr 
for a éilousana pieces. Your! dandy attention to tho niarter would | 
po uphedo sated. | 

Youda Vor buy, 
‘pee ib init AhnoRatoR 

May 9, 1892, 

& A, Coffin, Req., 
Thoms dn~Hottst ort Ble otric Company , 
#521, Atlantic Avenue, Roston, Mass. 

Dear gim- 

I beg to advise you that I to-day caused to be surb< oo 
mitted ta Ky, Chas. ‘De Shain the bid of the Edison Phonograpir 
Works for thu ee rene of 600 eash of the 1A2 ma 14. Re ‘De 
composite france fan mators dasigned at the Laboratory for the 
Edison. General Electric Company, a Wopy of vhich I enclose heres . 

While the prices namea are Tower than the prices which the ; ‘ an 
‘Haisow Gén'i. Hhoetrie co. agreed to pdy the Crock fhedLay Coe ee 

for motors df similar capacity, Miss SHdin stated that sevdFal 

bean Had Been received whieh werd corti iderably lower than those 
atthuititiea: by the Phonograph Works’, and instanced partionlariy ths 
‘piehy Kidtor, which is matiufacturéa py ths Singer Sawing Hach trie 

Romany »- En this connestion : I wish a) say that my efforts itr 

grediging: one motors hdve bedi ainddted thvarda tHd dequirtement 
or eee ® eed aed ag am is A anes to obtain ito itabhinds of” 
a , Shain 

me a gore epgitony Was a ite bet : 3 He ie ‘Khas oe 
“a aoe or onal as bes ee ‘be weal we sat ips i Mi. 

« CO Pha, He Apes 
Trounson Houston Blectric Company 

ORL Atlantic Avenne, Boston, Hadas 

L kag to advise you that I to-day caused to bo sulle 
wits eee to My. Chase De Shain tho bid of the Bdisen Phonograph 

mamifaetuve of 500 each of the 1/12 ad 1/45 he pe 

Voviks Lor th 


composite frase fan motors designed at the Laboratory for the 

Wligon Genéval Electrie Conmany, a copy of wateh I onclosge here~ 

While the prices named are lowex than the wpiees which tho 

Egison Gen'l. Biectric Go. agreed to pay the Croexare-Wheoler Co. 

cor myoters of Similars capacity, Mr. Ghain stated that several 

bids had been veceived wiieh wero cons igovably lawer than those 

oh z 

smiiteed by the Phonograph Works, and instanced particularly the 

Dieh] Metor, which is manufactured by the Singer Sewing Mavliine 


Companys fr tr a8 eommoction I wish to say that ny efforts ina 

swodie ing these wotors have been directed tovards the acquironent 

4 aconemy na it is possibie to obtain from machines of 

of as 
sted; ceand’) giwa wad @qual to tre Cue nVios love Mi'y Shain 
wea: eeononmy was net a vous barortant factors TL had supe 

ub Jepet ba equal 

tooth em ooor coy dompetitors. 


fr eM 

Cs Ae Goffin, Edqe = Qe Hay 9, 1992.. be 

If it can be definitely stated whit the lowest point of economy is 
for inotors of thig character, we Can of course produce a chédaper 
machine than either of ‘hose upon which the bid of the Phonograph 
Works is based. The mimber of Gaatinen upon waich we have been 
requested to submit an est imate is not large. If the estimate : 
were baged upon the actual continuous requirements of your Company, : 
the figuvas could be reducede This, however, is a “actor which 

the intuve will take care of. Assuming that the order for these 
motors should be given to the Hdison Phonograph Works, I desire to : 
have it understood that at any time your Company wish to do so they 
can tuke over the rarni‘acture themselves by simply re imbur's ing the 
Phovivarapl ioniarte. their outlay in special tools, which would of 
gourse be available for use in your own shops. By thus permitting 
the Phonoptagh Yorks to temporarily engage in the manufacture of 
these motors, for your account, you would prevent the bud laine up 
“of an outside antagonistic manufacturing Seinsenis The work would 

at all eis be absolutely under your si control, and you would 
avoid the disadvantage which -could not fail to result from the 
endorsement thet would be given to motors bf rival manufacture by 
placing them on sale through yor own organizations I am particu+ 
lavly desirous that the Phonograph Works should obtain this manus 
facture. First, for reasons expressed ‘above’s Secondly, because 
thoir equipment is exactly adapted to this particular class of 
work} and thirdly, because owing to the inactive condition of the 
bug ine ss very little manufacture commented with phonographkhs passa 

snroush 4h Works, and I am obliged to Llogk elsewhere to mainteta 


Go Ae Coffin, Esq. | Be May 9, 1892. 2 

At My. Shain's request we are preparing a mpdel of each of 

these two motors to be forwarded to your Mr. Rice at Lym. They 
raquire only to be japanned to inlprove their outward appearance 

and will be shipped on or about Saturday of this week. 

Yours truly, 9 ..w50 

Soto. Ce Seatt, Estos 
Bullitt Bilge : Pie tale atta, 

Fear gir:- 
hog ta pony cos Aho fod aine telegagm gent thea Skee 

‘ ’ ie 

GRY try 
Uo te ' re See . aang ‘ 
Haye itd. te sunandt Mre Esdeos tose yay 

é 0 Weitiver. 

er 7 i yom. 
yey mes icheeamns een 

May 9, 1892. 
The Edison Gonerfl Blectric Oompany, 

Eaison Building, Naw York Citys 

hear ere . 

In iorand to the manufacture of fractional horse- 
power motors, wa beg to mabaat the following bid for five hundred 
each of the ¥i2 itty and 1/6 uP. sires oi the Edison Composite 

Prame Fan Motovs, together with part seu s¢% concerning the same. 

Wie HF. MotoR. 

Weight 318 1be., with fan and withou? guarde 

Speed 1,400 TeVoe, per ama aie fane 

The Motor delivers 60 watts aa “1,200 revs., per minute with 
40% dommereial efficiency. 

fhe 120 volt model takes 2/304 angare when driving fan at 
fuk uaee. | 

tie 500 yolt mctoy takes 1/Jth aiipore avi ving fan fall speed. 

Bithar cen be forcibly arrested and yeld with tha current on 
Withopt Uattger of immediately britning out. 

BSce with fan withoyt goara wot] for 120 volts--~$16.00 each 

Ree extra for two ‘ofidedts. . . 

rang. ‘exkya, for Catal 

Becca nectar aned Bos ds. Qbrted foe. 50 eatl, inerding Fans 

“Grant $1.00 extra, 

2/6 . MOTOR. 

Weight 27 1/2 lose, with Fan and without Guard. 
Speed 1,400 rovs. per minute driving 12" Tan. i re a 

The 420 yolt modai delivers 128 watts ot a conmer¢cial effie- 

iency of 42.7% and 90 watts at 49%. 
The 120 volt médql takes 0.55 amperes, driving fan at speeds 
The 500 volt model takes 0.21 ampdren driving fan at speed. 
Rither can be held for a little while without danger of 
immediately burning ott. 
Pid With Fan (without guard) wound for 120 volts-$22.00cach. 
Pedeo with Fan (without guard} wound for 600 yvolts-$23.75ench. . : 
Quara far either of aboyg $2,d0 extra. 7 : 
Two speede fox 120 volt machine-~-$1.00 oxtra. , . f.. 
All the ahova prices aré quotad F..Q. Be, Orange, NH. Je “ 
We are not at the moment prepared 40 submit a bid for the 
manut'acture of the 1/2 uP. motor, Iut will do so in the course of 
a@ week or ten days. . 
Yours truly, 
(Signed) Ae O T ate, 

Nest. Dyer. &. Seely, 

es Wall Street, 

New York City. 

Mite Nafvon hes read your letter of’ 74h inetant in 
SRE toran-ayvTWeatiod of his. that you have partly préparad, | 

Sie fakgeeck: matter of whlch is Gompesition Bricks formed of a 

Fine Ot-powderdd huterfal hited by Sateharate of hime) alac 
Eerostinig: abtsition to anbther éf his’ applications #elating to. 
wiletdaele® dithiuede adid 0 teal¥ pnodphérous out off ares He 
wide de. 4 hod! Botti tHidne abiiaddidens tor a andie longer, 
i ag ty gees yo eras dy A6iEdH He adatbionad tritfotmbbton 
wii Le te vee tiatiida. afi tod tatty dnd axpistdientte toine avai 

se oe eee . 

<i pti” Cty 

Replg-tie gee tetter of 4th instant, inquiring sbout 
Witte Jack Rito Of RM Ran ae Ke Je, fas pein unavoidably de- 
agate, ‘tho. gamtTgnan, te whant Jot wefer is the Mr. Brow who 
— or ie Borage’ ice Telegraph Cé-, with whion Mr. Edison 
if Maye. BALenR gauss thdt he th thé bent dativadser he 
Ree: py rae divi’ farther that witie Moa Moin vee with 
“Allee waa atte 
, Veet brut, 

iivate Secretary, 

May 10, 18944 

Ce He aeiss Bq, 

ofan fe Goffin, Esqe, 
penn Electric Co., 
2& Atlantic Avé., Boston, Masse 

Hye cadet. Sire 

i. take Pleasure in handing to you herewith a letter 
ot Eytrodaction fron Mr. Edison to Mrs CG. Le Edgar, the Gen'l.- 
Hotere of the Reison Blectr ic Illuminating Co. of Boston. I 
seabh, be very glak if you will be good enough to make use of this 
ami Ynapeck the meter. which is being tested in Mre Pagar’ 
statigne.. We are receiving excellent reports of the operation of 

phase meters from: tha various stations where they are on trial, 

| aki of wiifch date are being preserveds When noxt you cone to 
Were: Yar. F would Tike to have you visit the Laboratory. If you. 
WEEF advise me a. day or two beforeharid £ will arrange bd mees You 
ing Nat York: ami bring you oute 

Yours vel} truly, 

May 10, 1892. 

% Adrimen Bugh, Baqe, 
Ne. IQ Wall St., New York City. 

Rear Sirt- 

Under his agreement with the Automatic Phonograph 
Exhibition @o. Mr. Edison was to assign to that corporation his 
Ratents on goin controlled machine 8+ The assignments have been 
prepared, bub before delivering them Mr. Edison wished me to ask 
you. ££ it would in any way interfere with ay arrangements that 

you might be contemplating concerning the Automatic Company. If 

mot, he will let the assignments pass. Will you be good enough 

to advise me promptly on this point. 

‘Yours ttuly, 

Private Joo'y. 

May 11, 1692. 

Wine ‘Jones, Esqe, 
1018, The Rookery, 
Chicago, Tllinoiss 

ay dear Ur, Jones, 

In reply to your letter of 7th instant, I 
regret to say that everything is a0 unsettled in connectién with 
the affairs of the Rdison Gen! il. Blectric Co. owing to the: conent 
anal gatiation with the. Roneenctoeston Co., that it is impossible 
to te11 who igs whoe You can vest assured that if. I see any suit- 
able opportunity for you TI will not fail to advise you of it 

Mrae Sate ‘md Dorothy are in Canada, where they are going to 
spend the month of Mays ‘the balahte of the sumer they will spend 
at Bay Hoa on the Jersey Coasts er 

With kindest regards to ‘yourself and ines Sones and ‘Edita 

I an, yore very. muy, 


May 11, 18926 

Mésayse Dyer & Seely, 
M6. 36 Wall Stract, 
New York City. 

Qaar Sirss- 
| Mx. Edison has read your letter of 9th instant, in- 

forming him that ‘tiis application 941, which claims thé use of a 
card wire brush for cleaning ore screens, Hay stands allowéd, the 
Board of Examiners-in-Chief having: overruled the decision of-the 
Examiner on appeal. Mr. Faison wishes the final goverment fee 
‘on. this- application paid at once. Pieasé inform me what the 
amount. of game is and I will have a chevk sont to you. 

Birr. Bdison alac notes the vosult of your. appeal in hid case 
750, ax detailed in your letter now under reply. 

Yours ‘truly; 

‘prtvatd Sedretarys 

May 12, 18926 
cArthuy S. Beves, Esqe, Treasurer, 
General Electrie Coe, 

Edison Bdge, Broad St., New York City. 

Dear Sire 
I vetum herewith Certificate Noe 11 of the General 
Electric Company, for ten Shares of the Cormon Stock thereof, in 

the name of Thomas A. Edison, the sane having been sent to the 

latter in order to qualify him as.a Director, to which office he 

Was slocted at a meat ing of the Company held May 4th, I1B920 Mre 


Edison has endorsed the certifidate and Signed the receipt attached | 

wo same, as directed in your letter of 4th instant. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 

gett See 


iin. dK. Seaver, 

Malone, Ne Ye 

Baar Sirs 
Reply to your inquiry of 5th instant addregssd +0 Me. 
Edison, relative to duplicate musical records for the phonogaaph, 
has: been wndvotdably delayed. ; 

The Eadaon Phonograph Works, of Orange, Ne Jo, make duplicate 
reqovis. These duplicates ard the equals in every respect of the 
ott itis from whioh matte. They Are vastly siperior to the ma- 
jovity ue ordinal records on the rarket , and as good as *he best 
of the Iatter. 

Youys txmly, 

Private Secretary 

Kis. Sv P, Langley, Boc'y., 
' Smithgonian Institution, 
. Washingt qn, Pe G- 

Boar Siv:- 

Your Letter: of 5th instant addressed 2a Nu. Edison, at 
6S HEtth pacer New York Gity, in regard 40 galvonaneter yefloqt~ 
Sigg: niievors, hes been forwarded to him at Oranges In reply Mre 
Rafgon dtyects me to say that $f yon will forayi sone glasa to 
tiles Batoratory he will have it coated with platimm and retmmed 
tek yfott.,when you could out out the mirfYors witha alamonds He 
Wes,.almeady made a large ntmber of sivaer: with platinu deposit 
ii. eam and has all the facilities for doing tle works: 

timstiny that this wilt vs satidfaetory ta you 

T amy yours tiurly, 

Piri vata Hecretanys 



Apvi. 25ti, 1892, 

Mafor S, Bs Ratan, 
Edison, byuiiding, Bread Street, 
Hew York Gitys 
Teaw, Siri- 
T have vesedypd your Jotter of (th instant in ree 
card toe’aelivering to the Rdjson United Phonograph Co, the asaign- 

motes. of erirta in patents which I executed and plaqed in your hands, 

anid endlod ing, letter from the Secretary of that -ompany. pitomis ay: 
that. in cactt. ede. where the reservation for dolis, toys, toy fige 
ures atid clocks wae not included, the EH. U. DB, 5. would wien tie 
pe tones showla: bo yedorded in the Company's name, owenune. ca oat 
expense tormé & Ticentd in the form alvcady Agee Soe 

Lo ndte. yous remark that technically speaine tne eit 


Phortégivagh Company, is poswibly not bound by iit Tetver os its 
Searetarys  % thererdre dectdno ‘to authorizc you tbo delive® the 
aovignments: witty the proper 6ftideHs bf the dy th Pr Gds bid 
Eves. verteisel and cdntiimda the dbnidd nade Uy Whe " yt 

* Taattist ber detidiiverda eile f alive b Ldeaned what Vato att 
antag, tor the Hdl sari Hubb ranii ROY wiles ors — Wisttbh wht dielhds 
has renal dé ae o# tf ffl in sooo Lb) gudbath* ‘ea wii 
nay fag Ha Aliiole Mole dh ahewed, — SHEN We Frese cutit / 
the tot aia addy. tore eddie waieds tio aidea dh ned uidy, 
fold bps as a Foxy Pdhistisde ANexm abhinks ma (er cuties thie - 

i€ bedivolls | ne cea h bvahity, 14 the ttle SJ te inde bi tichout at 
sb wat ih Bede, - anethiy bhype 40 tho ih te. at étrenk: eal 

be do (ad Word 3 j te dives ti potter Pron ie sboretaey bf ie, 


Raigon United Phonograph co. ft am Rot willing fa assume tptp 

-Yeurs very tyuly, 

{$4ened }. THOMAS A, EDISON, 

May 16, 1892, 

esos te Raton, 
‘¥adixon Building, Broad Sts, 

New York Oity, 

I:englose herewith copy of a letter from ‘the Seurstary 
of: the-Bdisoxt United Phonograph Od., together with two duplicate 
asstignitents: Of phondstaph pat entd for Cape Colony, whieh they 
equsioies Hele $6 axecutds, ‘Will-you please advise me at your 
onriy: conweit thd yy tygad désteritent’ are in proper form for 

Ere Moped, Yo tiariy. fequest- that. the assignments whith ‘you 
wt Woaacity poliding ths delivery of cetain return licensea ba 
tit reared com tai ov the promisd of tie Preaidenht of the Company 
APE -tie: cata. Atdeqwees’ sist pd Tovthdonlay at sdmo Arture date, 
fa its faieg ean thiesg ot ne payee if vont — 

Se Be Baton, Bsqe- ~2e , : thy To, 2BB2 

Should you be dictated by your judgment to advise Mro Biippe 
to deliver those BSE commas and receiye in return a letter fray 
the President of the Be. U. Pe Cos, containing a promise to aoigven 
the licenses, I will suggest that you prepare a letter for the 
Ee Us Pe Co's President to signe. 

Upon hearing from you on the above points I will communicate 

drmediately with Mre Edison. 

Yours truly, ~-. Pa Sa 

Private Secrétaryw 

_ 486° 

Madar Bs Baton; 
_, Bison Building, Broad St., 

Rear Sirts, 

In regard to the anmal nesting of the stockholgers 
of the Edison Phonograph Works, [ bog to say that we did not wish 
ta hola this meoting unti2 after the settlement of the North Am 
Phonogvaph Gos had heen effected. As soon as we have settled 
upon the method of adjusting certain entries upon the books of 
the Phonograph Works wo will be ready to call the stockholders 
together and we will have all these various transactions approved. 
by then I will furnish you with copies of certain ehtrits later 
om and get you to kindly pht the vesphitidtis in proper forms Wit 

you pkease notify ti wher yor are thraigh with ‘tha your work on 

tlie Foager gases 

New York City. 

Yours truly, 



dime 3, AB 

Doar Mw, Huison,~ 
J todiyphoned gov to-day fe aegaie Be ayy Auta 
of 14th instant, td gosiiept the dmprassion whies J hen you. in 
voxatd $0 notoras Y vyrerred to ngbore for supplyigg pousr fox 
wg daghded menus 

iio’ Woes, fn qcapeisnce with the plan whieh 
hore got waito Hebe) 

ti 14 teil Ye oamataetise of sacl wotorey x sew Bra sq ae f 
gdyseniiab Li divine tha divin tt od enrvés ana modsrs «Tht spas ye 
ude pilfered \aiy eat Itddtoby: iHaebd, tit Ztoine Lael Kea 

use daa Gov bdy wateaiidy aha guid Wides of tashine, ax the 

‘ ‘Paidoo oneHia wen vodsys 
sa ytorred tall aby Nee tt ot cue ‘ighiice ing. ward thewetore 

Pe i ele 

they £7. 

pt of me m9 
ie Bate wee « vi . “abind tin al. at, GE gett, Stow, 
sions MRL. A 6 woke pike sie direc a 

aguie y be 
} aye i 
ma, yer ti. 

Hate Wired yet A -Gttdd wobory: “Fiersteymore 

wank # TaNCA Mi: ere bhig eaming I had Mx. Kennelly weate bins a 
Jagker enpladning watbers dully and I.maijed this lotter £0 Mr. 
RIGS Romday + po that ho with pat i tie first thing in the morning. 
Fi vers conus that I found out just what the sitywation is, be- 
gqraa the Cormittea udets to-morrow, and if the eehee moribers ag 
aye no better posted than Mr. Tice we might have ouffered thy POE: 
ubeiy Jack of informations Z ean think of nothing that has beon 
left undeng to secure this work. I aa confident that they wild 
not. adopt any motor other than ours, and that if we lose the manu- 

fecture it will be because they themselves will undertake to do ite 

RE WAX. I note what you say in vagard to Phonograph Works 
neyer having paid the Manufacturing Co. any tining Lor. ae , I was 
never able to gat any uoney ont of them Yor this sano and z 
did not consider it advisable to permit such a large amott se 
dpaia in open wecovnt. Up to the ist of March you recdived demand 
notde pope a arid ing wax sales to the extents of $88,076.72. When 
we Pate Vidqidib t lookod ante the atdnins of the Phonograph Works 

at Sh idthuy did 6! Maven and we welle relieved from carrying tho 

ieee traitausd de iboud week Lo wadk, £ avPanged to pay sash for 
wea tid wit bonidnld ¢o do toe As soon as possible T will 

‘bites sep OH aa he dati Wow whieh hdva bedi piven for WOR 
a “se sd a 


6 Wh rho memaiit is €p pay cash fon pre- 
“ada Devpy|ing the initeiag to a just our 4/@ 

i ccsout rf Pm Hale bao fens. et Meaktitigh Gey Ff whas. Bim 
We at, “Oe Yoda gn RoLine ght 7 sd “ad wads ‘oth ii ode Lite 


aT IO 

rt 7 as rt iatanadrauareerarnntwes Poets 


Mm Gxohy igus ave sovernl ugthays jn fbig sowmetdon high 7 aden 
KO diggnss a you pom bimo during the neat few dave, 

a Yen wild vagotiart that I tgid yor T was going 40 nthdgh she 
wangRe que Ghage Ue Marshagza hy the ‘Wipkel-S1gt Goupapy, 40 ones 
the payment of hille of the Phonggraph Works and. tho Manalas turing oe ati 
Qo, against Marshall for msical yecarda and hatteries, amount ings ; { 
in all to about $400. 1 succesded iy solieeeing the money towrday, evi} f 
‘ao that an attachment is unnecessary. . sa me 

Yours very truly, 

Pe Se 

At Wr. Rice's eANes My. Kenneday is sunning curves on the 
OHbckor-Wneelty wie and. iA mIRON Es vropered in similar mamer to: 

those mato folk out MOtOBE. 

May 18, 189%. 

Je We Bowtiu 


> Esqe. 
& Grand ‘wun Rly. 
Detroit, Michtipans 

Lohave your Jettser os 


.itta instant ra Baison Gantt. 

sbocke Ten the worst wan in tis word to apply to for infor. 

mat is 

Ganeemming tha wmerehasge oof 

Jonah that I mare sworn off... iL toca. ib altogether probable that 

the Edison Gen'2. re ofwiee at which it 




Wine. bat ple: 

ASU dO not aceeps ny Judgnent. I prasume 

you have absary eG the personne tcf the new board of directors of 

the Sateen General Company. ifaieh is the 

cOmeoration that will 

eventually absorh the Bdisen ane thos oreHouston interists. T 

» board that L tave evar soen amounced. 

ui ‘o 

Whether this 

SO ay thin 

Zor uotk you roursell’ can determina. 

You understand that the @aritel of 

nev corporation is Pisty 

millions of dollars. An hiniueteial wk of this character i 


expected to pay 8% to be Worth par. That means net earmines 


four millions off dollars ‘Dor year, or 

; re 

nearly 311,000 per days ‘3honid you venture anyth ies og hive ag 


applicable to dividends of: 

sincere wish 

for sueces.s, Yours very traly, 

May 18, 1892. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esqe, 

Ogdeiisburgh, Ne Fe 

Dear Sirt- 

I beg to confirm ithe following message telephoned to 

you fran this office to-day !~ 

"The mention of motors ip ny letter ta you of 14th inst. 

referred to the motors ‘which wa intend using for supplying. 

power in place of the engine in the machine shop. I ayo 


writing to you to-day jin regard to the manufacture of small 

motors. Wa have not yt got an order, as the Conmittee 

appointed by Mr. Goffin has not rendered ‘a decisions I 

have seen Mr. Rice anid discussed the matter thoroughly 

with him. I have su‘bmitted mode 1s ahd curves and am 

leaving absolutely nothing widotid to. secure the order. 

Yours truly, 

a ne e 
eas, One 

Brivata Secty, 

aps 88 B0by, 
eR. FRBETIN, Bayer | oe 
Wax Wom 2 atm abig Hie Me Tp 


saa ‘Totten of “74h. ‘fastank, inquiring about the 

o! “Rgebaee 61d9 whioh mye aént té the Laboratory. for 
ie wick We- ara mipéttiancead the greatest difficuity, 
nae apgazering tae for the purpose of this teat and havg only fast 
ortega, tepawitcing the camo. Our taste mill now, be nae without 
toate ett aan est wAEl be fortheoming in dud Cows The 
clagigg adhe has ~6¢ fihrad: HM this matter Was causdd, thenigh ny 
oan, ittas ches: tokelir to the lige that ‘tite: “Waowaary 
ain eon io if owatinde aa ditre 

YOars ei, 


bai a litt - 


| , 

May 19, json. iy 

Be Beg 
Re B, Toy ion, EBsq.s Div, opr, | | 

bog ’ Fonnsylvagig Ryftroad binmsny, 
, Resi er€oona, Fes [ ! 

Sie sie 8 A | 

; Vor 

Yous Yettor of 18th instant ia at hande Ma Rilgoy, ae 


AS HOW absent from tho hLaboraboby. We Counitini¢ated ‘with him, i 

horever, in régard: to the subdjaet mdtter of your letters and nw 
tae h eto uy Exe tae Has hs wottld wmke dh spbointmarvit with You 
HOS HOW thoy ne ete. rear ‘at -GPRARG, yong dy Mudhasdaye Wa ) 
S-trig airing voESi hie. HF axpettlite the mathes ai te vane 
feud dnd trp. pesitthg it fodsard ds mush) 4 vo wait 
oe Veby truly, 
Hardon teno#ayory 

: slay 29, 3990, 
Fastep: Ke. DY8y’, Rig}. | 
Hqna bn, Bigdeyte 

WE dent Bor, - 

Btowi, or Masta ‘enti ‘ep se 48 eer ‘edt’ of a notice 

ena the Rison Unbtawhpmoereph MinpgEM 40 spe ekxekd heh they 
sare AMiAtate tbh mkth, BAN aMpPy ies Gn the tatlees J algo apt 
Ghaad you q gopy Of iy wendy ho MK: Blocity, Biaghd zpde. tagh 
portion of hid Tetbew, in Whiéh m aves therg Ja no wag of 
. oe atip ties aidel trom Mew tome, “Tad ar Yourae, unkgieiana 
tiith A vould ee inativisable. £8 re he intomitns Brash Chat dep- 
piéeb atte Btetadinaa dp ipdis eth, wet Laohhs dee. tu wk et 
‘aes OS sete dy ata HdlOD, “eke Yada’ wt whieh ¥ laa dave 
it Hinwe: dhgecbiaue divert, tte Ut ie nid bie Aetnae 1K ie 
en die uate (UG dae ah’ _ the) ah patina 
ateliodinn vl és alt Hd da woide: a ay Bide bogie ta 
"Stata vices Gre ddavedh Ya Qe RUAN MAUonaiy is Wit Whale 
wae ie dude ith His dine ete fabaste 3 avperhdune 

uw ) ay 

May 2}, 1892. 

_, See ieationcny Smith, - 
Nie E Broadway , 
Maw York City. 

_ Bhi 
_ Bape to your letter of 12th instant has been untevoid~ 

ably. reneraey aming, £0- the absence of Mr. Raison. 

iene to yore question relative to What a magnetic ore 
‘nee aee ot mete Lie ivon cam be crushed amd sepatuted for per 
‘ath Ber veep Badan ‘Process, Mr. Edison directa’ me to say bo you 
Reddy IGE poettda inet, wpots the size of the mill ana the mhotmt 
Davdareie Betuepye- expatision engities were used, and everything 
Hevieetttenaiie. vith Sd6 tons crude. ord per 20 houvs, it could te. 
JR Reg ph N eects. per erie tons But the cost diminished preat~ 
eet Tee ove, Like bly at Ogden, which has a 

aaputinit a REO torte: dit Ty's 
seit thhidy, 

Hitvabé dueds tae 

thie as Spl Eg 

May 23, 1892, 

MaforS, Ra Radon, 
“Bison Building, Broad Street, 
Now York City. 

Yer deg Major, — 

t have received your letter of 20th instant -in 

| Pegank ta the Toy Company litigation arid note what yon say con- 

cerfiing the probability of our having #6 relinquish ov hold upon 

‘ tha, property of the Toy Company, at the Edison Phonograph Works. 

Tnjs property constitutes the only agset which the Toy Company 
POSEISE 5 and should they bé pormitted to romove it and dispose of 
ivf, i¢ would be practically useless for us to sue them for the 
atvitin of thelr indebtedness under their contract, as the only 
réSerht: in- tHe event of a suécossful termination af such sit would 
Bs: 2» wovbntiss judgmént. I have also noted the suggestions fin a_ 
piviktouse raped’ Sedi your fim in regard to a poasibla eampetortisd 
vestinion 8% sw ana the Toy Company this, howaver, is entirely 
out. og i dette After toohing very ont tt ly THe ee matter 

~ Tem gars'h ort net: Gale ondy cuiapy at getting back aity money that 

ies har ale wine See té verte mor Aold tn done prosent or other on 
Vie peeiehy nicetye Se aid. to pish the Prohtesng with #17 possible 
aneget4 HR ae tte vate tho vest Haitwth of vory importants 
vidal Wi Oe Shai. ‘ig wae to recede tie aie of yotwanti 

Hardee By storia tee Moy 83, 18d2 

of his Lowy adhd eat inkttey, I have requested My Re Ne- Dwar to. 
ofaniz) A Abra ondpaten Kfertaot the Toy Vompary'y associating 
himsaly with Mn, Steveriséry the has bron veprsacribing. w us in this | 
Stata, oh 96 ioye firme Bay, StyWerison has some of the veqords in 
the ease ang Best othe are in. your offives Wild you very kinday | 
send. these Pepare tp Hany Dyay toémortow, bedduaa the motion to Va 
Gake. tha attagymgnt ogace up on Ggturdily Ho xt, afd thor is a 
exeat deal of work to i dene iy tha irtonims 

ielety Raw 4 Sates. 


May 1g, 18dits 


This. ta’ £6 certity that LEON JULRS. UE-ROMDOTS hes been 
srployed: i toy" tatovatovy for the padt 14 months, daring all 
de! witieds tims’ fd wad eninitited in axpelltinaitea work, Mr» le a 
Marais: sara’ (ACO ty Agent Young nln, tat ana abliging,. and 

% cate veedninsnid Hal 6 ant ¢ on th rioed of such services as he 

ca espera” off ndsit nj, 

May 24, 1892. 


cs Mr. Arthur Bertram Skelding has been employed, as Electrician, 

by the New Javssy and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works, at their 

a AS GS 

~ , large mill at Ogden, Ne Js, for the past year. He performed his 

duties satisfactorily and leaves of his OWN ACCOTG cman 

an eset 

Heeani, Foran § Feyptiona, 
nore “Hm € Yas Btrqat, 
"Ate Yeni Site. 

Year Stxst- 
-Your letter of 2ist iniishh wolative $0: bors tio ba 


 dasuee by. no General thassiid Compact? $0 noldetaedt Mrison qtaok,, 
nhs been received by Mr’ etindn, vhs nba that’ sin: thé ee ri 


is not “wanting to” sihaoribe for re" “$Moportion OF mag Wao 0 

thion he is. onpirter, “abt Bheteve 4A Bell his rights | wets do, 

; thet you inight poost te sete #60" "use ttletay at yOu | os de~ , 

sthous of sotiving: Mrs ‘Raisoh' | NES ih this matter, ye" “ould 

Like’ yo 0. Riiite him an “offer rot. ae" gain al WA eats tne favor 


‘of eur. nearee Npiys 

"-yéiees “tity 

“Petgats Bape tante 

May 25, 5h 

aAjexander Blligtty, Te, "Reds ‘ 
Bat. oe Bm Ns Ne 3. 

Dear Si¥}- 

Mra Edison kes mead. your papaya 2304 Anstasit oie, 
wager BO the Scrub gas Pro DeTRY, and  Dotaa.. way aftr. page. a2us ive 
to Mire Bkerwirth's Ini He, “ge § fepiy the digel eRe nO ademey $0. 

“you that what he particn idthy des ines is 0 ge. gaptrol ot She 
fiat Oak Veins yng. that ne reaply dogp not che: ap aap the mitié 
thrat is yoy can ppapibay £eh @ idaaé af the vein, stktiout touching?” 
#hE mi, By A rdaddriahld Pagans ahat would serve hig <peeqee 
pasty ail Paison faye fartngy that he woes js ‘Leap the, oppo~ 
sition wt Sie mill at alt omy dies Wot wants se ll. ce ama, vori- 

“Sy pepy ar your Joke ee Worn dagger piss wo im yout 
Poumetiient ion nowcamaer aby, wi big front tee. ratte tk 
wate 32 ett pet eh, noon ete ieletblen fh oT 

ca Sovons VERS adda WS Ms -maisor 
“to tbo Hldecdia ne bayantel cd Fay a bien 
PAN eS dab a ad vine 

“May 2B, 1892, 

Mre Samuel Edison, 
; : Ft, Gratiot, Michinarte 

Dear Mr. Edison,- 
By di rection of your son I send to yon the / 

enelosed correspondence in regard to a stean yacht that is Por 
sale. It was received from Js Ee Marden, who states that he is 
in aun services 

Mrs Waison would advise you not to buy a steam yacht 
says to de so would ba a great mistake and you would be sure 60 
regret ite They cause a great deal more. trouble than they’ ace 
worthe . 

With best wishes believe me 

Yours very tymdy, 


So ram 



May 28, 18926 


Be Ue: aGiskor feae, 
Rooh 1240, Wo. 26 ‘Broadway, 
Wa York Tity « 

Pear Sivr~ 
Your apdter of 18th, instarh adireszed to Bye FRdigon 

came to hand in pis gbsence, which 4g tha reason for tha dalay 

that has opcurred in sending you & pephy t0 same, 

Yew Bdison digests mo 40 RAY that he hap no abjection ta 

youy arranging with Major Evang to 1ogk after the property which 

you have purchased at 2. Myoyvs, Provide, and yhjch adjoins the 

property theye be2anging +o Mre Bdisgny The lattey considers the 

gove that he wi} render you firsk chess 

Mejor a good ag ang as 
He hag 

‘service in the ewmnt of your. enpag ing tyim for the work, 
charge of Mr. Bdishii's propprtyat Ft. tyerse 
Yours truly, 

May 28, 1392s 
cour letter of 24th instant in y 
Be Chery 4 leandy LT ncte wnat you say in regard to 
Ite Glee? “in & iMmagnetie survey made of the property. 
yo. bonee whoouay supvey wiviel may have been made of 4ne 
ecb by ve opera ty TLKS aost other surveys - no gecde I 
desire ‘ho ayo ve. survey, perfectly independent 20 oo ey heavy 
and ig you will b¢ good enuugh to olttain for uc Pp to 
4ivg syeound for tne purpose of surveydie: it, 
: : -tote) IG wAL2 not he hecessary Yor aon oi * 


Yours very truly, 

Joseph S% Auerbach, Esai; 
Noe S Broad Sti, 

New Yorks 

Stiy tho survey has been nade LT ei 


{ ‘May St, 1892+ 

Ae Be DICK Qo» 
7 Pla ey wane Shes 
Qijeaxo, Tas 

Been giRahs 

L haye received you letter of 24th instant, in 
whieh you ask me to obtain a4 short gtaygil fn My Baison's hard 
wetting on the Mimeopraphe TI am always very @lad indead to do 
anything J poesebiy gon +0 assist your Cortpanyy bat ve jake it a 
wala never $o ask Mrs Edison ta assist us in advertising any of 
the different interests with which he §s comectdd, beporia the 
dimple use of ING naitos I regret that L dumiot donbly with sot? 

pomids te 

Yours imtiy, 


aes, Wife Rrnst, 
gh x 

i reply to yor letten pf 2én instant, 2 beg 46 say 
that a few days ago we obtdined glags jays for your storage bat- 
tery and tho long delayed test is nq buying mades Sust as g00n 2M 
thie is camploted I wild ativise you and swidl Sraygs bo meet ya 
eifher here or in Mow York, when we ¢an go inte tie matter fidys 
The test will provide me with figures Whinh will renier all subse- 
quant trangactions very SREY. 

You's vary rully, 

Private Save bays, . 



May 28, 1892. 

By By Auchine.cos5, Bas. 

Blewe" dey, Paw. 

Mz dear Stri~ 

. Weta waver age t0 the eno losed conmuni cation Prom 
the Orange Heiss. Lond Ocunnay, Mre Buison wishes to know if 
tt ig all right. for eal bl ery. with tic request pontained 
therein, relative te Sonne cot ition te th Wast tance TPowashi'p 
Conmitt ex to male Geciusc rer veimonde be gy. dy Wert ere Erp kvel 

pure water. 

‘Private Secretary. 


diy So. Baie Ganpeny, 
Chitaagoy, Tilds 

_ Bia Sra | 
‘ <& reply to. your letter of 25th ‘instant, J bep dp iy 
hath Gresenerates are being sold in Uanada -and ‘in aneha ‘Strikes, 
the- pisos: charged oping, I think, $150 for a maphine aougtet es Be 
am. fitionsad that: the Kentucky Phonograph Lo., Lowisvilte, seibs 
iigeninegy E.Know thah the New Englaria Phono. Co. maked suRve, 
cities allisiey the. délunbie Pnonograph dow, wdde heaaquar seve ‘ye Snr 
wes fnetons You night dtet try the HHaconsin Prbnogeapn tos, 0: 
serfotimtieas- The ddinpariies handd geld matings fur tne “onty Gn 
why, tereeeank whiten they debit, and thd dnatwewne have vee 
stientowtt pte Ube attAdndd do binity } ad Vib: Saab Wt Woda Re 

Hiedest eae te! hi { Yoidliy ob WAY A guetigalin | in “bbhaon “Oe aig oot 
1 in slit ny wh bine wed Une dia shin vila Yeaeedh 

wakevles rian be Yes in iy va bine Saaany Bae 60 sib 

May 28, 1892.4 

by ty De 804 | | Pa. 

Seatrament ff it were deur 

any part of their territory. They 

erage ald. forsien 

Yours traly, 

Private Secretary. 

: Ae 

tee vie 

A nian ace A ote PS ote metas ee 

Hay 28th, 1892+ 
Edison United Phonograph Coe, 
Millg Building, Broad. Ste, 
New York City. 

Dear Girss- 

Referring to the assignment of certain foreign 
patents to your Conmany now bein neld by my attorney, Mre 

, return 

Baton, pending the delivery of certain licenses from you, I 

would .state that under the peculiar circumstances of the caa6, 

and as I am at present advised, ¥ nave decided +o deliver to 

your Company such of the said aadignnents as contain a reser 
vation in my favo as to dolis, toyH, toy figures end sclockse 
meee documents may be obtained by You from Mr. Baton upon 
app iioatiin, Ana upon your handing to him 4 jebter of your 

Comparty promising ts exadute alld adliver formal licenses tor 

the vederved rights, ax casd thd gkine showla at ady time here- 
. q st ; 
agtey Be vedilired By the ‘awe of Soh volrtries. 
Yotird trecty, 

# - 

8 Se pe 
HES onag ane Heats oe 

- Hite 1, 1862. 

pear itt. seal 
, “I englosa nereyith gory of a lettgr from thé 
Sulgego aontya' sPpanogvinnyoa. addvesged to tha Ne As Pe Qoe, i 
Mea. to the sale of grophopitonies. Pha M's We ‘Pe Coe hea iy ae 
hire about 3,008egrerhophonss complete, in addition +o.sBiAiy # 
heve in dtdck 433 rognephings coypypte, whith we tage Quan Tee 
Hartford, togdther. With parta, which, When -aana igh, Wand, OAH 
up probly 75 or $Og:move. 
There is no doubt tat the thy a e, Oy perore, a grat white 
wil! pg able to sel] thesd. ‘agate, yh wie Bost 45, wok mure 
that wé gin shpply prlindens bk eran, owl to hee Sabi thet the 
braphophons podple patonted the ay}inier wpa iy now uabds ae 
woud, of véntan, be diftiayi¢e Yo put the snaprctiae wat if fe ware 
syyatia fo fuMiventy ite. ats Bush has aéked yet itm could 
titke gate of tay point, and I told hint Walia #32 what gould ye" 

donew When the time beten iL you, if nemtitviey, give ua & 
pylinesh that we cot wy 8 on Whose graphutitignes? Tne sale of tnt 
Would, bang it vBTaNls wit &, quarter pf a million of doliary ‘he- 
tween the ronda Wes wie the ede yy te 

Yours % ws 

. deve opment of tha phonographe 

prrerranmeaaa ata 

pares a ; es 

June 1, 1892» 
Richard Tovrnley Haines, Hsq-, 

Sec'ye, Ne Yo Phonograph Company, 
New York Citye 

Dear girt~" 

In reply to your letter of 27th ultimo, I beg to say 
that some time ago Mire Edison promised to present 4 phonograph 
to tia New York Infimnary ef the Diuensea of the Nese end Whyo at, 
where some very inte reshing and suecesstus experimmts had 
gondueted by Dve Jeo hesga Bleyer, who is e member of the official 
gies? oF the Infirnarye Ths nature of these experiments nevessi-~ 
tated 4he use of an extremely sensitive apparatus, whith was made 
under Mré Fdaison's personal directions It was my intention to 
have called upon you in Sound to tias préséntation, but through 
a misunderstanding with the Works the instrument was shipped be~ 
fore I had an opportunity of doing soe The purpose of the presen= 
tation is purely for scientific investigation, the results of - 
“yieb it ia confidently pelieved will be of great benefit not only 
to sutfe ring namanity but to ali those who ave interested in the 
Yours very truly, 

| Private Sec'ys 

June 3, 18926 

Mrs, He Bighoprick, 
* Noe 1078 Pacific Street, 
Brooklyn, N. Yo 
Qear Madame,- 

Reply to your letter without date addressed to Mre 

Raison has been unavoidably delayeds | 

In ragard to the ase of tha phonograph as a means for curing 
deafness, upon this subject Mre Edison has no information vhatever, 
except that which he obtained from the newspaperse He has learned 
from the source mentioned that certain members. of the medical pro+ 
fession have been experimenting with the phonograph in the di- 
rection indicated, and from the reaultsa obtained, thet they ex« 
pect to be able to cure certain forms bf deafness by its aid; Bit, 
as previously intimated, he has no additional information conce m+ 
ing the mat tex emfirmatory or othemvises + - 

The statement to the effect that Mrs Edison himself éxperi- 
mented with the phonograph in an attempt to ours ‘his own abatness 
ae untrue and has absolutely no foundation in fasts It may inter 
est you to mow that Mr. Bdigson emsidars his deafness a plessiig 
in disguise, and any reports tint may reath you of his trying to 
improve hig senpe of heariltig yq may at once put down as penaraat 

. Yours respectfully, 

Private Saylyé | 

: Lape 
Mi Sino 3, 

As Ge Renshaw, Bsqe, : 
No. 2 Suffolk Lane, Carmon Sto, 
Jondon, Be Ce, Englands 

Dear Sirs~ 

I am very moh ob?<8¢4 for Your AwrtierapP Sth ats nto} 
an ey m3 ; , 7 . 
Prov t he ePinanbial New,” Mnrapategy gar 

enolosing a eutting 

Je Le Young Manveacturing Co, Limited, “Wet? 

peen requested by Mire Disk to take HY, apptier stens 

arid es he hag been in London recantayt meshine stake ag ARE 

hag peen hai with Mra Young. 

: , Yours aery tently. 

A wh 

four (etter of psgant 

wEGh gy tage 

received and peruzed by was Loan bets 


of your work in Philode ler 43 

powers that be, just bo show thew iti 


Bishard Ny Dyor, Esq,, 

a Non 36 Wala &Btregs, 

New York Citys 

Dear Sirt~ 

I have ‘your Tetter of ist instant , “informing my tat 

a suit has been brotht in the Ma J, Us Se Civtnit“Batlaticpy. jie 

Migtietio Peparator Company againgt the Irbernatiangl “Qne "Fepav~ 

ating Qompany of thriée of the Ball ana Novbon patertey of think 
ju voxdd be wel] for you to took into bnaa ughte mm Ruege-way Ae 
a put tip fob in ith 

Yours very tittty, 

June’ 4, 18926¢ 

Mre Mal ford Wade , 
Wo, 3 Case Building, 



Ss Olevelapd, Ohio, 

Rear Sivte 
Your letter of 25rd ultimo in regard to Mr'e Edison's 
Oxe. Milling process was duly received, but reply to same has been 
vaavoiaaviy detavens 
Mrs Raison has directed me to inform you that the difvienlties 
whieh were met with in comection with his mining plaht in NeW . 
Sérsay, and which you refer to 7. your letter, have all been ovéa¥- | 

coma, ana the plant is not being: operated very sucé pes fullye 

In régara to the Wiséonsin 4ron lands, Mre Edison's a 

neue: been over tht Gegetiic range étes, and he finds that the iron 
ia. so, finely mixed with the qoartyite tat it is hepslésd te 
separate it by any commercial: pravesse 

L regret that I am unabié to inform you @f any article that 
bag bean written oh Aree EBdisori’s magnetic separator other tran tHe 
6 to whieh you roferi: 

Yours fruiy, 

Privato Seo’ YF. 


Sune 6, 18924 

Bvere tt Frazar, Haag s 
eg “Nog, 124 Rgter Stiect, 
: re alew York Citys 
Rear ajyse 
- When Mins Fox was in London negot!4 cing for the for- 
wabdion of a Company to rep resent the Beteonenin Torpedo interests, 
there was ome sarraspandente, anay was. conducted by cable and wie 
pasaed through your of fae uativeon your people in london amd atre 
Rdipone J have tried to tfha this wottespondence in ouf fites, 
‘hut have tailed ey vecqlection le that fi, Baigon was. *o pave 
bdent paid tén thotiannd dollars won the frmabion of the dovsign 
Soupaty., Bo your reyods eonfiml Bris alot and dan you five we 
egy idee. with the monty wif Me paia? 

Yottrs zpbly, Zz ? 

Yrayare Whole tary 

‘ °y 

Re ; 
_ Be Ba Hhohans 


pear Sirt- 

yiiieh it 4a proposed %Q give Mrs m 

evo Now York, hap peony vewelyed by Are 

to way in-veply.that.neswill “pe glad to attmd this gitmer, “apd 

gnad-the~adte Wiieh for Rgsion; “ninety, Aagyp With, Hoare de 


1G. Broad Gtreet, 
Bow Yop. Citys 

“Your jetta r of om Saget ok: pound +0! thd adgner, 
quli, in view of hig saevartnnt 

Balgon, Wh dinasts-am- 

weogtiiily ponveni tak for hep 

Sune 7492 
Rage de Ae. Byers, . 

Lamar, Moo 

Year Sir:- 
Replying to your Tat vee ‘ imetant, I bes bo 

“4nform you that there is no one Laboratory by 
sos af gsueh 2& 

hhe nane of Wine Fe Stocker, nor 
person ever having been simaploved f°. Baisen 
ye nay 

faatories all over the eowrte? : 
& wees 

be anployed in seme one of “iss . 

Yriess Greene, Esqe, 
No« 39 King's Rde, Chelsea, * 
London, Se We, England * 

Qear Sirt- 
Replying to your letter of 9th ultimo, Mre Edison 

regavets that he is wmable +o offer you a position in connection 
with iris bisiness; there are no opening at presente He has 
nothing to do with. the appoiniments at the Chicage Exhibitioiw 

Yours truly, 

Pre yn, ettguall 

June 7, 1892 

Z, Adviancs Eysh, Esq., . 
Noe 10 Wall Street, 

New York City. 

Pear Mr. Bush, -~ 

I enclose herewith for your perusal a Statement 
of the business of the ‘Ay Be Dick Compasty for the year ending 
April 30th, 1892, also a letter which F received vecently from 
'. that Company .- This yomg man, Dick, svens to be doing pretty 
“woll with the 1ittle one-norse trap.that, HO has. 

Please return al] the papers after perusal. 

Yours very truly, 


a oe 
Oc ee a Te see 

yo nein 



June 7,. 1892, 
: Tordinara N. Dyer, Bsq., ; 

No. 46 Wall §tveet, 

New York City, 

., Pear Mire Dyer, + 
{ have your letter of 6th instant, informing ma 

that Messrs. Fish, Richardson and Storrow, of Boston, telegravh 
you that We We Jacques of tre Bell Telephone Company is reported 
to ba a eraditor of tim Toy fompany. Plaase ydvise Messrs. Fe Re 

& Se-not to gee Mre Jacquese 

Yours. truly, 

Private Secreturys 

Jane Ay JBOLR- 

Ment Mejor Baton, ~ 

- heve moygited your mamhgyandua in regard to 
Aubigati¢ afsan egy Go scmid have gempurdentad. with you be pave ‘ 
upon thie object, put Ale. Bush hag uot yot Pregented any dePinita | 
pjap for a settlament« Meo Tate aid not siya Mee Bush gy ine , 
atruptions in this -gonnesticn, beyond advising him that if it 
were to the pest interests of the He Be Me Mo., I vas quite 
viding thet the gutenet ig Sompany should 4s wound up. ft have 
na defiarite yLew ys oht ‘aa to how this should be Ame, but an 
avaitim: infommtion on that pointe I understand tlat Mie Bush, 
ig to gabaltt 2 plan diving tle yoKt few days, and J will comouni- 
gata with you ds -coon ax F near £ ron ima 

Yours very t yaly, 

Maio Ke Pu Mabon, | 

fone G, 439260 

We. Jn & Perm'ap Concentrating Works, 

Qgdenaburgh, Ne 

Dear. Sirst- 1 

I beg to confirm the following telegram sant to 

yan to-day by Mre Edisont~ 

tara the two other aseveens running and how imugn ext fa 

outpit Have you gob? ‘Answert T. A’ Bdisonv! 

Yours btridy, 

Privats Secretary. 

Tyne F, IBV. 

de Keytioncé Bush, Bade, 
flo, 16 Sul Strock, 
flew York Of tie 
Dear Sirt- 

Referring to the gincular which has been issued by 
the Golumbia Phonograph Company, in Waleh it’ is claimed that they 
aym the fundanantal patent Loy the duplication of phonogragnic 
recards, I have smbnitted thie patent to Mro Bilson and he save 
that it is of no value at all; that four years ago ha made An 
special machines to do described in this patent, ary in 
the same wey; furthermore, that the whole thing dae get out i 
cayeats long before the mabhines toterred to were @vsn maades th ab 
these caveats mist be ten yoars ola, and ya need not therefore 
pay amy attention to the matters 

Inagpudh as the Columbia Bakumbsn Company has wpreat he 5b 
ciroulats. broadcast, would it not be desirable for the North Aue 
Phonogr mh ow to issue & circular to the effect that they widd 
pro tent the dserd of duplicate phonograehic renords solid ay than 
{Be he Pe Govlt thokiny af the mather purelY frdm ® bid inesd 

standpoint & brink that this Aation ought ta Ke tized Dh arden to 


Te Ay Be 5 Be : tyne 9, 1898. 

qounterauh the effect of Mre Baston'u circulars 

Yours very truly, 

Private Gecretarvy 

June 9, IBIs 

Mr, Ei fopeilo, 
Si Gervasio, 
Florence, Italy» 
Deer Sirt- 
Mr, Edison has reodived your latter of 24rd ultimo 

ang ts sorry to Learn thet you find it igmossible to pay the 

one tiousand dollars which yor borrowed frad him and which yo 
agreed to pay on the 20th of the present month» He regrets to 
teary that yanr badihase has not prospered aavine the past year 
and tists that it wi11 improve tex in the near futures Myr« 
- Biigon will tet the matter of your indebtedness to him rest until 
a mre convenient sime, in ace ordmosé with your raqueste . 

Yours truly, 

Privabe Beere tatye 

; June 10,. y#Seh 
Bajo Be Be Baton, 

Raison Building, Broad srree t, 
New York Gitye 

Dear Sirt- 

Mrq Edison has vead YOR nots of ath hasten, it OMing 
yim. that Mre Betts had fully net Your yigus relptive ee hig bill 

in the Trenton Feeder Gase, and he As ime}; OPliged* to you ro* 
the games He considens the sum which Mr, petts has agrecq pO 
aceopt reasonable and is glag that the matte? has been gat, p24 
satisfsotorily « 

Youra +ruly, 

private Secretary, 

. dine 10, 3992, 
ty Rh Wood, Féu,, 
No, 13 Liberty Street, 
Now York Git y, 

Dear Sirts 

Referring to the attaehad fyvom the Fidelity ana 
gagualty Company, Will i% be necessary for ug to make this changag 
We have just put in naw Seed pipes ank they are in first. class 
gangit tone The feed pipes have been in the same pilace ever Sioa 

the boilera were evected ani ware mover criticised before, 

Yours truly, 

Private Séoretary. 

FE a ee tag ge NO 
j 0 

Major Sv B. Eaton, 
faison Building, Broad St., 
New York City. 
Dear Siri- 
Referring to yonr lstter of 8th instant, re bili of 
the American Surety Company for $250, I enclose herewith Um : i 
Edigon's eheek for this amount to the order of the Ae S. Co. 

x. Edison dacs not desire to disturb the present situation of 

the estate of his late wife, but warld be glad if the premium - 

an tip bong gould ‘he veduced. Can yo ajfect a reduction with 
the ame rigen Sursty Co.8 

Yours truly, 

Privata Secretdry. 

Jane 13, 49926 

f Adrianée Bush, Esqy, 
No. 10 Wall Street, 
New York City, ~ 
Rear Me, Bush,- 
I an very mich obliged ior your letter of 9th 

instant returming the Dick papers whith I sent for your perusal» 

We are meking some clunges so as to render tho stock of gyapho- 

pnones available and I will let yo Inow just as soon as the work 
in that connection is canpleteds 

Yours truly, 

CR beck Sede esas Raa 



aan — Ne nn 

671 |} 


done 13, 1992. 

Ce Bo Bield, Bene; 
Fiold Engineering Company, ae 
ew Yorke 


Dear Sir:- , a 

My. Edison rzeeived from your Goupany a ciraylar 

Letter wider dete June 10th, enclosing tables of the capacity ane’ 

economy of a vertical ongine especially designed for electric 

railway, lighting and powsr service, built by tha Lake Erie Engi- 

neering Works of Buffalo, Ne Yor and in somection therewith he 

has Ingt rusted ne to inform you that he will require next sunmer 

three engings of 600 HP each, ani three’ cngines of 150 HP each, 

aii triple expansion, 460 pounds of steams Mrs Edison would 

dike yau to quate raighly the prices at which your Corapany could 

guppy these epgines» 
Yours y-ery truly; 

RENE ain REA wee 

begat ROR: gE OEY PPE 

Juenre lath, 1902) 

The Am, Watenman's Time Detector Cos, 

No. 234 Broadway, New York Citys 

Dear Sirss- 

I return herewith your bili againat ME, Riisoxw of May 
BObh,. 1892, for $55.80, which cannot be ace epteds the three 
stations ($45) charged for thereon were not orexmed Ir os 
will send Mr» Edison a bill for one box of dials Bie clock 

movement, it will be paide 
your Company offered voluntarily, and unsol = e¢ ited, to put in 

working order again and render operative, free o== all axoense, to 
- Cinemas ote tee CO aes 

Mra Edison, the Watelman's Time Detector Which Yoou instalied ‘at 
the Labovatery some time ago and which was out or vopaies, ‘Upon 

the condition naned you were permitted to do 80% in system i- 

eugurated at the Laboratory when yours became in oneritive was 

fownd +o syork very gatisfactorily and answered o-zz purpose adit 
aviys We dedivod notting better and 44 wad olf — upch your wargent 
‘ng quedt that Wo cortséntted to abandon it and yb tablish yours 

ie Rdison fouia dertainly not five doné so ha 4 HO litdérs + 000 
m BaP ny expense gold be incurred thereby, ahd in view off you 

siya abated “the ith of boone 4 — an unidersiar= 4 f Upon nis part 

Ace Wy ly De Cos dune 12,246 
was not possible. As a matter of fact, we have yet to eotinue 
tha old system 30 as to cover the outbuildings of the Lavoratory, 
which yar canstructors did not connect with the inst rwament and 
which were ecmnectad when your system was originally ins 

Under the circiwastances as above related Mrs Baison faids to 

understand why you should send him a bill for stations ey anything 

else comected vith the reconstruction of the system. It is 
certainly in direct opposition toyar agreement, as the latter 
is wnderstood by Mre Edison. I trmst ttathis letter will 

enable you to see the matter in tie same light as he does» 

Yours very truly, 

Private Secretary» 

= cmnet oa gps One LH 

Sune 15, 1892» 

Mtr Ed is bn 5~ 

Refarving to your note “~ndarossed to Mre Dyer, rifading 

eyny acknowledge that it has been patented in England? 
Why wot say a part hes been patented in England’, tnd 
statanent tiwt it has pean patented in England io tmtyie. 
Mant these to soaks" 

woidh ‘was {ec tived from you tine norning dnd which has been duly 

raniled tO MY 

Byer, I beg to point ott tha the affidavits which 

you signed read as follows: 

ry, A. Be being aly sworn, deposes ‘and says that the 
invention set Porth in the above entitled application was 
in .Part patented to him in Engiend by tetters 
Patent Now 1646 of April 24, 2878, and that so far as -he 
dy able +d state he has ‘opiminea nod other patents Tor 

said invention» 

therafore the questions containsd in your note to Mr. Dyer 

youlf goem td have ‘Deen based on 3 misapprenension, gince the 

atriasvits ebpeab to be @ram in exaptiy the orm that you desires 

Letterbook, LB-057 

This letterbook covers the period February-August 1893. Most of the 
letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also correspondence by Edison and 
Thomas Maguire. Many of the letters pertain to the business of the Edison 
Manufacturing Co. and to its relations with the General Electric Co. There 
is also correspondence dealing with the affairs of the various phonograph 
companies. Other letters relate to the development of the kinetograph and 
to Edison’s exhibit at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Included 
also are letters concerning mining and ore milling, batteries and meters, and 
the phonoplex system. The front cover is marked "1893." The book contains 
696 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 15 percent of the book has 
been filmed. Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-053. 

February 6+h,1803. 

o Ta saute 
‘urioge herewlth a letter which T have addrésséa 
faeeot: of Chicaga, and which in a measure explains 
“a onarec ta gae fou to-day to maké further varbal 
mors fe your exhibit. bot was engaged upon a re- 
eau ti Tm. to the Board to-morrow and eculd not 
Twigh to obtain a aivect aesignment in your 
you are to oceupy in the section alloted 
Company.’ You will gee from Mr. Greene ‘y 
ads under date of the ,4th inst., copy of whieh Y 
Whe cite reg 2, shat auch an arrangement 13 entirely Satisfactory to 

" Seneral Eleetric Conp any. Tho central. space. originally as— 
(1a Pheontx Glasa Company is to be beudened to you, and 
Jtilized for the ereezion of a eolumn emblem matic of the 

“Meandewtent lighte Tt is most desirable~ in fact it is absolute- 
‘vsonsaryr that the design for this column and the charaeter and 
Eo oucement of the surrounding exhthit should be plac ed in the 
Hunn of aer-cone having a thorough knowledge of the aubjet. Oar 
purpes in cearranging this matter, is to give Steringer control. 
Yeuousn Taday seguainted with Steringer's ability aa an exhibitor 

“ith the co-operation of Mr. Greene, represent in; the 

wal Breetrte Com any, are work ing together to make the mast of 


Mi wivolay will be moat oréditable in -wes every re- 

weet yu: “a approve thia letter to Barrett by countersign- 

0) ee ‘oitdated. 

All ‘expenses aonnected with this af- 


ie hari by the’ Genoral Eleetrie Company. As. Mr, 

| ; 
“approved of the plans proposed by myaclf ang Mr. 


uo. nos nmtieipate that you will objeat to indicate 

Yours very truly, 

2,“o New Jersey & Penn. ton'tg. Works , 

Edison, NJ. 



tne fame beinr mow 24 

“rivkine m 

PCE PSRig ap +0 tt is exreeted that 



uring the eaninu summer. Shy. EGs a0 will goon bi 
rm a oe t witha Pull orleking plant, and vou will doa Ree g 

feo the advert teenent coneertiing it. 

Yours 4iroly, 

veneer an orenmvtsonnonn iranian ts me amputee 



Lowsegr, Te te, KneLande 


Fitson has voesived your Letra of Vath wdt isn 
LO hk Chetret Londor Raiteav, ence by rey 
'@ BRy that he regrets he ds not BRET iGiomay Cua dae 
of ihe enterprise to fumisn soy with 

Mre Edison guys than it wouta pay. 

Ralinsy to send a gond 

St. Paul ond Minneapolis end otter eitlens 

Ta thar ey exaat dats and fall intormation on the subytet seta 

be obveineds Mire Edi svn supwests that you do nut pend an Eldan | 

‘rician, but an intelligent Railroad Sonat ructing Engineam 

Yours very troly,: 

ab Mag pey , 

De om igs “abhonn,~ : | 

rred to ia. 
OP Tape Ist. He war sored to dearn tint yo 
Barr dved jack 

CEN, Or" dies. 

Ck wax SVR anaes 

to have another oh Comer. o¢ fi 
OD estas for voardad tu you, nde already hae had my e 
Brother guvinzy oF SY eylinters 

ent Forward to yory Adsiveas dr 
“aria on beurmary 48%) vin Beldwin Erothers ¢ Gee Buropeny Bixe 
PEOS9. ff may Partlow aie 4g tee that especial 

Care Was taken is 
HAeKine oF tite Becvond Lot oF ere and trust that they 
“SEChEG you ty KOCe cand it ton ere tia revent ton of thie 


Skea). “39 L4indert ah hors 

come a fs aetor in future |e 


TID bn 
es ce a {ogee no Tag on 

2 why tney should not, ~ ¢ 

he COpYri pie 
Carteiniy havy CG bs ainenided so 82 to take. ‘them under 

* rer Pretections pit “ve Edison tg NOt yet ready ta. Malte 
Ser Sut. alongs Of * Lk potye 

Thora yoo ase moating Wieh avery 

HMecess in Parte, fT hava 

’@teheng th. 

POWSPALO YE Here fox Some aveount of your debut 
there, but have not #een anythins on the Ubjeat. Lerhaps 44 hus 
not yet BC starved. With bast Wishes 


Believe me yours ef ¢erely, 

a : wy, 
NG res Eleanay gaahown. eric ~ 

your letter to bim 

wry lgth, 1893. 


(10 East 28rd St veet iork City. 

rly to your letter of the 8th inst. ,plesse 

quote tie Pennsylvania General pleetri¢e Company. our regular jobbing 

LEAGUE We are under no shligation whatever to give to tie 


Fobroary 0 oa 

Ay fiusk 9, Brurn 

» Edigor vecoived your letter of 4th ultimo, asking 

Coat ivan by werd ta price ete. of & Phohogreph for Praf. 
‘ ‘ 

nofoy, at VYuenna, and Sy hie dircetton T referred the same to 

hoe Yea Yor offMtes of the Edison United Phonograph Company, 

Rocorwee dine that an instrument be uupplted ta Prof. Hofler.e / 

Thave recolved fran Mr. 

é perewith eooy of w reply which 

cc Josie Sevigwan, of the United Company, in which he buggeets %onat 


" i tincarther be allowed to rest for the preasnut. out intimatiny 

nf that lates on an instrument can ve obtgined by the Profesaor 
‘ ; wider certain conditions. ‘Tha Edison United Phonograph Company 

ont rou the phonegreph in Europe,,and’an instrument for use 
° * ve , 

z . inet fe 

there woudd to b¢ obtained through. that Companys 

Fabri ry 19th ,1893. 

A.E. Kennelly, Esq, 
Edison Laboratory, Orange, N.d. 
Dear Sirs- 

T enclose herewith a letter from Liettt. Rettini, 
wno called on me a few days ago and stateéa that he had made some 
improvements in his device, and would like to have it reinsp ected, 
Will you see kindly go to his office in the Judge Building some 
time next week, and Look at his machine, after which will you ob- 

lige me by making ine a report in writing? 

Yours very truly; © 

Dr. A. S, Garnett :- 

Hot Spr ings, Ark, 

Dear Sir:. 

Zo am very met, Obligedfor voxp kind letter or the 

Slat ulto. in regard to Mr, Rug aeli, 
he ie doing what he nan to af8iat hig re 

know from time to time the Progress Mr, 


Z am Pleaagd t6 know what 
covery, F wii bo lad to 
Rusgell ig hakihe totenas 

Youra very tmdy, 

February 10th ,1893. 

A.B. Kennelly, Es4., 
Batson Tabovatory, Orange, Ned. 
My Dear Mire Kennelly:-~ 

T retum herewith Mr. Gabrington's letter to you, 
in regard to the purchase of 2a Phonogesp hy The 1000 maohiney 
mieh we are making at the Edison Phonograph Works are fov the 
Edison+Bel) Gorporation, Limited in London, England, am witnont 
doubt Mr. Carrington will be able to procurs one of these inet ru- 

nests when they are delivered. the first shipment will be made in 

oheyt rou months time. We conld not ‘sell the machine here Por 

nov abroad, as it would’he a bragch of faith with the owners of 

tho Foreign Patents. 

Yours very try, ; 

2 23 



Nort i, Amex hc yong , GOwp 
the HO, Tas 

} have 

fsayueny Sth. Your mothed of overcoming + he etc 

‘aed iu sanetdimce rade by Wsaews of tne The ne prays 

ua Lone 

re only auc machine is availalie, is exeellent, and yard 



to solve ‘he problem. 

A good tube will permit of ‘dLotation at any distances 

not aagnnect 

and dasetats to the phonorraph through tubes? For inatance, 

Armour & Co. with 25 tubes and & typowriters’ room eanipped with 
aix phonographs, could ognduet oll thoir correspondence witout 

boing obliged to have anything to fio with the machines. The 

tuben carld be of ges pipe, except at ends, anda, permanently eon 


Yours. very truly, 

cvery deak of a bi, concern with the typewriterd” rene: 

My dear Mise YiGe HON, 

ro 4 
Having been nbsont from this office on 

Monday road Tuesday, T dia not neecive your note until this morning. 

y eniled to day b+ tre Press Clipping Bureau which supplies the 


soneorning Myre Edison, wy object 

aunsprper artieied ¢ seing to ob~ 

artiele that appeered in tho 

tain far you if none ible copy of an 

“few Yom. Evening, Sur” yours age ae eso viptive of HeGowan's 

South ‘Aro yienn mance wus Le guest.of bamboo Mae, ad fron whien 

you eouts yembtiess senile yuel, intere sting matters Unfortunately 

cry effort wae in vain, af the paper was not ‘on file at the Buronwe 
- may be able to tind thhe partioular eliprt ng at the Laboratory. 
Y sxpest to £¢ there or Friday or saturday of “trig weels end will 

tran tnetitute & cearsh 44, and if guceessful you will hoar 

feo me without delay: yf you sonnot wait 80 tong, Mr. Miller, 

of the Leboratorys youlc ft am sure be giad to oblige ym by Looking 

an the elippings fer the article in quest Lone 1 think 1% oceupicd 

an extiire pas? ef the SUN ang should ve easy to find: It was 

publis ned in. the jatter part of tne year 1888 or varly in 1889. 

o tne phenogreph, I an sonding £5 you by this 

wh reference A“ 
emboaying teati~ 

mbb, unset ‘separate cover, neveral pamphlets, 

Migs Aw Ke Suc De , : Feb. 15 

users of the ment. Ane ot phenographic 
nching ete. Tam 

sending toy ony E % ENGINEER, issue of June” 

47, A891, whach gontnins an article T. Re Colvin éntitied, 

THe Fhonosreph in Businags.* Theac T hope will be of assist ance 

Hoy te Ln this connection I would suggest that you consult Miss 
MeRae. whom Ll think yo know, and ig skould te able to supply 

you vith an abundenee of data on the subject of the phonogreph. 

If there js anything further that I can do for you, commend 

Yours respectfully, 

Whi. oe 

Miss Antonia Ke Ie Diek sony 
No. 186 Ghoyesene “Ste, Orange, Ne Je 



yed your Letter of 6 




n has 


r, Ed 


egvaphing without wires muy he done 




vy the uy 

does not think very soon, nor 



Yours very truly, 


Privat & Seore 

Gan dstons, Bade, 

miv Lets ér of 15th instant, 

are guoting the General ELsetni 4 Gungany. 

& aed 

iv months, to the Let of Pebruary, i 
how to d@al with thane 

Yours vecy..truly, 

Hh SS clio tur. ae cefe as Klfer yn Ver : 
he vf pace fe AV Beir, cence: 


Febmary 23, 1893, 

Os¢ar K. Dayi »BSQs, 

Editor's office of the Sun, 

New York. 
Dear Si e- 

With reference to your Lett er to Mr. Edison of 14th 
instant, a2 reply to nid ch has been unavoidably del sy eq owing to his 
absence, it is expected that the model o7 the Kinetograph will 
be ready for inspection in about & month. Mr. Edi son's assistant 
who hael cha rge of the exp erimen ts in connection with the Kineto- 
&raph, was taken suddenly ill a short time ago and this has 
delayed matters somewhat. TI Will inform you wien the instrument ‘ig 
in op eration, and you can then go out to the Laboratory and see 

Yours very trul Y, 

ae Goes 
ner ies a 


Privat e-See etary 

February 24, 1893. 

Deny Mrso Rusaeli,~ 

At canteen cemere 

Your letter of 18th instent was duly 

rec ef vedo 

Tt is a great plemsura for me to do all T enn for My. 
Rugszel?. Y deeply vearet hie illness and trust that, he wiik 
sown be seetaeed to health. With kind regards to yourself 
and deurhter 

IT am, yours sincerely, 

Mroo James A. Russel, 

He. vss Veo 48th Ste, 

New Yorke- 

feb meary 

ine rine tenet 

tia oe ee pwe jauet 
the » Eapestt yon and observa | 
seodith the © vamstan eas whie 

asag ths 


Several rsp ' : Qo minesd tw chedenl 

sles: at Ogden, kit., wreve myself and my Prienta ive 

investment, ond L hove rvoseoutea this wrk m4 2 SGD b gray 
moor gamed, ay Eeimon ts vet te be wage match th. So naaet ed 
at Vie mbitoand me sugenge thoes Ls a nmecessacy conse pene. 

rte dey @nudat upon inesé sosvbte are ot gua omaitit cad. 

the pestpangment of any portion of thy wors ie.a pr eosht don 

We'ca Lo esanc.t for amament esngider, and undes thes” gond? tian, 

ane in vi of the lbatt of time beiveen the present and &.@ 

afi esp of the v it [6 an absolute ‘vposalbsitty doy 

re) 4 

etter cl a wersoneal exhivit me attention tat 
i oe raquived to bring it up to the seandard vhidihas a 

heen “stablished. : tiee does mat, ae my) 

neo, invelve pupaly dae colicetion of apraratae 4 2A 

can ea 3 “a” 


panzons gl ven 

wid ay I adbr- 
aues wmf non 1 of my re nds 

roam wnabie © an 
oe an axkitret upon tae ae ry bia 23 trav 

wor 3 wie bo Ey “hh 
so + , ey *“ io % af > , n 
aiatie are GF : an ned, and the. the eyed eames 9 od the 
4 eon . 

eid ation «in nest be yy bY paliowing + avaepe tant wilh wi. 
oye Tener. Rleotci e Camp any to utilize all eheir gpace fev “he 
of & comers a eaiibit ami ch will, I am CODY LESH 

iit upon “he 

ae) ave thor 
and won all the 

em Lee e 

weriect bis nigrest 

snerows the 
Yours very " euly, 

Dear Siri- 

IT return herewith letter from the Southe in Bleccricat 

Manufacturing & Supply Co., in regard to dereativa workmanship 

upon fan motor. recently sent to them. Please carry out. the sug~ 
gestion vhich you made to mé@ last night in regard to having all 
ovr motors and other devices tested regularly by Mr. Kemelly. 

If you will communicate with Mr. Kennelly on this subject it will 
be unnecessary for me to do so. 

Yours very truly, 

General Manager, 

Fabmiavy. 28, 

Jvese Seligman, FEaqe, 

Mills Building, New York. 

My dear Mr. Seligman, - 

a am in receipt of a persenal letter from 
Mre Je Lewis Young, whien explains the cablegram whieh I showed 
you on Saturday. Mr.o Young was, as yar know, in: the omploy of 
Col. ‘Gouravd Yor a long time. He obtained a phonograph for his 
own amusement, and it appears that he has recently been served 
with a writ at the hands of the Edi son-Bell Phonograph corporation 
for ite retum to'them. He has entered an. appearance and preposes 
to fight the cates I know nothing of the merits or demerits of 
this case, but if T might venture to offer advice would say that 

in view of Mr. Young's long service in the interests of the 

phonograph, it mi ght be the part of good judgment to make an 

‘exe tien in his ease, and extend to him a courtesy that it is 


quite proper to deny to others. 

Yours very ¢ ruly, 


5 28, 1882. 

Wo the Marks, Eso » 
No. 900 Wainut Street, 

Philadelphia, Pao 

Dear Sirt- 

Mr. Edison received your letter of 23rd instant, in 

regard to 4 fugues which you are to deliver to the Younr Men’s 
vnristian Associstien of your city on the 14th of next month, the 
subject of which is to be Edison ari ‘this Inventions. By his di~ 
yootion T have written to the phonegriph peop ie in Philadelphia, 
requesting then to render you all the. aseiatance possible in the 

mat tex He wi1l send you a phonograph eylinder in. compl iancs with 

your vequest. In regard to data for your terk, I woula refer you 
to a series of articles. now appearing in eoaasier's Magazine" 
(Publication Office, Potter Bidgs , New York on Edison and hia 
Inventions, from whieh I am sure you ¢aald compile excellent 

. materia. ‘thoy are based upon netes furnished by Mr. -Edison him~ 

self, and the information contained in them is therefore mit hentic- 


Yours’ truly, 

: : 

Bah is . * 

foe y 5} “* 
TDR FN, row eereeiing 


epee shirt 
east TTY amie ae Eee athe 

reyrnary 28, Is97 

Marg Be Me Sma Less 
e/o Tb. Arnoia & Sona, 
Balticwre, Mde 


Dear Siri 

T have reeeived your iutter of a7 4h instant, dictevine 
a sommineaeeion fron Myo ‘gladstone, whieh T return herewith. 1 
think you mre mistaken in rerard to any antaugond am being rant feated 

towards yoo LT am auite sure from conversations whion T nave had 

With Mre Gladstone that this is not so. He is neturally anxious — 

to keep, our expenses down as low a8 possible. T apprestate the 
Pact that you have been handicapped in your work by not Wav ine fe 
sufficient number of articles ta sen, dut look ta the new devices: 
we are getting ont to provide you with the opportuntty of malt mur 

& still better record than that of the past. 

Your's very truly, .. 

Merch 2nd, 189%. 

G. Russell, Esq, 
Parke, Davis & Company, 
Detroit, Mich. 
Dagr Sirz- 
A reply to your Lette of Jamary 16th last has been 
wmavoidably delayed, owing to Mr. Edison's absence fron home. 

Mr. Edison's plan for treating Gout was confined merely to 
the removal of concretions of uric acid. A paper on the sub- 
ject by Mix. Edison was ‘yead before the Berlin Academy of Medicine, 
in 1890. 

Yours very tmly, 

; j a ths = 
Privat eSecretary” 

& oe ee: 
7 ye pas 

March 8, 1893. 

Ee de Castra, Eaqe, 
c/o Mo’ Strouse & Coo, 

#49 Brona Ste, New York, 

Dear Sirs. 

Tn further reference to your letter of 28th ultimo, 
T have eonsulted Mr» Edison, ang hie will sell complete Kinetography: 
With nickel~in-the-slot attachments, and cabinets, not inoluding 
batteries, for Five hanarea dollars ($500) each, cash in New York, 

and will give you the right to operete sush mimbers. as you may pur- 

chase in t he West Indies only. If this propos ition ‘is satis 

factory I will be Blad to hear from you further, 

Yours very truly ; 

March 8, 1893. 

My dear Mr. Edi son,~- 
T enclose herewith copy of a letter whieh 
T have addressed to Mr. de Castra, in regard to Kinetographs. 

T Was not sure whether YO. meant to inelnde batteries or not, sw 

T excluded them. T will advise yo when TI hear further from him. 

Yours truly, r 

Thomas A. Edison, Eaq., 

Orange, No J. 

“Mareh, 8, 1893. 

Mre Ja We Gladstone, . Manager, 


Edison Manufacturing Company, 

New York City. 

| Dear Sir: - 
Referring tothe attached from the Electricat Supply 
Company of Chicago, we will make an exhibit in the Electrical 

‘ Building of everything that is manufactured by. the Edison Mfg. Coo | 

‘There is, however, no objection to the Electrical Supp ly Cos e@x- 

“hibiting samples of our goods if they desire to do 30. 

Yours truly, 



wdt gon that he promised to send to Profensor 

paeras mondind Miro 

The Lesture at whleh 

Meade re, 23 requested. 







}& dev-umed to renroduce she saw is to take place on the 244h 

of $hta wontih, so tiere ia not much time to lose in complying 

with Prov. Marks’ winhese 

‘March 29, 1893, 

E. de Castro, Eaq., 
0/o Morris Strouse & Co., 

#49 Broad St., New York. 

Dear Sir:~ 

Reply to your lettar of 10th instant, in regard to 
the Kinetograph, has been unavoidably delayed owing to my absences 
from the eity. 
| Mr. Edison wild have a Kinetograph in operation at his 
Leboratory in Orange, Ne Je, in about @ waek or ten days, r 

will communicate with you again en) appoint a day when you ean 

visit the Laboratory ani examine the apparatus. 

Yours very truly, 

Private Seere 

Maroh 30, 1893. 

Dear Mro Martin,~ 

With refarense wo your inquiry of 2iat instants, 
the last medai received dy Mre Bdlaon from England, 43 the YAlbort 
hodal,” presented ta him lest year by the London Society ot Arts, 

through its. President, the Prince of Wales, for his: servieos in 

somection with electric lighting, telephony, telepraphy ete. 

Notices coneerning this presentation evpenred in the preaa at the 

Youra vexy truly, 
na vn 

a % . 



Private Sec'y. 

Te Co Martin, Esqe, 
"The Hlectrieal Enginear, * 
#203 Broadway, New York. 

Mereh 66, 18036 

Wo Freston Hix, Ex qe, 

vie Spring 2s 

Your leitar of Yoh inatant in re gard to Jim Ruyscil, 

ig nefore re 
T have arranges. with Mre Se: Dans Greens fox the General 
Eleatric Somenny to tuys cave of Russet, and have telepraphed 

the latter to remain at Hot Springs e 
This reply hes een mavoidebly delayed Seine to my absencte 
T returned to town oniy a Yow days ago trom a Southern trip ex~ 

! gea for your Latter 

IT an very mach obli 

tomiing over several weEekSe 
and for: the information contaiacd in te concerning Myo Russolle 

Yours vory truly, 


My dear Mr. Edison, ~ 

In Order that you may not misunderstand the 
significance of the difference which exists in the weekly revort 
of the Edison Manuf asturing Company between the: Accounts Recelvabin 
and the Acdounye Payable, T desire to inform you the Edison Phono- 
&raph Works up to the present time have not been able to render 
any bills against the Manufecturing Company, except for a fey 
small iteme, the reason being that they have not completed the 
Orders upon whieh the work is S being carried throughs The prices 
chayyed by the Phonogreyh Works. are altogether too high, ‘all dlong 
the line. They are made up on the old pans of estimating and 

not-on a reasonable manufacturing basis. ‘As 500n as the Workg 

| gomplete: their orders T am &olng into these prices very carefully 

with Gladstone’ and Ballou. 

Yours truly, 

Thomas A. Edison, Eaqe, 

Richayd H. Clarke, Esq, 
#49 & 61 Chambers Street, 

New York Oity. 

Dear Sir} 

Your latte. under date 2nd instant to Mrs Edison has 
wetnd ined oytarid were d owing to my ahgerige in the South. When the 
Wutometie Fignograyt Exhibition do. was Yormed Mr. Edison Joana 
% Dey ‘oxtetelin eum ot ttonay, whith are now represented by the 
Sudatients that v= ond. The Company failed in its objeet and 
“Uemohatyated Vhat it projdators erred in tte ir ‘estimate of the 
wetue of the bivintes, Mr. Kdivoni wae not one of this.number and 
Hever wig in sympathy vith the mothads | adapted. On the contrary, 
he protusted aghinet +e sohenme when it waa brought to his atten- 
tion. He does not tdo} thet ‘there ta ety personal responsibility 
Stashing to him in eny mérnor mhatsubyer. He bas never advoceted 
-ahything other that laditimate DA of the phonograph, and the 
present atgte of tho Autdmktie Phonogteph Exhibition Coe is an 

oe 2 oo 

eipdugnt endoracipnt of hig views. foe 

Youra very truly, 


Private Seo’ ye 

eed eet 




ny. Altheush 




dark as 

I R22 


Btirnetion Go., 
the Pault 

Comany, I am 


to b 

1 a> 


nh Blectriaal 


What appears 




a Divactor in t 


it» tie present policy of the General Electeis Comp 


April 6, 1893. 

oat peabladi ssa 

My dear Mra Bowker,- 

Your letter of 4th instant address2d fio 

at Orange, haa been forvarded to me here, and I teke pleasure 
sending to ym herewith 2 latter of introduction from Mro &didon 

to the Superintendent of the Ogden Mine. Upon presentation cf 

this letter, any cepresentative of "Harper's Magazine" will he 

permitted to make a drawing of the Sepagator, as desired. Mrs 

Edison was véry pleased to comply with your request o 


ae i oe 22 
te ae 
Private Sétre tary. 

Re Re Bowker, Beqe,’ 
The Baisoh Rlectric Illuminating Co., 
- New York. . é 

April @, 1893, 

Mrro Oo Je onley, Sup'to, 


New Jersey & Penn'a.e Concentrating Worka, 

Edison, No Jo 

Dear Sirt- 

This letter will be handed to you by 8 repponantative of 
HARPER tS MAGAZINE, who visits Ogden tor the purpose of: making a 
. drawing of my ‘Magnetic Separator, for reprodustion in the periodi~ 
oal named... The Artint hes my permission ‘to male a@ ekatch of the 
“apparatus, arid yeu wilh therefore please ‘admits him to the MOEEHs 
and see that he is furniehed with ‘Buch facilities ‘aa he may rom 
gaits. in the aocomplisinient of his purpose. 

Yours very trady, 

‘April 6, 1693 
ro Levis Miller, 
Aulonen, Miller & Go., 
‘Akron, Ohio. 

Dear Sir:- 

Mr. Edigon has wecelved from your secretary a letter 

addressed to you hy Mr. H.E.Dick, of Chisago. When Mr. Dick womez 
ta New York, Mr. Edison wil) arrange with him about the nouse, 
ca t am writing Mr. Dick to that effect by to-day's mail, Mz. 
wad won Wishes to knoy before arranging about the house ‘what mon thes 
would suit you best. He wodd prefer August ana Septambar. 

‘ Yours very truly, 

Private Secretary ~ 

false Tors Ave, 

Chiesa a, Tate, 

Dear Sir:- 

Mr. Lewis Miller, af 

Edison a letter which he raveives 

Chicago. Mr, Edisen directs 
you about the house when you 
he will do = jointly with Mr. & 

to rent the house for the nani: 

has to consult Mr. Miller in the mnssy 


ly until he ‘hears from him. Hehe: 

subject by to-day's mail. Mr. 

the would suit you best during * 

August and September be just as_ 

August? Please advise him upon 



oison wn d nr reta 

Misi ar wear 
krnoy vrat aon. 
>, Woul a 
AS LY ond 
> aud onlige, 

Yougs very trily, 

My dear Gir John,~ 

T have received, through Mre George 

tha Batson United Phonogragh Co. , 

Hunre of 

your letter of 23rgq ultime, in 

Yegard to supplies for rech arging, your phonogreph battery, 

Ty have to 

~day instructed the Edi 8on Manufacturing Company va 

Bend to you the necessary material for renewing 5 "tT cella, 

the Raine W411 go forward to y 

ou by un baal steamer. 

Arvat¢ ament a wilt, T hope, soon be completed whiet will 

-ANMADLS wm to obtain these battery supplies in London and do 

away with the necessity of. sending to this goun try for theme 

Arasting that you aontinue to derive mach pleasure from the 

T am, yours, Sincerely, 

‘ oa 

Bin Yon Pender, 
\ 77) . 46 A¥lington Ste, : 
{ Landgn,. We; > ‘England. 

Mew York, April 7, 15@3. 
Jo Wo Gladstone, Esq«, Manager, 
Edison Manufacturing Company, 

#110 Bast Bird St., New York City. 

Dear Siri-~ 

1 enclose herewith correspondence from Mrs George 
Monro .of the Batson United Phonograph Coe, end Sir John Penler, 
Tondim, in vegard to renewal material for the latter's phonograph 
battery. | | ? 

Plpéye adnda Parvard immediately to Sir John, supplies for 
yechareing five Wp gells, and notify him when the aut ouent L5 
mds. 2 

- tradiash as: the London agents of the, General Fleatrie Company 
td evidently wiRiding and desire-to sell our bat teries; I cannot 

-.winderstena why they are not suppiled with them. Have you any 

+ wpqugeitseng from these people unfilled? 

Yours sraly, 

Ho do Gastro, Eago, 
o/o Mezures Mo Strouse & One, 

Noe 49 Eroad Sto, New Yorke 

Desr Sirt- 
Y haves your note of Sth instant, sad have ayraiured 

for a Kinetograph to be in operation at Myo Edison's Laboratory 

an Ovanre, Ne Jo, on Wednesday next, T2th instant. UP you wha 

eoll at the Leboratery on thet date the machine will be beady tor 
inspection. When you reach the Laboratory aak to Bae Mro John 
Fe Otte 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 

April 26, 4893. 
Mye doin Po Ott, 
The Edigon Laboratory, 

“Orange, Ne J. 

Dear Sirse 

A Sentleman by the nam or Eo da Castyo will prebably 

e312 at the laboratory. en Wednesday noxt, 12th inatant, for she 

Purpose of inepeeting the ‘inet ograph. TI have instructed him to 

ask for you when. he redenad the Lsborstory, and will be obliges 

if you wild Pleane see that tho Xinetograph is shown to him in 

“opsration, Mr. de Caet ra has nad some sorrespondence with Mire 

Edison relative to the purchane ‘of several ‘of these Gechines. 

‘ Yours truly, 

April 1, 1892, 
Mro John Fo Ott, 
The Hdison Laboratory, 

Orange, Ne do 

My dear Sirs- 

There. is a picture somewhere in the Laboratory of 

the original phonograph now in the Kensington Museume I want thie 
pieture for our exhibit at Chicago. Wili you please have it un-~ 

earthed and sent into me at thiia office: 

Yours very trvly, 

Mrs John F. Randolph, 

The Edison Laboratory, 

Orange, No Jo ff 

My dear Sirt~ 


T want to have photographed the Jetter which Mise 

Edison received fron the Princes of Wales, and T also want to hays 


a duplicate made of the Albert Medal _ Thase are for out exhintt 

in Chicago. Please ask Mr. Rai gon if T may have tid 8 dine, and 

if so, kindly get from Mr Bais gon the Letter and Meda, end 

keep same for. me until T am next ‘at the PADORA TORT ¢ When you ban 

hend them to mee Twili, of course, see that the very bést of 

sare is taken of the letter ‘and Mada and that they are yefumea | 

in dug times . - 

Yours very traly, 


Teese Se lignan, Meade, 

Tosummet gob at Mite Eafgon ta-gay. ar 7 

out 2a a mine toemarrow amt crobahiy- 
Ssturdaye WLLL you net oblige me vy 34 Stine 
mo have e# oheok for five tieasn1g aallava on agcouns Bomoney 


tac the Works, oeneeriiag wich 1 hed s eonversutien «iH 

was mornings The ndyvinees made to the Worka have caly hem gufe 

Tis semi tery pay our Labeo bills, end in crder to avoid enbarrs ag 

ment if i: necessary for me to wee apart of tha sin refersed to ab 

OVS Torddl comeni: Mr. Ediven at the ticet oo sortunity aboot 

4nG@ deduction of cammisaicas, end meanrhile T hopa you witli e 

tand tome the favour whieb Y ark. 

John H. Puieston, Esq, 
Na, 2 Bank Building», Prides Sto, 
London, Eo Cy »England, 

Dear Sir: 
Your letter of “9th ultimo is at hand. T-have already 
stated to you that Tt never rg scet ved a Single dollar of the money 

you speak off, and T have never been able to ascertain why T dia 

not. Tam not under obligations, directly or indirestiy, morally 

or legally, to any person on this. acoenunt o 
Yours traly, 


4pril 18, 1893, 
Te OW, Flagstone, Eaqe, Manager, 

Edi son Marat ac turing Company, 

New Yori. 

Dear Sir:.. 

T have your letter of 14th inetant in regard to 

Place order for these with the Works, 
and keep track of the prices, 

faredic frame Sides, 

80 that when bills ‘are rendéred 

ato the matter and eut the prices doyn if necessary. 

to-day writing the Works on the aubjent. 

Yours traly, ~} 

Avrat 18, ‘ings, 

86 recslved yous letter of L4ti; in stent, 
“1 Praply that if the Tre m4 on YO propoay 

Const mes ion Comp 

any for your Sérvicen tg 

Su Start ty finish, ae conalderg 44 PES gan 


Yours + mily, 


Dear Sirti 

Tn HRean® +o the gue 

wish ta have anewered, Mr. Edi son direst s me 

prefer £9 show actual results 


or mre, 

arsed Je Hoten 

Myre i ala received your letter of: 

{li be handling 6,000 tons of rock dai 

at a coat of 35 pwr cubic yerd, on railroads, 

April 19, 189%. 

Kica, Fsqo, 

34 % 36 Wall Street, 

New Yorke 

12th instant « 
stions concerning rock out ting whieh yoa 
to say thut. he would 
in October ext , énen his Company 
ly. and moving it 1,000 fte 

put with 

new ore handling appliances. 

Yours yery truly, 

Private Secre tery. ~> 

% Abs 

pn teyesta, TAAhanee 

He, Beisor ins renel vad Your jetter of Anat ant, 
pormbasion 6 ambady in A seriee ev articiss on insul- 

adtore pad eertect ure ciel year are pablieting in the "Eiest rieal 
Woo 2 an asenmaat of yugh t jeoretical work ag you may Ywmre dane 


Mre Bdi aon d4yreets mo 

cis Pape rabary e Cn 

ict Pais Pate . 
sf 7 a ee 

ano, Adiceetion andicated are 

yap erin ont a in 

yin yo 
pet competed, and he 3008 not wish any 4n format ion eonecventiit:. f, 
Sa paphasned at presente Rep vetting that ne is unabi2 to some 

witn your yaqast 



Mey 4, 1903. 
de Ae WMikisr, 
Oeaes, Urange Soo, 


Dear Madame, - 

Your Letter of 28th: 

+ 4a 

wltimt hax heen reeei ved by 

Mr. Bdlzone From the description santained trerain of the: 


Lightning Rod on your revidence, ro Béaieen sensiders: the building 

Sei ae eal 

to bs. perfeatly sate Tron damage by 32 ghiriding,, provided the ends 

of the vod are. buried in vary denp carth. Whether om not thia. 

condition ia complied with in th: eese in question is not stated 
in your lattare 

A very thin coating of platinum is generally: 

pat on the points of Hehtming roda , and ag this anvolves tart, 

1ittde oxpense, the probabiiity (a thet inveatigation: would.stow 

that platimm had been emp lmyed. in the eraee of your: lightning vod, 
u a8 repregenteac 


It ig not neaessnry to. ineulate the rod fram the 
dod work, of house; at one time it was thought necceasary to do. 

this, but tho, idea has long since been exploded 

Truating that thts An for m¢ion will relieve you of some 
amtiety in the mattér 


fT an, Youre xO arsot fad dyy, 

Messrs. Du Boia 2 Ta Bois, 
The Tnvent¢t Lve Age, 

Washington, D. 0. 

Dear Sirat~ 

Your letter of Qnd instant has beey reoetvad by Mr. 
Edison. With peaeranes to the firet question contained ‘therain, 
he does not believe that tha formation of trusts interfergs with 
inventore. In reply to the second question as to how invention — 
and inventors would be affegtied: by, free trade, Mr, Bai son Bays 
that "If wages ‘are to bp kept up" to the prgsent standard, ane 
‘ventors would ‘have a broadineg field for ¢qualizirig wages By the 
invention of lsbor saving detioves * He vaya firthen, that. "Ag 
Jong as the Us 8. courte give the pasate of dn iriventton the 
benefit of the law's delay: the ty geker Hee tio Prete tion Phateo- 



Yourls tray, 


eid y 


Mextsra., Reng hew, Rekeydch & Gee, 
Noo & Suffolk %: ane, Carnon St., 
London, Eo Co, Englarvide 

Dear Sivai~ 
T anelese herori¢n. tye cirenlare concerning the 

phonegeanh whieh hevs been en by Mongra. Jo Lewis Youruy mang 
Wo Bo Yeuns, and beg ts request that yoo wil examine thease with 
the view of preventing what eppeare ¢o me %> be mn improper vse 
ar omy NBM. Tn order toast yor any understand the vLiuesion par- 
Mi Me *¢ sxpletn thas several ‘aenthe kaa the phonograph rights 
4n Great Britain weyy PUxehnced by the Bat wrn-Bel? Phenor Pari 
corperetion, Limited, vs Londons Shortly after this nanan: 
“‘Mrro Wo Re Yung, who at one Ti soes wae an himey of The Nowth fins 

Precogratan Co in Canada, preeoeded 6 horgon with a numbes,, a? 

Plesnographe purchaved {rm the United States and. atbempted ‘ta ex 

~ehlish an independant tn BLNGEB e Taewagh the medium of The North 
American Phenogreyin Compesy atsgs linve taon taken te ent aff this 
Sur pL of Avatars and Ms prevent 9 px0-Rs -injusties being don : 
sovevwia the English Goce VYhe Horses > ‘Young have done Ouery 
vhimr io thelr power to atacre dit the English Ocrparation, nyt! 

wari a ants camaemiinga 2h Te. , avert are simply | 
EE berkay.o Myo Je “Le ts Young's salar as - Nee @9 Fore Ste london, 


. > ey: gy? 
Ke Go, ii To vest ya. aaa kinds: 

May hy 28930 

aftaet that ys Heve been Anstrustsd hy me to take 912 steos 
fhecestary to prevent thea yy roper uze of my name, As welt as 
uf! The North Ame tet aw Phenoveeagh Goo The anmller edrakar of the 
yt anetosed. ie heudad North Avezicnun Phonograph Office,” Mic 
avident Intent hein: te eonvay tha fupression that a premh GY 


Ths Nerth Amyricen Company hes bean eas nhLigned in Londons This 

ie an abeghately noes thoriced use of 4h seme of The Noxtlr dine 

Br norris) 000, ard I feel aantiaend that the laws of your 
eountesg wilh. provide relief aasanet ster wes migreprenentatiovte 
Srowld via require are Purther information in reravd to the 
Maplist: Uawmany, please aateandeate with Mersrna, Bireham & Coo, 
59 Old Sroead Sto, London, Ee. Co | 7 

Yours very sealy 

May 18, 1893, 

Messra. Dyer & Seely, 

No. $6 Wall St., New York. 

Dear Siras- 

Mr. Edison has received your letter of 10th instant, 

informing him that the claim contained in nis application No. 900, 
on placing the motor which propels the phonograph diredtly under 
the shaft, has been rejected by the Patent Office, In reply he 
direets me to inform you that the advantages obtained by this 
arrangement of the motor are as follows: 

l. It gives long driving belt. 

2. It prevents wobbling, as 91d phonograph overhung. 

Bo It is more solid and compact, ' 

4. Longer belt eben transmission of motor vibrations 

_to phonograph shaft, stov, ete. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretarye: 

May 28, 1893, 

Messrs, Dyer & Seely, 

No. 36 Wall St., New York, 

Dear Sirag;- 
Mr. Edison Hee received your lettiss of 13th instant, 

relative to the interference between him and Ball, with regard to 

the patents on triple separation of ores, and he regrets that it 

dp impossible for him to Fit the date in April on which he firat 

put into practice this triple separation, At present John Ott 

is sick, and is angent from the Laboratory, and Duncan, who warked - 

on the experiment, Sannot be found, 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary, 

Tt. Je Smith, Bsq., 

The Es S. Greeley ¢ Go., 

#5 & 7 ney St., Mey York, 

Dear Bic;. 

Tf Gonsn2 Garcia haa not yet left for Guat eng la, 
Mr. Edison will be pleased to have hint visit 

the Latoratory 
at Orange, N, 

Te, on any fay which he may find it dotivenient to 
do a0, 

T regret the delay whioh has octurred in gend 

ing you this 

bit it yaa Unavoldakle. Mr, Edison hag been ahsent 

and it was found iMfvagtivsble tg bring the matter of your re. 

‘Mest ta his attention varlier than yesterday, 

Yonrs truly, 

Private Sacretary, 

New York, May i9 
F. S. Gorten, Bae, 
Giiengo Edison Too, 
Yhiengo, Iii, 

Dear Biv yee 

Meo Ed.son has asked me to thank you for your letter 
to Brow of the 9th inet. He appreciates your kindness in offerring 
tG aeeare for nim seccmodationgs at Chicago, and would gladly 
aWatl hinvelf thersaf tut fos the fact that all the arrangements 
in eddneeeon , te oropoSed visit to the Pair are already tom- . 

plated, In conjunevion with nis father-in-law, Mr. Bdison has 

fenved th. resiuence of young Dick and will stay there while in 

Agein thanking you in his behalf, I. am, 

Yourg vary truly, 

May 19, 1893. 
Perke & Laoy Goo; 
21 & 23 Fremont street, 

San Francisoo, Gallo 

Dear Sirs;~- 7% ; _ 

aan ge 

“Mrs Edison has received your letter of oth instant, 
in regard to Magnetic Ore Separators. In reply he. directs mo to 
‘verer yodto a, Buohannan, ob dvituston;. Ne Je, and also to &. 
Hoffman, each of whom make a Separator. 

Mrs Edisq n's Ore Milling Company has four belt machines, 

each of which will do 100 tons in twenty hours, and which the 

Company will sell for $1,000 each Fo 0. Be New York. These ma~ 
a : “ | ae) 

chines ‘cost $1,600 aplese, and they perhaps do finer work: than 
you need. “Each machine requires 12 horse’ power. Mr. Edison 
fo und’ ‘it’ necessary to replace them by machines of a larger size. 

tg Se Yours truly, 

To Wo Gladstone, Esqe, Manager, 
Edison Wanufacturing Company, 

New York. 

Dear Sir:- 

I have veceived your telegram of to-day's date in 

regard to iron clad motors. 
The Works will have some motors out to-morrow, and by the 

end of the week you ought to be receiving a regular supply. 

Yours truly, 

May 23rd, 1803. 
Cornish & Gar, 
Washington, Ny Je 


“thee orgin cade referred to in your letter of 17th oe 
wae duly yacetyed at the Labratory at orange. Hrs Edison will 
doe iP thie omse Gan be alterdda in such a way as to make 4¢ 
available foe use in connection with the Phonograph, and if 60 he 
will apk you to ote @ price at which. fou ‘can supply aaye in 
lota of 100 or ao, He ig very much obliged for yaur promptitude 
in shipping the samplé cage, and will commnisate with Yots && soon 

as the altorationa have been completed, which r¥@ ndoessary to 

make it confornt gh to the requirements of tho Ynondardph,, 

Yours very truly, 

Private Sa qratarys’ 

wer os 

My dehe 2i¢. Rdison- 

B Mantite you s foe = ge 
Mv. Gaidina, Hananer Of tite: Metter Dos, 
JOMPERG» eltipr ing the order whieh gees 1... 
Ob Kenmniig ampere Metwten Yk locks ve. |, > oe 
«hia fiptay wale odpastondh oe gegouns of cen < 3 | if 
yorrgert smd the gent, Kleotetecu. nero.) eiy " oO 
Dood tak this is the weapon ws beh nie 
‘the Soebent, snd 34 wae suddenty“enwye::i:.. P a beh 
Hive -aypeatinnpy set deme one’ abepyiele ini wes re mee 
Sipane sinh Rr. Hepicius hae eeeiedini: 
this-qatwen im bande 12 you. Belew thy <n 
teveded T wya WAbaght yb comlarpredabty cee 
Man Wupepwot td lope with the-deiter,s oss: CHa) yeh mi 
| Spgppe mia “Many meters tH neopEe ottes cho tent ces | i | 
pg eat Sieg wre gggnge te HavedtM@ ra: ec tet. iy 
TW tt teat dn a 
‘sa eam sv) ete ea gene ieee. - 6 wahdicee 
TERA gpe tpt MALU aipathedieTaee Oapey ie aap tu 
‘bap in shee MEppieh, ME COR, Eerie acti, of 
‘ney aa them OWE a aaa Se Ge ge in 
Teck. ane yey tay, be Cn fh 
“conte by BAbgon, Rage Ge TBS 

May 31, 1893, 

R. Ge Dun & COs, 

Noe 768 Broad St., Newark, No J, 

Dear Sira;~ 

Your letter under date 26th instant has been referreg 

to md, and I keg to inform you that the Kdison Manufacturing co, 
ig not incorporated, 

It is one of Mr» Edison' 

§ personal enter~ 


It is onr intention to incorporate thia business some 
time in the future, 

but We are not prepared ta do #0 at present, 

Yourg truly, 

Privdte Secretary, 

Mey 31, 1893, 

My dear Mr, Kenneliy,- 

T have received an inguiry from some 

friends of ours in regard to an Ohm meter for measuring the 

insulation of lighting installations, and also ® Watt meter 


.lamp test work, 

Could you get these instruments up and would 

they be very expensive? 

I am informed that there ig & large 

gemand for them both here and abroad, 

Yours very truly, 

Ae Ep Kennelly, Eaqe, 

The Edison Laboratory, 

oe 3 

Oram. Ny Fo 

May 31, 1893. 

My deur Mr, Edison, ~ 

Referring to the letter which I wrote to you 
25th instant, suggesting that the General Electrio Company had 
delayed their order for meters on account of their contreet with 
you not having been closed, and which you have returned to me, 
indicating thet in your belief the suspension of this order was 
occasioned because they are hard up, the Manufacturing Company has 
received a letter from Mr. Haskins which confirms my suspicions to 
a considerable extent. I will send you a copy of this letter 
(Gladstone has it at present or I would enclose it herewith). 
They reaffirm the order for the meters, but they state that in the 
event of a certain contract now pending being closed between you 
and themselves, these meters shall ‘be manufactured for them upon 
the terms specified in this contract for the manufacture of certain 
other dvives ~- that is at a profit of 20% of 30%, I do not ex~- 
actly recollect which. Now this arrangement concerning manufactme 
upon & percentage basia was made in view of the fact that you con- 
templated constructing articles covered by patents belonging to 
the Gen'l, Electric Co. We would, of course, be very glad _ 
undertake this work upon a percentage basis, but they have abso- 
tutely no right to ask us to make. the same arrangement for devices ; 

in no way controlled by them, and I have instructed the Manufactur~_ 

Sng Coo to write Mrs Haakines to this effect. If they chenss to 

Te he Eo 

Wwe Will gp 

I am in favor 


Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

Orange, Neo To 

May 34, 1893, 

us the order for meters upon the terme originally 

0 ahead inmediately, they are unwilling to 

of marketing the instrumentg ourselves, 
evident thar after Mr, ; 

Yours very truly, 


deo this, 

It ig quite 

May 51, 1893, 

My dear Mr. Edison,~ 

I enclose herewith a letter from Mr. Glad- 
stone in régard to the English agency. I do not care to accept 
this proposition, inasmuch as the young man in question has no 
Standing in London, and I would rather do no business at ali than 
to have partial or incompetent representation. 1 think you wong 
agree with me as to this, 

I believe you met Mre Hirat, who represente The General 
Electric Company of London, This concern is not connected in any. 
way with the General Electric 0o., of America, Mrs Pe S. Dyer 
informs me that Hiret's Company transact the largest supply bu- 
giness in London, and they are expanding very rapidly. ‘They 
desire toe represent the Ediaon Mariufadturing 0o., and I want to 
take them & propodition. B84 far #a# batteries and motors are 
concertied, ee do this how, but t widh to ébtein your advice in 
regard to Kenhe lly devices. We ought to pay KétireYiy a royalty 
on these. How meh do yon thisk it should be? we will net not 
Let than $50 each om ampere meters, yoit materg, and thére will 
“de & large margin oF prdPit in the volt indicators foxy high prea- 


Yaurs very tuly, 

Fo P. Fish, Esqe, 

General Electric Co., 

' #44 Broad St., New York, 

Dear Sirt- 

Mr. Edison has received your letter of 24th instant, 

in regard to the olassification of the data contained in his old 

Laboratory note books, and says in reply that he will be glad te 

turn these books over to Mr. Jenks so that your suggestion miy be 

carried out, 

If you wili send Mr. Jenks to the Laboratory Mr. Edison will 

provide him with a man to agaist in the collection of the note 


Yours truly, , 

byrivate Secretary, 

“You hat better consuit Mr, Kennelly about this, and Let me-khow 

dune lat, 1893, 
Jo W,. Gladstone, Esq., Manager, 

Bdaljson Manufacturing Go., 

#10 RB, zsva ste, NK. y, 

Deat Sty) .0 

Y have ydur letter of the 27th ultimo in veyatla to 
ai apparatip for battery vork eniploying the uiternating turtent, 

what 4% would coat td obtpin a model, 

Yours very truly, 

Private Se oretary. an 


Mey 31,° 1294, 

Joseph Thompson, Exdoys 

Real Estate & Law Building, 

Atlantle City, Ne Js 

’ Dear Sirge-- 

With weferenee to the Storage celle which ware 


warded by vou gome tims ago to Mro Edison's Laboratory, i osg to 

inform you that these cells are Still at the Laboratory, and 

would like them te remain there, 

if you have no objection, They 

have been subjected to’ numerous teste and in their present con-~ 

dition would be of very little use to you. ‘The batteries can be 

made of service to us. in experimental work and we therefore wish 

to ratain them. I am quite willing to purchase the cells, and 

iP you will inform me as to their value will sehd you a check for 

the amount, Please let me hear from you in the matter, 

Your letter of April loth was permitted to rémain unanewered 

- owing to my prolonged absence from homd. 

Yours ‘trtty, 

Sees CX. 

eee Ee hn 

“a Es rend 
: ce 

; at 

Rrivate Sanretary. 

~ « 

June 3rd, 1893, 

Ao Be Kenedy, OQ 

Gsanpe. nN, Je 

Neer Siven 

% have rour letter of ist inst.s in reply to mina ot Bhat, 

ihe re shinmesere ing WALENSTE UR» 

The inquiry in repard tp thabd 

Me ers cama frem The General Flectric So. of Londen, There Pepe 

resentative, Mr Hirst, assurad me that there was A lange ald yoo 

advise me about what it would sest to vompletp 

el eno If you can 

& portable watimater, I wiid endeavor to obtitin att Order fvem the 

becorad Eleetric Goo for « certain number’. of‘them, Z db not 

comsamplate off 

ering thess instruments to the genvred ttade, Bht 

the chmneters we corld handles in conjunstinn with tie voi tetany, 

sm view of your statement that the ingbruments are praotivkily 


Yours very truly, 

June “6th, 1893, 

The fron Trade Review, 

Cleveland, Ohio, . 

Deay Sirse... 


Edison hag reosived your letter of 2nd inst, 

The omshing rolls to which you refer ‘have been abandoned by him 


Ais ore milling process, and it would. therefore be hardly worth 
: | While to publi 

sh an article concerning them, 

Yours very truly, 

Private Secretary, 

Jurle 7, 1893, 

My cigar Mo, Eadisoz.,~ 

To have just received the Bates Oo, Prigh 
Balance and Statam:nta for Jime lat, 

Their Acconnts Receivable 

Bnownt to $4,'792.05, 

“alle their Assounte Payatile are only $442.54, 
ivable sre ala good. 
loves ti gating the credit 

These Accounts Rece 

Bates is very careful in 

of his customers and never open an fe~ 


until he nas received a satisfastory nonmercint report. 

Yourg very truly, 

Thomas Ae Edison, Eee, 

Cranga, N. 7, 

Thomas A, Edison, Hz Go 

Wwe edy) OF + 
Uranats Me ., 

My deny Mire Edison, 

Referring to our conversation of yesterday in 

regard to the manufacture of twenty-five (25) sets of Bhotiophidx 

instwunents, we are very much pressed fpr vhase, and it 46 wogt 


desirable that ther pe gotten out as quickly as possible, the 

National Transit Goo has ordered material PoP she. evvipment of 

another eirveuit on their lines, and to £41) the order, we wAI1 be 


the neceasity of borrowing sdéme instrumentg, not heaving satfu 

‘Leient om hand. JI shall therefure be mich obliged if you wil do 

What you can to hurry forward this york, 

Yours very trily, 

June 7, 1893, 

M7 ner baw, iiigon, « 

You have already been Lnformea that the 
Geners? Bleetyig C26 

lu ve confirmed theiy order for Kennelly 

Ampare: metera, 200 in nomber, st $30 each. The Edison Menufsc turing 
Cou eveht basily to lear betwaan four and five thousand dollars 

.On this order, This number of instruments ig sufficient only for 
Or the Gen'it. Blegs 


BRuiples £ 

Yie Coo, and we will doubtlesa get 
Bnothes. ordagy ber 

Ore the first ig finally completed, az1 of which 

MeENS that tie Edison Manufacturing Co. 

should be on "veryetn 
befors wany mwonthe, 

Yours truly, 

¢ fs 
Thoms A, Sdison, Esqo, 

Orange, Ne 3, 

June 8, 3893, 

Edison Fhonograph Wor ks y 

Orange , Neo Jo 

Dear Sirvgs~ 

The General Electric Company have confirmed itheiy 
recent order for Ampere Meteors, We desire to conmence im- 
mediately the manufacture of 500 sf these instruments. oh 
Sloss herewi th a detailed list of tie parte entering into thig 
order, the larger portion of whieh you will ve able to carry 
“Wurough on contract. As soon as thie ordor is under way, please 
ist me have a statement showing vhet parts are being manufactured 
witey contract, 1 have requested Mr. Kennelly to see Mr. Ballou 
it odd that no delay my be encountered through any of the de-~ 
tails baing lost sight of. Please request Ur. Pillow to consult: 
Win, fdidon tétere edimending the mamttubture 6f these ine trumente. 

Yours truly, 


VMOU EE bk ere et iD vue OOS bree ae 

June $, 189%, 

Ao Eo fennelly, Esqo, 
The Ediron Laboratory, 

Orange, N, To 

Dear Sirs. 

I have sent to Mr. Ballou the list of parss whieh yo: 

prepared for 500 Ampere Meters, I learn from Mr, Edison that 
this order wit be proceeded with ag 500m aa you arinounse a sais... 
fantory and Permanent model, . Suppose that this car be done 
without delay. You, of course, understand that I em very anxion. 
ta have this order Completed at the earliest Possible moment, 

Yours very truly, 

dre 13, 1893. 

Toh Fe Yood, BEQo:, 
Oko 1S & Liberty Stes 
ew York, 
Deas Siyge 
With Wetprenee to the enoloséd letter of the Fidelity 

a casualty Co. in regard to the statin boliews at Mr. Edison's. 
Laboratory, I beste say that ‘the Baboook dha Wiicor Company were | 
inturmed of the resvit of the examination made by the F. & Go Go's 
Inspector, ard they were requestsd ta make the changea pacoununaeds 
Mo Co Jo Wolfensen, Assistant Superintendént of the B & We Co. 
made & personal inspection of Boilers + & Ay and he pronouncad the 
equalizing tubes condemned by the Ke & 0. cots Inspector to ve as 
gocd now #8 when they were frst put im; hy saye thtt they ave 
cApHble of stancing & presspre very mugh highay them any they 
Would ever he mnjected ty Bt the Teboyktory. Mrs Wolrénden took 
avey with lim twc of the tubes in qusetiod, in olde ‘ta teut then, 
ahd he expressed it gs him opinion that théy Would be fount ¢spable 
of standing & preszure of apout two thonagna Pounds. The tubes 
‘taken away have, of sourse, teen réplaped Hy new ene, 7% have 
not cokmmicated with the Fidelity @ Oastaity Ca. in the matter, 
deeming it best to leave that fo¥ your persona) attenti dite 

. Youre tidy, 

Pyivate Secretary, 

Aaree nanver ef hiua vinta 

“WD eive you « mn Rae 

Bags a 

x a ‘ % 
vane dio Bo Mtoe Co 

POON Nae mate eA Re ete eae 

LO, 195 4 UG 
147 Bis Wo 4 
A? BG S.89 



in Soing or has done work Saxe 

Larges consern, Atenana 

thé game partiar biooon 

“0 theau inetunses for your own private Ente y 
4 Pecpie know that they are bidding agni-. 

aN Date 

Yours tundy, 

fa SOPre ivy AN tog : 
Wily Kectrie cempany, 

ew “ares 

stme 30, 18935 
Hien iton Milkor. Bags, 

Bdivan Chonograns Works, 

Geanae, Yo do 

Sieur Siwe~ 

“ike you ta rearranrce the organization of the 
iSeking Departissat whaeth handlar the EAigon Monufacturing Co's 
a Rarer Put Myo Pardee in inmeiiate charge of this Lepartment 
wider 4 ont supervision, and relieve Hooper of arg mach slerteak 

“ork aa porsibte.s flag meke the change with veferense to packin:. 

Slip forms vaish you explained to m this mrninge 

Yougs truly, 

aay te, WR 

Fo We Piaiignons, Regs 
Wanager oF tha BAjRon putt phoning 4 9. 
110 Beant 239g At. > Hh 

Dédr shi 
t anoione noenatva a letter whos x paneled Srtat tit 

Hiern Manager oMtne Megteien’ Enpinswe’, 20 ragAya 46 dig 
. Grasdi, of WEAR tdaly, who 42 <} wiwaent 4 thie counter Ye 

@ intende galling on you Wk the wide SP Adtwiging Fo Haare 

{i oaaw in nts actntey. WENG “you prenaw wt bend | gocebed 

abbot when he Beibe ionpy ‘pert yet AltA ahs wine based 
i wih, Have wd Bnd WAND. soubelr watvdentes lil acy i 

hae. fhothe? we fers ww. be an und, naeleedis 
(a Neay, perhaps pod sah detenge WEVA Py. abasl td. saciagh 

Aid vb owe othe? avtlids cubes ‘ 
" Seed pony: etrly, 

. 2 
oR as 
BA Breka Bt,, Boy York, Pais 8, 46, 
Saume ‘i, Oo 

Miller, Xnq,, Treagty,, 

The Nisaragua dana Ponstruetion compare, 
Noo 44 Yan) Be, ‘ew York, 

‘7aY Birege 

With referehes to your letter of 2éth uitims, in 

“saard to my Subsoriptidn stor 25 shares of the gtpok of ydur 
vcmpany, reply to which bas been xmavolupay aedayea, T PAB 49 
“nfornt you that Mr, Yotohe lee wetitee my wneans weary tadly, ang on 
the underatanding thet X woudd~eoy ‘ve walled Gath tg Pay the 
“Snount of this stheeripyon Daron Fahtury abo, t KAU Ho Atak, 

oa not have doite 26 -im wn) ‘BER Yomi tof, and ¢ ao. nt 

think % should ty Walled ‘upoh Bor payee Wits + 
“Yaurs tmidy, 

he tts ated 

Lockers qaets got nner ea wat eA go 

Bison Builds ng-Broad St reat 

july Bin, 3895. 

Haaliton Mixler, Req,, 
¥dison Phonograph Works, 
Orenge, No Jy 
Dear Sivan 
I beg to refer to you the anglosat Aettar from Yr. 
Suites in vegard to delays in the ahigment of gots uvdered by the 
Mun 2geturing Company. This complied at Boek to do & titt1e laty 
bu. 2 hope that you have rerorganived thd Baippihg Ysparéinent. And 
aex now mking prompt ES seep of the NatniZadtturt ng Company "4 
Bods. It ie very important that goods ba ghippdd with despaton, 
ani you mat give this matter your peraoml attention. 
Yours very tantly, 

rte ig 

A ms 
ma ee a othe se 

(1 Eps.) 

Ydison Butiding-Broad st reet 

July lath, t4os, 

To A, Benson, Eaq., 

‘Omaha, Neb, 

Dear Sirra. 

Thavé reselved your igiter Of the Jit inde. 

di Pegara 
to the Kinetograph, 

Y SHY Mr. EAiadn abont gen duye eee dnd he 
tHe senty-tive Kinttogiapha uptid b¢ seedy abort. 
the end of thiN mohth, ant that “fous woth hbve a hutttded movd with- 
in thirty days thepdattar, 5 tink dhe tid WHthh ne natsow doe | 
the dblivery of the Yvepmi Yor 43 ees Mabey bik ony wah £ di Bb - 
ing to wo aed Anh Shy to adh wih delllnuhita, 7 wide We wets 
have no adertality Da Naan maBeManaernt wlan bh. wed ts on 
$end beyond cult Ware's fie, + aa gee bob lays theg ke, HE ie 
Womreressxia by srabbedhy ss aenaeidabs, kd dave tottis Auchesn 
‘ap te date ark y whet bate ai Be wame YO Weiss 6x ethan” at tere 
Anaiosty, —_ a 
Peilke Weystayty, 

told me then thay 

Edison Building-Broad streed 

July 13th, 1893, 
Wo Re Smith, Bsa, Division operator, 
pennayl varie Raitroad Coe, 
Allegheny, . pad 
Bear Sirt-~ 
. Mr. Logue has referred to me your letter to him of 
and inst; 

We will purchase the three sets of Phonoplex instruments 
which you kindly forwarded at Mr. Logue's request, at half Stee: 
We cannot pay more than this for the reason that we are now having 
our instruments manufactured by ® new conserh whose prides aro - 
away below what we havo been paying, Pleagg advise mo if this is 

watisfastorys, and oblige, 
yours very troly, 

44 Broad Sto, New York, July 17, 189%, 

Messrs. Dyer & Seely, 

No. 38 Wali Street, New York, 

Dear Sirs. 

ft bes to advise ‘you that Mre Ao Bo hecitiay has inn 
vented & new Station Veuvnieter which operates between 115 ana 

125 volts, instead cf between zero and 125 volta, as in the case 

of allt other instruments of like character at present in UBE. 

This feature is unique and valuable and we desire to have it 

proteetad, Will you please send Sameone to the Laboratory ime 

mediately to nae Mr. Kennelly, who will provide all further par. 

tindars neces: sary to secure such protection. 

Yours truly, 

EDs PFs 

ear meer aus 7 ee 

ty Pty, 28H. 

fame Van flee. Esay, Se 


“tate Roued of Assessors, 

fsantor, Ne to 

Witn vefergues te the enolersed re port in regeut td | 


sul Yorks, 2 bee to inform you that thes Sompany 
UY GELSEPGUOR B4acapr on Naper, 

The Company #7 inecar- 

2. the 

Pituntion of 
Ven Wad subsequently 

the waltes, Na stock 

2ondutting a marhifactie let yodiitees, 
abandoned ant nething Nibther ¢he 

evnme in 

was ever Igsned, wor why val bas 

sunserlbed, nd co offlesre were appofntea. | 

Yours very trmely, 

| Oianuss, Ne To, July 3lst, 189% 
| Lj te 
| me: See , Below nt ry 
| Re h Me Jos Sos No Zo 
ers ‘ei Ow hia to be surokied immediately with 

Shei on aacmiyd te che pey volt of the 23rd Street office, 
woLe vem hor a igi of the enployses, specifying the“tution 

Siw eg bare paid te rache 

Youre very truly, 

Ornnge, Ne dey July Bist, 2883 

TN as, ’ 

Ia igs 
HLA Vad oe, 
Ad as ee 2 St ath get oa a ate ms, 
Woe 2d Streaen, New York, 

noe to your Binanesial Repert for tha week 

Mr, Edison wishes to be informed in regard 

“ieh you have din hand for metergyemounting to 

sony June that you are not sufficiently specifis 

ee HI vue 

th. tara "“meters® being somethat vague, 

| for whith you keve orders, pnd in fact you cannot 
in connection with any of the items Included in 

snortt, ae Mr. Zaiaon wants full dvformition in ra. 

Yours vory truly, 
C4 : 
bo Of ee os 

Teer pee ai i 

Wie Fetres ae 


30 Park Place, New York, 

August 2nd, 1893, 

ramen OLA Coe, Lite, 

inquiry concerning the Phonoplex ad- 

disun Generel Wleetrie Company, has been referred: 

2 Tov attention, 

The sost of 

Hib, intermediate Offias 

DVLGeEd for moans oL 
instruments osed in somee 
< ; 
at, absolute ucet price, 
VALS ra 
fhe annual royalty ener 
Giseudits of 50 mites in 
the royalty is $50. per year plus $1.00 per mile for each mize ¥ 

oP Ketye 

complete Phono plex equipment is about $80. 
including the necessary battery, 

BBS AOL ngs 

video? in same pe quire to bey 
A @undansar at & cost of $12. each, All 
ction with the Phono plex are furnished 
the bills which we render for same being 
veived by ourselves from the manufac tarts, 
cged for the use of the system is $50, for 

tength or under, and for lowger olroui ts 


This royalty is charged only for sueh periods 

has been in actual. operation; that is te Say if a 


the Phonoplex shoyld Pind it Cusicable to dige- 

suy three wonthe in eagh year, £ 

fn a Phonsntes 

"SBR pe 

age iene) i " F 
as aon August 2ntig +: 

bo ao munch onyalty, therefore our licensees comini t 


song ef9eNe. |. somaearion with the system excepting i 

is ta be desived therefrome 

chumerated in the foregoing, the t ime 

itelling the system are also 

Viesagec", gt. co i$ tres oniy a short time 

eg poss 
H Sded” Shee ae Se hg, REED te ae ay 

Lea oes nos amount to inerie 

wo dmosine, indieating the manbes er affiess 

iyed ou. v Hore whist: wondd require bridging, 

Pes gop te 

3 pleased to aupply ite oe 

Woe ouyagece., 42 Sh 

Trusting that you will decide upon adopting the Phono~ 

ho oye wold find of the greatest assietance in connec~ 

vor tehusesph work, We ares 
Yours very truly, \ 


Letterbook, LB-058 

This letterbook covers the period August 1893-March 1894. Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters deal 
with the business of the Edison Manufacturing Co. There are also numerous 
letters relating to the affairs of the Edison Phonograph Works and various 
other phonograph companies. Other letters pertain to mining and ore milling, 
the kinetograph, the mimeograph, electric traction systems, and the phonoplex 
system. Some of the correspondence concerns Edison’s personal finances and 
his relations with the General Electric Co. There are also letters to and about 
members of Edison’s family. Beginning on page 576 is a list of officers and 
directors of the Edison Electric Light Co. of Europe, the Automatic 
Phonograph Exhibition Co., the Edison Phonograph Works, and the North 
American Phonograph Co. The front cover is marked "1893." The book 
contains 702 pages. There is no index. Approximately 10 percent of the 
book has been filmed. Related documents for this time period can be found 
in LB-053 and LB-059. 


Jonn F, Randolph, #sq. 
Edison Laboratory. 
Orange, No dc 
Bear Sit:-~ 

T return herewite bLY sf ore eutumstos Compeay? = nave 

written to these people iv acsardags wiih Me, Beiison’s ne t@§. 

Youce vevy tray, 


( 1 Ene.) Dy ies An fires 


August Bth. 

Atomaton Plano Co., 

81 & 68 LOth Ave., New York. 
pear Sirg;~- , 
W411 you Kindly send one of your men to Mr. Edieon's 
nouse in Llew6llyn Park, to look at hie piano with the Automaton 
attachment. MY, Edison says that the instmment has naver 
worked properly; that even the orank does not work. 

"your prompt attention to this matter will be appreddased . 

: Yours very truly, 


Private Seoretary. 


Cee > 
ny fa aa 


7. Aupust 14, 1893. 

My dear Lombard,~ 

The phonograph record which is referred to 
in your letter to me of 22nd ultimo was duly received at the 

Laboratory in good condition and listened to with a great deal 


of pleasure. Please convey to Mro Eo So Willard my sincere thanks 

for his kindnesa in furnishing me with so good a record of his 

voice; his courtesy is much appreciated. The cylinder has been 

placed in my privaté collection and is considered a valuable 
addition thereto. 
With thanks +6 yourself for yout kind offices in the matter 
I am, yoilts very truly, 

Thomas Re Lombard, Esq,, Gen'l, Manager, 
The North American Phonograph Company, 
Chicago, Illinois, 

Sept. 8, 1893. 

Sanmel insull. Msae. & \ a 

The Chicaze Beigson Conmarny, \ 

Chicago, illinois. " \ 

Desir iris 

it the request of Mr. Edison I send you herewith copy 

of a letter which he addresse® to Mr. Fish, of the General Electric 

Company, ander date miy 12, 1893, setting forth his under- 

ubanding of the arrangement between himself and the Edison Gen'l. 

Electric fo. concerning the one-quarter interest. provided for in 

his contrast with the said Company of October 1st, 1890. This com. 

munication was:-made at Mr. Fish's request and for the reazon stated 

sy him that he was entirely unable to interpret the contract itself 

and desired to have its spirit explained by those who were con= 

earned in its negotiation. Mr. Edison would be glad to have you 

advias tim at your eariliast convenience if your. understanding of 

this portion of the contract coincides with his as expressed in 

his letter to Mr. Fish. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 

Mesos ve Steer & St 
107 Arc 

Dear Siree~ 


with o GONGLEe GL 

quested de. your 


kiad wee 
| ‘ 
a few which are 
\ : 
these ne would 

ea owing to Mire 

prizsdalphia, Pae 

tetter to cs 

pi erm oe. 

not care to 


wv fe 


ga fasnds 

‘thon veaarets that he is unable 


mitters and receiver®, &% 

preopes, trans 

Cth wite The instruments of 

sam of 

excep. isa 

» seq Laboratory heve all disappeared, 

Gu Lt: 

nie in Mre Edison's nistorical cols 

3 yaer ache 

‘his reply Hes 

part with. 

¢ in Chicages— 

Edison's abseac 

Yours very truly, 




Dear Siv: 


Bdisou, has 

Nome » 
fhe Pat 

of Lay i. 

Rely te 

Uo Ky 


HIS as 


Mo. Be 

LEO Goma eas 

COU eet 



AVareE &s 
7 Fees 

ar 9 ee cn aero 

Sept, llth, 1893, 

Peter Clark. 8sq., 
Graiite. Mort. 

Dear Sir:.- 

Mre Edison has received your letter of 15th ult. In 

revly he direets we to inform you that he uses large sapphires, 

whieh are not gems, for different purposes in connection with his 
work, He is 2t presert obtainins sapphires from Geylon at a cost 
of 21.60 per ounces ir. Edison will be glad if you will send him 

& sample of eapphire from the mine to which you refer. After the 
gers sre sorted out, if the remaining sapphires are suitable for Mr. 
Edison's purposes, he Will make a purchase provided price is sat- 

Yours truly, 

ee es 
Private Secretary, 



Ho Bo 

Union aves, . 
Kanaan CATV, 


wre Bdigson has veceivead your jerter of 28th ulie, in 
regard to & colt closing pelgeraph &6y: novent upon whi oh you have 
sppliaa or. Yn weply, Mr. Edison advises tnat you. put 4, in the 
handa of Massre. J. He Bunnell & Gampeny of ow york, to manu~ 
faqmre on 2 woyalty of, Bay goxt of phe Bek Ling price. ie re mi og 

Raison eas ders the Burmeld people 0. «. they nav ing always 

-reaved him right. 

Yours vary truly, 

vee Fe 

“ Cu” fn ™ jo" 


Private Secretary: 

e Serene” 

im, Austria. 

Your cotter of the léth uit. addressed to Mr. Edison 

was Fecelved during hia abacnesa in Chicago, which accounts for 

uns delay whieh hes sseurread in sending you this reply. 

Mr. Edison direets ma to gay to you thet he regrets 

exceedingly ne is unable to offer you any employment in connection 

with hig business. He has practically retired from the Electric 

Lighting field, and he has no influenee with the Companies which 

now control hie patenta. He direcsa ma to informvy ou further that 
the Electric business in thiga country is perfectly dead, thousands 
of men being out of employment, owing to the panic which has 
pravailed here all summer. In Mr. Rai son's opinion you had 
better remain in Europe until the present stringency in the money 

market is relisved. Juet now averything ig at’ a standstill, 


Yours very truly, 

qi : Private Sacretarys 

A 7 

John 2, Verity, Bue, 
31 King Sto, Covent f 

My dear Mr. Verloy zoe 

‘ Doge 
Slst Uto, in regard te the 
The facts ag You state are ., 
future you should hay oP 5 

destrous of pir una Png then. 

cable me; ¥ have Shout nine = 

With kina Pegerds from hy 

a meg g 

Sept. L5th, 1393, 

We Ce, 

‘ary mich indebted for your letter of 

“2” Shaper ot the Edison-Syan Company, 

ta T mpposed, Ip at any time in the 

Wotation on thease Shareg, ov any ons 

Will he Slad it vem wild kindly 
20Ugand that F woulda sell, 
‘he Edison and BUSON Es I ey 

sity truly, 



Sept, 20%h, ‘93. 


Benjamin Ives Gilman, Esq. 
Harvard Hotel, 
Chicago, I11. 
Dear Sir:-- 

Mr. Edison received your letter of 14th inBt., and by 
his direction I send to you herewith a letter of introduction to 
the General Manager in Chicago of the North American Phonograph 
Company, from whom I trust you will be able to obtain the 
assistance which you desire in connection with your proposed 

Phonograph work on the Midway Plaisance. 

Yours very truly, 

Private Secretarye 

Sept. 20th, '93 


Thomas R, Lombard, Gen'1 Manager, 
North American Phonograph Coo, ‘ : 
Chicago, I11.° 

My gear Lombard:-~ 

This letter will be presented to you by Mr, 

Benjamin Ives Gilman, Curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 

who visits Chieago for the Purpose of securing Phonographie 

records of the musie of various semi-civilized or savage races now 

represented on the Midway Plaisarice, Mr. Gilman wishes to 

obtain the loan of & phonograph for this purpose, and he is also 

desirous of obtaining some intelligent assistance in taking the 

records, I commend Mr, Gilman to your kina consideration =nd 

will appreciate any courtesies which you may extend to him, 

He has already conducted some interesting experiments : - 
with the Phonograph, the results of. which have been published, 
and his work in this connection is undertaken solely in the inte. 
ests of science, 

Yours very truly, 



neve Paet seen Moriarty and. Morigane. 

mt have a cheek to-morrow of bet tween Ho 

end. rid dolla a On ‘Beconzt of Phonograph Ws bila 
mitetanding, and slso neveeg that Me 

Morison will. being ail. oes 

BCenunts Lo the & ca Sats Works wi th me one aay this week: go. 

tLewant of everything in. spate. 

September 26, 1893. 


Ye Edisen,~ 
Referring to the attached letters .from 

Sladutone, in regard to the Kennelly Statice Voltmeter, Shail 

po-ahesd and have a sample: instrument. completed? I+ would cost . 

UG vary Eictle to ratieut an order for a hundred, and it would 

nos be necessary for Us to complete this order until after Glad- 

stons had ‘show the sample and: received some orders for instruments i 




Yours wuly; Kf 
: . Ah A 





ce: ae Ovanga, Me I. es . 

Septs 29, 1893. 
ee Moe Beli sony~ 

Shortly before I went to Chicago T received 

& memerandum from you in regard to arvrangingyat the Phonograph 


Works lo turn out only sliat was actually needed for the Manufac-. 

‘ins Companys  T sent immediately for Gladstone ‘and told him 

to go tc the Works and arrange that all orders for the Manufac~ 

bro ine Company should be put through only as actually-required,:” 
and T instructed him further to keep.a very careful watch over 

work so that no time should be expended on stock Orders. : 

seported ic mo that he hed given 7 

ne matter attention. Iam 

writing him egad to-day an the. subjeet so aa to keep it agitated. ee 


Yours eh 
x wie 3 ¢ 

We Glug stone, Eeq., 
hel son Manufacturing Company, 

New Yorke 

Dear Shit. 
Some bine befovre ©. went t 

oo the Wowk and. see shat no ti ~me Was. being oxpended on. ‘stock 

orders fon ty Monfadtusing Sompany,. but that aut eae. work being 

done i ere wey Foy ae tual orders. to be hipped upon. ‘completion. 

I believe you have Qlvendy a attended 40 this matter, but I desire 

REALN Te-eady = 

Caretul aye Rpon this: 




che Phonograph Works, 

any delindg 




io Ay 
resumed ae 


roan sn 

Sept. 29, 1895, 

Kawin G. Bates, Esqo, 
Edison Building, 
New York. 

Near Sire gan 

Mr. Edison is much obliged for your letter of RGth 

ol ; inst., enclosing Report indicating the amount of? business done 

by your Company during last week. He thinks that he will be able 

to arrange matters at the Works so that you will be furnished with 

&@ sufficient number of machines to fill orders, 

Concerning the application of Mr. J, B. Price, My. Raison will 

talk to you about that when he next sees YOuUo 

Yours truly, 

Private Seoretary, 

UG - 

Meaaurge Haldemen, Grubb & Ce 

Dear Sh . 

L heve your letter of inquiry ‘concerning my telegram s 
you of 2ith witime. ‘the telegram should have read "Keeping ‘the 
sturt at om snd ae quarter inch, but smaller we ‘cannot raise thie. 

ny mere than Lava mites This yould hardly pays 

solution of the problem is that you throw out the 

the mine to « greater extent. than you: do now, or 
neve to put up a large plant ‘for crushing and 


shave the results of all the éxperiments here, if you 

sea theme 

Yours truly, : 

ia a 

Oct. 4th, 1893. 

Wo S. Perry, Treasurer, 
New York Concentrating Works, 
Edison Building, No Y. 

Dear Sirt-- 
Mr, Edison hea ‘received your letter of 2nd inst. in 

regard to royalty due the Croft Mine, amounting to $600.00. 

He will pay this royalty, but before doing so he wishes. you to 

“send him the lease so that he may familiarize himself with ‘the 

terms thereof, ‘He is going to try and prevail upon. the 

. owner of this mire vo reduce ‘the royalty. 

Yours very truly, 

October 6th, 

Mesarso Do De Sola Mendes & 2 OOo, 
SL & 53 iden ane, 
New York City. 

Dear Sirst~- 

Mire Bdinon ia mich obliged for your letter of Bri 

inate, contents of which he has RECA 


Have you any: rough sapphires in stock? : Tf s0, ub. ¥dinor 

would Like | your permission to, ‘gend hig ‘Superintendent to: -examirie 

the sapphires, and. aetermine ‘whether or: not they would be suite 
for his purpose. -_ 

Awaiting your reply, 


28a os 

Oct. Gth, 1893. 

Wo A. Stern, Bes. i 

Mesura. Stern & Silvermen, 

707 Arch St., Philadelphia, 
ity dany Sirie~ 
I duly received your letter of 4th inet. and 

submitted it to Mr. Edison, .vho directed me to inform you that he: 
ie very littia interested in the affairs of The General Electric 
Company, and has ne desire to have brought vo hia attantion 
matiere auch ag you refer to. His attendance at the Board. 
Meetings of the General Compary is very infrequent, and were he in 
pouseseion of the information which you offer to impart he would - 


take no agtion relative. thereto. rae howe 

Your letter I will consider confidential as requested, 

Yours very truly, 

Private Secretary. 


Oetobsr 10th, 1895. 

R, Wayne Parker, Ese, 
PBO0- Broad Street,” 
Naw Jersey. 

uy eas Sirte- 

pag to refer to you the enclosed Lotter which I 

veceived from. Mr. Ri chard tomley Haines, Manager of our New York 

AGONCY s in regard, to offerte: whitch are being wade. by Me, Ve or Bn 

erson's brother end Myo “George Jo Gaskin $9) introduce aptonatic 

phonographe in New York city, presimably in the interest, of ‘the New 

Jersey Phono graph companys wind the information. contained. in: thie” 

conmni cation be ee any nervice. 40 you. in conneetion wi ith our.  gults 

goatee the New Jersey Company? 

Yours very truly, 

October 12th, 1893, 
Will you please hand to Mr. Edison the volume contain~ 
ing copies of the United States patents, referred to in the 
ubiached letter from Mesers. Dyer & Seely. The volumne is in 
the library; tir. Kennelly knows where it is. 

Before submitting the book to Mr. Bdison, please mark the 
page. containing copies of the patents, so that he can refer to 
the latter readily. . 

The North American Phonograph Company are. considering. the - 
advisability of applying for an extension of the Canadian patents 
which correspond to the United States patents mentioned in-Dyer & 
Sealy's letter. Mr. Tate wishes Mr. Edison to advise him if 
any of the Canadian patents are worth nainteining, or if the N. A. 
Pe Company should let. them drop. If it is desired to maintain 
any of the Canadien petents, the extension must be applied for 
before the 19th of the present month. I would therefore request 
‘et you bring the matter before Mr. Edison imnediately upon 

reesipt of this, and that you notify Mr. Tate of Mr. Edison's 


SS ee Satay - 
? ae 

Late. ene tT Se ET 
: aoe — 


reply with as Livtis delay as. possible. You can oxplain to 

Kix. Edison thal tie expiration of tho Canadian patents will not 
affect the corresponding United Stutes patents, the latter 
having issued before the Pijing or granting of the Canadian 
publents. Please return Dyer & Seely’s lettere 

Yours very truly, 


New York October 12, 1893+ 

Edison Phonograpl Works, 

Orange, Ne de 

Dear Sirsi- 

Referring to your lstter of 4th instant. to the Edison Manufae turing 
Company, in regard to giving gan credit. for See wax returned 
from the Works to Silver Lake and naming certain prices ascided. 
upon by Mrs, be paid by the Edison Migs Co. for ‘the same, 
we bey to say that the price of 12 cents per pound for scrap. is 
fair, but that the price for turnings and sveepings 4° too high. 
Turnings are not worth any more to us ‘then sweepings, and me can 
than four cents per pound. : ; : 
not afford to pay any more eon either : oueee : Please bring this 
to Mr. Edi. son's attention and told him that we have had Walter 
Miller go irito this matter carefully wi th: the: above result. Wes 
are prepared to" Send you eredit “memoreniums ‘for: “Bereap at. eA, and 
for turnings and aveepings 4 < cents per, ‘pounds anh 
In further explanation of. Rates above we: “have to advise you 
that it was at first supposed turnings: sould be used in “the. same 3 
way that we are able to utilize scrap, but ‘our experience shows 
that they have. to be “recovered in exactly ‘the same ‘manner ag the 

sweepings, ‘the reason being that the tarnings acoumiate as. mach 

foreian matter as the evsepingss : or at Teast. "ip to vender 


them ineultable for use “ithe 

Yours very traly,. 

Oct. 12th, 1893, 

Messrs. Dyer & Seely, 
56 Wall Street, 
New York, 
Dear Sirs:-- 

Mr. Edison has received your letter of Jth inst. in 
regard to the 7th annuities on his English and French patents, set 
67, electric railways (converter system) which besome ate November 
14th and 19th respectively. In reply Mb. Rdigon skys that the 
General Electric doniany can have thesé patents iP they wit1 Say 
buck to him the bare original ee of the same. He wishes you 
to sée Mr, Fish in regard to the matter, and to let him.know what 
he says about tt. Mr, Edison gays Nirvther that there is a future 

in this line but he is out of it, 

Yours very truly, 


Oct, 13th, 1892, 

J. Verity, Este, 

$1 King Si., Covent Carden, 

My dear Siri-- 
I enclose herewith an article from "the Railway 

World", Gondor, in eesarc to the equipment of the vehicles of the 
London General Oinaihus Company with electric lights. 

I am desivcus of obtaining particulars in regard to this 
method of lighting street cars. Can you furnish me with any in- 

formation on the subject? I would ike to know if the system 

used by the London General Omnibus Company is satisfactory, how 

long it hee been in operation, and whether or not it has been 
adopted permanently, also what storage battery is employed in 
connection therewith. 

I shall be greatly obliged for any information which you may 

be able to furnish, and beg to thank you in advanee for your ate- 

tention in the matter. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary, 

To We Gladstornn, ESqo' ie : 
Reisen Manu-ac turing Company, 
#1210 East 23~r3 Ste. New Yorks 

On the Piret of «neh month Mr. Smiles is entitled ta 
receive from the Hdieon Manufacturing’ Company @ cheek for One 
a °. 

hundred doilara. [ understand. ?rom Mee ‘Randolph that when you 

Bend out, any remittances to him you also send a list of checks 
H : ; 

which you desire to have made up whieh etirely sbidontl tne re~ 

mittanceze This, of course, 1s ALL right, as the Manufectuting 

Company cap dispose of ie mney da sen mite Lo This 
sarye t the same éime you éught to exe 


for the peymen? a on mployes s- and 

labor on, a certain date you should arrange to have a sufficient 

amount in hand to meet the defnanie if believe that you are - overs 

‘raw now or will be as. goon (as! ‘the check for, your: weekay rey. Bit 
“roll 4s made Uap. Cannot yolt get in: Amiodarone 7 adder dotant “san 

to ‘cover your bveratiart and “pay. Me Saltash 


Oct ° 20, 13893, 

ae eigenen 
eine ania 

eral Blectria Company, 

Buston, Mass. 

Dear Sir; 

Will you pleage Edison with a statement of 

furni sh Mr. 
his account from the date of last Statement to tha present time. 
An early compliance with this requeat would ba appreeiated. 
T beg £5 eall your abttents on to the 

irregularity with which 

Edigon's weekly cheek is forwarded by 
request that it be 

your Company ang would 
remitted regularly in future, 

Yours trul Ys 

Private Secre tary. 

October 27th, 1893. 
Edison Phonograph Works, 
Ovanve, No Je 

Gentlomen: -- 

We ave having e good deal of trouble with sapphire 

knives rece ived from the Works. We have today placed three new 
onés in suacession on our paring-off machine in the shipping room 
without finaing one with a cutting edgee Will you kindly look 
into the matter and advise us as to the cause of the trouble. 

Yours very truly, 


Oct. 28th, 183 

Mrs. We. Pe Edison, 
Norwalk, Ohide 

Dear Madamei-- 
Mre Randolph recoived your letter of 20th inste, 

and submitted it to hr. Edison, who says that he thinks he, res 

ceived the letter bo which you refer. -At all events he re- 

ceive one communication from you, which he assumes is the lettor 



ER oS 


about which you inquire. 


Yours vary truly, 

Private Secretarye 

UGG RE ar erersm ange al 
———————=—== = = 

Oct. 3lst, 1893 

Wm. Ogden Wheeler, sq. 

Morristown, N. Je 

Deer Siri-- 

Your letter of 26th inst. has been received by Mr. 
: Edison. In reply he directs m vo inforn you that his grand- 
‘{ ; mother's name was Ogden, and that her family resided in Now - 
| , Jersey. mt, Edison dirécts mobo inferm you further that. 
he has wh unbls Living whose heme is Ogden Hiisbn. He haa no 
recoras ani vould be hippy v6 revolve ony: prinved matvver on the 
subject witch yeu my be wbld bo supply Him. Mts Badgon Le very 
mush ovdiped fot your domniand bation aid hes aaked me Lo thank 

you tor ib. 
Yours very truly, 

oe ae 


Privatd Seorsbary. 


: November 4, 1893+ 
My dear Herry.~ 
Mr, Tate received your letter of 2nd instant, in 
regard to & ynonograph which you are desirous of obtaining for 
use at home. He says that this is all right and you have his per~ 
mission 4c seize a machine, such as you describe, and take it to 
your domivits, where I trust it will be productive of mich pleas~ 
ure. Kr. Tete suggests that you consult with your brother at the 
Worka snd sek bim to see if he cannot find an instrument there 
that would he suitable for your purpose. 

When you get the machine, Harry, one oP the very first things 
you should do is to secure a vecord of "Phonograph's” bark.» The 
individual who would take such a record to the Dog Show which is 
held annually in New York and reproduce it there would make a 
fortune. A protograph of the pup displayed kinetographioally 
would enianse the effect. The dark of this -golossaly impudent- 
diminutive queiruped is so melodiously meliifivous as to be worthy 
of preservation for transmission to canine postdrity. Long may it 
be spared tc wag its little tail ana contributes to the genéral 
-hammony of ‘the commnity where it 1B tolerated. 

Yours truly, 

Harry Fo Miller, Esqe, 
The Edison laboratory, 
Orange, Ne Je 

Weiier stn, /96 

Br, Walter Edmunds, 

Resident Medical Officer 

" St. Thomas’s Hospital 

Albert Embankment, London, 8. E., 

Dear Sir;~ 

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your communicaticn, 
notifying me of the death of Mr. Thomtss Butider, at St. Thomes*s Home, 
on October Sth, last. I regretted eltbecdingly to teebive this wed 
intelligence, as did 022 of Mr. Butlbros friends in Aeerive. 

I understand that Ur, Byiders affects Weve been taken 
-oharge of by Mr. Spame2 Znsvil OF “Gonton. FE nob typ wach trouble, 
will you kindly inform wm ig this wiieretanting 8s worrect. Any 
additional information with whibh you dbn YurAIBh we on the aubiect, 
will be much appreciated. 

Reers very yywir, 

Hove 4, US 


London, Bngiende 

In your issue of Saturday, Ootober 1, 1893, under the 
caption *Silvern speech. The Phonbgreyh jn the Street,” appesrs 

a report of an interview sith MP x. gewis YoUhe and fiv. tym, i. 

which it 18 alleged that -$nEepe gentlemen are adting, a6 my” agente 
in London, the inggsrence being Pet ‘thay are payeyyng om & traffic 
in phonographs purchased Yn Americe with my authority end eppraval. 
As this statement, sud 311 that 4% duplies, 18 80 groseky wnfuahk 
to myself uni thyee who Held tie Jopitinade tithe to ‘he pace 
graph rights dn areas Bri rash, t gant permit i% 49 pase tit 
Hie patent wougaldd dae United Staten #72 Canade coverings td 
“ghonograph ana thd verdour ‘appiiance® aur od bed thever 4, eere 

piirdhased fram ae SY tine Raxepn mites Phonograph cerpaiiy OF New 
aénsesn fame gene nypnphe #ey =A company aba. their wight 2 
at. Babepin te WE BabeqnsBet} PRONRBYERP OpONAh LAM Timiteds 
Lapdog, F have no apne: awn 6 pr Andaman By qin thre! 


Pea ee a 


gentleman named jn the interview referred to above. The Edi son- 

Bell Corporation have brought suit against Mr. Young and others 

tor the anforcement of theiy rights and to estop the invasion of 
their territory by unauthorized persons, in which comection I an 
co-operating with them in every way possible. 

I trust you will publish this communication for the benefit 
of those who have been deceived by misrepresentations which have 
not heen confined to the columns of your journal. 

Yours truly, :. 

Ahomac (oe Edeoon . 

November llth, 1893. 

J. VW. Gladstone, Esq. 
. Edison Manufacturing Coe, 
‘130 Bast 23rd Ste, City. 

—- . 

; . Dear Sir:-~ 
Ploase forward immediately to Mr. H. F. Jefferson, 

P. 0. Box 382, Baltimore, Md. full information in regard to Fan 

Motors, quoting prices, discounts, etc. Mr. Jefferson thinks 
he can sell sowe of our Fan devices in Indias’ Mre Jefferson, 
‘will remain in Baltimore for a few days only, nd it is thorefore 
necessary thal this matter should receive promot aLtentione 

Yours: very truly, 





November ldth, iS83o. 
Jv W. Gladstone, Esq., Manager, 
Edison Mamifacturing Co., 
110 HE. 23rd St., New York. 
Dear Siri-- 

I veturn herewith the plan of settlement proposed 
by the Ansonia Blectrie Company for the liquidation of their 
liabilities, which accompanied your letter to me of 10th insti, 
Pigsase take this to Mr. Fdison and explain the ecireumstances vo 
him. The Bdison Manufacturing Company is not a corporation and 
the document should be signed by Mr. Edison personally. You 
might say to Mr. Edison in connection with this matter that the 
very best thing we can do is to accept the plan of settlement pro- 
posed, that being the only way in which to get our “oneye 
You's very truly, 


ee ee oo 

tO vie Ee 

ee ry et gee see aa mre rae or tT 
—— we 





Nov, 15th, 1893. 

Yo ste da Young, Esqo, Director-General, 
Galifornia Midwinter International Exposition, 
é Chicago, Tll,. 

haar Sirg-- 

Mr. Edison has received your esteemed commmnication 
of oth inst. informing him of his appointment as a member of the 
Honorary Commission on the part of the United States to the Cali- 
fornia Midwinter International Exposition. In reply, Mr . Hdison 

Gixoets me to inform you that he appreciates very highly the cote 

pliment to himself embodied in this appointment, which he agoepts 

wit pleasure. Thanking you in his behalf, I am, 

Yours very truly, 

a Fie 
Ce ee 

wt ge 
Brivgte Seoretary. 

November 25, 

Mit. Hii son, ~ 

Ve Us Mackenzie cadtal on me @ Pew days 
ago and stated that ho wea trying to obtain a pest tion ‘as Sup te 
telegraph or of the ire Alera 

knows the Mayoregleet very well woo wilt 

ontain from you an endorssueirt- of 

Sitnese Loy 

mY would pring the rtter te wrewr Rite 

ca sO wiih you 


Ravemher 15, ‘33. 


‘ wer 

T undaretand that you are making BppDserd ot 
“se scoltion of Supéintendtnt of Fite Alken Bysten Oe Seutep 
rraage neh System in Brovklyi. . 

From my knowivdes of the axpémetde waleh yeu have aaa an 
sonnéetion with Sajna twietiaphy X somaider you Paliy QeadPapk 
to fi11 otthir ob Yhese boadbidn urd yeu fave hy UeRt aeetee Sep 

he thodedy ob youl appdloation,. 

Yours very oruizy, 


nea oe’ 

‘gard to the early settlement 

Nov, 17th, 1893, 

Samuel Edison, Esa, ‘ 
Fort Gratict, Mich, 

My dear ur, Edison:-. 
I gend to you herewith a letter which was received 

at the Laboratory from Mr. Tsaish W, 

Wilson with a request that it 
be transmitted to yu. Mr, 

Wilson is Se¢king information in re-~ 

of Digby, Nova Scotia, for ,corpora- 

tion in a history op the County of Digby upon which he is now 

engaged and which he intends to publish, Perhaps you may be abi 

to furnish Mr. Wileon With the particulars which he desires, 

Yours very truly, 


My, Bo leonard, Esq, Supt..of Telegraph, 
chesepeake & Ohio Railroad, Richmond, 

Dear Siry-- 
Your lette» of 8th inet, reached mo a day or so ago. 

You mist haye resurrested an vid bill, as the discount of 
SO and 15% to which you vefer hes not been sllowad to any one 
Since the preeent form oP hattery wae put on the market. As near 
as To can retoliect this was shout two years ago. $0 Lz the very 
bext digecount that cen be allowed on the present form of cells, 
and we think that the improvement effected an the battery sone 

then compsnaates for the Lover adiacount, 

Yrusting that this explanation vil be satisfactory, I am, 

Yours very truly, 

November 18th, 1893. 

Thos. A. Edison, Esq., 
Orange, N. J. 

My dear Mr, Edison:-~ 

I spoke to Mr. Parker to-day in regard to 
reviving The Edison Phonograph Company, which was dissolved by 
proclamation of the Governor, and he will give the matter atten~ 


Yours very truly, ~ 3 
: vo 

pe oeerone 


¥race, Hsa., Temporary; Receiver, 
oh Tenth Aveo, 

Automaton Pisano Co., ob 
Naw York o 

Ne, Baison has received your latter oc? Lith inte, 

gaking his opinion of the Automaton Plano, he diracts 

ma to inform you that t instraument:in his houze has never forked 

atovily for three hours, and he wishes to know if you can't 

rond some one to fix it, 

Yours very truly, 

mee . 
OO os. ro 


Private Secretary, \_> 




pe care rete : 

Hov, 22nd, 1893. 

J. Be Woodworth, Esq. 
Assistent Geologist, 
United States Geological Survey, 
Cambrijige, Masse 
Decy Siri-- 
I have received your letter of 15th inst., in regard 
to tha magnetic sand deposit on Block Island. 

Tam not familiar with- the Block Islend aeposit, but 
revirding the Long Island deposit 1 have made full investigation, 
having bored holes along the beach, end inland as well. I found 
Lhot same yours there would be an aggrogate thickness of ore of 
from 12 Le 18 inches. for sight or ten miles, Lhen the next 

suenav hardly any coula be Found. ‘This summer my man coulde 

find. searesiy arty. {tv cones from the sea, for upon boring 

dowa on deach LO to 1s foot, we always struck bog matter, and be- 
low this, sand egain.e lt is this myreliability thab caused ma to 
give itup as 2 comnereial matter, ent i doubt if it would pay 

wo work the Block Lsland daposite | 

Yours very truly, 


November 23, 1898 

Frenk Rater Ling Redes 
fain St., 
Hartford, Conn. 
My dear sir:~ 
Reply to your letter of the 7th inst., addressed to 
Mr. Edison, has been unavoidably delayed. 

Concerning electric railways, Mr. Edison directs me to 
inform you that so fer no method of electrical propulsion: has been 
devised that is superior to the trolley system. Storage batter= 
ies, in his opinion, are not yet commercial, and he thinks it will 
be a long time before they are made so. ‘The trolley system can 
be rendered unebjectionable if iron poles are used and placed on 
each side, with the wire in the middle. | 

The oity should not allow unsightly wooden be 
erected or tolerate poor construction. By giving proper atten= 
tion to these matters of detaz]. 2!1 the objectionable features of 
the trolisy system can be eliminated. | 

Yours very oruly, 

Dew, Tn, 

2 ee 3 4 yewporary Resolves, 
haewat Vode, BL Mth Aves; Ne Ye 
. cap! 

Your Lethar oF TRti vite Was duly received by Mr. 
whe Giveets me to say in veply that just as soon as the 

‘ent is applied to the elestrie motor which opsrates the Autom- 

, Piano, he will pass judgment on it, of which you will be ad- 

Yours very teuly, 

Private Secretary. 


Dome m, We C. Enaten 

tw: nas veeeived your tat at the Win ulsimo, 

word @Mimeorwazpa," unaer which 
gpid, and ne Notas your 

i? HOGS o 

your fatter to 

By direction of Mr. Baisson Ioum cs farring 3 

Mimaogragh, with 4a yequess Tiat 

ee Gomocarny whieb gontrols the 

of making the alteration that you 

WYoamd of the werd 

Jobe mame a 

it Re ig ae oo 
a ae hot a 
LO” Lem LS 
eoratter amo sy BR, te cane 
‘ peed los oy Ate. dba ay reeur po yu: the 
_ Ot ; 
oe  asivead by SR fe By A. Phiogon of London, in 
: BMWA nw oP Ghe song UM mecpraph.” Mr, Phipson 

oe or eed ao at prascnt 

(a ineerraset, arc 

eo OES. UL bs: @brered in necormdanea with alse s 

4. i 

f@ustioca in 

very truly, 

een SOE OP et! 

eet Gt 


Private Seerstarye— 


Ld « 

Dee, ath, Lgoz, 


&PParatug Workeq 0. Kk, 


Edison has, 

Mr, Edison, 

Dec, 8th, 1893. 

Jas. Symington, Bsqe, 

Port Huron, Misch, 

Dear Sirs-- : - 
. . ae 

Mr. Edison has asked me to acknowledge receipt of 

your letter to him of 30th ult., and to inform you that he now 

spends most of his time at the Ogden mine and that he does not re- 

ply to one-tenth of the letters he receives, for the reason shat 

he has no opportunity of doing so, he is so busily engaged. 

Yours very truly a 
. y ; 

Private Secretary, , 
A i 

7 Mey ve) Lideir, 
2 Gigs Ses id ciate may OL Botanianl 

opus eed l a ef she Liest degree, was 
Sa ie Sabre hSh ok PMGegwirich vor the deley that has oe- 

emeut. Mr. Raison appre-~ 

Seuly this sompliment on the part. of your Society,and 
Neti? ge ver: glad to reeeive the medal referred to. With ref- 
Greneg 29 you postal card on the sane subject, Mr. Edison directs 
me te-sinferm you that if you will feeward the medal to Baldwin's: 
bepress, Paris, for transmission to him, it will be duly Porwarded, 
fu venclusion, Mr, Rdison desires me to express to vou and 

your associates in The International Academy of Botanical Geogra- 
phy bis sineere thanks for the honor conferred, 
Yours very truly, 



Private Seoratanye” 

wee Fe 

3th, 1893. 


Menlo Park, N. 

Your letter of 2nd inst,, addressed to Mr. Edison, 

been received. The annual taxes on the land to which you re~ 

amoun; to $17.09. On receipt of your check for this amount, 

E@ison will be glad to accord the permission whith you desire. 

Yours very truly, 

<Ligee £ 7 gt anne 
i fot an 


Private Secretary. 


Dec, 13th, 1893. 

Ao Be de Freece, Esq.e, Temporary Receiver, 
Automaton Piano Co., 31 10th Ave,, city. 

Near Sirs-- 

Your letter of Sth inst. was received by Mr. Edi- 

song Who directs me to say in reply that your man called at his 

residence in Llewellyn Park and fixed the piano. After vendering 

three selections the piano again got out of order, Me, Rdison 

says the whole trouble is due to a miserable little gear which 

gets out of mesh. With the mechanics employed by your Company, 

Mr, Edison is not astonished that it went into the hands of a 

receiver, Par 

Yours very trmly, 

uoweinten to Me, Edison informing 
Oy Wo «/enigs fo 
eek non method of making 

=t it is very desirable that 

(Mere Mais} 

Le inatter, and asking him to 

eit for him to do so, 

soy that any @ay next week 


“ee “yy “e a 
Ca eres 

Privaté Secretary: 

a a a 
vee FE 


Dec. 27, 1893, 

Thomas Dolan, Yaq., 
No. 1809 Wadnut Streot, 
Pidiadetphia, Pa. 

My dear Mr- Dolan,~ 

Ihave received your letter of 24th instant 
asking me to fix a time when Mr. , Searles arid yourself can have 
sn interview with me in New York. Just as sqan aS Mr. Tate vox 

turns I will appoint ® dey wher we can meat. Something showle 

be done, a8 I feel that something nmst be wrong with Jesse Selig~ 

man'a mind; he does not act noymal. 

Years very tynly, 

ia Sater ge La. Soe piri 

9, ¢ 

Braye ari > i 

8 property 


voa Sor your Interest in 

; ; 
| | 
4 ‘Jan, 18th,'94, 
| Mesers, Blasius £ Sons, 
: ; 12.01 Chestiii: Street, : 
| Philadslphia, Pa, 
Dear Sirs:-- 
Your letter of 10th inst. is received. The piana B 

suing to hand in good condition, and is a room by itself. 


A SOen AS my Mai gets the phonograph in shape I will let you 

, Sma you can then send sone one over to tune the instrwnent, 

: Yours very truly, 


pater poo Sore ae er 

Sia, Mew Yor’ s 

Letter which I have received 

to my deposition in the case of 

(eom Me. Pass Bengaeain in vegard 

{ have written to Mr. gen jamin withdrawing 

andé, you will therefore please 

he ohjects, 

tone po whan 
frat, rks 
: gipeeia ei isinated Peom my 

test ilnony Please return to im 

Yopiganin, Eades 

es wie 

CO% Yroaavay, New Vor ¢ 

vy dear Gites 

i have raceived 

ro tae subject 

Tr pegers 


Pe hee 

mat ter 
pu good exparting, @na falv a 

dy and tender you an apolog 

your Letter of 10th inst. 

fr did not consider 

of game, 

a Little warm over it. 

gy, which I trust 

them to eliminate 



epionusa te whieh you object, 

Youca vary truly, 

re Gy . a 


Jan, 26, ‘94, 

Your letter of 27th ult. in whien you 

Vil ioe 

officers ana Vectors of certain of 

has remained WAaNSWerad owing zo my absences, 

Pleasure in Sivings you the desired information, 


Thomas A, Edison, President , 
A. 0. Tate Secretary & Troasurer, 


Thomas A, Edison, Wo S. Perry, 

A. 0. Tate Thomas Maguire, . 
(The vacancy in the Board Caused by the death of Thomas 
ler has not yet been tilled). 


Jas. A. Russell FPoesident , 
Cleveland Walcutt, Seeretacy & Treasurer, 


E. D. Birdsall, Cleveland Waleus:: 


A. 0. Tate . Heney @, Ware, ; 

But - 

pares seme eames sweet ml ay 

Y. A, GoLtsehalk, 

Officers » 

Naasen President, 
Secretary and Treasurer, 


YW. Horton Grinnell, Arthur B, Trawmbly. 
Robt. Le Cutting, "we O, Tata, 
C foverers BR Gelit uw 


Thos, A. Rdisor. President, 
A, O, Tate Vice-President. 
Scott Tremaine Treasurer, 
Cleveland Walcutt Secretary, 


Thos. As Edison, A. QO. Tate, 
Scott Tremaine, R, L, Thomae, 

M, W. Nolan, ee ‘ Cleveland Waleutt. 
ris 72. kor ehcnck, 

Yours very truly, 

wth, ‘94. 

rial Advertiser, 
, Aubin Ave., Deteoii. Mich, 

[ have received your letter of 29th ult., and also 
or the Pirst number <2 tn "Phonogram" referred to there- 
am glad fat the martes embcaied in the munberfsent to you 
vac fom piiiabis Lor incervoration in your lecture. The pub- 
lisation sr the "Phonogram" was discontinued some tim ago. I do 
nop know the sdivtress of the Phronogzr pinae Monthly published in 

London or whether it is still in existence. Sueh copies of it 

as T neve seen consisted chiefly of extracts from the Ame rican 

publication and contained little,.if any, original matter, 

Your rer concerning phonograph records are noted, 
Phe danand is for music of a popular character, and I understand 
thet the call for high class magic is not yet sufficient to war- 
rant the companies in manufacturing it. As phonographs are in- 
troduced into ti homes the class of music will be changed $ it is 
being gradually changed now and before lung @ Full line of ¢lass- 

ical compositions will be obtainable trom The North American ‘Phono- 

! vote fine sya Lom te : too é 
ite: Pe EME eg oe xs ee a eee AJavein and December cat- 

Soa ST. aS ool ele by the Edison-Bell 

Feb, 9th, 1894, 

Ee Ao Armstrong, BSd,, President, : 
National Blecteia Light Assoviation, 
Camden, N. J. 
UMy dear, Siry--. 

Your exteemed favor of Srd inst, is received. 1 
am 30 very busy that I fear it will be impossible for me to at- 
tend the Convention of The National Blectric Light Association to 
be held in Washington this month. After this year, however, I 
hope to do some loafing and T shall assuredly attend the Conven- 
tions frequently. 

Thanking you for your courteous letter, I am, 


Yours very truly, 


‘a 7 ‘a 
ce OP BSE EL! 


a ae 


wap, ipth, 18%. 

me Js woodward, ‘BS o>» 
Eversley, the - Awe , 
pear Sici-~ ~~ 
Youre etter © of 20th ult. has been veugived py Mr 
Raison, who direots me to say in reply ¢het he «can pee clear’ 
ceylon sapphires of any color. Ye oan ypur che se these in New York , 

from jews at $2. 75, ann they, of course, allo Jun to sole ot the 

sapphires. pest: suited, ‘for: ‘his pur pose+ He: Slug S23 ts thes if you 

could ship your lot: of sapphires. to.a New Yor howse OF, ta wo, Hore 

Be s£3.02 direct, he could pick | -out hose that won’ vats to thea yest 
advantage to the peculiar: shape needed py Hin; he would rein the 
‘palances “mere is ‘no aut ¥ on sapphires ‘and Mei Faison would.” pay 
&2,50 per ounce for thoge takers : 

Yours very wrady sy 

private - secret ary. 



Bab, R01 Me 
eo vat 

Ce B. Crook ’ Esq: 9 
"421 Liberty street, 
New York, 

Dear sire. 

Your latter of 16th inst. is esoosrp, ‘Is Frage’ 
Rockefeller to whom you refer: in your commpication ‘BOY relaihon 
to J. D, Bes ke teller ‘of The Standard’ oil Company? 
; Yours very truly, 

ff CE ete Cer 
AOE. “f. ete. wpe 

Fab. 20,94, 

eneral Electric co. 
: ‘Schenectady, New york, 

peer aeee I beg to refer to you the. enclosed letter apc 
eeived at the Laboratory from John A. Roberts & eee 
Slee. New York,. who Wish an eaelme ts. for ae to ligt, gat , 
: , 7 
‘run elevator, etc. . : 
_ ? : . Yours weey tewly, s 
ce = . eee iY (>. 
! he ony, 
Private seoratars. 

(2 Eno.) 

Eadweard Muybridze, BSa., = : 
‘ University of Penns sylvanie st 
Philadelphia, Pa, 

Near Sirs-- 

f have received your Jittle> book on Zoopraxography, 

for wrien please accept: my thahkes 

T have constructed B=) Little Anstrument which T call a: ‘Kineto- 

graptl, with a nickel ~ in-slot attactivent Sorte twenty<tive “of 

these have been mide, but T-am very doubtful: ip there is any 

comercial feature in it. .T Pear at thay will not earn their 

cost. Taese cedtropic Asviloes are of too sentinental a charseter 

for the public to invest ine 

“Yours very traly, 

| Gop 
j eal 
Lo Bl Lies ree . “Z ote Ortes 


Saaelf a 

TT ee eat ge th 

Feb, 21st, 1a, 

de Bridges Lee; M, “Acs, 

Barris ster-at-law, 2 Haas Buildings; : 
; Ta meee ae Ee. C, England,” 

Dear girge~ 

Your esteewed conmunieation of, 13 inst .. fv rer 
- ived. The typewritten ieee concefning a “new ‘neti For 
‘diminish ing tae skin resistance’ of sips, -wh ich, “you forwarded with 
& previous. cor munication, and. to: ‘Whiten you Refer in your letter 
now der’ reply, was bronuyshit to my attention, “The resr1its ob. 
tained in: ebndeetion ¢Lak the Beenemabe e: in bids ine SOnERS tat 
by me, were all f igh t in salt water, but when 7 Used réal see 
water, Line salts ‘enated the steel plate very rapiday: and rene 
dered the s heme ‘a failure. . 

Yours very truly, 

@ “ 4 f 

Peb. 24, 1994, 

L.A, Notaikias, Esq., 

per hlottea, MN, 


Near Sirs... 

Tie senpls of tin ‘ore ceferred to in your: letter 

ot 16th inst, hes bean received by me, and ¥ beg that you will ac- 

cept my thanks for game 

» — only wanted the sample’ to familiarize 
my sshf with it. My rorte will not be tin.mining - that's too una 


Yours very trout ¥; 

* Bp ae Paks 



mod (ae 

bs AT Rey 



et wsists FupleiwaypTs spo 

fes of Jaq 1 

Salsosy ST eee 


t Pa 
‘Sg. S 

--:SdTS J¥0d 

TMiag. BA, Atkina, Fsq., agdoiean, 
The Nicaragua Canal Construction Go., 
44 Wall street, New vork City, 
Pear Sirs-- 
. Your letter of 23rd wit, was Wty Peovived, get 3e~ 
ply to same Des been’ unavoidably delayed, 

The subserd ption to which you Pafer vas obtained by the per 
sonal. sotioteetron of yr. Hobaikiay, who promised that I wh auld 
not be galled upon for” pagmnt only at ‘swen tines as was gone - 

; wanisne to inyee? e, He ‘explained that he wanted. may name an ihe 
list to assist him in procuring supseriptions. Representations 
weve mae that the sampany was prosperous and would be an un~ 


aoubted aecess, whe Peat, So: far ag tT tansee they ware ‘in. ie egne 

dition Midi the subsoniption was taken, t hall eertainly case ; 

‘the paytient , 
Yours vecy italy, 

Sew "a, 1g9t. 

Geo, We Maatagiio, 
SAG. RE. U9th st +e Hew York, 

Dear gir in 
Your. letter. .of 19th ult, was duly: received by Mr, 
Bd ison, wha regréts that he is unable to offer you any employment 
in lis: business. Vacancies oceur but rarely in. the Laboratory 

staff; and wnen they: ee there is always a-long List of applicants 
to gelest from. . , 

; "Yours. very. truly, 

Bae at 

Private secretary, 

_ Mar, 2,1894¢, 

The Layyers' Surety Company, 
“32, 34 &36 Liberty St., New York, 
Dear Sirsi+- 
. oF nave received via letter of inquiry concerning 
Mr. Willtam RF. Brewster. Brewster is ‘a hustler, but is continually: 
tard. up and dogs. Not pay his way, . 
: Yours veev traly 

Mohe “nd, 

Wme Ogden Wheeler, Ban. 

Morristown, He 

My dear Sir:- 

Mr. Edison, bux 

copy of ihe pamphiel go whieh you reves, cont 


marriagés, sapiisms, ete. ef the Chucei at Hanover, 

ceived by Mr. Bdison, and he was under 

acknowledged its receipt. from whal you state “nu your 

however, he must have oi Tooke ds. Li He appreciaiss very highly 
your kindneds in : his pamphiel erd iu ag now in his 
library togethsr with other family reco cds. 

Yours very beady, 

Letterbook, LB-059 

This letterbook covers the periods October 1893-July 1894 and 
December 1896-January 1898. There are also a few letters for September 1894- 
April 1895 and for November-December 1895, as well as draft accounts for the 
period April 1894-April 1896. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
John F. Randolph. The letters for 1893-1894 deal primarily with Edison’s 
finances, including the sale of stocks and bonds; the payment of money owed 
to Edison; and the transfer of his Menlo Park property to his daughter, 
Marion. There are occasional references to the impact of the ongoing 
depression on Edison’s business operations. Included also are a few letters 
relating to Edison’s work on the kinetograph and to the legal affairs of the 
various phonograph companies. Appearing on pages 46-48 are letters by 
Edison resigning his positions as president of the North American Phonograph 
Co. and vice president of the Edison United Phonograph Co. 

The correspondence for 1896-1898 deals primarily with Edison’s technical 
work. There are numerous letters relating to Edison’s mining and ore milling 
operations in Ogden, N.J. Other letters pertain to x-rays, lamp filaments, 
electric meters, the phonograph, the kinetograph, and the phonoplex. There 
is also correspondence about Edison’s stock holdings, his retainer from the 
General Electric Co., his financial relations with his children, the proposed sale 
of his Fort Myers property, and other financial matters. Some of the letters 
relate to personal matters, such as the celebration of Edison’s fiftieth birthday 
by the citizens of Port Huron, Michigan, and Edison’s involvement in the serial 
publication of Edison’s Conquest of Mars, by Garrett P. Serviss. 

The label on the front cover contains the following notation: "This letter 
book is from October 30- 1893 to April 26- 1896 and from December 2- 1896 
to- January 31- 1898." The spine is stamped "Letters" and is labeled "T.A.E. 
Letters from October 30-1893 To January 31 1898 Inclusive." The book 
contains 696 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 25 percent of the 
book has been filmed. Related documents for this time period can be found 
in LB-058 and LB-060 through LB-063. 

mm Mean furas. 

1 C 
a . 

i! F aaa is the 

a Se a 


: i 



| \ | err (Le ttz: 
: Chan fa ned 

oll cress ia ~ 

Manan l a1 6te dattd 

ei oy raed a ue Sere a een a enh RBG ITE LPT MPT 

Secieneiaaliieamnertiiieietimateaesaecutinmesienineet mammentien-aapetine cemented REE eet AN: 



Ozk 31% 1898 
MANY Basiten Met G. 


5 . 7 : 
utd J meu sauth ougy 4006 erevenscees ow mersnrol.. a cia 

S20, 290 

1)a8 Rear dinecb, 
462.9. 72. 

hid Pe “ iw 
ernasl Srets: lated tra yf 2b 1898 

3 ve 

10509. °° with Ctieeh oct 
test G- 4993 

sosbl. 66 

Ji cush to Via s- 1993 

fA Lavco.~ with wuTinteh ah ref, 
Sutercak 4 Pray 4-4893-—" 644,43 


20644 43 
439 8%S6,01 

Awa aEAvecn 



| rd pes ww WY 3 

A) . 

i las kine "Y On Ly nw Mw thrueaud’ a 

4h-% 6 Mey tehiucd Border ah minthy free z 
Sn ts clad t pigs to thre. isis: 

rors Cl, 


Aes aps 

bila apm i‘. “4 
haw. Oke Z 

Oeav dvrt- 
J he te ack» avid ye pa nap jt of a Vay the ue ; | 
eae, choo fo fo el i he “a a Paya 

she : 

OW Sewn’ ACLoiie 

as i per “ant aie, : ” 

lho Lacon 


GO 9 




3 fy. Ditdiwth Lige Ka 28° 3, 

Dean dvvt- hi 

: f Vy Gideon ay 

Canborwtlé docka 13 svr0eck ab 

Horegie or dabrog Quernoma "drda ni ather Cav7 pan ol 
prop Cimev to hi&n yi YY anc oF. 

| | fl earcl ad Buy fencunth, thw migra orreisrcvaud nected 4 

me from Paw Gdtio 

2 H . 
Ataw acdchurs ce nfl 6 hw Edam aed sblge 

ueetich 022 bi watt aan at. ask aaa tvtiak 

bran Sackyy, dbo Lhis 48 or 5&8 ~ 




Mee yy 3 

f 2 es 
PIU aALG 7) ME Cu Oy . 
hrakiicbear ; 
AD ea Wok . | 
it thawh sale Arta OMA ch fey aul, Ay mdse Ant 
arr Paces si laccee l/ 
/ieanisa py Laryee: MOAld teh, 
i fo 

y OLD bik an 

; : Sgn 
buns hy paral |i ey i ot Le +f 3 
72 y ch Ll, oft, 

Rresas ; he 
J be g 45 ¢ naa pny, hilt Mme. WMAWnAGr - 5 sues 
/ y) | ge Bg 


F fo. 
ean hurd f> 

Qa ll wus ff 
J Sot a ae ae ee 
: ow avag, adll: thelf BF a2 2. SMA Aavo Lh onsanel) 

c : ‘ * QD fp ow 
clot QAR AAS th, to. Chitin ati? 1 g, oa cer ap oli, Lt Gite Sone Cc? hit fa oe 
Mrhack gus A ul ob Wy AL ad Nin ek ss co 
ff. ‘ 


a a 

as a 3 
Loe OPTRA ne Om tie 


he + * t 

ia G aw v) Meo ¥y ip 3 

fr eoh% Qa a 

Qeav mrs 
re *s . Fs 
iw Gadtam Aae 140d ae’ gpreecltd mas ba adanewes yyw thas, 

Renee Voi Cmw Aone Taito (Prk cla 

yf Oh meee 4a hawk ov 
Yds oy has 4 aud fat p ak ity sink ch ls; 

aes ae anes fateh aonel) 

OL else: ao“ hte frwah i 4, a 4, ceric! abe ae v4 Ch tee me jo 

" fe 

Dee ah, &973 

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t- 1893 Anau 

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a" he (Jocurd of {9 uveclova of the Nerf Aurcrcan Tioneg ra ph C 

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ees Mone sear The Ecbrom Money pale 
Works andre Usted Phoweqrarh EC wolf 
of which Loscupy om official posters, how 
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ae oe Oo Edtsom 

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Ye Oo Tate, Baye, V: 22 18, 

January 9,95, 

The North American Phonograph Company, 

New York City. 

The dit:: wonow So. = on between 



2. Phonograph Go., + Saison Phono: -.- 48 and Rb 

Phonorraph Coe, in al. hni¢h I ocoupy |. arte ana “ion, 

has cheaely imoressed in chat To ¢anes: ers .inue a 

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hw YP: a) « ° Ss fj. ae 
wast * . “ é noo , 
fino fw Ea. lennon, aie 
hips 2. 1993 Durden # / [400,09 
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Aenewith the Meed. fi the, aa ah unto Pah ur ach, gow 
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Arvo Aollwry, Tu Con annangg cith thm to eend 4h ts y faa 

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Ose re 6 ane Cumnretion, nth, hi clad a fogavee Py ee Ae 

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oun fauer of and ates hat uf 4M ¥ G emelusimg draft for 2800 
‘4 anc. ot fiend, Kemelhey accept Thanks. for Jiews llamoe — “Replyenq ta 
yew fetter cowntt hogy as. hres} oleate & far ctunll be apples 

Aeron yroallen te me f “jou oo we at menage im Oome. Cie 

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for Hare ama aia meni, coms dleninng my Pp 
frna eo —of will hint 

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no mene, ane naw Z. 

Aotd Aan | best ds pe se 
Laas | for qou coined 
Surme wag te hefp ma oiad mod, 
a tte warts Hao govt sa hs Onnceme 
Wha Meffony wor “aes “at ty ene SET Hat faecertony 

: Pe has masghtt ae bf the file and wih Ue prrocee fa, poy apm pat 

4 eatanna eferee cocafed oth, Aa Shia of? necessane he ancdima wolee— 
a “I jae | 

9 eomsat une Hom for ae 

aseusd. abreody on plowed 

| if 3 Lege Ae Dean from aque bog neferin wot ieee cual Ge. athe, 
| : to help ~~ outa fr" ache take fur thus aud meet mouth come 

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| clepencin ow uae 
‘ ae - amare Sent 

a ee 

1a por Joe Poy noll. 

Fao, 6, 1894. 

George T. Barns, Esq, 
No, 512 Walnut Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa, 
Dear Sirte- 
Your letter of 2nd instant, in regard to my ore 
eoncantrating plant, was gauly received ang gontents noted, 
In reply permit me to say that 7 have propiged Mr. Pilling, of 
the fixm of Pilling & Crane, that he shal} g@21 our ore for the 
present. Mr. Pilling has bean of great aia tome during the 
past two years in obtainjng information and atherwiag aunpsting mo, 
and I foel it my duty to stiok +p him ad dong ag ha satipfastorily . 
disposes of our oOrée _ 
Thanking you for your letter 

Iam, yours very truly, 

—we e 3 poems, 

Feb, 6, 1894. 

Clonbrock Staam Koiicyr Works, 
Brooklyty N. Y. 

Saar Sargser 
Your letter of 30th ultimo is received. 
1 teve a Climax Boiler, ang it is giving great satiafadéthon. 
Taking everything in consideration, it is, in my opinion, practtic- 
elly and theoratically, the beyt boidsy BO far invented. 

Youra trmnjy, 

Feo. 6, 1894. 

vo D, Ganpbel], Bsqe, 
Philadelphia & Reading Re Res 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Your datter of Slat ult jmo, enclosing leasé etc. *. 
m jiew danda, is at hand and fully noted. As we wil¥ net 
wasds on tha property this year, and as it will take a year tu 
put up such &@ plant as I contemplate building, it would orty 
‘ leave vs sen years ag dravm in which to get back entire cost of 

ye at isuking too close work. I have found from expertens: 

shel «Oo ouke any sieeees in oro concentrating, particularly witn 
present aow price of ore and with the progpect of free ore in 
‘ Muinye, that it mst be done on a very Jarge scale, making 4 
aie investment necassaryso J woulda ae a ask that to enahle 
me oo kaye proper tims in whieh to get bacie the investment you 
would ail a clange to the lease somewhat as Poljows: 

* whe 2hpisanrion of the twelve years fron the date heregt, 
if thie lease shall so long continue in force, and only in 
anch avent, that party of the second part shall have the 
option of ranewing it for ia further tarm of eight yerra from 
Dacombor 4, 1996, at a minimum anmal rental for every year 
Tron the jet day of December 1905, to the Ist day of December, 
igiS, of Seveuty-Sive hundred dollars ($7,500.00), under all 
whe condicions ag herein provided," 

I herewich return you the lease and agreements for corrsetion 

Yours very truly, 

pe qV/ | 

— Y ( 0 

Akey. deere pe és Bee apt aj 
Oh fiiasy Ah 

9) Car dis ‘ 

iAH ih: 

Jruv bila 4 Ye E . . 
wn dervaede ey sada 9) Crereveaes hein seat sta balla, of the: 
f.’ . 

" — 
wis 7 "e 4 7 v ; 4 5 . - 
Yn C ay a poo Hee for aw tego aev Che Track anth Balen bah 
4 ‘ a AA 
He Corb eoutel go ace ch with Wise ea cuit thde fur hin Je erate 
~ / , 
a 4“ cel TL contd: afreler Peas the. hia selie fnafe “ wae Savk, ry “ithe, 
hw pol ow tke Owais tha 4 the. onafe au Corntch ae A Criulel antasrae. 
pe ek / : ; ‘ y, 
RG Arn f ar a) Nir rLeU fo go upp wth re ne Se Pe oes 
: 7 : . : 4 j : ' 
UCL efy, ele Cre Chars afte ny OF sa: Oneaeses . y 
Y "| : Jouve Gur 
Ob / y 
R Haw re ohh 


Ula _— feb at 
/3 wee : 

16 Rrcad 
hau bik 

Sean bir ce 
My aa une hauded ant cheeks fy /7 i eT aed 
ie ig a Avoes, ba dials Lh Sisk ured @ (Onde ah praud 

aici by che gw Altace bovh. ape thre aecemarh ariel ace of 

‘tie Aawe ook an ads a erretahes aud ottiye 
gin £ 

Pha. a. ives 

Bele 26 

Fnariecs Cr a é 

Naas hy. a 
Deav. Wu J 

f Mn Colt ie oeaen ane fj evutd and way ee 

he Aw Cle antrig 

qe tha. 4 
me! Aviv awed ittvclas Mo Perkin ar Ontaretevdl, 

Gof Ein, Souitel aud ah Aha, 

ALF Bean 

of the Gales: ebecliec a 
U ieiss fact bitter: . ¢ 
Y Law GL. @. fotw da oy thiarh eg) aud Ube nsind: 


4, hw ee 


& Lr el caw i Aenewantl the, an annem cracclien oes tot (ne 

Tue ae 

7 fps a RQaddtph 

hy | 
Ao eh, 26 

VA f fey) t Cag, ee , L 
he fea tir ao Coad fren ws 

YA Ra vads Lied 

thas uve 

Oven ba: 
buy Gales on nr nerstt A, qrrwe- 4, unclyy accel or a, 
deri ol. tu re Chin. ies to ceaounk #7 the Cunsen of ry = 

Office ; bry bLOeevsraber accel pee / trrelucing all ban 


Sedetae e oud Aenasith the: Be mos on tim wasnt gartich Ae 
bards 0 

rina biel, 

os a ene 

GO. ate Cy Nis CPcordert, 

bath Marre WACELEL hus: rus paph Co. 
Jo a oe 2 ood 
Mea, don ni fj” ” 

Rtn. clack na gtected ore. fy tay Bok OAS, 

cn Ap Herictl, Qtrrcl Sas, “ao bvth @ 5 ' the aie 2 thes 
lath CQhrucaceasn. le me | up % date. / 

it Vty/ oy 

hs Boa. Maeef 




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Plal« ny lia bbe @ Ra. 
hee “a setphes a 


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Uf Pita 

Wear eas 
J tale fy emelaw gow heuwth the Agremeitipineitiacd 

ae on™ poor the oth om Caf Chere uel, q awe, I ier Aave dare tfeouttch 
, * 
hig? f “fe ( ree ae, 

Y 15 a. bliin 27d 

hey q 
aes Eorsssigen Cri: / 

Cork Mikio Irrck, 

Dean duis. . 

he rafal, PTs qo lack tettiy JI beg te atatés thak I Fave 

treutuaiterfined sis ther nebativnn lective youll, and vv Gather, Ite 

rakes, Aur Fangaund surth oe oroh nee buds frowts:iny aa Linney 

ae, Aranct: § Mnth ened sau any A Aclbane -fuv aareriy arth Praaaee im 
He ts 

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Ty Oi Coliaa, 

13, HW then: by a Iran 4 
LEeck Wi AAT frack : ‘ 

Mean devs. GS hee H enctar ye Herurth check ye f 3.33 i uhh, | 
pf Ze. ni ig anf pe memati ; ; | 
g A Gwe a griscl 30 Gaare barr bar cletfarrs Ve wrecks srk; : ! * 
fe 1994 ands Hand senitlins Huai, fp cbt om gery amet hab priv write 
“ram. flaws thah anon res “grette, eucl the Viaw ay es «tte 
7 pe dotlarnr. sn dew hur. om tnanred Fe 1894 

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ae G nino Triad, 

LAP a. 
Sha OO. Cobha wc 



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ci bnarck 8 f LEU 
Clog Eltecth hk or 
9 p Pot inaen ai 
saa JD beg te acunay « aw Lhah Inv Goran omade the, 
d the 3° wah 

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Poth onus On onaaucdum wu ynw Cetin, 

- Think sav bettio Ch cae. unth, Lr ocllew f Seo. a” bar 
pu Dip jn onthe, p Soo. lirchon eyeccitinn fra ts be deducttds /. A cupfalas 

duu tins ancs 208 tir Cre, with ofition ts frurchase ay He ; 

tucthanis ae pe ah Zocce, olollans, 
by eat Lek ioc ) Aareur acm Naa eae uA atwuh avrkere, 

title, vi on Yn 





(rae) / he) 



rox WA ee | ESE Pe one 

4 Pnuead: Gach 
Preaas byork 

Dean luvs ; | 
ws ach bo ~ponans Cy ; . 

4 bey te ony, thek hoc De a ead Page iy 

lave ma orvimnm, auch Sane arah, avo wil, ork bo an a fonttios fs 

Kat fer thers cut for & couple t oni thes aud urhew Xo baetfe Ltanr 

J antl, taku aif the pnatlfy withs yom 
Qrapir Calms haw takus thy alias atid 

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the ferry aakeol Vig ay “A haw An me a jer Et 
Ww Us 
v VA oie 

aw a 

rs ees j f ov tick thak thaw ha Onigre (rm 
lar ss Aw the Atay oO, Prbaartes haw Vins ay 
/ ri 7 

Branch / Kany 
Nawarlla y Pw 
Meav Say. 
Gs nepel, diaiint: J ani e the, 15 h “ead; JS beg te 
Wate, thal, tha, pall «i Aemned n ‘eles anol emu prace Ae ose oc 
Lack nth ort, ft 4 J oy atupa euth Hiseesich, wes Oeaulber’ 
tna hus Catay Aeneurkere fron fi 210.0 ts Bp 250, ** tacky, 
dpe Qnaw tine haugabl, And Cad | a pr eck 

dollars each, a ida to Qabpe ole 

inne “4d 
Ka Q. > en 


Se and 4 the draanns Leanmoh a avhary 

thy hand Y Mery huh tanh Acne “7 ough aveedy 

bra 19° 

C00 Side ¢ 3G ~ 
Jo a dja, 
LO COs Hee oe i : 
J bce yA acksmtidye t PALL bby fj eyituy ¥ 
ve thé as | errelas. “fe check é folt hoa) ve } / 

ouaand dotlary basis, fork ae rV ay. 

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LIT) ent sie (POLITE. Leen 

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fin CLAN CH A. keys diy he be WY naw 7 

40 Way, loll 
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hy (eh + “iy pita at atu hw Raridotph as 

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Lick, er aivs add be uve L, telter; yi the az ‘ rad, 

ae ae te pf IDE 5 re eck ioral oe CE ye 
Alaina ¢ 
( bil. 

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Viena reed he Vad et , 4 Sora a7 Y 

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A!) CQ! do uv! 

he Jf btc i. me Kneis te) (Le cOL ph C f glu ay ef 
he /6 a ¢ 1, : cle. vA Lay fd He 
trehy Cade a dad tech ye ae Go. fuY Hac 
thank » FOU. AeN 

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oF 4 ly A mare. gag eg ae ed ag arash ares 

LU e. tye tae 260 Lt cd yank. b., Q 

G CL ia Voura ‘bait 

J A709. QQ. & ‘Some 

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le. rie, Dh e same aarel 

hy 23. busene 6, ig Sha 

Faupe & live bey 1S narsap ay y CL, Ld, 
ys foe Nt fei. Ze Vi 
LD eci Lies: 

He, Aefly ley tas meg wan ja- Le J te 

Ap triele . 
ae vers Sey anth, He caphas neprtrenters pe sneridy which fe 
ie acte Oar ae ty tir & farm circel fl dot WRAL, 

Pla te. Gna. ke "4 atuct ouds yee rare’ 27 Qn. t call Cow ol 

rae) gD 

7 feo a - fr zg how 

¥e pis ry 2500, 

“ ree e 2Sou8, 

” Ska 4500 
*ilet Fd foogo. 

Gran chy 9 

Quav 22 

R Wane Gat Gy- 
a Ldn vn Loh 
; . huwanh. h. A 
H ree ul Arker 
A nefits 4 eee c the 20 ash L bee ts hale, 

4 4 ; ' 
Chah v4 "er Ae nefev 2 budeas “Horns €a ae awit awh Sy tan Aihe / 

ds L 
Avo. . is Lhenv 

ot utay Die 7 

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April 10th. 1894. 

> National Rank, 
740 Reoad So, Me dark, 
an CN it Mea Es: vo oa? oneeks drawn again. 
und Signed by invaeiP, aids oo. ne signatnre shown 
This i153 now gecesi. ew ive in, any way inval iuite 
eing of cheews lo Mre John 2. m.. 0 cD, a3 Attorney, the 
- of my gizvaiers being a precaul. caacy measure, AS Ux~ 

your Meier. Rouglags sra Conxa.n by Mr. Gilmore yes- 

Yours vary cue o™ —, 

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julia A ade a, Fema, 


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Peay a) teed 5 ae ie, a noe tlh, 

decterce of af the eal el. ener a “4 
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S/o, CA. 

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tle to the apne hrc 2 y/ Baw ee | ef 

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Gills, ies 

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lwowes pews Tie Aife - clonal, om 200 hours. 

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filer gen ane zara aed Bye Camumohk, dp ih here, 

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the abpech, | 

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Tages ty, Lth, Quensae, 
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Meow ibe J “7 to ferme yee “ om evtinded 

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ong haf hive: Tait 
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thouniaw" Gav loptivir phat be 


Bn il8 TEE. 

Dec. Al, 1896. 

We Soynton, Usaq., Mayor, 


Port imron, lich. 

My dear Sirs 

I duly received your letter of Nov. 20th, which was forward 
ead to Menlo Park, and subsequently reached me here. TI heve been away 
so much recertiy, hovever, thet my personal mail has necessarily been 
negleated, I would very much like to aceent your yery kind invitation 
to be with you at the commemoration of my birthday on February ilth next, 
but my mining interests at ldison, N. d., ave just at a point thet they 
require my personal ettention continuously. I cannot say at this rrit- 
ing wasther I shall be in a position to take adventare of your kind 
invitation or not, not oniy for the above reason, but also that impori-— 
ant matters here, which must necessarily remain in aheyanne until I 
return, will also tend to preclude my visiting you at thet time. There 

is so much depending 


> lly personal labors for the next few months to 
come thet 1 doubt very mich whether I will be able to ze to Port Huron, 
put if 12 is at all possible I will advise you in due time. 

The compliment which you and the citizens of Port Huron intend 
peying me, in chenging the name of Pine Grove Park to Edison Park, is 
very highly esteemed indeed, and the fact that this Pavk vas formerly 
my home makes tho compliment all tne more honored by me. 

I very much regret thet I cannot say at this writing definitely 

whether I can be present or not, but you oan rest assured thet if my 


it_@ greet pisasure and honor tea be with you io reat vourself and citi- 


serne of Port linron and to at the same time rene seme os the old ac- 

pances, aany of which heye now pasned somownet out of my recollec- 

"2th dest wiches, and with the complinents of tie acason, believe 

Yours vory truly, | 

fe icc 

a) | 

Mee 2¥ 96 
Kee, Sr itive Aeddand Eq 
J2 lbiath 

ao Serer vena caearcanene tan PTE oaeee 

Dato. nae, 
4D cans dour. 

Lig 7 gi the at Panik, I ke to~ 
hala thas Reh ort ANZ, G. Clin gee rn ee Aelia « ueh, 

beck “fl Xa ae helen be the ind Oy aad ee waa he Man 
fi Ll) Qarv/ alin wud! ID Aave mok- Se Ah 2 Riawses, 

be dh clots ONL mirk ae olrecenn of Co 
OWww ‘Bul. 

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a Clave. 

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Mey I Quer a 
2H 3 ater Led, 

lew 4,8) 

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the. A: the fly 9. tie Bler er 

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a ote Cone. 7 jj “ 

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hy 6. dalle, 74 
St id 

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AD egw en ( 

Ohare, Cmad avtiew uw 3 

bike graphy OAK el oe, 

Vos wu fawy ef the 1 * aaah, ae 

ed. 4 ted rfl th rue: ao 
y OCG ev ik? ag ri) /' 

OVI Ar, wb ke. Ca 

acter & Comruritaeron te fe bu tle ead 

iy ours F rh —_ 

Y thw. Chhraon 

Aiade (ob, UL 


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Crile RO Gnes Cs ? 
a Qebye dene SI oie y ra 
Foust (ive VIR Joes, 

Ales “tr 

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dl. y) olay 7. CLYLY & 
FRE Golra in QA. Let Lh; 

1a frrterh Cod nek ty. 


“the, We Geek acl breeee ol: ee 
f fs Vert: Buy Biclirzn tye on ues 


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ak ba fuck, 

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pues Ola davw of, the 16% ark, Come du ts fanol 


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® Hour ve) err a Gry cthar/ ; bre yin che hy bok Qs ae Ww Clectiic 
. f Cae 

5) se saa 2 TU alk 

| DK 100. — 



Sratd a, I ie i 

ak i Gow i. 

x, De we luv}. 

Ni] , - give CAIRNE ruh “7y ae A ths, Bee 

fan Bh wan Louth, 

/ a Meo 29% 

DN. Ques Ly. vy 
36 Wa Gass “ 
Mews div: a i 

ts dcknetedge peceph Of a Cope 
Mth revk 7 a aa a maw sa “ity oe 

and wick afrfre ane OL. A enac bi. 
ID nye 

a ‘1 : 


| Mee 29 96 

DP C nantes Ey, 
203 ih, 

Dray tur. the 29 B nah, Cts Ts Rand 

‘< ve - 


OF #1 U aanr og 
| Serer cares ap) kb tut thah Whigs con 7 Y m otyn 
>; a A, wut , as disvige J Tce a por avvore X% ei atacelle, and J 
| ntl aeardh thew aiteteael Phah atl ic. Orta the oth barks, 

gine * 

J doh y AYE Ha 2eel, ss Li ph At 4 yank 
Toes ems nc Wwe Pwo: Qharte % Ligh ly 

the. bien a Vote Phone afk CQ 
; the Qumre ve nis fs “th AN) oes Caek, 

be ji the dane” ahatl hcrd Fo ane av w bef ore 
‘ a aie brurar, oy kheeww hundred “and 
pha awn: ahalt be 
ft ww ~ dn addiian é, oe oe peasy | A® prod 
[fo with aspen to spate gu ace Corthacy anol oe Wo 
7 | 4, the luncticl Oh TAL4 ie Conspa the pighte 

of i Ramee ai meg hph 

\. peatee Btn. 

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RAE ee —— 
Tne ira ee a 

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fo vu 

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~W¢ roe ee 
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Oia dic 

avi of the a of wth, carne de te Rand, J 
a oft tv fos Uh 0 emacs te LO m Mee 24-1896 
; atom. Qu In im daw mM umur vais Cone fretted, 
Get pee ann a2: 
fe olde Crtagan ee Qe we are gon Job nun. Hsiengh, 4loo Tare 

bw (one yretlee Came om @ Op anh a Lor a muruabey an 
spit! be time: oP heb, fre wa LIES § as 
the. pe i gee AY tentt Conv aud 1 ie 
Bene a) 

; farw 2 

1A. Ornate by 0 / 
lea ‘db, pre 


avy the 29° | th wi J hil, 

Q Alou. J fof, ,, QLaun aud tid) 00 AKZ 
raihoman 4... ade cho 

ee the cutirde Ay P @a 
nak wtatmete lr Ye Ot clorpamct J heck. a 

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J be f5 Qnrclaeg is Asrupiths ehedSo 

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ean ite es 

AA se Comech ple Ann, aud onarck peep et 
t me of ir ia 14 ie nef 
3 , Ui Pe! eee 


eo 7 

4, uth, J 
sect helt ia 
ate cx a is nara y 

Bo. Qa Das 

Brg te 

ys Sas Schiam we as AAV Pam asa “Vn 

ante ts iene of the ly a 


tah, which po ee 2 
dunt moh weet, ae hae fo thngl necerviody aru anililiow Ve atttods 

\ ; the, (Dann eh ad, oe 

\ Ge Catmack Ci turk haw been nelaacliantt 
> ! jo decline, Qa the yar regi ‘AL. re ae fais fre mah attiitins, 

bw € 0 Odanv The Crericlerck 

j bE bdo 


| . 7 In chaeh Panagla AS 
| 399 Each 29". ue J 
 Pnovke ce b. jf 

) Ee PRT 
Hi gb wih, ei) 

| ie 

et’ JZ. 

ts bate 

7 4, 
; a4 TT ea pelos Loh he Mak doce 

q oh. LO r& 
| att omy prattith svrorte, re: “y 
and = - Pitt: Ae 

Aorr OC 


ilies: lhe po% ? LiF 

NO cet 7 mr me Bat 2 

a4 “Sd D | sis 77 

mo | | eee 

Oran dvr. | sah wt Le 
eu Sou reply niy the of anch, 
ee | 4, y ah hy ass Pas ies sD sa? fa a aell, fe ach Sadek 

5 j | . CareYurkethov J att ih. w mek. feta 
MOF | Ph. Q. Yrsenr 

ae | sh eS 


In. Cirm, / 
vor ras of 

Meay bie i, 
fy g ews paris the 17bavah, J beg to 

Hat thah on “FI 7 Ce Gahan safe b, unt, wi 

OWL ween x coricl & Jas o Le cines HE 4 ay ovhy arvitsy off 

ay thas cuticle, it 
4 i 

A; es / 

of Pan 

ata 20 ra g 
[a dt Fr sll 7 } 97 
Cork grin buck, . # / 

Doan hy eden. 

A aw sa thah th ntl be smh anbte 4 

we fp be Lhne aaa. ee hak, Ae brite oA @gdew wat 06 0 
blast, WA ew Leads an ol Jo muk be frreacish, ah WE Late 
soar the ial. . 

Jan. 218t.1897, 

N. $. Boynton, Esq., 
. Mayor of Port Huron, 
Port Huron, Mieého 

My Bear Sirs- 
Your letter of January 8th. is at hénd, together 

with the clippings which you mention. I appreciate very highly 
the compliment to be paid me by yourself anda the Citizens of 
Port Huron on my comin: birthday. It is very doubtful now as 
to whether I can go cut to Port Huron at this time, for the rea- 
aon that the large sining plant at Edison, N. Jo, employing many 
hundreds of men, will be started up at about that‘time, ana if 
Z. ware t6 go out to Fort Huron: it would necessitate closing down 
the plant entirely; as its operation ‘for some considerable ‘time 
to come saqalced my personal attention, which cannot be déle-- 
gated © anybody. ; 

, Regretting that I am compelled to forego a trip just at this 
time to the eens of my early life, and again wishing you and the 
Citizens of Port Huron every SUCCOES, and again thanking you for 

the very kind invitation, in which Mrs. Raison also joins me, I 

beg to remain, ote 
: Very truly yours, 


~ ben ey, 

ated oo ah 
: & Race had oe awe 
Nakalle rm Cactua papas Ff ante yal hands 
ae Cueabte Liet, aun th. ye ae 
se @ Concomn ab Gadus ty pe therware 
BY AS pare airy ms P hice ae ge ee 
aercl sh on ts $n aud we nis Carn 
de eh, “ery foal 
| Wn. “S- 

4os BL nese: Avearue 
by. oe Nassac. 

Deav dove 5 4 game four pol ani 

thah urhab- ave. done se d me te 

Oe enh. ly Moh ae waelld 1s a shves:h i pdr 
eh rondo” bas APY & 

Cows aw une 
ee haa. 

Bul 10h 1897 

oct, urbe 

jenn Od cd yg Ti 

An J 4 to obdle thoh mh th Que, 
courand, dottane ; amenth aoa a co Inanch, apuce 
aad Ira) and ae d clare ane onth, duneng, 
1 , Gun and 
vr Come Fo @ Oct ae t 
tuferinanile a, ov moh anol the, ameuwnh 
utah utt be athewed, 
The purple ats dhinsite ray 

the ommth 
acapbalte es pana Saag 

, bE 97 
Uf AT tak, de oF 

. Onaug fh. J, 
oe a aed secn Fe «make pute om 
he plate Ihach + “TULA 4 ane abvukh aud dowmne/ 
huh dineh detuer “Me plolee te a sot with euh > a 
Concenk.+ See: ament Lo A bind 

oe lia | poe Arne Ebon 

futy F 1897 
Yunis , 

bctrd> Matre of Qaunce 
Pras : ies D.C. 

Jj oF) fo anche ‘ one fowr/ fer enh 
Crack of the linked Lhiler l Oowanacen Sno, to 224 Lm 
Sieixtand bh ellare enrdaned over fs Divine: Q. & ov fr 
He ase hone w mew me srsned by che, amarvnk. A 
ths. ovdlens Fhomas Q. Etiam I jand Mmath aawe te (nee 
bathe fy wulreck on the reur COnact gi deseneee? 
to ssa Qa. scans bo Onange el as 

Vk ies 
the ale ape 

ean dist 


Wy opumem we MACS wold be face t60_45* 
ee avs Aeserelst Bafta ss 
on Ase eras. mohe_, 
A” SSawmevaraf rk Co ss a = 

Chareinct Wim blows 5288S mow week 

owe ae, 


Jany 8 97 

Hugh C Middleton Esq 
Dear Sir 
My opinion is that it would be feasible to devise a printing system by the X 
ray as you have described. But to make it commerical it will be necessary to 

experiment for the production of a cheaper chemical than silver salts now 

Thomas A. Edison 







Cafe th 





\ bareces. 

Th OVS. 





» oye a 









Fes eee tere 

Re Bneiee 

Po a 


verne.. Al 


SE ba RES Se Ne RTE SS en AIRS lies RES PS : 

2 Oe ESN PORN be Sot ee oe 



Diag Stesaen By a ae 
4 Gash wd 7 ys 

Oran dio: 
Law Fae) do eas mie: the jl Cede IJ beg to atats that 
Cay frertianetinds Ahab faa cat ove $Y 50,000, 
Caw naries “fo aee ah Lhnevrghs, 
, aura bruaol 
Y Bhw.0.Etsam 

Artynr Oto a Q Inf 

auc. d sae | ALA wey a J 

Oia 17, 97 

} 4 pea 
pa ah fe Hi $y Anat te 

Y (ei den ur —- 

. Sian 25° 77 


| Poa 45 ¥ 

= ty | i ny anak, 
thas J aie t. va ag , yy pio vn 
Guo per kA thah ith ens cad fame me phon 

Pandey a we Hie i Deéiads “vies 

Bra. Q. Elan 

April 17, 1897. 


Fhoenix Republican, 

Phoenix, Ari. 

Bear Sirs 

kv attention has been called to a clipping that was out out 

of your periodical, dated March a7, 1897, stating that Mr. Horace 2 


Mam has established an industry in Phoenix, having obtained the exelu- 

sive right to the manufacture and sale of the Edison Gold Saving Machine 

for placer mining in 01d Mexiec, New Mexico and Arizona. The clipping 

aiso states that he has the agency for the Edison Quarts Will. I write 

to say to you that I do not know ir. Hann, that he has no authority 

to use my name in any way, has no exelusive rights whatever, and eny 

Statements inade by him to the effect that he has a contract with me 

for manufacturing or selling apparatus such as he refers to is avsolutely 


Will you Kindly do me the justice of inserting this letter in your 

periodioal, so that the public will not be misled py purchasing any 

apparatus of this kind under the assumption that it is an invention of 


“Phanking you in advance, I an, 

Yours very truly, 

ie. 3 

April 19, 1897, 

Edison United Phonograph do., 

John E. Searles, Esq., Pres., 

av William St., New York. 

Dear Sir: 

I am in receipt of your letter of the 16th, and in reply would 

say that I have nade n 

o improvements in my phonograph for a long time 
past that vould warrant the taking out of patents. 

The changes that 

have beer: made were in most cases matters of design, whioh are not 


Yours very truly, o 



i A, ayes. OO TA Bape: 

pon, In, PhusTon “7 

Jor 4/2 

Dean tov. 

spy by pe P ithes.19 ich, J 
a to atate oe 4. whi lh, © rw have Rent, 
aa Nokue, 

&. C Prete, Ey. | Curt 26 Ih, 
4 Dea dou:. ! 
q = he nef 5 ft uewgl TAO 26 — J diy 

A oats this My eed aadedf « 


NESTE gee 

nen Si See rag ee ee 

te SA 


peg ttt 





era ORAL AS a > 




ciate nee 

Piet oe ee eters 
mn TED 

. _ 
2 : 
. - = 
| Shs 
| x 
| ney 
| a 


tne meters *. 

yi of 
Fig ee ee 


fen aa ene 


Cee wd io aac 


{ peo «. 



May 25, 1897. 

R. G. Salamon, Esq, 
NoteL Metropole, 
Loudon, Engiand. 

iy dear Mr. Salamon: 

I beg to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your 
letter of the 9th. My people did contemplate taking kinetograph pictures 
of the procession at the Queen's Jubilee, but the charges for prominent 
Posiiions were so enormous that it wag given up. ‘The expense of making 
the trip, ete.. would be very considerable indeed, and should the weather 
be unfavorable of course the results would be a dire failure. However, 
we may possioly arrange in some other way to obtain views, and in‘ that 
event the photographs could be exhibited and shown througnout the world, 
and I have no doubt would prove very interesting. 

Please accept my thanks for the interest shown in the matter, 

and believe me, 

Yours very truly, 

‘ i 
n Ng ; 
2 B tie > ; 
i ' . Vopswy ral T ean 
: = i Vena an r 
: 0 ibaa en iar AL 
fh Ts Giixt 7 
fay 4 ‘e n . at ri ‘ zs 
t CED NG gegel otek ag, aa abs 
; sie omar | eke i tay 
vel Gigs uy 7 
# mi | 
SEES TIER ¢ CAE > 4 i 
fy es te) au 1 TG) WS pPacits 
to ory 8 
2 ind! pau tered £ 
i i 6b sk sae Toga enbe wlye 

TU Deh 

“is ua Ox lima GP ees, ore 4 

is abso. a 

PO Gaurte 

road Bop cud ih oo Hardag timo.) Y aromeesy yand can bn 
made; ' ue n i | 

i m PeteS 88 8S Oouy not tea eonnt 
BN. ats ; ot oa. Gilead free gine oft: i 

ie Mihi Goerosrnond ta 

Yeurs very ¢ roly, 

DramPunY mi taies 

NNR rn 






June 17, 1897, 

John Sherman, 
Secretary of State, 

Washington, DBD, ec 


IoWisa to recommend to vou, tor taa position of Commiss jn. 

er General or the Unired States at the fortheoming International 

Exposition at Paris, in 1400, Major Williamit, Wiley, I do this 
on the grevnds of his very side acquaintance witn manufacturers & 
industrials of all classes in tha United States; from my personal 
knowledge cf his tact, atiministrative ability, large exhibition 
experience and high standing in France; and because IT am informaad 
he would be in the highest degreo a persona grata both with 

American manvfacturers and the French Exposition authorities, 

Yours faitnfully, 



eee ees 


Vevwies Aaj 
[ 96 
To by. C 


Deans Soin Oud is 

J be fo a dune 
Ynackedd ie ya) 
of ota ch hha 
i Jresabaig 

i Uam Qa, 

Ma (inv 

I Hip died 

ath bec Ay aw tyach © 
thab ich unl owe he 


rw thabr ib hare ie 

Sint Giaos Head iar 

& TUAN bind, 

pene t7 



ag bigion 
“& - 


ic fume, 2 27 
EG oa / 
of ere : Las ; ¢ 
wey 5 ea RY gy Ada OW Ore SY borer ah, he oneal, 
2h et bop eta ] 
ie etre et ih { 4 varaN af a DAIL ta ax Hi a. : $5 5 fe f / 
: . > ; St el eT fan adopriae TU AS 
of ees : tf. oh . 
} ae ee dhe ty te OF ; LUG ! oe: ; 7 
~ dD . ar wo ae ds t . et rt . Peebey A LUT & , “Li ¢ AOR & 4 f Dem nT) 
“oy } Lf. wie f if ne z 
HED 0 Cw tA fe ‘ 

? ae wee 
te hg ; cae 
tele *F uae Baws, 

i . ‘ é 
pat : : hes 
: en a re 

/ / 
mya pf gez A 

Ak1a4 et tae } 


Ra het 

. Pe 
= ESO 





rea ssa 


RAS Eee, 




eS a ace OE Resa peti 

ON Ann, Gone ee 


Dee ds 

/ / 
LA AY is / u 

2 e AL wot J ‘ 
wrat cd AASTALOA, IAS Bees ak A Ck pre 

ad aA ae A kD 

4161127 OW, 

7 / ; 

- f a 


is ~ 4 fi ; 

cr) bd. OL, ere Pn 

ID ge bd ag aos 
the 10 nA pide, Rs uty HON 
Vf ken a hoe dood Cure 
Lau 14 é ork ob pide me 4dr cA. rig Qltnild nd) 
4 . 2 ‘ 

Li ere | 
J sarwcte AG th wll ioe “o ee Soliacter ¢ 

Gur oo houee ih fe Cy na An am ntb actin mnterins f> 

Aug. 31, 1867. 

Ge Io Bryaut, Feqo, 

- High Pridge, No de 
Dear Sire 

fn accordance with inetzuctions received from Mr. Edison, we 
Men To skey Ghivoiny you by express one "Home" type vhonogreph complete, 
with nh selected records. ozo is sent you with li. Edison's compli- 
monts, add I trust it will reach you in good time and be found in every 

wey pehiarectory. 

Yours very trmily, 




Samuel Insuli, Hsq., Pres 

-Assooclation of 
yr Mr. Insul2: 
extending an invitation to attend the 
D had hoped to be able te be with you on this occasion, 
lections of the last mesti 
nature, both from a commercial as well as a social 
waited until this tine -to answer you, as, although 

getting away about thie time, still I felt thet ir 

kind invitation to be with yot. 

manufacture and selling ef "juice". 

“Gison iLiuminating companies, 

+139 Adams St., Chicago, 123 


Youre very truly, 

received in due course your favor of July 28th, 
Sonvention of your Association 

at the Gataraot Mouse, uiagara Falls, on September idgth, 156th and ieth. 

ag my recol~ 

i attended are of a very pleasant 

i was doubtfui of 
my Business matters 
could be arranged satisfactorily I would like to take advantage of your 
I am very reluctantiy compelled to 
advine now thet my business arrangements are such that I cannot possi-~ 
bly get away next week, and I shall therefore be unable to be with you 
and to meet my oid colleagues, as well as the new ones, engaged in the 
However, pleage convey to the mem 
bers of your Association uy best wiehes for ite future prosperity and 
my extreme vrerrets thet I shell de unable to. visit them at this time. 

Sept « 7, 189%. 

I have 















Basins 9 A; anne anon va trae tenga te 

iad ray incaery events 



Yincsa. Oh, 

: : / hee 




oeomve pina 

ONY Aas 

wis aioe SANE NT CE meteor Come eet 















rey 3d 



Sa tt aaa te 

ad ee ee ee 

deph 29 9 
Sree 90 ae (oy / fy 
23 Fra [tick 

1, ine Bark 
AD can UVa fe / d 
0 : 4} 
TS Retin tet Ment hy 10,000. te dt Reg be fy (ard, 

a <p 
5 af ate F the age Soa 

ad ee ee oe ee ae ON ee 
f a : I ! d “4 " 
7° pee Pie dart de seins hee racthay ChEre uct, page 6 ee vhs o va Sad 
i ie 2 bi. 
ottigy. cab iy 
Vv GA 5) 5 
Rise a. tee 


9 : OY 1 97 


Ibn. (Doyle dag bg 


vr ef the + 29 uth J 
to atake eye Le bee logs ard fer 

wthrarng “Yn G Lev, neduler a ia 
brune bu 

Pho. Elum 

: es o + ein oe 

Toda de bro elo aon 

313 fOuorrghv 
lev oo h. a) 
fy bec i acuiee. gris dhads Veay Qwar “Qo 
hack thah AA te bikchctot ne re rade 7 

vA 4 hpiutawads: f somite G cline yun Ad wnrtte, a Lott 

Malang, urhak yyy wnakr o a boxe Pee ee 

i : ( 
i | . oun ak 
| 6 aan GQ sien 

= COU. t/ ia 
LC (Voatdunn We high. eo 17 
| or eG hn 

: Uw mie | 
O tan divi | sft way fusrra Uke rath uth, J beg fo obits 
a) Ry ing Grog) ni ry eras ae 
kph headed Yvith voedag med 2 avhile eelies although, a “ 
*e bhi dad nriok en attirandly suf ba Hoe jake Aa dct te ccinatl fe, oh de 
NG vt the Aabih an Seth Qs sy aan coer ad ceoae | 4 

p eee: andl amen atl naghh, 


// Shu. 

Q. Elkaon 






4 ‘ 
October 26 97 
ss : 4 : Royal C Peabody Esq 
: 4 | Dear Sir - 
; Po. Mr. Bowker informs me that it was at your earnest solicitation that my 
i a. he! loan was placed with the Trust Co. Permit me to thank you very much for your 
Pe trouble. It has been a great favor to me, and I shall be glad of an opportunity 
in i H to reciprocate your kindness in the future. 
oe Yours Truly 
z Thomas A. Edison 
ao } 

Fo twins Rinan ar 2 


Ok we 
Vath, tbe = 7 
‘9 hu 
92a batt, 
i Oe Dia D be ae 

se Khoh ie fas = - vere boet ae 
Aavitionn ond J A awe tide D hives wid T thas bu j ney) 

Ow ae aes iit finn kha, Corry whack with be, ; a 
hel — wreehe, Jo narae the, ena L ii 

ee Aah teed eu urhote javeiton ah aa 

y rtentaw aw “f vy pes adas abrrks wll 

es aw monkeh arabe. abe 
ta.a by AY, 


= the 

E. Ms ot. h VT 
eau ss eh 
‘fel fy to eskes 

o Wb ade, Chak, ar; 7 ANA 
whe (7. GP (2, Aretds fi 7. 

Hach tine tha, ae ey 

he ay turh f 
abo the Lohegh, 
“ae cena 4 


Och 29° 97 
Feo Dhiba b ha 
¥ A 
45 6 Tp tate thal, 
Dreav f the oh pveby I be te 
ie ae tibhe ov ptcmnapepdet hs oe 

- mt : 
oh pte 
ted amd oi fore fue bia it 

ye Caw 

ae Ai. “Lm 

Up hon, ees 

| acre G4 a A tyr u Ah 

a\ | i ti ate Louth v god ie 

O og 0 Phila det had Pr. 

LDeau alu |. f r 
Sig AL; 7) fy : ee eee g iad, 

beg Ty dhots tah brad prtate Sa eee 
d f urna tl acne + py fs Ludo Dohoy Brat few frasy 

PP Grane. havak 7, es 
G. Cd 

Tha. Q. 

7 & | ,. ce “ 
Onan duu}- f . : 

| J be fi adwiw gow thok o, wturber M- 1277 ey 
Atrtee aviil i... homoew fn cured iia ere corn fucll to 

Recdlirce my Sada ite: ; Ie ti by 

RL as oO fH ae 

KP bes. Cette 




SRS a a 

i nice Ne HI Lie 

id chia garter eins sates 



\ ‘ 
we Ane oe 
ue PRY ak 
poe eecggtae Ns f 


E SON we ‘ Sci cgotiem ae tet! 
. : wer ete de ee SEMI ok 


Nov. 11, 1897. 

John H, Marjas, Bsq., 
a/o J. P. Morgan & Co., 
23 Wall St., New York. 
My dear Mr. Harjes: 

I duly received your letter of the Srd, and note 
that it is your intention to return home on steamer sailing Saturday 
next, the 13th. My people will ship to-day by express, prepaid, two 
cases marked for you, care of the "La Bretagne", same containing a 
phonograph, with racords, hearing tubes, etc. In the case is also 
enclosed a Manual of the Phonograph, and I am also sending you by 
this same mail, under separate cover, a duplicate of the Manual of the 
Phonograph, which I trust you will receive safely. Will you kindly 
present this outfit to Mrs. Harjes with my very best compliments... 

Trusting that you will reach home safely, and asking that you 
kindly remember me to Mrs. Harjes, in which Mrs. Edison also joins me, 

and with kindest regards, believe me, 

Yours very sincerely, 

riot : 


Nov. 12, 1897. 

Eugene H. Lewis, Esq. 
c/o Eaton & Lewis, 
44 Broad St., New York. 
My deac Mr. Lewis: 
I am in receipt of your letter of the 29th of October, 

put es I have been away, answer to it has been somewhat delayed. I have 

‘written Mr. Evans, the care-taker of my Flotida plant, as per copy of 

letter attached, which I think covers what you want. I trust that your 
party will find the premises in fairly good condition, or sufficiently 
so to enable you to have an enjoyable visit whilst at Fort Myers. If 
thera is anything further that I can do, please let me know. 
Trusting that the trip will be enjoyable to everybody, and with 

kindest rexards, believe me, 

Yours very truly, 

UD ct 



Leet g 

re ae ; 

Nov. 12, 1697. 
James Evans, Eeq.; 
Fort Mysrs, Fla. 
Dear Sir: : 

Mr. Rugene H. Lewis and a party of friends are about leaving 
“or tha South and, desire to occupy my cottage whilst at Fort Myers and 
444 vioinity. They expect to remain there anywheres from six to eight 
waeks, one YI desire that the cottage be turned over to them whilst they 

ara ther It is their PEtOn AON, to make such repairs as are necessary 


ge ave 
to the roof and fl oor, ee “they ‘eine desire to take an inventory of 

the contents ‘of the cottage before ontering same,and when leaving this fi 
invantory can be checked and you can give them a proper receipt. Kindly a} 
permit thom to occupy the cottage whilst there, allowing them the use i) 
of its contents. i 

Yours very truly, 

har 18 77 ; ie 
ies fails egnre arty 

Hewark hh. , 
renner P encteae mu Aemuith, 20000, Umnot 6latire G 

HoH | Deomelas Phoww atk ance aokw 1a2%3 = ee fur 
. q any oe puccsda t TG <7 cudi arrol aoe a 

0 pen rc , 
se / oe Oe fo 
¢ fw 
08 | 
tdo fa 

ie o 

SADIE pein ise Paha AL RN a et a et RT 

Ai 22-99 

¢ eae | J beg’ Oo” 
rea J acu. C mv rears curred 
PRA weed ave bey ANG’ of pee 
- tho, ob, wead pry tna 

Pb voktroeg, Ae ' if aby cuoul du 
; “atack Ores bed ran 

af du Linarreer, 7), QL 
fk . 

2 abd fom gavel ws, 

ahaa ff y 

‘} ‘ 

Pb Late Ge 
ue? ad & 

ae EL ¢ ts m vil 

Apernaa Vurt 
A ‘ 

dee. Ui. Coram 

| Ke Co 2 97 
y Gastas es op | 

fork dryer 
sa w, 

; ee fale Bae cl cae oo ee we epee S Ue, thackf 
aa | z LUNE, 
sN dys | # f 38. es (daw Ban 4 fob ua a Wf Lame Peewee: oe. 
Pann = (Pea AER. aes oo ctu 
eee ee Lax J p— 4 sy 
ots i // Pha QE Chinon 


| Yew - 4 

79th wh 

Lan 4 AA preaeud Shove mo fa. caitior hak 

Jem fpr 

Tun 4 


aD) le EAT ee 
atlases. iia ] 
Onan . ‘. fl : 
Sou nef * ran the 17th uth, J beg te bate 2 
aw thab dipechian mow: . AV 

aad Ty Tang pind oa) 

We Abram 

Knew 2 md 7) 

: woe of the ay uth, I bey th abate” thah PO 
Thee si me ee ee as th oh gee ebtds pn cbrably/ — 

aha & eves Gees ae Phen epraphe mour wow ose wth anol 
HA oh mrern! atne rrtablhehnu ey thenadlrer, all wev Aha, © loan ty 
ai me -handud to too hundred lela cae 

Aw | 

Calin ee Loum, aacakt 

aw mo enclave fr senerant 4 ate the Cafe reyurte 
va a awmoll place dia daspie Oe af an 

Pin a b 


Less ven (our dts im - 
Du Rive, 
bo reply te yr » fog ihe 30a, J lj 't has tab 
7/ anf He faa gine suls Grete fr 
taal dub) te’ pabised thekhe Leaeel.. ~ 
4D 7 

rine wy 
f Pao, Qa: etd: 

Mean Agi: 

tke, Young maw ve 

: Mec, 2 
Aol br, Puce oy: a 
a re 4} P. ae nd 
on a tw 
er 90 a } leans devs. si j a 
y UNOS 4 ‘ ' 
4 ee) “th ashe ie » nar To ncl avakew sca aa 

ur of the 24 ik tivah, Cun HY Wwe 

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tase Tein anid unit. be fr asvnal wefy unt te cote the brbf,, 
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Bb oostey bw Gear ri ah the Prots ee LEG 

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Hoven 6, Deramanig € oT ‘ Tf 

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fan of (fav an ahe ft @e emf Lyte o oowalsoaitd ap SD, puttin ee eh. eek i 
“theteamde as te whe “ and thon and ha a ry ole: the, 
tes Ayaan anckhy bol iN prinharpas te 1Lvu mac fe clarurouldy 
th cldttch, str § vn af eae the fer mee pared tiie 

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aro: J dhint iS es Aha Lf our im f Che, p43 An rw, 

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‘tis fs *y Feds Sai ai 2 2 Me xihaars Zk cae SVT RS I 4 Acre ee ci 
pa SST aT SNS Soe SSRN cai ld icra SAILS ised 8 ea ae RNC ct EN RE RTE LORD Ng ae BSN Nina emt it Bo fo inanenstonssrest 

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- 2 Wears Aisi: 
“OV & J be To turclaw guy herewith ry che ch 
ARR sie he ag 
on a . jf Avtinueh clue ou mete. clakéd, yo 22-1897 due Mew 22- 1899 
NY EW ne oo 
De & Sooo, 723. 

| arhsch fe due Mee 22. 1897. 
[vin ety nifbiame the old mets aud ae a 

Jietas Lirchae ynu -honith mete Actich Oro 22- 1897 duw 
je 2D 1895 tr" abe, % — seg EE ool fw Lee, araanbr 

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Bk fe re | I ae 

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Nn et wi : bs 
re nen vie aR 2 WS = REE, 

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Qeot a 5 anette [Mew ¢ OC aaectnd of Parla Avepudlz 

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1 is CALE LSTA . Vv 

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sce bre daa wet Anew Sea bee NT 




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ELIE S ati mee 

pis: SoMa te ae ae ae 

STII emer ete Noo oo pe cnr ceo tt DE 

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CES aren sR YE SSO 7 eA a Foo PE 

Jan, 11, 1808, 

Sun: - 

Dear Siri 

I wish to protest through the Sun 
The Meny arbielas appearing in the sensational Papers of 
Séw York from time to time, purporting to be interviews with me 

aboot vender? 

ul inventions and discoveries madeor’ “to be made by 
myself, scaresly a single one is authentic and the statements 
parperting to be made by me are 

the inventions of the reporter: - 
the sublic are le@ from thas articles, to draw conclusions just 
the opposite of tue facts, I have never made it a practice ta 
work oon a: 

ay line not purely practical ana useful, and I especially 

dasire it to be known, if you will permit me, that I have nothing 


do with an article advertised to appear 4n one of the papers 
about Mars, 

Yours very truly, 

. * 

SUR MEM TanPDE Ahm Kitiy UIRWGNe eR URBANA OLN CABS et SIC Mc GEAR cette ROR Mo A ADEA TM Ren ai ia Sk te ea ae 

ns aN aeeteres 

ANCA Seer Ye couse. pushing tite th 


i a Geeta ~~ a 
MLederbenn Caowlveat ts Pa ig 
A » 
{ deeb De 
PN Cee g | AA 9 eet, 

ee har en te P wt hee 

ae et ABE wha co , 

hig ut 

_ Yac ae Coulis ms 2 

f. Beer = oman 
A ei cd La rol Risegas aa | a ae lec 

4 cru ar Cae aes: 


? — 

q ae fi rH] f a = 
ess ie to ADVE poy Te oe tA C. AAR he [LOT te tena, 
t Sen 

Vinnad eer Ce role ver Te lseo 

9 b L “4 awed 4 RA Cue. clge uM, 

TVET ee < Sea SS ‘ we ain C4 ot of Sie. 




a bag sees as ot we ben. 

(ut at he eLerwa key 

Yrcket q fees a RRA Ov. P cue fen 
Ginn OS ae . 

ora al. 

Ue Tactah. een 

i whe Late vc meee +, 

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ee ew erwow “Je Hoenswl eS GH 
aes yore oe ane posers nalbes eohaky hee 

ped Wn bso Ova 


eh DURAN SARITA A es ahora Bee ROL INTER oi SI Tn at Be I AAAI P IO IO SO 


l Haan 




prec AN MAEM 


DN en permerney r ee ney reer rere 


Tete crepe tes 

Bate pores 




* ia ad 
esa tensa pivngatat sri nasL Ata li ARE HET ase SSA EEO aaa is MR i 08 0 a 
: : srrneremmeg tere mse ps pane estar mat 
; ry eto 
“ ; 5 ¥ 
oad . i AIS. 
S$ ef “ 0 
Fs She aaa &. nett Recah TR me 
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i Leet 
* re not | F ® a 

ak tina stonads eM RE MON CTRL OORT 

on ° 

ey me ee TES CS eS RRS ara oe 


Pe Sit weltnal tosh i 

Tat aoe Aad ales eee 

AP eae erent, 



4 lease conrclcea ene, eee 2. strc . _ 
: 5 

ft LE otgetl beer, Ke 
guanene smn trtemanh eek ‘0s at Unws 

ee Colaberatron \ tan es 

A Men ry net “4 awit & Qeo Hecroep 

Arm Dee yonnn Fe 
Lead oo wept fer 

on ian ce 

Laaeerene tt) 


SAAR pie rom untae BN rem SEAM NL rtte sae ¥ 
_ ? 2A ASR ip ee eee 

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gnas eoeee 
f yous mrelay aes boas: 

meee, : a cn prieemante 

orfeo ts Ae SLs. 4 i (ais 
“lop wo pth eff 

0 WE catee well bz. a 


te OAL one | 

ry f Pore 
ural { & thenncrnen, 7 bia. 

ee Be ao td get 
at ae te es of he 

Tre needhe, eck Goh & 

- - 

SRG 9 SS a ties ee 

pen feale. oS hot: eae ieaeeek of. 

Fy a 
~£ a 
Gn ae Cn, Ce eeny 




ah Tf; Taig nvitrw; LEA, 
pap’ : if 
(Pe Lf HA 

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See adietraitin arias teecbea deals its * 
Si naa te i oe ci Cay Wratten eT “siasce a 
A TS NS PS PULA Ts Wnt ARTI Sil) Oo ah CREE BA RN Pc sbae ae NCW sp pds cigabin atc teagete 
he 7 aia 5 - a s SIP UPAR ERT AIM. 

. a“ ae. 
DE a? rare 5 2 

i : 
a 4 
Votrcrackl Fives Gera. 

She pitlune of myself cnnch Keniiing 

uy outa Nene eof abovat crm A 
rt 4 day tae 

pnflowes s 

“Vm, oe Vins FL cop ona a opehek 

Ve bess Wo you ch GR crank fe 

ory ate Cs afin {or Aveta 


Pe ern. a pane ol ate Ree me 4 

salcwels (he oproda oe VC oon 

Jfe3e EA pend One oun 5 val 

Oithe Arastane oy. . o 

ae bud. en 

iw ray 

Dee a 


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iia vthe 2 Key LA ir ety 

: Py, 


ri ‘ 
OV QE tard o3 

ALi aye Leo Shea dy tr Lhe: Drt411@ 

: Af ‘a Lg . 
bs vo piel Creve to Qornethurg eblae 

foo p 
a suthoo rarye ob Li qua ss 

“Y al : R ~? * 
harks ta ow CLanad ods 4 2; SAG Yin 
‘ ee “) ’ 
4 Lopes att * a # A rt 
faa tiv BEY 2it Agacleare or Vay Cc. en cake, 

tes Cle ese othe Lh? inotil, 

tees “ec llorw itt. ‘tr envans ol. Fa 

ROM 4 ary & 


elt1ic V7 » FLL A a7 firaty tung add 
vu ; Z i ia : 

: , aosy : As a 
Muy Le. he Os Ltr ales 

: 7 r + ‘ i 
PAS epftaccl Cinctthin tw ¢ 


¥, ? 

Dp ome tuck, 
vi 2 : 
an ) 
f 409 A. Cede 



ems 8 ALAA RHI, 

SORA facvaiknaenatin tr egete 




Shes sys 

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ji Jy UL clifton) 

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oY oo : 
a = tds ~ gt 
yoy a ‘ f . 
MADRE Yar flee edt cd 

hyp og 

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] Go Lf : 

My oi hathov Aa ¢ pcge/ Qe. 
f 7 . 1) r 
ol Ants “Qe2e.. ee Aas APD cn of oy 

pun AY Clana! ALG Qu elias 
7. M 

( P ri? / 

tina -Pinomr tt vy MELA ey 

, ‘ ‘) 
J 2 ‘., fe LT ’ / 

thea , Sn oye 

1 ; J 
Ce Aavatarig ca ; 
f> f ; 7 



e ft Libad aaaas, 

SSN ta ech ind SNA 


te pawye Irosthen ths an urneny, jn ay iets te he, 

bes hayes thease LW fret pee thahk + “Zertay AAD 

fs Li fe 

‘ ohag. We Fitadey . TUS ae Aw Sige ancl ahah te, 


f f j ; 

ee 7 ipl oiok ~ gecieh ae B foot Loans the elas ca f% 

Lf ‘ is 1 & 
Fr Ld . Lirias a freclas ih 7 PY hy eertl va 


Cite, Ma ad | 

. f A 
7 tae m4 fat BES ee 

pi! ue pieveelamed thts Loteat mele 

ext yore Weave ces feo cote YP nae one. 

May Cua 



crud Ki Sotbs fear A Are 

a clurag a Lh ah f Ow of. ono 

tags ane Jf fer tht Zh he he, wll 

Pat VLA a? 
: } Li "e pore | otf Es 


Jan. 26, 1898, 

ffice to-day 
ly satisfactory, 
dad appli- 

party of the 

St Western Union Telegraph Co., 
195 Broadway, 
ic New York, 
53 eee s 
ee Dear Sirs: 
My representative, Mr, Logue, called up my o 
racy and stated that the contract as to phonoplex was entire 
SYS excepting that in the sixth paragraph you desired the Words "an 
Nea ; cations" on the fourth line, stricken out, so that the ney paragraph 
“4 3 would read: 
af, yO. in : 
pitts 4 "The party of the first part hereby admits that the 
Se 4 




that said Letters Patent are good and valid patents, 

This change in this particular paragraph is entirel 

to me, 

Yours very truly, 

described and claimed in all ana every Letters Patent aforesaid, 

, Second part is the original and first, inventor of the improvements 


and it covenants 
and agrees that it will not contest or dispute the same, 


y satisfactory 

peng J] oA 1599 

a the f, ovo, aes Eclraon Ohm eqrafch Hraresp urbe 
To hell aa Cotatiratl ox ay as | eis 
Corp one ak t 

2800 gack ees 4 able om Atty, 2- 189% 

Me a, aac a rok 2 

Pky ay Sean! se : S 

Wl pturds 

fre check - i pn brhick Hehe fw iy Cech 
aud oltr ge, 
| Braman (A, bare 



! ike 

rN teks 












va GY inne Ze o : ye o/ vis 
Was Lbatiad 

4D ckioih , hn rede r, 
Dies a 

] = oa yy Mividete Tene toh ih, J be dees 

ay but. ae % Atth, Lary, 
| ry bale Ax fos th Inn ra betlon- Pancha 9 ol moh ee 
I ie asa 

Goes b | 
Pha. Qa. Eisen ye 


; G. DATS au te, 

717 Lua Bini 

q di | 
Kleav duo | te ely 4 bo your farrvof the 2Kinih, Lunle She, 
P place ah J 
4, an oh 0 

he a ores ousanud dotlanra rudeide o 
yia ay ese) parel day 4 Avniac eae 
Ort, 2 Yrs oy 

. Ma. Q. Elan 

| | | ye 3 / we 
Cons 2 

be ibs: 

ove othe eprom be 
14/ poe Ghibe 
Tbh, buch 

Dean hin @ 9. 

Iho. of Pe addheas vw, mat 96 read 
Boo. hia. 

. : 3/ 
b. A ibpnels Be 

ane Fo yevins wok thy astiip I be ts bats tfn 
ah Areash a nes 7 ie ne : | lie 4 

Shane ne: hee fo f° ade he gotd beavis 

oune bind, 

Murs ame, anol 

Letterbook, LB-060 

This letterbook covers the period March-April 1894. Most of the 
correspondence is by Alfred O. Tate. Some of the letters relate to Edison’s 
work on motion picture technology. Other documents pertain to Edison’s 
phonograph and ore milling businesses. There are also a few items concerning 
his personal finances and his property at Menlo Park. One letter refers to 
Edison’s patent on an electrolytic decomposition process. The front cover is 
marked "1894." The spine is labeled "Edison Letters From Mar. 8. 1894, To- 
." The book contains 510 numbered pages and a partial index. Pages 74-510 
are blank. Only 9 pages have been filmed. Related documents for this time 
period can be found in LB-059, 

saply to the question contained th 

M04 Wey |i 

i ee Blumpp & Son 
sl "y5 a Ste, New Yors, 

ia I have your letter or 10th inst . indidring abery 
whe ewitwate whieh you furnished om Plugy. In reply t beg to ae 
term wou that we fun that the cost ef using Plugs was too grea 
80 We Adopted a cleapar device, 
Youps very teuly, 

aby: ; 
Me he SLM? os 


Maron 15, 198 

We. E, ne Witt, Rsq,, ; 
6015 Fllis Ave,, Chieago, 111, 
Déae Siry~- : ; 
; I have received your letter of 7th inst., and in 
@rein relative to the ‘he st, way 
fe disnose of ayyinvention, .I Would advise disposing of it ona 

eeyalty basis eagle a reputable house, whose oredit Ts quoted 
“good” by Bradstrest. ‘Reven shysters can ba caught if they 
falsify boons, . , , 

“Yours very truly; 


~ y ro che has : 

arch 25, 1804 

G. D. James, Raq., 

Bank Building, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

fiear Sir ;-- 
f have received your letter of 7tu inst, 
iu th Ba vate Nv 4064440 over 

ciple Lg # five grat Hend thin Patent and find that it is 
JF ak Gang ible tah, whtevad bbe. 

in regard 

ing & process of electrolytis Ger 

U w411 be ready at any time to 

ant to Hell peta tbe Parties ongnged in actual Busine ss and ren 

Qiviey the ypatent the figia te vie kt oumiet 

a royalty arrange- 

ent, so modecare as nok ta be & burden 

on thé enterprise, 

E remembee & small niekeE vessat 4n whith vé triad soma ax- 

Petr dang in eoinection with rhike Patent, but think dt need np 

XORS, AAAS, Rbeave ShL) ho no ivoubhe in warry tig ott the: invent ton, 

ee Pegi h aapace sana ef tha almainum people alseady tse tt, 

Yours very Lruly, 

Mer, 24,1894, 

Ju. ie Sauna ye | MSU, 
t ae 

Haven, Sori 

2RoPSEnes bo: your letter of ISth ihst., ade 
Aresseat to pp, Hdison, inen irins about 


tie Kinetose ape, 
StMuient ds 

this in. 
not vet ready te he Pleceri on, tie MAPK et, A muaber , of! 

then ara be ins 

CONS tReted nay. * The peies Complete, without 
Battery op Piesune Strips, wit1 Probab y pe 
YJ > . 


Wo rette 

Avout $250.00, With 
Ber ghey 
Amber. = 

oy Meet, F 
Ciseaunt ip ¢ we purchased. the Pteture 


Strips will east 
“ron Pive ts @ hint dollars according ty the subject 

Yours Weey. timuly , 

Fpl * noni : why 

ert. EP Bers res ee . 

Private Secretary, 
\ Ye 

a to. is Jos : 
H 7 3 eta Te . aad a a alos ta. 
+ “Vw “ 
47 CRAY Old are 

SU nO Gs kbly ie 

eS en . 
Wha SVG A 

Mar. 24,1894 ° 

U, Bb. Bravster, Haq., ; 
General Electric Go., 44 Broad St., N. Y¥. 

Dear Sirs-- 

Replying to your letter ‘of lath inst,, I do not 
intend ta organize. any company: ly conneotion with the Kineto- 
seore. Ags Soon as the machines are reddy to be placed. upon the 
2 whiieli will peobably be in the course of two or three 
mould, they will ue sold’%o any one desirous of purehasing, 


2 fey,. 
3/858 Ube 

i » of 18th inst. 
sived vour latter of : 
S FECSIVEeS YCt eer ers ; ; 
a rmusbt 9ibtner pay the taxes 
say that YOu nusb 9 


Yours truly, 

P aie A / _ 
EOE Cagte mad 
_ Z pe 7 / 

me on peed 
Private Seorqany: 

Maroh 26, 94, 
Mr. ie Co Forwood, 

Shipman, Illinois, 

Dear Sirs. 

YA reply to the question propotthied ivi your letter of 
5th instant kddroased to Mr, Edidbh, f beg to tnrormh you that a 
ayhano would Selletate odeotit tity 12 operiutag ik a Vaouun. He, 
Hdison has haa & WHoxd motor 

ruhtiing 0. . dp a Lemp bitty, 

Yours truly, 


Mar. 28,1894, 

D, James, Rsa.; Pres. & den, Manager, 
The Aluininaa and Vehicles Wheels Co., 
Bank Buijeing, Colorado Sprin 

33, Colo, 
Dear Sir. , : 

T vetuen lierewitl Certilicate No. 42 fer ten thas and 

Maer g 
ny » EN My Dans, which 

shares of ALumircaiq and Ve 

hieles Wheels Coinpa 

soncwnonied rare letter tu me of 1th ang 

i 3 


To gtonot wasuept Ls noge. My Gounse 

1 advises me nat to do 

LO e PRoPenaee to tae parent, 2 have 

retired frod actual busi- 

Nessa faa de ne. desire tO enter into any scheme 

Widh would eause - 

phy Ae Loivve aleeade stsrag 

ta, Tam walling to license ese 

itdmats mennsad hain: gonegeens to uge it at a moderate royalty, 

Yours verr tenaly 
Lae f 

a f i% a 
fo een git ce a —— ¥ . 
; oe bmanitcee C., EF ONE ‘ 


iar, 28,1894, 

ot our dul Cobtera Failen yor kindly rore~ 

WAGES. TO IS Tan aba y ears ives ph booestt si tae Lert of the 

theman whe has ¢! 

aite Departnent dts seas ipt 


WAS NOt Teheowte: Tae Gaingra da certaduady most in 

adenus ly 

eoadtefved ang it scamdd tisve a ler 7 Sale; its universe) foss vom 

bindtdos foo. Shonda peeve of creat use to tre PHOLAS CAPRI pro 

s dt will cowsend itearLi ia every one who 

Please necert ag {henks for tae sample whieh rou sent 

me aha beblave ome 

; > 
pre hd 
ee fo 

ayer ° oy a4, 
ie ga thes ; 
oe ” 7 
“ aoe Heag ES eh Ed x 
by - 
Youry tived. T have 

ua vou require to 





Apr. 3, '94, 

The Bhisul Meese One. 
; . Jit Be doen 3t., New yoen. 
FF “Dese Sipeiee ; , ; 
fe : ; t : lerier recésived by Mr. Kdisosi 
ee . From bouks # tote 5. C., who wishes a data lore of 

Fan Motors, ; 
Yours very truly, 

a Private Sroretery, 
: a 




Apre 4, 28946 

John Beek, BSde, ae 
c/o Bank Exchange, Raton, MN. Me 
peav Sies-- . ; 
Jerter of 25th ulte, addreus— 

With reference’ to your 

ed to Me. Edison, T bes to inform you tuat itn is the Kinstoscepe 

which is being built in niexel slot forint The price of the Frnet- 

oscope is $250. not. including tue necessary battery or Picture 

Strips. The pictice sieips will cost fron five to eight dolkads 

each accurding to the subject. All tne Rinetosdupes tina far 

made have been disposed of, There arte & lot under way now Whrech 

will be ready in two or three months, 

‘Yourrn Very truly, 

-Pravars georetaty % 


Letterbook, LB-061 

This letterbook covers the period April 1894-August 1895. Most of the 
letters are by Edison. There is also correspondence by William E. Gilmore and 
John F. Randolph. Much of the correspondence relates to Edison’s 
phonograph business. Included are numerous references to Edison’s strained 
relations with the Edison United Phonograph Co. and with the North 
American Phonograph Co., which went into receivership in August 1894. Some 
of the letters deal with the kinetograph, the commercial introduction of the 
kinetoscope, the production of motion pictures, and the publication of William 
K. L. Dickson’s History of the Kinetoscope and Kinetograph. Other 
correspondence relates to the Edison’s ore milling plant at Ogden, N.J. 
Included also are letters pertaining to the management of Edison’s Menlo Park 
property, the sale of stocks and bonds, and other financial matters. There are 
occasional allusions to the impact of the ongoing depression on Edison’s ore 
milling operations and other activities and to the mortgaging and closing of the 
West Orange laboratory. Other letters refer to family matters, including the 
health of Edison’s father, Samuel, and the finances of his daughter, Marion. 
The spine is stamped "Letters." The book contains 699 numbered pages and 
an index. Approximately 20 percent of the book has been filmed. Related 
documents for this time period can be found in LB-059. 

Phe Prabeock nd fy tery 
a Cnt de a 
eee pf | jie 
7 te sow the 1", ak ts 
alates than the ree, whe ~ Ohabte 

with the Charan, str Babe aw ; om anekhe 
du Ithih the maw who repo (oe eens 

aioe 7 Ufrit 43 
havin Park ad . 

2 brow 


Maan his. i | 
, : oe the whawih Iles ts fale 
ah b have spy fe yu aud Qo 7A 7 7 

n fer 

Aprid 14th. 1894. 

Scott Tremaine, Rag., Treas., 
The North American Phonograph Co., 
32 Park Place, New York. 
Dear Sirt- | 
I havd made an appaintment with Mr, Bush for noxt 
Friday evening to talk over Phanograph matters gonecrally, and 
at the Bans time yo discisa futur prospects, &c. In order that 
I can talk intelligently with him, I desire very much t6 have the 
following information: - What premises are noW rented by the 
North American Co., and if leased for any length of time, when does 
aach lease expire? What fixed charges have they, ‘auch a8 Salaries 
royalties, connissiong, &O. I propose going to. New York next 
Friday mom ing te go inte these mattera with either yoursel!’ ar 
My, Tate, 30 that { will be preparsd to digcuss everything with 
“We. Bughe Any infomation that you can give me at the same time 

inagddition to the apove wil of course be yery mush apprepiatar. 

7 Yours veny frujys | 

5 fo [ 
a AM 4 BG meer) 6 

Edwin G, Bates, Esg,, Traas., | - 
Batos Manf'r. Coe, 
7 44 Broad Street, New York, 

Dear Sirit~ 

April 14th, 1894. 

I wish you would arrange to send a statement of your 

fixed charges, such ag rent, salaries, &c,, and at the same time 

Tt shal) be glad to receive from you a statement of your Accounts 

Receivable and payable, as also a statement of your KReuEnke Bills 

Payable, if any. In making up statement of Accounts Receivable, 

I should like it made up in such a Way as to show what length of 

time ¢ach account, has run for say the three previous months. 

Widd you plogae 18% me know at the same time whether you have 3 

Jease of the premjaga now ogeupiesd by your Company in the Rdison 

Building, and if 40, when jt expires, Any ather general infor 

wation that you ean give ms, avngh as amount af tock on hand, 

wid proapscty for future business will be apprecjated, 

Yours very truly;., 

Git. Dros Caf Ofaiur4 2 

iS Whee Hus y- 
tere: ity 


as (Lo0,01 want 

Ae Uv Cdiae /e. pucilid ane fas nak yyw fy re pie 
top aw haat guantch br deaaferns. Ppightor prom Ii KE Keke 

ts fee . 

, We whe ] gle CO tha ie bbw apace: blank lin a em whee, 
iM eae) ial me aA. “i Aw Gp. eas ] 

bf 7 ; nee fame 
t ] INN et 

a al Gut 
(O4 hu au oy 

Gi f be ha Aukov Se 
moa frcad iba 
KY ean dais. j tewanh, A f : 4 : ; fice. 
us Ae Abs; a7 us tag Ee, 19° anh os ghee 

thah the Pnoyer a) tors /2 bon , ea 7 ey 
(OMA AeA aewh, they trhuty thurg 7 pie 

TA” bellinn ged S Y Glia a oe tle, he Fran ALAA wid Dice 
Wtlerias Prot. baa cu Jo takes a pes 

Purth Unwre Casi annrel. Aa fre ip to 
ae Os Paunk. ; 
fw Rardl wd Lh, unto get To-getha, att foferr ame fx 

Geinctael Ge f) (LAAs aarch Rtard Sharm fo i 
i fine ap 
SF a. ov, alison 

UYuit 4 a 

daw W Yalan’: Ab: 
fr oe et aa 

Xian bir, 

Ly / achnewlidye peoush of 1 i oar he 24 eh 

_ ec ) Ahvedtiiin arrcleney hatf dobana/ i @aQangs LE 

jferutseater We fare Fy laud ae fas Provene Paes Hy — ee 4 
Thanks gre fo deine? DAGuaue 

vane Sr 
ka 0. Sean 

OP KO oe oy 
3 72:2. nad a Aven, 
: to! Ghiéago. Lee, 
eee . Jk bs elalerthed f 
Sruneps, fy Be. avy i : 

Aorok inttird full a Ahey nw aw the field arntel eo the 
eee | fore tint, 

| Pike. Q. Chuan 

April 19th, 1894, 

Franklin W, Hooper, 

Esq., Dirac tor, 

The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, . 

502 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y,. 

MY Dear Sir: 

I desires to acknowl qdge the receipt of your esteemed 

latter of the 7th. inst., 

advising me that I have been alectad an 

Honorary Member of your Institute, ani [ beg that:you will extend 

to your Coune4) and the Board of Trustees my heartiest thanks for 

the. honor begtowed upon ma, which I can aasure you is highly ap- 

Wishing your Society every suddesa, 

believe me, 

Yours very truly, ~ a 

Sted: oh Anyi2 25th, 1894, 

Richang Me pyar, Baten 
Megore, Dyen & edly, 

38 way) Atwety Ned Yorx, 
My Dear Sime 

Mr. Edigon nea Poqvagtad me to refer the atiached 
Jettevs trot Mr. Giles Otia Pearce, pesarding his (My, Edison's) 
patarit $466,480, ontitied “Art of Blagt trodytag Pecompasitions, 
You Wil] dowbtleas renunber tho patent, which ‘wag granted January 
3th, 13862, ahd oan obt kin § o6py readily. Mr. Edison would like 
to moore ehather thert is anything in what Mr. Pearce atates au to 
mamufacturaty of Aliatinin fofringiry his patent. If there is 
anything ih it, anil any money gan be obtainad, Jr; Rdison is 
wilting that you, himself and myself should divide whatever gan 
be made onp of iti 3 do fot know whothwr thene is anything jn it: 
or nor, - -bht beng thi Fig@et® to ‘you, and shall be eiea if you wih | 
ook dhieh the mabe ae Yoite Hhienre, arid then et Wh Hear fig 
yids “Kinda satu wnat defters with RY Convey you may have | 
to makes We have tot ‘ ghisingrah We, ‘Poaroy"h: Jest latter, ag Mrs 

Edison “ain nds ‘w ibh % Poiits | iifisele fit? "he vad Ivoxea into 

the queat son "SAN ea € ee ; 
ENG, ¥ “Heh var ayy ns Waren 

TER GEE FERMI oan eget ie ot en need peta enone 



April 30th, 1894. 

J. Adrianea Bush, Esq., 
1O Wall Street, New York. 

My Dede My, Bushs- 

IT saw Mr. Edison for a few minutes this morning 
and asked him regarding that conmunication from Mr, Haines. 
The- xavier gantleman ia dgsivous of filling the position of Vice 
Prasident, and in addition requests that his nama be mentioned 
66 fi} tha vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Tate as a 
Direatar, in the North American Phonograph Co. Mr. Edison has 
made na reply to Mr. Haines’ letter, wna is willing to abide by 
any dagision that you may have to make regarding game. Hava you 
any suggestions to offar in mak ing & reply to Mr. Haines’. 

Mr. Edison also dasireg me to advise you that he met ies 

R. Ne Qyer, of the firm of Dyer & Sealy, yesterday, and Mr. Dyer 
atated to him that if the North American Co. can arrange to fur- - 
nigh him $200. per weak, he will carry along the litigation, and 
Mr, Dyer is almost certain that he will ba mugoessful, The above 
angqunt does nqt include the oxpenses or payment of his firm, but 
represents the amount of mortey that will be necessary tee witnesa 

feeg, and auch other enpahads as must bé met at once, Would it 

cs ceaninesett ame Sie 
oe ee ae LE, 




not be well to have Mr. Dyer call on you or have him call upon 

Mr, Tremaine so that a thorough understanding can be reached?. 

Yours very truly, 

7 od é 5 
‘ : Dee ik 
: Dine 
; fea 
. ‘ 4 
= ead ciesss we. coe eal oe 
vee erent Ciao BE 2 : 
i ee me . 2 il - 


| May Srd, 1894, 

Richard Townley Hainss, Esqo, 
CG-o The North American piioubadapns Odes 
$2 Park Place, New York? 
Dear Mr. Hainegs- 

I duly received your letter of the 21st. inst., 
which has remained unanawered dus to my almost continual absence 
from the Laboratory. I do not see how it is possible to shave - 
you elscted as a Member of the Board of Directors of the North 
Aris 4 cart Phonograph Co, at this time, as all arrangements ren- 
ddrad.necosaary by the resignation of Mr. Tate had already been 
agraed.ugon prior to the receipt of your Soumanioa tions 

Yours very truly, 

| Pent Steed Suk “2 TR ti é bain vd ad ate aoe aes 
k . : 

May 21st. 1894, 

Messrs. Draxal, Morgan & Coe, 

20 Wall Street. New Yorks 
Gentleman: - 

Iam ii receipt of your letter of the 18th. inste,- 

convinming telegewun of same aate, advising that Colonel Gouraud 
has depositeu $20, 000; to my Credit. Ig it cleavly understood _ ‘ 
that this améunt cannct be withdraw by Codonel Gouraud and that 
iff ja held by vou to be paiu for machines nowm in. process of oon- 
atmction?. As T am away from the Laboratory nearly all of the 
tima, I nave instructed Mro We Be Gilmore to a2 upon you in 

repare to this matters 


Yours ver’ truly, 

a oat é 
“ , eal 
Aa ele 2 3 ye ceweots 

thle = 


ee sriey, 

Sr ates P Grunth ley. 

Dinvey lta 

Kyran Carvin % 

Meo du. = = 
fis ne frl,, fo - fury the. VF ae Mah I beg Hs 

igs te foo _— dy 1S br omadnvel Vee 

m) birax. 4, 

7 | Phx ooh 

a AACCL cu, 

Prag) 2 Gy 
V, Ut Horvrich oy. 
44 1dr0 ch Lut, 

Mean dvi. | £.. fe uw omg the ig Fash J he Mi abate 
thah the ‘fr ake, mn Ane the ays hw ior vs smneutine, 
Oi deeounh of lack o, hnie S have faced chur He haude o, f Sptns 
Pr own tes arucfhe we clthaste 2v ax. te funwah o Ow ackial 4 

Ke how mnade aural sinferwermeti auc | he thoh th “ae P 
_ down abvutk Cain frtetid IS Aare totel buy Pron thas J wae autho, 

hi Griese wo ae 7 aby fon pe L: 

Pic ag 

May 22, laa, 

Wayne » 
#00 Broad st., Newark, Ns J., 

Dear sirt- 

At t1a pecuest of Mr, Edison, I eiclose you herewith 
olinp nga fron tne New York Mowing Advertizer, of May 18th, which 
was rus@ived a Gay or tno since. 

You will note that this item states that the Edison United 
Phonograph Co. has lust its charter in the State of New Jersey, 
due %o the fact of ite not having paid its taxes. 

Mr. Edison thinks shat this is a mistake, and what was intended 


was tha old kdison Phonograph Ca, 

Wilt you kindiy enlighten Mr. EBdisor as to this matter at your 


Yours very truly, 

£. fo ne Baap aga 


ED. Nas mealsinvatoeares NEO 

Ss ee 

R, H, Rochester, Baq., Treas., 
Western Unipn Telegrapn <.. 
#195 Broadway, New York City, J. Ye, 

bear Mr, Rochester:-~ 

Yours of the 10th -eceived, referring t» 

the paymentg under the Gontract of March 22/77. 

I have not the papers at hand, hence it will be a favor to mo 

i° you will serd me a copy of, the "modified agreeaent" which yeu 

understand I signed. 
I onay remember the original Conthakt provided it might be 

modified after 1 year, 80 that the aubpequetft p?;ments might b 
gat on 

madd $100 per week, but I did not remember that the modi: 

was adtually oiade. 

Hpwever, the modif ted ggreement you refer +¢ will speak for 

Yours vary tmiy. 

ad ee 

iach aaa ta IR ala a bene GEE a GN ca 

7. Adriance Bush, Esq. 

#10 Wall at., N. Yo, 

My dear Mr. Bush:- 

I have to-day, handed Col. Gaorge BR. Gourauad, 

& letter of introduction to you. He desires +o obtain some in- 

formation az to the present standing of the North amavican Phono- 

‘greph Co., but I could not, of course, give him what he wanted, 
without first discussing the matter with you, 50 I thought proper 
» in 

to have him eea you peramaliy, and you ean then give him suc’: 

formation as you see fit. 

Th: lew an idva that ne can do something to the end of putting 
the Company on ite faet, but what it is, I am not in a position fo 
“Bays “Wailet i do not see that it will do sry harm to give hin 
gome infoxtidn as to the condition af the North aeeiens company’, 

siili I woulda advise you to be rather cautious in any atatement# 

that you ma). make to him, and his Premises or statements sre rather 
those of a pessimist than otherwise. 
xy am Ws ting thig note to you, at Mr. Edison's suggsstion, he 

having instructed me +6 give the Colonel @ latter of introduction 

~“Gseae—eeeeee he 

a ie SES 

‘ a 
okt tee 
ce oS 
o g | 
ad a 
re = + . 
a % : 
” & 
2 ~ 



Yours very 

eade Q. h. Pui LC. S ij 

1: We Pras gifs ; , 

fiw ok Pee 

tans Lf fo of Ke 237 wah 
a fee red - 

ae asks hey 4 #7 ch Qs att the wttd, 

Srttinda,! pare woulda 4 ae Hoar yew Corey 

oy, ae Ak ae hors Cie 
“i Pha Q Edun 

ds Atehe &, | 
mae if 
pee Lows 7) yew few ogo 
be ty abate thah fuse Avil Cc a 
cHth oa ie see i a a Taw Camas ‘ é 


Po bigs bam 
Gelurrancl blak Ey ¢ — 
Wks >) “tie C 

it | Sis nefaty, to joni fore of te 27! 7, co 
: to daw (Rann dk oth J y 0 athe Kak befire. the fing of March; 

4S9Y thew wey Leufire 

I> hates ; thah hes 

tuptan aki 14a say i ema, 

Caey, Aww, 4 
i Caryy.) : 
(fone yt 

ee ‘ 
a is 

5 poet 




May 42, 1894, 

G. Rs Gournua, Kaq., 

Kdigon Fuilding, 

Hit Broad st., Ne ¥ 

e> * 

Dear sir:- 

Tam in receipt of your letter uo 

‘day 24th, enclosing 
copy of 

vorrespandence that has paasea betwaen yourself and Mr. 

Moriaty, all of which has been very ocaraf 

ully read by me. 

Seo far as the United Phonograph Co, is concerned, I desire to 

Bay to y 

02 that I am through with them absolutely, and you may 

Pigh> them alk that you pleage, 

but I do not care to have anything 
more to do with them an any Way. 


Yours very truly, ; . 


an’ 24 
Gun Py De hod 

h edee : 

* te Promotes tare! on mentees eaey, 
£ cc Nace sab eing <b : i ; ~~ 

fas wh w* 

J thy ve" Patt Crarsed ii Famke 
I begl ty otaty thah, th rae warn 

) fe ety 16 #994 
i curd 

4 £ dela — (itd 

mA many noe ee 

ractas Brame 
Ail aa 
Dean 1 tain 

June 11, 1894, 

My dear Bush:- ie 

My opinion is that matters with the North Amer- 
ican Phonograph Co. have now reached @ very serious point. I find 
that it is absolutely imoossible for Mr. Gilmore to conduct the 
Phonograph Works any longer, without money, and'I am not in a pos- 
ition to loan them any more money, so much so. that it has been 
decided to ingist upon the North American Co's. paying cash Tor 
everything that they obtain from the Phonograph Works before ehip. 

ment i5 made. If the North Americgn Co. continues for six months 

loager, I do not see that the Bond Holders will have anything left. 
The representatives of the minority Bond Holders. fave visited me 
anf they appeared very disiroua of shosing things up, and the 
sooner this is done the wetter. %f the basinesa should Reet 
of the old Edison Phonograph Go, I believe I can pay-off the Brndeg 

and everything else, as we ‘shall simply work it absolutely on a 


merchandising basia. 


Youra very truly 

| | ih 

. . os up t Hee 
VY faleek ay ~~ je ves 
} pads | 

F cariol: /achyt : 

aie ‘anny of the 194 of Wray wae faut (ney 
Aha, chy om ove 


futon, burn Od bev hf ah AA 
co may Ti adite theh we ant Aavuig a Chur onih to- 
Ate, ¢ we Caunod, ge the. Chon eprapehs out of the hauda/ 
aoe d frrcud alan who nour tare hy. I Aare & mtu 
bricdeh tirhach numa pe te om ewe fir Fouts ord one finial 
witottuar,, thah peeode arnref he fir dr darcte) Marry witty a2) 
means los Him, 02 Gow bey, and thre with he 

wattiwmnsi tha J thick they Phmegraphs unle be! 
satbroduceds, f tue I cane gah the raphe soi Ory) cena 
Pha A. Eebiaon 

Q ff A 
Ay HW lonse hair) 
A Detiort ronal - : e 

lahat rh Dueck. 
een Le 

dre: ee & to 7 ra’ 0 Le Lo WHariliee;: 

theh the dept mere Ma O tat tte Leech th. Chariidint je 

Vie pitinnuthh, Ad te the oll jeobrefe Coa Crh Qu Prin relipe, 

re L - 
nb Anrchecte.. File whale cliff uty culty tees! om gelliinas frvoce? 
Oreetle se withonh ae the Lberasen L 2 Aerbier ed: 

4 olive bias ty 

& Bea (2, Klum 

por thy 6 F canad 


} WEN vipa. 
tug) 2.0 py 

In 0.4. Rha 

( unn/ ; ; 
i by ee Ras 4 : 

( ee 
Ges nL fot, }; Pees CANO f the. ae oo Cee 


Gna claw t- 

beg ty a cbinag Ti PU LIGA ri stave MD ween colton y aviteck 

f. iG 

Otiurenates Caw be Cvedtid ta 
; é . FIA. 
- 3 Ra Qe: Lacing 

JWie 22, 


Magsiq, Dyav & Svely, 

3G Wali Bley N. Yo} 

pear sing;- 

Referrini, to your letter of Aprai 2c: adc s8ed 

to Mv. John F. Randolnt vy. ¢ttach hereto letter idr. ose , 

. 1 

yourselves, of Mr. W. K. L. Hickson, dated June 2lst, also copy~ 

“ # 

ripht of Edison Kinetescope Records, referred to thoréin. 


Mr. Dickson states that this copyright includes all sthjects up to 

A: dl 9th, and that in passing over this paper, he passes over all 

Kirt s/:0pe Re: oris that have been tuken in his same. 


“atee is ai other information that you desirg, kindly advise 

ths citer, and he will be pleased -40 Obtain and sen: same to you. 

Yours very truly, 

he. Mebosore : 

Oy dar Ga 






Cn deh Be sad 
Oolcaer. Keutiseeyic 
er Wane: tan 
ete Or, CO 
Qhee ween hare 

Wyo snis 
PiaerS are 
Ore meee, 


eS saa aa oe at eat Kenalog 

0 Ae® 


capper AU IPAM RT, FF. icra pres 

Jube 29, 1agd, 
é RY ‘i 

Ss BOs Geen, 
Pileon MAthting, toa wt... y 
ROAR att. 

T promise that you wit} 
MOM RR NSS tne Eegitan oo, 
Cent dey OLY Kate thom Zap & Som youre dongs, to, , 
AR YOU whfenee to the baad eatitying thie gontuge 

WGined to vite be take wy pars dn the franarption. 
Sa he Faye qaalit, azz PHONG wake & vary dnportant 
ahh Benge, HRY AFRO the exps matte PF RY pont race, 
HORPIE ThIIE ak cor Al ivory, 

PRENATIY, ipozer 

i. In tooking ‘through my Pepars; I tai. to pana Bg dony of the e 
Gonteest with the Bdison vie) 

: +264 Phonograph te. Ran you tumiah 
: 88 ® bODY of gamer 


Mhiembdsr thy heating where 
ay syeutions forever, 

vhéraas, he 

March 14, 

t, and J 

J wonder 
and the 
WG not the Direatous ba, 

Yours: very teuly, 

; a“ ue : : 
hy ~~ , COB aga ae 
atl PUY Ley ‘ : 

Meeeee aac ee 

PRCA ps nereina, 

wrt ease 55 

June 29. 399-4 

Richard NW. Byar. fee. 
Mesara. Dyan * caeley 
#36 Wall et,, Ne. Y., 

Dads sis 
“ Widd von keadly nave mate ont for ne, a dist of the 
applications fo- siuaibeante awantians: witn the date of filing, 
ana W Patents ABER “Sseued, the ruubear and dgte Of issue, partiau- 
Analy atating who nes the title tc such patentss Tt Has vas 
dean sap eeaeee beatae that the ois Bison Photograph Co. had the 
<ithe to these patents. xf the North American Phonograph Co. 
has any citle on vesord on any Phonograph wetents, will you kind- 
iv qpecify eeeh marti. alar sna.’ 

I shall ta very glad vc bear trom you vegaroing this Hint ser 

at your earliest convoriarce, as it is ef considerable inyo:vancs 

tO. Wee 

Yours very trniy, 

Sn aT 

PE TF eae LT erenartatar G 7 


July sed, 1994, 

Department State Koard “Of Awae: 


Trgi: ton, No Jeo 

Dear Sirss- 

Mr. Bison hag recerved a nosiee from Fou Departnent, 
Rated Jine 23the, Eddresred to the “Edison Industrial Works" 

asking Yor itt} tafsrmation as to tha Canital Stock of euid Com 

vely end sine vitouned: Ie Mo HGReon nee cig revollaebion af 

the Yermation of Harn a Company, Suen 2 Company was Properes, 

Tt tome age, and come Stapa stacem towards Oreenizabion, br 

VO hh definite vas corghucad, If any paves: wove faded ac 
Trerton, in was Gene wider a reds: 

Unde YR banding, 2s this Corbterstion 

Hever exisbyds Wilh yon Kindly advige ma on what bagis tis 
hObis? Ima Lean LEUUed, SO that a-Turtice imvesta-osion gan be 

DLA 9 

Yours very ty. 

j i, ; 29 
ld. A) Mick, —~ / aries Py 

LS Of 
AD ler Pe f. e290 

J bce rie a phe ee 

4 6 ca, eheak fh 
| 7 CALA Fiuv oS 97% a eae Pin og 
fiacrtir rks a 4-489 96/ d : ne TU 

Phan i fre Fes J pahidiaane’ 

oa . | 

abr. ash t 
Foun ah 

Sdyne Bow hs Le ie ote. relies pre 
Gkotued, ix v4 27 Snenadm och, och, Otacagg, dee. 

Vi , 
Pout J 

Mal. Ekiain 

Bo et Sapa a ann rani AEE LSE tS 

fran 6 hos 2. Peck ee ae 

area \ 
g . rang ff 4 
: fh 7 Cait bly 
ae A ee ale chons aud tab, 
teal may ‘Lett we A bptinber ib, unte te 
ay crf von ba 
Maes is 

he 0. by sf $e - 
ee + a 

Sean: diy ation: wwhathor wn, The. 
ar Tiny ore hander Par feb 

Piaiby ot Hit dentptec peg ak 7g he 
| bags SRT fay onaeces a 
Bihinben: ads poovirnoty & ah the 
mea © . ‘ ser, A cfsssnt Lins 
de fos meg we ne ooh 00 pF Gana, utc J 
a pe a oa eae 1 


ng TE Sree error ae! 
. NRT Sa arte oer nae RY ae ne ee 
1 peat : = nae ET Pas PEE ns mea Fi areata peer EET 


| h 

{ Chrouak Ag 

Fha. bath Clin. ree , Pome: afore 7 | 
Pid oa dan Me Ee CL. 

Alea Aighu 

LO caw Liiw- 

Oakes matic 6 ah Kall ow bnimde. he 
Chudtruth day of Qugian 1494, ah the ee 
in, Cw +97 ak ‘the Crunk Howes: oe 

weet ok Abas thre aaley Cevt'fvre) Thevaand Le be a 

Opiiab Beas 5 Ve the & Ouran Ahan at vj fst: Wes 

rears ee with, gerne ti fumes be 1492; Ax LY eh bixet 

. of ZL! 
Aeunrits }, 
‘a ; 

woe on 2, 
DOT hs OM 


Qu wh 1894 
k ik Gclwr rg) fran oy vi 
Crplactae Ke Sramnauce G. 

fevurnh fy. | 
Beau adver. . / 

J beg Hs aa Fureuriths dara pocpelly cured 4Y/ 
nm we 0/, cb anol /Uellorttey anc uhich Cab mas 
J 47450 %,. Ter ees ww Mhemd and larly age 
aud woutch tthe 15 kyow- ava iv Che fonguch saan lad 

rtd area: an the lowe ahs ee 
CET wunee v5 depres thes fuirgtirny egpting 
Slits “ny re oblige 

, Bie Gani o/ 

- Posen BE Lit og 

9 by) Mewar d. 
aia . e eee ' 
i beo 4 a rutedge paces vf any OF Bhuh dale, aricl ws 
Hed, I beg to oll thah I alee dee 7h hod ‘todo a Poets actin, 
cy Oe tad, Sues Benithetders fo Jo akoacl ow ae our . lberk, anual.’ J tamu 
° Aawe forever 

Ea “ion aul awry ber HAw ey aud whi fh wa J avranh 
‘ia ts evhue, srg Qrrel Qxe, ih, & cure Viet 

: . | Pha QE 

heat Hus é Marois Cu 22. piv 
sy Bu ghaad : 3 VA 


we Macnee ined de bi, 
til fee th pel, Asal Andiuds, aad put orathiciy 1B 
Too ; OF laiibeacd wre hens prghh ds grid 3 

vvaprbaas crarel Ch - ota ath Lorh,’ aquaae, AoditKe hhuas ans nee 

> Gy Cary: Rha 

Phe Qs Sela 


Auge 27, 1894, 

Mose ra. Magni ve & Bauows, 

#4) Wal} Sta, Ne Ya, 


Dear si rat- 

To undengtand that you ave Waking Roe arrangement 
With Gelonal gouraud to bell his madhinea in thig market, 
underétanding with yon was that » 


OU Were not to sell any machinea 

in the Unites Rtates or danaga, ang A Would gdydee thet you wome 

W soma underotand ng with Mr. 

Rarp an thia hatter. 

Yonra very 20h : 

Ang. 28, 189.1, 

Livia Glas, Hage, 

: #41" Bush st.. Sar, Francisco, Cal., 

MV. Bazgon hag requested mi to acknowleare your 

Jeusar of sie lish Use, 

enclosing clipping from the "Examiner", 

49 to allupea indecant Pictures peing used in his latest novelty, 

the Kineteszonea, and 3130 improper racoras being operated on hig 

Phongnriar h, 

We don’t undorscand how there can be any Objection 

bo any of the 

avbjzers inssodveed on the Kinetvoscope, ay they are 

all sakua Are et the Laboratory, and we have always been careful 

nes bo take 

anyvhing that woulda be in any way objectionable to the 

AbLbho. Ga8, althoupi 

Cer vain religous people might objavt to some 

oF tha characters incrodvead, Recoris for the phonograph, how- 

“VOr, gre made in divierwn 

% Parss of the Countiy, and it 18 not 

YTessinle ov us te 

rvevailt the making of improper records, although 


18 no ioust tnae the Authorities will suppress all that they 

Gan FRA soceead in Yrinding. 

Wa tully realize that at is object- 

losabia an cwery sense ef the word, J might add that we have 


Some nastawes in the Bast hern, of having put on exhibition 


Ang. 28, 1994, 

“bleg, and ve are ala slad to knew that she same course 
16 Gang! Pvesned in b)3 Wear, We shall be very glad to Leam if 
are AP tus wibjests 

intyvadiwed on the Kinutoscope are, in your 

OF Nid. abselasely in “wOrnar, 

Yours veey tmidy, 

Gang dal -Menagers 


ug 34 8 egy 
ee Rtre de rabh, Ob q 

mae “ 

Daan diss 

_- ta. eee Soe to hand 
Ce a raph 7 ah; lLhad, P hod oy aaa Y aay 

es the buiteolr dota, Phine afk, 
fe ve dy is 
ae have Aeckeare if ae he wy 
wnvprafehas ins H Dinas antleds Chie, 
fF secbcnincly A the rae ae fanugra ph ar 
We atme cate ci. mek te be chan withouh 
iy aioe: 
Tue, ; 

Ba a. Edom 
“F- ‘ 

Yost petals as sedi 

Tapia anes 
Ve ERLE oltre ean 

maT ee 


Sept, Sy 1894. 

We We. Sealy, Bsq., 

Mosers. Dyer & Seely, 

#56 Wall st., N, Ys, 
Dinar sirge 
Ur. Eaisen has requested me to answet your letter 

yl the Path of Auenst, ag to Continuing the defense of the Colum- 
bie Phonograph Cos, in tha suit against that Gor, by the Grapho~ 
phace Conpany. 

Mr, Kdigon desires me to say that the Receiver of the North 
American Phonograph Co, has no interest in defending the patents, 
as toe old Baison Phonograph Company Btock is not the property.of 
the North american Company. Mr. Edison's plan ia to Purchase 
from tre Reseiver, “the whole ousris in the way of good and bad 
‘merchandise. If you 80111 think that you should get into comin} 
sation with the Receiver, vO" can uo go by addressing#t John Re 
Hardin, Rec'r., Prudential Building, Newark, Ne Jy 

Yours very truly, : 

ee eS a 
settee ee 
3 0g sew Dn Leche at: 
eat a 

Sept. 14, 1894, 

Lewas Glass, B3ue, : f 
#41.5 Bish st., San Feanoisco, Cal., 
M: agar Glagst- 

T have vour letter of Aug. Rbra, and hava also 
ravedind tha gprine motor fur Phonograph, which you kindly sent aie 
eq mest die bay oe alright for exnibition purposes, wnere it is 
No! Tussibis bo obtain giectrieiuy to charge atorage batteries, 

op vil Mreeare using Privacy bastemase The future Phonograph, 

Medyar. Wid Mua acto a bettery, and the wew sodel which I have 

: Evtbee: ure. weds 49 iba., ywans With a half an anpere, or one 

weveate of the erevent now anploved. We shall furmish this 

Poorcsvarl aimirned with the @dison Lalends Battery, guarantesing 

ig te gum ole yeu dor ghrae hours 2 day with absolute regulation. 

The isternsaon ia that this will .ba more m#kma household purposes, 

gO thet wr evening's sutertainment can be enjoyed, the machine 

taking why place of a pisno. or organ. 

Yours very truly, 

F Sept. 14, 33% 

J. Adriance Bush, Ksq., 

#10 Wail Bteoy Na Yo, 

My dear Mr, Buaght~ 

i duly received your letter of the 5th inst, 

as to remittance of §259,00 to Mrs. Sesge He bippincott. 1 have 

discussed this Matter with the Receiver of the North Ameripan Coe, 

and he promised to logk it up. Xf 46 not possible fer the 

Ecison Phonograph Works to dg saything in this ¢oymestion, kat 

should I sueseed in the pusiness of pajising up the Puchograph, a 

wowa be perfec tay willing to da aomething Lor Mrs, Lippencotty 

I hope to write you further refarding this matter immediately I 

hear from the Receiver, 

Yours very truly, 


é ain 

Neha hain dah 2) 

Sept. J4, 1394 

A. N. Sampson, Bsg,, 

c/o New Bngland Prenograph Co., 

#657 Washington st., Boston, Mass, 

Dear sire 

Z have your letter of the 4¢h insts  Arrangesignts 

have been made, whereby, the Recgiver of the North American Phorio- 

graph, Cos, wil furmish g9°0A8 tO all Sub-Companies just the Rane 

as heretofore. If there are any orders that have not vet been 

shipped to you, and that YOu Wapt immediately, 2f you get no sat- 

isfuction from the Representatives of the Receiver in New York, if 

you wiJl write to the Bdigon Phonograph Works dirget, they will 

tomediately look up your orders and sse that the goods até sent 


Yours very trmily, 


Lov Bie ae ne fa eg 
"en 2 7 1 ads oe 
: i ate . 


Sept, 18, 1994, 

Ool. Geo. By Gouraud, 

#3 Whitehall Court, S. W., 

Gondon, Inglana, 

My dear sir:- 


I have received a letter from Messrs, Drexel, 

slorgan & Co,, in whith they state that should 

You decide to do any- 

tning towards ¢ 

orcing a settlement on the "B" shares of the Edison- 

8wan United Company stock, which you hold, they will be very glad 

VO GO-operate with you in sonnection with Same. I understand that 

thay rave written you regarding this matter direct, and I ghall be 

very glad to know what is Propoged to he done in the matter. 

Thanking you in advanee for any information thut you ¢an give 

me, and awaiting your reply, I remain, 

Yours very tray, 
Mort. Case. 

JE CESIUS Rare romney WR oP as ates. 

7 peters 

Sept. 18, 1894, 

Mergrs. Drexel, Morgan & Co., 
Wall & Broad sts,, N. Y., 
Qear sirgi- 

I have your favors.of the 14th and 17th, acimowl- 
edging check for $6590, enclosed with mine of the lath, I note 
that there seems to be a misunderstanding as between Gol, Gouraud 
and myself, and for your information, I attach herewith copy of a. 
letter received from Col, Gouraud, quoting various cables that. 
have passed, in which you will see that teva is nothing 

. only ; 
Said alLoit interest, which appears to be the sanz difference be- 
tween 1g. However, I presune that yes will hear shortly irom 
Col. Gourand reparding this matter. In the meantime, I outa re- 
yest that you do not repay him any of the money until you have 
received a joint letter fron us, as outlined in mine of the 12th. 

Yours very truly, 

oy &, a . 
Cn a~ so 0b A.B eh as 

#3 Whitehall Court, 
31 August 1894. 


Ti Ae Hdison, Rsas, 

New Bersay, 

Dear girs- 

I beg to confrirn the following Gables, 
28 Aug.1894. 
To me 

“Parties here want + 
will relieve you at 

Oo buy some or all your machines 
Gost whole thing. - Answer," 

23 Aug; 1894,. 
To von ‘ 

“Will cancel everything on you personally repaying ; 
all I have paid you and releasing balance deposited 
Morgans cable reply," ; 

4Q Ang. 1394. 
To me 

" Offer accepted. 

31 Aug, 1894, 

To you 
"Bay. amount ne 
aepeezeg an 

7 Presimg that eye this reacheg. you, you will have Paid to my — 
eredit at Prexel, Morgan & Go, the amount J have paid BRER yOu on 
Aggount of the Hinetosconea, ang fotified them that the balange of 
the 924, 900, deposited by me with the; under the termp of your 
tetter of astn, June last, i8 subjegt to my orger, 

Payablé and write them fresing balange 

Fouraug. — 

(Signed) Gy B, Gouraud, 

S Ty gee: ih 


: _ 
wha 6 = 

COnTL the ~Lbceewer of The 
Cele Cee ee eqgaede Lom” pect oles 
Kas rn, Ae at ap ee ove fete | 
eticedere BE CORR ot ea co acl tC 
apecent He hin ying afeoa 

Gk los ae ce a a a Oar hear Sap 
ee As. SfKfle oe Vos - ek Gomaneare Dae 

; ~ phan, i = ROL. | ea Se as, he a OA 

Cartel of oe. PAG. ad “pb pha. . 
“ear nee ae toe ee aon ODER 

~G.. fereoert the “Y 

a SI ~“yrort MLK a A 

PR tiechet ne... iced — aang He. 7 

QT etree a ee ee eee ea wade. = ees 


Rony Se) 

af te f2& fowls Aetey © Shas 

agteh. . o- oer Ee emyvaerc hes 
LEC DRS et - oe cr a 
Ice Paice Lh x Ponts | ies lard... 

ee aren a Ne ee ¥ 
. [Porches Ww ceo coals 4 eelyroad BHO 

toss Cx) Crone Hoh Se Prege CM tn Aine. 
of ere an 8 topo (Z Op, eK 
ClO en Cotke Cuont Cs: dengce! es 
oe ee p Cre Ni, eee Fes PF 

(Lys) "kamte BP Lsnn_| 

QS %e, is, JoN 

Gy Ry Uttrena, Baga, 
#3 Wottenars Laut, x ¥,, 

Tgndeh, Ragiang, 
Dger piv. 

z nave your datten bf Sept, 29¢h, OAALOsing oomaindy 
gation aidvaagen. YO MaRsre. Drexel, Morgan & Opry 38 ta wgd eaadng 
POG. AF the $40,000. enedited to we acgoUnt there, Meh I bays 

aigned and forrevied to them; leo sngleging Someag han Sa) fil 

arent to My Kagaar, inatrueting nim 40 deliver the MAGHINS AtRL 

Parts Shergor, xhigh he haw dedonging ve you. My Ddodke bebe not 

Yat qlesagded 4n Josating Ary Kavear, it wo hone to veulln Hid 

Whe, fod wis aodtetors havg Mecoteas advanes 2h) tha sepatne | 

bo thie davter, 20m Maser nexed, Odean 4 c0-, that the $$bine. 

_ abeve rotersea te ih wadjont te vob dite Trintts ogy ¥ gat 

Se.mephion Feo Ue Harake, 3 WAI? thin aomwntoare vith fou tur 

| Youre vary tay, 

L iy. 
OM Cot 

Od. yeih 189+ 
Kesis Cutliees Goradter, Mer @). 

LD tan) hea. Qi , O hua. 

itinpeeteets ei FS beg fa 

YDenand htt 26- pi i ff Jo $00, te: 
fda 18793 a 2000% $3... 
De: piste: hie. rane 1893 ” jso000 sou 

“ Ps is os 19-1893 4 Soaaaoa, oe 
Pranshrase nsciph ; cated f- 1893 

ye ha ae "Wue Wy pha iaes 

es A N Ro- SI#3 

aarvne Ge Pics GOR8 

pars) co id oer" 

Laks htat ue ge eee 
. 38074 

Pbsia see a Meee and eee 


Pha. Q. Eluam 

QGty 47, 4894. 

Re Wayne Biker, Bag, 
HSS: BOAT sts, Howark, Ny da, 
fear abhin 

I heve yYorw Payor of the * dnstes regarding state 
Weomm.ef tht Ediaon Bhouograph Go. Wi a pleada Io ma. mow 
‘What fs. the Siget anount s$412 ay on ba. axes, J. dhduld also. 
Xdies-tet: Fibw Whether, now, that thid C-opa.y ia a going sondeit, 
4a WhdT-eé Be teee thom fares taxene 

Yume very valy, 

Q. fa. hacks o: 
fo ¥ wa a he ek, 

Lahacas / CL, 
Kean ts f- 7" 

: d leo Hh avkuowledge, with thauke « “juin 
ad ery: eerie cag che ely w f Soy, os ony lw a 

Sy, 1S secee Debober: be FETE 

Horns “4 Z 
Tha OG Claw 


Oh 20 94 

we &. A) erimuag 6 Ou/. 
a A i) 
P oat? 

Nowy fawn % the 12: na Coo bul / ds faurl 
Gree nr ru fl vp J be bh ofa wyns thak ii A ihclls CAx 
Ceclos Coan oi! tw day, a. Kay, 

i a 
2 th, pen ly ¢ Vi lO ba Gn elirias mets, diramby) ; 

As Oe CL dae. 

Vow Vish 

Poa. a al, 

Qot. 22, 1394, 

R. Wayne Parker, FEsqe, 

Prudential Buildsig, Newark, N. J., 

Dear Mr. Parker: ~ 

I havu your letter of the 28th, and shall be 

glad ta hear from you immediately you have any adv. ce as to the 

exaut amoumt stiil due, in the way of taxes, by th. Edison. Fhono- 

raph Co. ‘The Edison Phoncgrayph Cc. has already laced an orde: 

with the Works to matufacture Phonographs, ard the. are now active- 
Ly engaged in manufacturing them. 
‘t trust that with the above infornytion, you wil now be enabled 

to get the taxes on the Edisei: Frénograph Co. prope-iy arranged. 

Yours very trily, 
2 Ps 3 
hee sven 


Qute oe ‘ 
; : sgeby! on . 
inn Pe AGO fe. 
Lay wa hawy Tait; 
Weet Orarte, No wes 
{ Dasr sivi- 
Vue WG The at i MSL LOY, AAS 
iM r aaectury tt ¢ whoa tr ag Pony Gals 

wad @% the eleetrienh eapers. tte had busy. oo deawing ares 

ele cseete jigs 

+ aA 

SGP YY, bet 

eine ae ares 

Ps aes «ere al 

“Ro bee were thar cock back 

2 oat od 

CUP] Th 

i Hal Y wetained met lonet & Gk wen 

‘ ¢ ; : ve 
on vit last bidls sent yeu, chargiug yor for your yerhion on tat 
hy for lide: for 

hose yer Merewinh hate 

eaghe, Poe owe er Toe te oor 
ins owemebs oo 0 ance, duhy, August and Santemspers Lobewsy then thas 

Lige (ee Ge S,Say tes ii fem sen gS vag At i pate Ftp ¢ 
SUFRELY FALL ar aetary BFowoulrd #182 GdG bes, Ves 

BED rrr SRI ERET a ex 


residence ie tie Part 

soem cory aa ee cable. and ifawiiy brougat the bills vy nigher » 
i have therefore, hed wakes att averuge of the light breet 

beep ete 



GS pursue the same course, jn 
feurgse, in 

» 2 shat be Sompatted t 

Perdering bola 

Liwelivn Park, 
Yest Ovanera, 7% 

Dear Madam: 

Ime to the glesing aown 9:.: Telaberngory, I found 

it necessary to dispanse with the sreater portion of my employees, 

and as the electrical expert, who hag charge of looking after the 

electrio lignt service petween the differen t residences in the Park 

xuad the Laboratery, vould not be used for any other purpose, his 

Services vere also dispeysed With. As a reault, there has been 

no one here that gould look after the elgatri¢ light meters, and 

had fT retained shis expert, the proportionate expaise would have 

been very considerauic, sre neeessartly brown th. bills up higher. 
T have therefove, had taken an Average of tu° Livnt used, basnd 
"on the last bills gent ‘You, sherging you for vour portion on thay 

baaia, for whigh 1 bog to enelose yon herewith bill for liahs for 

the month of, June, July, August and September. 1 trust that thin 

method will bo ontiraly antiefactary. % would also add that, fot 
the predent, T shald be somolled tq pursue the samg courses in 

22, 1894. 


yendoring cilla vor light furhished you. 

Yours yeny tialy, 
YE oy oaks 

$c earn ioy 

. ererbectrceee 

ae ee ee ee 

bes xi 
Band teu ol id . 
a fad base the 23°! sth I ig tenet gohan 

bia pate afd se- 19s. - f 20.24 

Abs Ble Je: do 
ine ‘ ge a : 
Aen ee be om n Ranger arm ®nd C al Yen fa 

wey arp ee dco ae ae ae 

i a 
| Ouh 24" 
he Mus K ancn . 7 
Suunto Cooks 
nema <4 
dy ref % + or ery thah w 
rap iia Ts § dw ba pi tooth tay as 
rae f fing Dt te he in 
a MINE tin pa ome abrrk thie 
t ak bin ocae jo apap GR 8 
ha jig im yg Sr aie A 
wa Fa fa 
Cch.2g G4 
bute Z. Parkin d 
. Soo Wviek 53° Goal, 
Moan bri ge 

bot Mat anw 

* ba 

lok iA 1k 
Ecturands & lark L,, Pune Ock 29” 1894 
clan Surat B rolias 

dehevuchady : Aen od 

eau du: 
bye te suet the 25° sa ae 

hase athawal ont, eudih Su Och: ‘henge ford Ho abd which ahnthly 


had onady tha ater tenttlios ond es rom 
ae ae thy ome atta wner. hur me 70 

_ & 49977‘ of thew ow acento wares 



Kasonic Voerntie, Uhicaga, Tbs, 

eee BLING oe 

J bave voue Tebtars of th 23rd. Avrangements have 

ze the film depavtment, and new apparatus is ne* 

bag eye foe Oo LR 

being made You aghie. The apparates necessary 40 do thd work, has, 

o’ nageasity, to be very ageurats, and spme time will be cansiused 

ay detiving game out. Withir, tae next month, however, F see no 

yetson, Wy we shoakd nov be in a rus Lion to turn ort all the 

films cnet wey be required, 

Yours very mary, 

>: 2 
OL, 7 



Nyaee On, 

Mason te Vergy} Oy hbo “ava, £1, 
; Dear stegs. 

Tohaye vee Letter af nes. S225, and dn reply world 

BQY tliat ope convinue ta steadily itCrense rie OULPRE OL our Didm 
UCT arene, bas. weok ve furned aut Lota) of Lan Flimsy ang yn 
eR tty COU PRE By inerease this auton: Steadity riohy along, 
Adthen sop ar Priting apparatus was Only put inty Preuttear use 
: “Ose Lage waek, ang When this machine pets Moding as y,, Showihd, 

~ 4 
i ON96 FO weagon Why we should ROU be Jn a position to increane gifs 
HALEY miakorialry, 

In Rddition tq this, Y have other aPpparanusg 
: helag made, Which wit) Tore than daubls 

the present ahipnt, 
x T wratg YoU sevayay 

but tg 
days gio, this apparatus ndbdssari2y has to be 
nag@ very RCCRMAL LY, nb arthertige iy Would nat York, Gatisfaddan 
ily. We ane pashing ahead the work on 

thig APPangsus all. that he 

You mig alsQ remenbey that thig 

45 an ontinady nox tine of 

and. Necessarily it tekec , 

“08 time to break in nev he 

fp to 
and thoroup ys 


; . i 
do it in a Systemat FSt asi aptly manne =, 
Mr. Qilmore tell. + that BeOS ane Ps 

wor indy informa as 

SG What Me age GNM, aoq We tne JoUubLIese pournyed capo i key 
SULLY oa ho thie condi Lian of srtaiys, Loam sso fnforned oy My. 
GlImore that ie had the pleananwe gr meeting Hy. Gannon hams ca 

Monday lass. asd Uhas ne explained ta My, Gaannn Pally whe PPOs Ot 

eankaysian af areas VE, and Bir. Garena atabed that he hopsd wo Rae 
You within a weok, ven he woul 

44 explain Polly vhay he Lsarned , 
fcom Nr. Gthnere. 


Z txust thas our people herg yil} soon hein 4 pasttion tea alive 
you eves ytitng that yan want, not only in the Way of Fidms, but 

er michines, ete.: : 

Assuring you that Lam doing everytning posible ty the end of 

bYinging up our OUbLPAL to meet your demands, I remain, 

Yours ‘very truly, 


Nov, 14, 1994, 

Frank Bnog, Esq., See'y., 

e/n Edison Flee 

Lyte TLluminating Cor, 

Duana & Hlm s 

wSe N.Y, 

: Deav sairs. 

ts . Your letter 

of the 13th, Addressed to My, Thomas a4, 



» advising that a meeting of the Directors of the Company 

Wald gt. ; 

Will be held at #10 

on Thursday, Nov. 15th, to take 

Sction in memory or tha lute Ur. J. Hoog Wri 

git, is at hand, 
ely telephoned tho Substance of 

The writer immediat 

your commmi¢a- 

tion to Mr. 

Edison, at the Nines, at Edison, N, Je, 

and has q wen 

ect that Mr, Edison is confined to hig. 
house there With a cold, Which wild pr 

ply from there to the err 

event his being Present at 
said meeting. He desires me, 


to convey his regrots at 


inability to attend, and to express his since 

re Sympathy to 

the family at there great loss, 

and he begs that vou will gonvey 

his bent inients to them, 

Yours very truly, 

Geoe Hows, RsQey 

Cleveland, Onja., 

‘ Deay sive 


wie 2th, and in veply would say 

T have your lettos ofr 

that I have not learned the intentions of tue Receiver of the North 

American Fhonograph Uo., bot it is my impreaeion that he will Bell. 

everything out to the highest bidder, in which event, 2 preuumé 

the Company wil be wiped ont absolutely. 
toes very teuly, : 

Nov, 14, 189%, 

Editor Cassier'’s Mavazine, 
Worla Building, New York City, MN. Ye, 
My Dear sir- 

Tam in weeaint of your letter of the Sth inst., 
and f have also rocelved by express, copy of the book of "My Life 
and Inventions", weitten by Messrs. Antonia and W. K. L. Dickson. 
Although T have not had time to read it through carefully, after a 
casuel glance IT must say that it is extremely yell gotten up, and 
I tee. savisfied that it will be a valuable addition to my library, 
‘a well 28 ta others. 

“thanking you for the copy, I remain, 

Yours very truly, ’ 

Nov. 14, 


T. G. Martin, Eug., 
c/o Electrital Engineer, 

#205 Broadway, &. Yes 

Deav Mr. Martint- 
f@ haye your latter of the 9th, and return you 
herewith the circular igsued by the American Gyaphophone Co. tT 
believe they have gotten -eut 4 number oF these elreglara, which kxx 
have been fenerally distribuied to ugers of the Fhonograph. This 
ig all "Plurz?"’ on the part of the Graphopha neg Goes and T have al. 
ready zaken weasures to off-set, not only this commmicatior, bit 
to meat any suite that they may inaugurate, with the object of in 
any way interfering with users or probable purchasers oP my Phono. 
graph. This scan ‘is made. on the devailea patent only. 

| . Yours very truly, 



: 400T 
Wf $ 

$4 . 
i; 1k 
ta | 
.$ 3 : 
a os 
. * 
-« 43 

Nov | (3457 

. : auch 
c ti shabexen =) se 
Petar mecew 


re t wry fren 

“v had 
—— L Ad otafe Ke 

: 9 vali 

t~ wap 
chan eck re phe 4 

i Coulee 7 

ee , wn“ 

ge ue i pot gale ke 

weet ast sen 

Crensecias burly haw rl, 
/bo “4d: oF, ; 
i hae 

w nee bh ne feogeur i, whabs 

4 Faker 1 Ma a 

it phase aN 
TP nny othe 
eclaae! | 



yee ent Les Pore Texte ens 
omens eetons bwer crane percrowmeertorn A PTY CES rerremerscra META Ba GASPSRETTE FO Reta i, 

ry ovpeburan 
be reply fraretias | 

eto dead gan Plhangetar: Gi. 

Ryde ae AB GF & rere 7 duit do ar 
Te 4 1 fyeth 228 ae A es age Fer wrt es 

esould T he 

spe how wages wedin qub., vovacer, at fyelis auction. 

‘ Pit’ <2 wandtiar Co eee Tg T shall da tia wovy best Tf ean for You. . 

ie SE IEE GE BUR. Te} a AR be a Posttdon te vay anything More 

Votiras very traly, 

ast fin ce Filan 



 Qrcbn Oy. 
Mears sds t- prt 
ee poor te ne Camu dict, 77 hand aut) 
uy J hy obatd’ that, W ieee: ; Ae A ham y Yona, ? 
cies tae Ee aa 7. 
fey 7 : fe oe 

Pha Q. & 
; yee 

; Dees & GY. 
lozs as ice 

: By 
iy, cleans Cun, J 
mi he aihty t or hae the, 27°bh, Sithiichs war luo. 

@ aurh a a lty Luh Pavey : 

aband. on: the wnaobreres 
8 be med of thay hoot 
Qn as hurl. Guiry yy ee a) So Coutel Avtel Ye pth ble se Lite, 

4, y/ aft pean fs Ahi th Fouiy Aus a actin. 

AA anyukcl be a. , Vth G4 aur ans 

gw iat 

Y Pho Q. Goleain 


Gae aw oA 

Dge. 8, 3894, 

. Saptain . A,. Widldems, 
Plattsburgh Baryacks, Ne ‘Y., 
My dear sirt. 

Your favor of Nov. 23d, dang duly to pani, bus 
‘ has and ined unanbwerdd, ‘aie to thé absence of Mr, Edison from 
Towns The writer aaw him a day or twp sines, and Badattained that 

Edison haa never written But t¥o aytiales during his life Tiqyue 
thedé two articles being published in the Howti American Revier, 
fersonally, he is very averae ta writing aayihing for punuisavines 

Testing whet this ig the infotmerion you deotingy | I am, 

Youra very truly, 

* ites 49 7 £9 a . 
as oy dy LOY Ss SE Ff 

pes aa Berk | 
Nee ae Bo alteats ft on bm Q. Vrash, Gt 

aA aud Fitlo bai 
Phew worutdl Lo mo nee Y Sails 

/ Athans I sarputel Ge 
damn ah, Zs ae Pk 7) OTN U an J aeven Aad se enh do~ . 

tle with the Geits o Eetrours 
aig fae at ed CAE Oe CO 
ands he svutcl Ake ebiws swhab ha tr, eutdtcs tr changes 
agouh the Clare, 
Send bnamor E Ecliair vona Poms Gabusi en 
fo Pha Q. Eolrasin hy to « 890 

ear Geclranh ls * Wet ga, E78. 

Drain thas thera ym A nena 


fra bn. kebvete, . 
J 20% poms Lit, douth 
ie Merron Qnbsrte 
Mean Kin dituntl;. earn 
| Qui nepb, ty youn awed the wh “ 
: | | Le vn snrih J be. 
! 70 acu. gow ther bah Bb Mediad u andy'g the 
| Poo? anc he ttol ones he ray ehok pee ah, 
| Brtaenh Curd Conteh mek pay aolth, 7 Vf 

} }4 Ad byl) 

é ¥. i hips Coo/ ; | 
(Pe: frag, 

ee tal | , &F 
| Laue ef the vunih, tame baby te hand’, 
Quds an , hed wi 1 15 Abia, Sane dae wae fy 
a eet tt, 4, Y waliwe iar Liat CL} — 
i tow f 

or a 

| | th. 
é A  ittnah C Mew /9 

Buute py ' 

buy ca hy reeavecs aul thah the 7 eo) om 
v7 aaa) hn, abr Prtuto Purl are oo a Upaopuil 
eo fore wok awh Aad Ar Avirea/ ty danag 
Carel. can Bh j tS, | 
Cur clowyw bal Ke naeol AN Oy /, 

G AAL oruakiou fe aaal 4 gues Phra aw the, soy ee conkly 
be ap 

y) a: A sanciaedl a im bik) 


Dec. 21, 4894, 

GQ]. Ge &, Gouraud, 
#5 Whitehall court, ea 

London, BoW, Euglani 

Deat girs. . 

You have in your possasalo:. .f I remenshor right, the 

shares belonging to me in ‘1. Faison. Cowes. Uell-Telepliona Co. = 

am very anxtous to get these hera zariy in the sew yeay, Wind 

you please arrange to forward thea to me by saviy post, 

Whilst on this Bubj aot, T should very magh like to have you 

make up and send me a list of any ang al Btodkn, dongs, ett., 

that you may held, belonging to ma, as Y am atxiong to gat aamb 

Checked up with my hooks, to see if we absolpptely agree.  shontd 

very much like to get this dist: just ag early in the new year #6 you 
ean, conveniently, send it t. me, end I ptast that you ofn writd 
‘me soon regarding same. 

“With ‘the complimonts of the Season, I am, 

Yours very tyiiy; : 

tos 26 



' of 


Pee urhoo wy 
Lancads Lhe ) Le WEA) 


thad the 




ws q 
Ree 2 
Sy ass 
~~ 38 os 
Se e¢ 
gXN gs xs 
Ss 3 hes 
- ‘Bow 


LY: K) ea 
Oeans dhuu! 

2) 7” 










ak the b 

Chases tesa ely 



fae ate 






Lge 279 A 4E9Y 

Jute ane, /Bladrine dy dnves 
Man djs. 
Pre ans, aliée nu ficrion tales, Eh pee Pron ans 
Counectiin with the, herr egrafehe W owas oral gh acttinfeeds 
with the Phine g graphs nefaodu con buh they Pama k 
Ae 7 nw, te OAely Corinne Lull we haw refae 
di with, ast tly plehnw few 

9, if Bseu ke ss | Mees i Gab 

ies AGN 
| Vie Des » Aanewsith ee h 
srclwoe ix Minaccre won ta 
da, we PA bie pall Pha “bs ie S Se Af Ute) Ae’ ahren 
f" 7 

l Oy. 
ee as Vd Dre Se “Pharos a: 

a. 13, Chandler by. Preadeuf, 
Portal Gute 7, y 
Pan wade 

Mesa fork 
ti acdnaw ae tha Bee 
boobe raphe Gus 


Meany ba cs 

jrethactay by sf 

ia a 


Des. 28, 1894. 

Banin G, Bates, Héq., Vice Frealts, 
Bates Manufacturing Qos; 

#44 Broad stere Ne Yes 

Dear airs- 
We guly reseived your letter of thg 20th, enalosing 

statements for the month of November. In lotking over the qrial 

balanog, T notice several {tems that aro not miively alear to més 

upon whieh I wotld like some ‘further information. 
GENERAL EXPENSE. Thi acooitht statds debited with $37385.12- 

Wil) you please let me know shat period this covers? 

uxpantiints. Thie sgcolnt ta charged with 994208, WIL yt 
aud also what ported It 


please jet so know how this ia msde “Fs 

savers? Oar a Latfegey o : “ : 
“thie acsount ‘tands Gebited $349,646 7 apse 
14 ple accowitay but t aot like 40 

T should 

thet this represents uncolle: 
exagtly whet it doos reprerent, 
priger that ren charged foy 

_ne enlightened as to 

also Liks to know fyom you the 11st 

automatic nard nuvigertng mathines and june dating ‘machinesy 
alao the very best discount that. you allow. ana nfter ae 

Fis hlcog foie ee ET 
peace eT CG dT 

2 & 
oS te 
rs ° 
- So 
i 3] 4 
2 ce] 
: g 
2 e 
> re) 
" 4 



-? words, what I want to know is what is ke 
automatic numbering maohines and line 

Loare very truly, 




ony snrther comnisaiar 

this discount, is there any further uisoo.nt allowed to agents, 

: ef « 
3 : 
: 3 2 
; a em oe 
& ¢ 8 + 
Bi Rs OS) ony 
~ OO wrt 334 
= zs oe Cc 8 
8 2k 2 " 
° a 1 
2 “4 9 D8 wy 
ha ¢ os = 38 gE 
— 2 Pp PS vy 

Fan bth, Bae. 

Measre. Eaton & Lewis, 
HAL Broad street, New York Gity, 

Beart. atnes. 
“ "an gonsideration of your reduging your ti) for sex 
_ VEqes agd atshursenents against the Edison Phonograph Werks fron 
| the, eum of $6, 667.88 to the Buin of fa4r7. 8d and adcepbing the 
makes of thé Works fét the atiount. daid notel being sor BiSo edhe. 
eaten tnteeet db af pox drmam ant being wade payable we ab the 
Kegtrrting of wast Hoth during the twentgwtthe otths Ga wOGAE etter 
tite date, £ wiL2 dere Geth you as setzews: that your! ndbye 
hace fra patigtPud, to ny Andetteanske tippn pokes or atherwigg 9k 
tire Said Bélson Fognogrank Works toms, and sinrild sptd indebsot 
nese fy mar any part thereof be-paia by, er wade bhp basin af 
Lege? prodécsdizge atuinet, thé sald Works an ~adyange of the payhent 
op yout noted fortis $4, 417.88 tegertea te, 7 will -persengtly 
gearanted’ the paymen® of the last yentiored sites. 
Ba eRag atanisy your apcuptanse of hia proposftian by letter. 
| Young veny 47h y 



Rt ahora Wayne Rank ay, Pee, 

RASTA, Pubieiiny, Youayk, he T., 
Pagy br. Ramer. 

Teves aye AeOeteot she 4th. edd tobing 

Aepton Sui. thee Atobitzey-cangyg) Of thn State of Now Fondays 
ferving forthe ta 


the Ditagn Phonograph Son: taxes, 

I wish yor 
SRY te the suibeney-cenemna HBR ane Fake of the Ediaon Pho. 
: | HOaRrsph fo. depontin icky very tn the 

| womla 

G20 84 ye UP ot the Reged vers ip 

of the Noneh Aberizan Phonseyt-to., and Lf Aeerain Werte “tewans. 

m. the Radeon Piemyypayh Oo. Wid d¢ounte wy agbtve concryn arth - 
PAW ANSin taxoe Th end. ogy ¥OY 98H ANY god sie Attomtencomph, 

ad $9 held off « oe White Aonigem ap. med PRA saaeiniaiaras ra 
home. | 

Youve very tity, 

re Roca, us 



Pak dee Fhe 


Auuan, 2/6 1895" 
Grsene Fog Dire: “tif aes } fi | 
Yet Mavad. Lhak ; 

mer hol 

Mar dinv f 

ete (tt bare bal, b et; Ve fangs 
elasig Ae tne, odTne, Utes fe. eae ee 4 gush, dracberes 
ty Iban AAA Ofond A 34 ee wnaralacn, ae eee 

"Bctwvech # fs tie Commecdivs aertds year 
pare vs the of 


Wan. Qt, L895. 


fhestigars.. Ryer & Randy, , 
#88 Gang ate, an 
Dear 85 y'8t. 

Re axe Ankboue th haye  xt12 wae auvpahte tor 
ndhing, habe seaues to tap the Hage OF atte Mate Wer py the Toes 
dwertipin Pigaamibh Uo.  dembie Gt thane phase Being entiowad 
aqeeefile. tn Ae bntuimat tn piistititig the name oF *yaition Fpandu 
erkPR Oo. * cay Toray Auindidan Phdupentph Co.%, mya Mer Ramo bed 

| MALASEOD tid HOLD Wing palate to we ahow on thee Reee Te 
azaestag Mgwe Pareyy the wad aor, RAK feyedondd ary patrons navi 
i & Bini Sipndely Herth tee wey Sig tyograyh, bot Batre we pre. 
Cont to abe the MY Held tate vp, ma woULR Zing to NOH shim vot 
thethee Sony 9 Any Wenig. Lnpteupied tfidl you goasidey it 
ANAARIGTT Ae Brae Time matting the poder} mmbére and the 
dato Of Lemaante, tun Ag Wie RIE Piqak Aikely make & palky plate, |. 
Pitene WOE y PE AAS @ tp drow Rhather GAY WBE OF GRE pat ant rum 
Rene Wend aot be Autetotant, arewhewer yan douls pragont tea 

| MA diam, Ag gripble, 44 AR ak tytended to ab Any oF tnbes 

SURHER Into RAR WORLD Rhee the Regodver haw myitd AH tho Aepheed 


of the North Ameri nari Phonograph Co., but as it takes tone: carsb4e 

time to get out this told, we desire to hes: the work tae: t> 

hand in good + ime. 

| se 



AS ~ 

AGB - 

967 ~ 
63 ~ 
280 ~ 
646 ~ 

- 647 - 

7éeo - 
274 - 
276 - 
942 . 
583 ~ 
384 ~ 


AL@ » May Sth; Lasse 


Sth, 1gds 

a 8th, [ass 
Oth ~ fnty Alay, 18 3 
Req. Ath, 1R& 

4th, 188 

Feb’ y. Sth, 28 9 



2nd. 1889 
and, 1889 
i2th, 1889 
17h, 1890 
ith, 1890 
l’th, 15890 
‘why, 1891. 
Sith, 1991 
22th, 1992 
i8th, 1992 
18th, 1892 

20th, 1893. 

very traly, 

Jan. 21, 1895, 

Rivard Craltgus-° 

Saat Seat 

vo iupo Uoctan a 
‘o rs oe Y 
ean div;. 

or fre the adidaaas o. Jw A oar | pont 

joe feo aérircl. Ah Ie Cie. weal oft 
Seune t Burl, 

CF A ey Clan cLophy, 
f , 

a | oh 
wrw/ PS i4 IS 
fuecuw Q.  Iaek G,- 
18H Lake Lah 
btaea 6. Lea. 
23 Lath, 

g 4 Ay aka’ 3 MLL, ae rs eee 5 

foo nee nes piel Op fate dd leg iby sare toi 
nae 9996. ani yi Tad Adin %| [liispane : 

fi Pes 

a ‘khoww AA. 

Krininurl Gp oof : | feby di 

4S 3 Pane: jpa 

Sire! & wt. 
Hered) Cpr. a i 

J obpch ts Lhe bite. bree gethiin yetbinn cub 
Dickens Ma nb abruk dakar Be d. a Co- alee 

ithe Sragitis, ‘hparater. C6, év ineepacl, we Can sis mo tomate 
wv Ma, Ogee ee athe’ Oe a ose ) phaw, J Aare 
wen Ocha tl cudth, Ly Ari, abr sam ony/ om arenatrafady 
hatter, aud Jb ecd. Hy he ag bette puiticde than gap a Keel cefs> 
— how Wiekor Mo. ect nel i ol ab) ter tae lone 
AT ‘to [Ons th clown fe opalers Ar oale, ee Fave Qeean/ 
Vise ont 

Aerts hae. « ete io mn Sa otineks any Haven 
cum pphobemy ay fii a the Goat ° Y) tikes pia 

Coe cxitichmeass Garo of pny mpc ow pork ond oy thes ea 
never Tal } | ‘Qs pnaw awha 7) veld « parr tenag 
a La, tke peer: ipa “ey. kar rer abrudy, 

Pena Def: Dad, 10) 
ca ood nant fr whos thay Ponte tae a 

ny ty as 

Anos 0 Ecbvem 

PE a 1 

oe Ruvew & “ilk. } 

“gi * Tran % 7 

Mean’ dei 

“op Lee, Gow ears Qends any aw cual vil frealé | 
Be the le. ath, of | Wry! urfe. eee | , Gdtewn AAT Lurhach cebsanreols 

bu at hens be 9 yf PL, § § 4 ie btete ees te fe Qincs aw 8 
AAA ig tcetien ath (Leanne. aurils be pack beuspb Lis 

p- nonph alte: ic ep 

e- thas t2. Yi lage a 
7 aad 

veil : Pesesia y <a 

te Feb. 23, 1895. 

‘Henry ¥, Darling, Yeas, Typas., 
General Flectriz C9.) 
Scheneptady, N. ¥,, 
Dear sir. 

I have your letter of the 18th, and ‘poturh you here. 
with the letter which you desired My. Edison to sign, introducing 
Mr. Kruesi. ‘hig should have been sont bafors, but I was oonipell+ 
ed to send it up to him at the Nines, and it haa only Just been 
rgturnekt tome. 

. Yours very trily, 


Rog eet, bef q 

Eng. A 

Reb. 20, 1995. 


I have pleasure in introgueing 4he bearer, 
Kir. John Krueai, the General Mamager of the Schenectady ‘Works of 

the General Electric Compan y, 

who has been ‘Qssotiated with me and 


has been identifica with the soreerns manufacturing alentrign ’ 
ap and the is now 

peratus under patents owned by me for many years, 

about. to Visit Britain ang the Continent of Europe 3 

h the interepta 
of his Company, 

to the courteous consideration of thoae Connect att 
with ‘electrical matters: with whom he may come in contact, 

“, - a er ne ne an 
/ nates 


' : ie ‘ e : , é is 
if eta” oily 3 d, rertel RBZ 
} i f . ? 
i Jit CaS aA GT DEE fF 
= a *y af 
MPa pete 8 Steden J. te 
‘ es, Bie yytn 
' dia ee aysatah vo! ' beg to neat de , 
H ? wat R Pie 
l Eres ¥ af *,. Ride 4 Citigate. ‘€ / aera tees Likrak. é 4 . 
: a Pe fat ty Ld #- 
ne XY ele a4 dat teed Us ek hats at no aes. Lhe ah 
( ; re ‘ Fe f aan t. my Lat BA flags re el nr; bie Ee L228 
s . ’ g : 
| leg ts Che vats, 4 he age ae 7¢, BE: tak arkes 
] : f v 
| Pas, ih. Say , Jel vn a: turd ; 
mg yi : 4 fe 
ys ok : ith lteay Beta ad 2b 2 teh e? (UL a bei ee re 
- 4 Whe a 



rea) Wie £73 

PLE as 




Maroh 4th, 1895. 

James A. Roberts, Esq+, \ 
, State Comptroller, 

Albany, N, Yo, 

Dear sir. 

I have received the blank reports mailed me several 

days ago, and have read same over oarefuliy. The Edison Phonograph 

Company is a New Jersey Corporation, and hap not been doing any sag 

active business for upwards of four years past. Under these cir. 

cumstances: I presume that it will not be necassary for us to fill 
a | os 
' up the blanks which you send me. 

The company has no office in 
i New York state, and has not had one for some years past. 

Yours very truly, 








. ; 

4 fied; Ho ay) A opus 

Gork Hratac, O | | Inarch 5” wags 

ai buck: 

‘s ‘Raeuid Luthebanol 
the. 1g atl, Come, clinl, Ie Le PO 

ee hdez Fgh gael oe al, 

Aton : 
| ‘ dts poe a lange | ovka. ah Edum. ‘h aaa Ow 

hese de a Aas Hedi fith, auc! cunus frmee 

fein as ion eninge hee had a 
hag uchote whithe sep A 4 froresit his Latburn, - 
a OM Ae: by. adort. ao Quack 2 theh - 

: Lab iy wits Chit ude arte 

gy Gauneh ap re 

aly Crane Eh me Geen 
BY toon ares Ly a 2 Ie 

canna ae "oi 


22 Pt tia, ol 

& ‘ 
ngs, ra 
PF - 
i Aan f 
uy fe Oar Sis Dei t t * 
s & , 
i o . , 
* g 4 
' z a tse) a ee 
; 4 Sheoy a oy Oe : be 
% é 7 ; 
“ . a a i es @ : 
. rf wT a Le ra é tat é re 
4 tty 4nd 
4 / 
-4 of £4? = 
. i ; sf 
iH Y ee 
care | 
ay, tte 
; > 
male i he SB teh let ar bie snare, sree rerrrromeg ts sites tle ih 

hiarch. Mf > FF 

‘ Arf. y) ty 
ladebbhader faa 

PRU ae, 


{ Syst Aan > 

ne 1 ee Wy sad 

5 yf 
Sree As i ales, 
i : 

me be he alchannwbecse jacesphy 
ey, fr tahach, feease beth: poe: Lhaukes : 

fe Gee. "ANE 

Gy / deligmreeail 




bie: few 
' cad e : 
Capbtiratewhr ons wien tte aus hand ooba: a rac Hei | fs 

“te, : 
Roser ofw, fe ; 7 : 8 
# rae ‘6 A had, (2. oid > ee = reneech- AReark 


;: jim fy ost Lan ede Wine fears. “a fier trv. acd ek? chk é owe: thy pont 
ay Pledae hameuhy Oh jaan. the vik Ld putaand a 

CLE 13 @ oie: 89 Bian fie nace 


if A 

One #95 
CEL e se Ko ert oe ‘ g ; 
36 hau we 

| ne ee 
Maan ree / , : 
f bec ty patianar a Arrow thy coos nacerph for hes 
Die oe ae ” od. is clic oi Ontiacl,’ tuhich pwn jibe) 
aa fu | ouUnY Avo te, 29% O Yh, 

Shak say 
h , a fre ae dane 


Meo Mufpith: g- 
Me tas 

cee anvur the 2% yieh ay Maes thah hy Conpany 
hy Gat vf thy anol welecutde do mAhurg Chad 

war paced) 3 
‘oy fw ~ 

wuld eave ih, he whole thats, war aotLouk the tho “4 ak F 

eau div!- 

Cnorrgl % “4 the predefnas od nite on adetlan. bang lee frtdare 
t only) Con, J g¢k atts tll. abuts, P 
A hay ey ee vi aa ee hah Puffy 


f fine é K os 
Wisests Pack 
Gu q fnca mh 

; UevKy) 
AQtay Ain / 

Pine sist spe Lage dopa La helo gr apha/ 
vi "Ta Lhe gs lhe Card te Thi k ne ; 
: ones ‘bind, ; 
Pr Q Fthian oe 
(Atos addaoes Chon 2 A 

Toe: ) 
Gils wry Kaba why Don. ae ¢ f 

: Cut 9 - 
hans} 2 hr ey 

Wivtis. i 
I 200 Pies 4. bray a femecctly 

nah fog athens Poe to thy ordain 
ham ane wbige 

Ti i. 

Pn @ fy 

fait [Yo 9S" 

LC Inaitive fy 
og fee ' 
Deans tiv: ee 0 ty yr the sb anah J. e, fo adn 
Vie thah J rae) lids ty. ye, AA, fruttes kiod dante the, while) 
a sevrhe, abvuk ome atl sa ie vA et Lhe bGalauce 
Ags bata: » Dowie AL tink o, aH anentds | ames ie 

sap AA fas Pot Gd, daw ara fre fans ¥ frebemina £8 
— a ie whah das.) 7 Cane aud ut ae Ho 7) 
ae ace with AAW ar are) Woyimlarin, 6 Qbvo. 

Phar Q 

fr. db dasseoved Mi Get ‘ 


Miso d ee 

ow farvrr ol thw ied) heey. Pk Goleam One 
ie See CAA! OAV rpenatins Oruefe iv as Winnber/ 
Goode Tis — & fotadlly Ue hath 

caw Bois LG, LA hk» Gpectidy ‘hit, ivtew jf#as . 

Gaui i du Chi seit 9 ip rip oabond Pi age ook 

Carw alter fhe, omafid ; 
isp ty “ee sae Oi a. 

ie ar ea neat 

Unit ws é 78° 
a (techy 
A Ay. aie Cod hs a 

&. Ww 

i 4 
a J 7A 7 WER deer ei hate 4 Ins AS Nahin, fw 
My ears FRGS. of K irae ein 

, Of et age Th beer frorork Kid 

| rae Leek ain a upg te oe rr 7 jew Oefa 
“te et nee Mista. Phe lane flaw hile that, thes Lae 

) weer Wldesctigt. Of, ArsTired a fhe Phereuny KnAie 
oe pS Saw hoth ane taf doh J d 

: Aten, Prucldind, 
/ Le 
ot Mend Sinn. 
: re I 

3 ‘ bn | Unie 1 Pigs 
pus ued oon Leg 

iar che of 

dis =u le oe jo 19 3 n= hike 
wie eas ngs 4m Atgandy a 
oe 4 be Lp a anes 
law J contd mek pevete ch, 
& thine of pote afte catime, frownig the 
ptoa ag & baa? © 
Uh Me Aaa Chad, dois Lea 
at character thah 3 aheuel ee the 

eit elles 


/ | 
frhe OQ Mandi. Ey Creve cy Cut’? 9s 
G ater tase (Osten | | : 

ear ren Rewrash. he pe 

| te Vy fy linclaLn Y hess Aenesrth the, 
fe foo daw ¢ Lied Suivi Ve Onph thy fa 4 
ve ay) 

ins liah Gay am ’ Ps Cpu ap ge 
aw * 
“ 16 fOrncvod Cbiees 

Ohaus doce fuw a | 
! be 1h ackumotedge meuph Bae, Laren rf LD 

16 Corts, eu , chek pf 125-12 to. Ware bbeas ag ALC 
Poapneich V SY yaa A tortrall 6a bite 7 Abbvwucd) Pad 
ame: s 
sy 2 poe Bis i Albavarw 

April 25, '98. 

Wed Johaston Wsa,. Inspections, 

2. roadway, NeYs, 

fe conve:tenn te you T can nava two 8. slews ready or 
(Su dora GSho toe «ee inspeeted, Tf vou cannot inspe.t them 
eroine UB gens let mo.kcoy what day would sit you best. 
Yours very truly, 

Dey Ge Getions 

o . ‘April. 25,'95. 

av B, Dick Go., 
vi 156 Leke Str. Chieags. Tle, ' 

Dear Sirs 3 

. heg to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 20th 

ans iaezkie ene ck for 8619,25, being royalty on Mime og raphs sola for 

the auarter anding april Ist, 1°95. 
| ; Fiease accept my thanks for thé same. 


Yours very truly, 

“A, Walkeyv Otis Esq... 

L132 Broadvayy N.Y. 

Surety Company to deiiver you tha 

“10, 000°GoveErnimantt bong in tre 

name ir Edison saysito Yorward this 

dives 3 Saxony ,CGemaany; and in 

resard to the casn,Mr.Wdison says he does *not care ‘to ‘Pia this up 

at present so you hai better send the’ récbipt and ‘have ctham sig. 

hefore tue U.Ss¢onsul, “The bond is. to be held -by!Miss. !Mariom 

Edison until Mr. disor larrahzges! in resard! to- buying the 

‘German Gevernmant bonds’, | 

a “yours® trully, 
Fa] ; f 
Vote Hp Marc obphy, 


hag 2 © /895— 

4 _ ky : 
rer by ane 4 cline 
(etn. al ae. 


Lh : a / 

AP tian’ Yaraw Gelrasvt- ae 
Len {tho y, gure ome b fat Pee thal, 
tin cu Mtns! Addl es a0! Unley Ractere nim bb, i: rath \ as 
: t a 

of / ' 
Ava Xr Dan of Agree nan sandr Syand Pi, J, es ada ard eee, 
be 7 hes iW. 

alr ats jacen hit tirheck ya ‘ankl Hare Ae sae 
: “a JG 

i. He Z . f iy 
Ww, Lt S46 AANG 
eprie AA tp 4 tp G 1) Dbw FHara 

jaw Glink: Aa | 
LAY een Sut 
XG Age aw once ngs L Ray aAnaan ia aw thi *relerirce Via ES 

in ay Lb thah hy tanith up, eho prattos 00 que: 
f ej 
aed ie wh) throie £ Oe gels Chua byner aaa! tay Lp’ 

Carols bates Pree By Aan Be! A) onc Mth ch, ney fk: Gf LAL) 
{ y ; 

// : LUA? a. 
| : . if fa kes asleg ph 

Moy 3, L895, 

Dear Me, Vnsulk 3 

{beg to-advise you that iv. wdtgan wrote acroas you 

rayow oot the 27tr ct Avril as Pollows ¢ 

wv Samny 5 

Mo too weay with Miik to po into ary ning now juast 

TO’, BR. 

nay 2, L895 5 

Wn, %, Treziep Esq,, 
Shengnidoan , 
Beruykil. go., Pa, 
beat Sir i~ 
Your favor af April 24th quae duly te hand and ard in 
reply { tes to state that J an gob interested in Boutaarn gold 

Mining properties. 

You re vORy Lyra Ly. 

ce SG a 

yi tele! 

ZOETITAPT Ynwpeerwg a ag 
LN ero ar CA ETE te 

May 7, 1895, 

beaw fdr 

¢3 rolletes as 

Polos + 

HjY.Cettre) Lloyds b5307  B : $2,990,00 on DL 
Woteh- Boston '" ff av7g " Sept. 1, °9 $2,000.00 on D. 
Eyguitebly Motnal, sflo0R5 t $1,500.00 onb 5 
Union Lloyds, #13704 1 $2,500,060 of § & 
Manu ys ## 9809 Nor ,16,'95 % 55,000 .00 on B 5 
Traders Fire Lloyds 41379 Dac.l, * S25 00 on S 5. 
ae on ne $788 Dec .18, ; ss G.H 
Insurers All dance #5425 Man.15, $5,006.00 on L 5. 
Delaware, #A05221 Sept .3, 35,000.00 on Fur. 
Pleasa cancel ald of tha above Policiien, aid have them 
pluced in gom other good Compan ies,and send m check far the 

amount ef the cancelled pramiuns, 

In future; please do not pigee any of my, Insurance with 

ose tener NN? PEE YT FITNE! 

ee 8 ieee Petr sass 

May 7th, 18g, 

dyoxine Thouggraph Go. 
Sheysnue, Wong, 
' DPay RAPBj@ . 

& R8VYe your Aether of wena of Apres 4ed in. 
POP VORA BAY hak yor ane abet nbornen & Oke Polne 

boughy tha. BROPHY oF the - Spry Mer sen: Bye HP 
bid tor Me 

that. I hare ; 
Uke 49. . j meade a 
Auk. Hae Papert ratuged 8 fens ie My Re-spnge the 
property wag ot, PPA Pt prbian ‘suet se Ang preg eA Shep at be 

red ¢ PHEH. 

Was woRia bp the nah ghee pt hha apLoOns #opa) 

Capon we eae’ the property aa “ephay BBR Ayah tan | for the weypre: 

Youre very truly, 

May 1a, 3395., 

Ricnara N, Dier, #84.) 
Wesare. Dyer & Drigeg2, 
sy Wah fies Be Yoo 
My aear har, Pypy tad 

T poedese vi herewith ori ginal letter, ab gee 
wt: lth, addbgssed tp Jenn '#, Rdpdoiph, Seorerary, of the Eddorn 
Fhonggnap h Works. Spom Meamrg. Seligman & Seliguan, ask ing. him te 
famnish them with a certirsdd stat emont of ‘iis shes and Lablly 
ities ot tad Works, tov the years 1990, 1892, 1892, . 3899 ay. ihe. 
all of “waigh hig y Warts, conbirioa $0 before a Notary PUbLE gy ame 
legalized by the Mreban, Word. This Ret ten wag handed = 
Kijson fer cojment; bia he Yerurned is with fhe memo wan gay ‘phase. 
Pat 3% fooks 4s though the Se AT FAME to get ingpmngtdor doe 
bhele lay sutt ageinpy tg WEKAs Row " the OnE tas He ganngt 
pon How sui Antprtoagton aiion bey ant ‘£08 pan PAY An YehAne Ro 
49 pire aia aM BROAN at Pahang tn HHaueee TE Habe Ap dye ie 
Baa PY thy ine aia Ajehe ph Ye Byer ff shove qher 
goutd pe 4) tp apy ony lai he ork. § Pete Hite Balm 
arpa fre sido. pile inte wh Hate at ehip ag been 

. jou! inet tusti ons regarding 


your's waky 47) y, 

ana we sould dike fo | 

(ReBe Ro} 
uns Warga, 
hae 5 

Hie «h 

May a8th, 1995. 

Hind comalstor, 
themshipz pf Yest Synge, N. d-, 
Dear xy'S ~- 

“tu zegere +o phe pirating of your Dire adara apparatus, 
ehietlp, pb.. An my Iddoratory, 1 agsiro to say that wo earry on our 
Yo fiers 4 the npagapprops af sixty pounds of steam from avout & A.M. 
$0 sheik 4 AD., ud trom Appat 4 ADL. te epout 6 Adil. the steam pres~ 
wre steps derp 40 cbont, tnipty ponds, itn the oxogption of sundays 
aun Bpiisese.  Buptly Bho Bumspk saute, on fuNpeyp and Holidays, She 
Lives ove vankod, aid ne steam te Herrieg,  forper to keep uP & 
guerielons prpspize of ahem, yob to aapes matty pounds pressure, ta 
veryotr whiesie during tain Retsod, the aegleanp soda “be suanty-Five - 
($A5.00) hoRldve, and t wii misextaie 1) qeiay Hite Epsearey you tO 
| Sapuibyped ola tinbe.ampinn for xo dosng. a a other timee mp carry & 
_prokauny of pt. Jongh thirty pawags. Hine 3. Nnyapitant Am paPetonent to 

pion your stispig. In ataitign +9 dude % dpkarve the FIENY Fq MIRA 
dowh wy bolieve for the syxbere of maxing raphinas. akaminaiadhe, @2ean 

ing, ote., which tp af pounce nopennery ftam ving fe fmt TN eatin 
apparatus, neopagaty, Phd, PaIVIAIR pe aay fnntoIt ay pperete 
nate waistle, to ve pramted ay your ANRRIAR lanai hang fa RE BEPRARES 

May 16th, 1995 


by te, ond ol) respotiesbility as to the installation, or proper working 
af thip Apparat, ip yested ip yourselvas, end I be in no way 
QMO biehie. ££ am Fiiiing that the mechanism to proporly operate your 
whistla gha32 be doop}ed on the third floor of my Laboratory ‘puilding 
at the reap eid, at the point agreed upon between us, same to be. enclos~ 
ad atiah a way thet At spruot de tampered with by any of uy people. 
1 also reserve tue tight t5 prder tho removal of the ‘entire appara~. 
tus, on two yveet’a potien, in yriting, the expenge of sioh, rewoval to 
28 bern by You, aed ay praises bo be placed in ae, good gondifion eg 
they xere origin ly. 
tf tho ehore mpeks wsth your. approyal, waa ae kingly, signity. your 
noceptance in writing, ihe, the work of Pleoing the epparatas pan be 
Beceeeees with 6% your plehye. ee ea got : 
wag HAY NE) os om 

7, 1 af 
tid ed 26 § ‘ 3 ta tM 
: : te “ . fe 


280 eepnsyaw 4 0 stig eee . 
peers Tudeh "Koh Dea ant ae 29 nt TG 

H. B. Avwohincloss Esqe3 
Box 966, Orange, Nide 

Dear Sir :- 
to your favor of the 13th inst., I beg to 
di if on 

In veply 
advise you that the Edison Phonograph Works did: very well an 

the Receiver’ s sale I eet hold of the Phono graph, T shall be able to 

vap idly liquidate the Works" indeb tedness. They ows nothing exeept’ 

to me and they made and paid fo me last year eniing Feb. 1895, 

. $49,000, This was net, Yours tmly fin 7, Galion 

May 21,1895, 

Seseph Bernhardt Eades j 
Grammar School fal, ; aa 
55 Marfon Str., No¥.s : 

Dour Sir t- 
In reply to your favor of the loth. inst., I peg to 
savise you that at present we have noth ing to do with the phono- 

in, bat expsct ‘when the gompany is sod out by the Recetver to 

we ae we, will pane ‘up sare ranch 

ste 31 porsagsion of jt ,ama if 


gisee it ean be used. 
| Yoav vit) ene 4 



poe eee lt 

May 21, 1895. 

Geo. N. Mc.Cain Esq., 

Harrisburgh, Pa. 

Dear Sir :- : ; 
Your: favor of the 15th came duly to hand, and in reply 

I beg to state that the trouble is that the Courts rejected my bid 

end I did’not get any of the old stuff. This phonograph affair 

has been a very bal one, and illustrates how speculators can ruin 

a legitimate thing. I not only lost all that was paid, but a 
large sum besides. 

Yours very truly, 
‘ : a lh oe) . : 
* ae 

Jn (ans 19s 
Iai eee Gress 7 
Sean fran Cnc 
ae fw gow nah J beg. % adunir s hah 

rl fu. 
ice cr 

ee Parl ty toch oh tw Place om 
vena. gerd party fale change of he plore 
fs Pork elueph 

Vere 260° 95 
Meare $0? Iringanctid G ‘eh 
bos Yrabe Leek ao 

ai Dense, 4 
H ie to hack tc pw feneanth eheoh 7 ‘4 25504 “0 i 
He bre ar une dn aunw to the oda o, : 


" Laoetae A so ¥€47- I§- b- arsed 

2 Ole xe L 

GE Be, te 
7 : m INTUSILA Aired: ' f. 

/ : 1 

° eA >: ote 

LA vin Gee oe 
-f rs 
oY ’ , 
f a Bae 

: pe AUelnh 7 98" 

% es re ; HHA 
Votes W Yeo. (apr J : ; / 3 haw wv 
A Gan clo Par 1 ) 

Fi ‘ ¢, s é “ 
6.9 a | 

FOr aA! pA (- n | a, ei é 
e hi eae mM oh Akemarcek dda ast mvuch frome | 

uw Vig Ad, Litintean (b Wi) Y as nncl, ‘ 
iA , ; I ; : 
/ Ae ade @thhd “ih, ae. ae ae friable) aro 

wbbgi-, Qe: the gronnoles arate Pauli helorgury t 
hoa the Aas, beh plac Ai an of sea & du MAAR 

f : : ‘ Af Y 

} Pt Genetv 10 Aer’. Ala vy daveyfieri how i 1 27 eae ahaa 

e t Ape ae Ee, 

Vie bauole ¥ Bustduang thaw feo geg 4. Cae: a 


6 ¥ 14's Ay it 
t if 
’ cae th : Vier ‘We , 
: af : ’ . a, a : tos, Bead. (ae Py xt ig 
be jew ay mg 
Show as Ib ennse’ 
Putnte te 

Draw divs 
Ax pointe iar cafe Ld pee 

red ery ri, a 
frecl m thas A thad . 
jf nt - ta Iu, and Ihave abs mctipes 

0 Yoke U Fe ores are he py 
Carrde ands ArMtdarea ey ae be Rast plauitih- | 
Iw Aannctotph" 1 dirtc cron ah bivnty Park fon th patty” 

whe trie us the Murch Gf, aid tith ta Colt quid pe 
! pena Bo flaw, Has ny th i, ts. Fo 
id, Aoktars wa eone : wile atten them Fo Aimar du 

the - ome or Ulf . f don of wah 
yeas Be: eo paren 
Le atlowtcl te athoy "thaw wes es gy 
oa horas felmett eet arena 


wy i ee 

ae eer 


fue Wize eee : ° 

Sructs ‘ be . p.9 
Frode: ‘, 

J enh gs Merete 

Proce fp Aonme ow 

sass of the Ce 



ED nn 
srho ee bred. Lhab, ~ 

pasty aa 2 Pat oes 

Fhe fie which tk Lue sie oats tnetuce ie oh, Lelonp) 

the tinder i fe jp 
TO ee 
Grnek Che 

Ph Gi 


pt Bes ae oa ine 
| 1M i 

ge We 



to Sento Onn thes ol 
abmh the Paictdics and her re parle: hewn, ack an Z, 
CQuelitian wack tholk be olonch Awe tawbuk have pticte 
ca os iss: thre A 

a ancl hands F% 

ed Mt 


new the 

pipe In omuele 


je ae 

tira - 

Iuiylst, 1895. 

Jonn Trowbridge, Esq., 
Chatrman Runfoerd Committec, 
Canbridgo, Hass. , 
My deay -oirs- 
_ shatre pleasure in acknowledging receipt of your letter 
j of june pSth, Anforming me *nat the jmerinen, Acadgny of Arts amt, 
Bglenpes “here eonfexved mpg m0 4he Rumford medals, which honor 44 
yory min appregiated. | | 
i An 1 40 yuder stand from: gun 
me to.go on 20 Perbnidge a} the propentatagn, An aaa My ontire timc: 
} ip now conmpned ob By Ipon one pip pt Radom, WH. J., and — have 
= aonething aka tues Wundrod nen working day and-night, to get we 
: pliant in wommerojal shape. . it ddA pe pane gdme pefore I gould leave. 
this particilay line of rors and 7 would therefore yory man prefer 
to yaya phe nadie gent onto me, 3f 4b -qoujd be so arrangad. 

hia pant wiches, believe 3s 
pure vary truly, 

Astiter that it will be necessaxy for 

uw Hi jirs Ps 
ie “fk dt ay 9 
ye Dean bruv § Tan ae ' 

euns ttl came duty be harrcl arrel aw lll 
fp Chie thak (5; Gave Yyre/ maewe h Break « gd 

ah frente Parks 2 J wali * ps/ ‘ds Spierandl 
af. the tind, avid if pre unth lavk at. 

Ag baa) TB 
ee ae | , Goan ee dattd Och. 29-189 i ante we Cah auchk/ 

t, ee 6 


fad eid 7 | 
vi in pac hte 

: wiih tis Ze q sol ao J eannok fir wy 

if = rn at 7 ‘ fs 
‘ O Be o ete gue die ae te 

ee Ae! 



et g on OPS obey pose fd pace bes PERE GS 
} Ts sana) bustdenpe backs 

ve tha: L Wt Arts 4, Wragl CALA 

: ' at. thy Inachuie Lief to bs 3 BAS: hs othed buatduig a a . 


July 9, 1895, 

Edison United Phonograph Co., 
G. N. Morrison Esq., Sec'y. 
Mills Bldg., N. Y.. 
Dear Sir 3- 

) I have your letter of the ist. Mr. Gilmore tells m 
that the reason the Works hare not written you regardiing the. 
machine that was returned as imperfect, has been due to the fact 
that we desi ear have it very carefully looked into. This has 

peen done and he will write you within a day or two fully. 


I understand from Mr.Gilmore that your ie, Moriarty was 
here last week and looked over this machine,and pully wderstmas 
the situation. . | | 

Regarding the interchangability of the parts: 1 would say 
that they are as near. interchangeable as the ‘tools we have will 
permit us to get them. Of waunes all so called interchangeable 

parts of any machine or other apparatus have to be adjusted in 


Yours, very truly, 
ip CG Ay : 


July 10,1895, 

J. A. Krumrine Esq., 

30 Bast 14th, Str., N.Y. 


Dear Sir :- 



In reply to your favor of the 9th. inst., I beg to 
advise you that I have no position which | could offer your son, 
and would refer you to the General Electr Co., Schenectady, N.Y, 

Yours very truly, 

r4 ake CEN 27. 

bc | haga sow thes MG - ‘ U 
aah ne . 

Kew | 
Z bec th Aeudlas had Heneanth che chy WW 
funy Phare ollarc) aud mw plac wt, ‘cceiaad 
| Plea gus bean draph on Mentioa) craters 6 Che 
orden of, Jn Biarsnioe € ue pisol Ghbee | 

Pr a. Ela 

Mean divi 




oe 3 


Suey Ips Colage 
a da ayo 
Dea Paras gto y 

Qe pov Ag rr Hea Gath J bey to 

Rreckow gum Aarne wth, bra Sow, way whieh 
henenvsl dette Sad Dje00. B, indudw the 

hcthete Calete 44776% andy 

sae ts ek 

Mprenaty anndvancd$t 
Bod Ai A Memal 


hag are ehensA re 

| : me eae 
: festa 

1, the O entscky 

ligter Onde ovinck 

4 12 ib 18957 


4229. % grade gow by zi Filles 

anh of Merteri, a0h/ 

Asn b eel 

aun Jon das one @ eomet 

anlaroud Paokere! 

uae achnowtadye avaiph of the abnre/: 




f Cando, 

iaiaas J ty te erie ie Higa 
attry erfircd v each h Srrcd ralenag Stn 

KA huni. Cowon dettare- 

daw ow | nae eer ars hetats perrale 
es anemud ao asark farce Aaaracie debi 
Macieninh ow Ale agen rah he oa od 

ahee - Metengess 

tes = 7, Mes Lees fs te nas 

oun, I caitewnotels te Me 
ae wal — , oe bene dn atte ds ae 
an | ea ha cure. o Lug Badinu— ‘ 

é ee iA 7 ' hes foe 
Bans ¢ rut : 
pa? b inode 
Al Cr pelea 

ac a 

Lua TER 


my of Ly ob haw & 
rh HA auney 

©. Le buck | | 
sd = L be Hs trclhaw yyw fensanths Letter 

Loans by. é. See ey low (Ak: p en Dich whe ye oe 

os aA eek Baad: Athos re fo. 92 Foo 
+ erreb car hes honasinth eh A fer be 072, aud) 


fe atm Me me aa fry dent ard robin 

ew ‘eth Waa) te VuLs Grel ofr! oh ire press “iy 
y 4 

rfl ~ aay ; 
SAG. Se . ffir oo 

Aug ° 1, 1395 . 

Av Be Dink Co., 
454 Laks Str., Chicags, Ils, 
Dear Sirs i« ; 
T hex to acknowedre regeipt of your favor of ths 

Dad, enelouing check Por $407.05, being Royalties o Mimaographs 

for the quarter ending July Ists,- 
Phoasea sggent wy thenka Lor same, 

¥ou we very truly, 

, 6-79 

Aug. 15,1895, 
: : 
ta AY 3 fata 
Py oe . hehia, 
Wine La 
io ur favor of the’Sth inst,, I beg toa 
baler wean ea ob Blew bed ‘ i 
: ®leutyic Go,, Schenectady, N.y,, in recard 
Bi. ee LaGernmae dyad y 
Yours very truly, 
Aug.13, 1895, : 
Jud Hedge. Baa., 
SN viteorge Place, Nyy, 
Dear Siv 
in vepiy to your favor of the 5th, inst,, I beg to 
you that my sprained ankle is all right,. we ard nearly 
. 7 ‘ ae 

reaiy to ship ore for the market, and the. Rastern wArket can tare 

capacity of our mills, 

Yours very truly, 

EVO NAW wo na evs macnn a gE, 
> : : 7 = ni aes 

os bos 

Pasa eaters Bryne secs 

Aug, 156th » 1805, 

Those Dolan, Hage, 
c/e whose Lolan & Cos, 
Thi ladolphie, Pema. 
LDoaw Mr. Lolane , , 
i Agave yours of the 9th, and in reply would say that we are 
Totdy anti well aquipped to P1211 any order for Phonographs sent to the 
Torks, A representative of the Droposed German Company. came to see 
a2 Ji sconnction with the negotiations pending with the United company. 
T axcorteinud that the proposed corpany would be composed principally 
or °H2 Mambors of a German Chocolate firm who are interested pringipals . 
Cv lu Pernyetiystieenlot devices, sach as are found in Raijiroad Stations, 
ete. | Ft ia my opinion that once they take up the manufaoture in 
oe Camrauny 26 als i not be advantagequs to the Phonograph businesse 

Yours very truly, 

ye tetas oy | 
eee tes 32%. 

‘ ECAR VES as fe ae ca HSE Ste bese ons cat 

Aug 17,1, 895, 

mhover aq, Sac ty, 
Geneval Rlektyiic OG... 
Siienay tady, Nal, 

Daar Sirs. 

Tu aig ¢ 

Oo Your fovoyv of tira Sth inet,, I by wt 

Pa, er ge q et 
Suvisa you thak gm ava uwsiys 
Pad: < 

the Bloomfield Factory for ane wi- 

ment ing for tie Rdiso. Cevanal Bhotede cos. on Silamonty, Pie 
sme oes 

factory cost azout $3,500 ana de provads Ly worth to-day S13 ' 

‘ Your: yery truly, 
q . an ‘ 
ia: td ra botady 


Aig. 1,1 ge « 

Mester N. Frarck Biake Esq oe,» 

94 Penn St,, Bklyn, NY, 

in reply to your faroy of the Oth insf., I ivég to aaveds 

you that at the present time Xam not yortdng in dlects doity and I 

nave vo position when f ecauld, of Ver a yotnd man, Ewtmdd Ader hed . 

yout bo- communicate with the Gensral Yisc trie Co., Schone. gtady, 435%, 

Yours very fimily, 

9 ty CX, a 1s 


Orin th . Aug We. 89S 
a Seer er Gs. "4 “ eae / / 
re . Mee. 

Mean devi. 
J he doachn nately reauph of "ed ae 

. Hae the 9 ee aes tke ae a 
ey mange ez CA Ak, eats 


en ‘i 

a aie &. Mteds and Ant AD ik 
dle Law Alitowne hae Awnnre aoretl Ww fiw Men 

tal oee moh ay alia ass Dino oured/ Precriclenhy 
8K or clo Sout eee ahoutd Cath an thier onectny, 

ie ane A tee dum cde an | 
Qh the loaak are favs, Ow Milne uno elecltel 

| Preardoah and J Pumatee 1 Qa aum ar Ae courtel gprak aundkS 

z= thes pas ahah pete sun yore ae a 0-0 ace): 
 bhed mo atoch uw hie mame, 

a AG ayy Lecphy 

eee een eh 

* mae 

ais MU NORRIS UPR a ac iia 

Letterbook, LB-062 

This letterbook covers the period August 1895-December 1896. Most of 
the letters are by Edison and John F. Randolph. There is also correspondence 
by William E. Gilmore. Some of the correspondence relates to Edison’s 
phonograph business and the operations of the National Phonograph Co., 
which was organized early in 1896. Other letters concern Edison’s ore milling 
plant at Ogden, N.J. and the financial problems that led him to suspend 
operations for much of 1896. Included also are letters pertaining to the 
Llewellyn Park electrical system, Edison’s work on a new lamp filament, his 
financial relations with the General Electric Co. and the Edison Illuminating 
Co. of New York, and his views on the future of electricity. In addition, there 
is material relating to the exhibition and sale of kinetoscopes, Edison’s x-ray 
experiments and work on the fluoroscope, and the phonoplex system. Some 
of the letters refer to Edison’s financial support of his daughter, Marion 
Edison Oeser, and other family matters. Beginning on page 142 is a two-page 
statement of Edison’s financial assets and liabilities, Beginning on page 342 
is a five-page formula for manufacturing phonograph wax. The front cover is 
marked "1895 189[6?]." The spine is stamped "Letters." The book contains 
695 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 20 percent of the book has 
been filmed. 


ceptions eae = 

ON i as 

eurtarn Oo, 
Dae be oS vs 
i. ecdty 

aplyl to your fayor of August 27th, I would say 
v opicion slectricity will supercede steam ina great 

+22 the motive power on the Railroads of the country. 

Sigh jhowower, that the hardened copper rail will ever 

ag Ure test means o? communicating thé power, 

Aa ta tie arfeet of electricity on the output of coyper, 

‘ say whetver electricity will ever be extended so as to 

rerca,tace of the catput of copper you mention, but 

othe peegant use of sopper for electricity will constantly 

wre ari 



lapee quantities will be used as electric Lighting 

ow of an devwestinont, 

Yours very truly, 
DP Sie 
Sr Nn. Ch. Cole on) 


cei ai pittance om 9 acme ARE 8 
on 3 rar awn Wines Bs 

dey ee tC Mh 8 rags 
in de a 
ins Ry Sone Cited, fie Film, Araty jmelds rey 
Cte nbies ata at 
12 Voile Finan oh re stes & Meets raty ae 
k- OBB fe =e. ‘hag ¥6n3t 
" « i‘ ot) n ced wt. ay gh ¥ 
g2 ry - iy OeFF a 1 Ae aos: H 
fava a ¥ f-~ #69 - ¢- 2008 a3 . 
if . Mar b~ 4A oo . 7. 1hee wa gb tomgs tM, 
40 ’ " he Opa bu ¢- s6gef &s% 72. 
48 buat 
60 ttle “vv Mh as duonthi, 
a, ie he wt ak am & & asf fu hese 
aragt fou. Ranker ten a (pe aro s 
thy e588 ei a 7 
an pees 
Ce we: fet 
Sede Fazer PLZ S 

, dhh "7 ae 
Ane the. ! danke: 

Hud Qaws.- 
dL be. to acura ae oA if "hapa wll agut/ 
2 ( 
fo fave Tia Aouw phd b by, ae | Mem Oru cond 

i) ntsgh bunt fart th the a the ata! 
/ ie d vllanu {/ s0% | jp” asr oth, ; oe of fers thoA Livy 
AN Owe im a aky othe QUA 4a * 
Jo enatte mre ty an uf my Seu I ult | 

Me Come elle ‘e Ris ay far Synocane fete whaeke wth | 
hana hes tro tf onere 1 a aud Vf wil) ales hue AS” 

Ae Oe ay ath Ake Gwe auth av I devel Ahan 
Lab ase; Atay sort ah om ey wt Rave fo paw 7 

(Meaaw Lah mnt) Aiea a Choa Ae af 

. “hea ah Goliam | | 


dph ue Atte 
be Nie hE 

f ; 

Jo Seun io 2 anual ye gaat: Gee PO thet / 
corblibion tha th Cad be bs th xr cn ron 

wtiredk, aie ore dense at. “% ours Aiea, 
"Phe Koumps hele ane the older me ee hale 

cértal ARE AAK. bac Con dlini. Hawt ageleldl a epee 
airs Sy 

Cniduumeds - / the Ura acd aoe: 

(4 ae 2 naa hte hie. a endow wis 
as caren ee ay es Hin fe Ge en 
7 fab then ve ( OWL purcebanin ld Wh which Le 
brodin Qare en be weftacedl. ane whack Cour/ 
Geen atl Gh clhue Go an 


be olrbe: maane ol tne 

Arua Hn 2 Yee a 4 

by few ape Avie ah the Labrnly rs Ceuitf 
Wl mabe ig that, the, Ag Ati paw 4 oun oc loch) 
thelr mob, arlrck, Aad: th Baugeds uritte tovelro 

Y a 

ccloek | Uuarcl EP Aw fared te Gat CLL ea 

UA ‘ 

Oot, 4th, 1895. 

James Kearney, Bede. 
#153 Broadway, N. Y-, 

Dear sir:- 
In reply to your favor of the: 

smith against the North American Phono 
I beg to advise you 

oan Phonograph 00,4 
ne amount zs which 
mpany, and any 

ist inst,, vegarding the claim 
graph 009; for funex 

of Mr. Jos. F. 
‘al and burial expenses of the late Thamas MoGuire, 
that the arrengement# which I made with the North Ameri 
in regard to these experises, has been carried out, and t 
pee demoted from ny acoount with that Co 
pn the part of the Conpany, is something I am nat 

I was to pay nad 
delay as to payment: 

responsible for. 
Yours very truly, 

I Bex. he. Cotuon 

Oot. 8th, 1895. 

« poard uf Directors of the Edison Electric Yllwitnating Co. of 

J gg te 

ws, ! 
ao ‘' yew York, New York, Ne Yor 
: Gentlenen:- ; 
Si {nm 1886 when your first station was érected and started 
S py myself, the pusiness management was carried on by officers seleqted by 

After running several months, it was. ound that the Company 

the dompany. 
was guadusily crigting towards bankruptoy, losing about $2000. per month. 
i then stated to the’ board that I believed Z could tun the Company and 
make it a financial suocess, if they would permit me tp seleot men to 
yun the station, to waich they egreed, ali of whieh I heligve you will 

Upon receiving authority, I bargained with 

gind uren your minute books. 
lir. Chas. #. Ghinnook, then superintendent of ‘the Metropolitan télephons 

Go., to take hold of the concern and pull 4¢ through. Mr. chinnock ' 
jrould not acoept the position for the salary peid by the Company, as ‘he 
was then receiving more money, and I offered that 242 ha would +ake ohargé 
at the regular salary, and if inside of one year after taking dharge it 
would reach a point where the station ‘should pe earning at the rate of 
5% on $600,000., that I would give him $10,000. The records of the 
sien? aioe that he did more than this, and I paid Him the money, and. 
ae the Company raised his salary. what T ask da that this gum phowld be 

a yetunded to me, as it is truly ohargeable to constpaotiye expenses, of the. 
I may mention thet for nearly two years I worked. 

pioneering period. 

Oot. Sth, 1805. 


fod the Company, having personally laid and dnispected every tube and joint 

of the under-ground system, all of whioh were ilaid at night, and in ad- 
dition I superintended the erection of. every pert of the station, working 
for months at a time, twenty hours a day, all olf which was no part of 

my duties under any contracts with either the Yilwoinating or Light oo. 
I have never reseived a salary or any compensation whatever for this work, 

pat think I should pe reimbursed the actual money paid Mr. Ohinméok. 

I have spoken several times to the late Mr. J. ‘Hood Wrignt, and I believe 
once or twice to ur. U. H. Coster about it, but not having pressed, the . 
matter, nothing has been done. I am now engaged in another great pion+ 
vering enterprise, and owing to the usual and normal pkeptioiem pf man- 

kind, I am compelled to depend upon my own resouroés, and am therefore 
reluctantly compelled to ask of you what I now do. 
Yours very truly, 


an a | ph Sth, 1895. 

I. P. Ord; Heq.. 
Ganoval Electric Go., 
Schenectady, N. Y. 
Friend Ovd:- 

®he xccounts of my royalty from Lamps under the contract 
nave bean cet to Schenectady. I haven't been paid since last Degentber , 
and nesd the money. Gan you do anything towarda expediting the matter? 
One Mx. Howell, at the Lamp Works, has been fit to make various halignant 
inatmattons stout the saving. If there ever was a straight and legiti-~ 
mate srensaction this is ohe. I worked over & ‘year on the various devices 
and they actually made the saving claimed, and a great deal more. After 
many years they do not appear to have required much invention, because 
they are se extremely simple, byt the amount they do pave sould be easily 
ascertained by stopping their use. My oontract is based on atbitration, 
and I am ready at any moment to submit this question to arbitrators. 
Anything you ean do towards facilitating a speedy settiement will be . 
enpreciated by 

Yours very trulyy 

ee ae 

Therdene hee irnan 
Mecars w Ssaaty de os 

gear PAN UL ; 7 Zu. 

a lace. Pale 

Bains ei Se sie 
LIA as Wearag. d c = Coty G Px. 

Ag 73. "2 ; “>; , re 

(ht T (e 
MK Thin Cably eae 
Comps 1, ee ¢ Wee # ufos 

UGH 1, een va “ 
: of gt “ fon). oor" ‘ef ig A! oy 
U c baie Yo : 
i oud Tink 7, 
of / 

Cpial x: 


Qot. 14, 1895. 

ie Say, Baqe, 
#53 Dearborn st., Chicago, fll., 

Doar gir 

Your favor of Sept. 19th came duly to hand, but absence from 
town, and pressure of other Taree has prevented my replying to it until 

thik iime. 
the von tinentel Commerce 0y., of which ‘nea, Maguire & Baucus are, 

af I urderstand it, prineipal owners, have bebn my foreign agents in ex- 
hibiting and selling the Kinetogeope. They have done very excellent work 
andecd. amd I have been entirely satistiod with ‘their services. Mr. 
Maguire has been the aative representatiye of the concern on the other 
side, and his efforts have been drowned with success, so far as the Kinete 

soope is concerned. _ My dealings 44th tuner have always been on a cash 
basis, and they have always peep Prompt in meeting their bills. I am not ; 
at £11 familiar with their financial atrengtti, so that it is not possible - 
for oe to give you any information as 4q same. 

The Matrix Outting machine, to whivh you wefer, is doubtless what is 
Known ag the "Ballou Engraving Machine,* tye originals of which were 
mullt, and are still in use at the Fdikon Phonograph Works, here jn 
Ovange. The maohines which wd have are working entirely satisfactorily, 
but Z understand thet Mr. Ballot nas improved the machine yery considerably 
daring the past year or two. 

Oot. 14, 1895. 

CME. “Qa 

The cost of the labor of cutting the figures on these' wheels is 50 
fo "5 cents per hundred wheels. Shoulda you want any further information 
as to thig, I would suggest that you commmnioate with the Manager of the 

Edison Phonograph Works, Mr. W. EB. Gilmore, Orange, N. J 
Ll have done very little in thevay of reduoing copper ore, eleotrioc- 

‘aliy, as yet, having confined all my efforts to iron ore and gold ore. 
Yours very truly, 




oi La tie eg gen ye! 


ef \y7 
“ \ f, Pl 
e Oct. 19th, 1895. 

John Trowbridge, Isq., 
Harvard University: 
Ganbridge, Mass., 

My dear Mr. Trowbridge:~ 

I duly received your letter of the 10th, 
ng to you until this time. 
urself and Mra. Trow- 


absence from town has prevented ny reply 
I ghowld very mich like to accept the invitation of yo 
pridge, and to receive the Rumford medals in November, 
e experiment going on in the Mountains of New 

put as you doubtless 

know, I have a very larg 
and I am now giving my entire time to the matter, as it is juat 

es my personal 

‘now at a very oritioal point, #9 mich so that it requir 
and the problems are 

attention, as the work is on such a gigantic poeple, 
go difficult. I have a large forae of men working might and day, and I 

am therefore unable to leave them, until 1 have the work finished, and 

I oannot therefore see how it will be poss- 

the plant in running order. 
new year. 

iple for me to go up to Vambridge, until after the 1st of the 
I shovld very moh like to show you and Mr. Agassiz this orushing mill 

when running. The dalumet & Heckler plant orushes ‘4700 tons per days 

whereas We orueh 4000 tons per day. ; 
hasuring you that I shall take the first oppurtunity to come up and 

see you, and to receive the medais, and regretting my inability to take 
advantage of your hospitality during this year, and with kindest regards, 


eet og yMNT Tn ae Ran ma ee Pree gia 7 2 PAYS TEE 
b 7 7 de eS 

Da Penets- GPL here ty in, te a Fo : ass 

Oct. 10th, 1895. 



elieve me, 


Yours very truly, 


Oct. 19th, 1895. 

F. P. Dish, Esq., 
o/o Fish, Richardson & Storrow, 
#80 Broadway, New York, 
My dear sir:- 
I have your letter of the llth. 1 oalled at your office 

on Tuesday of last week, but did not find vou in. I will make it ny 

business to oall and see you just as soon as I oan get away from the Mines 

again, which I hope will be in the neer future. The temporary payment 

now being made will be satisfactory, until we oan thrash out some sort of 
"an understanding. I am getting very nearly through with my Mining busine gg, 

and hope to very soon be able to come back to the Laboratory for active 


Yours very truly, 


anencomnenee ata eran rear Neat RSS poPk Nae 

Oot. 24th, 1995. 

i, ie yd em oy o 
Gewe To Pleves, Hsq., 

e/a 3. RK. Towns, 

#75 Provident Building, 
Waco, Texas, 
Near earie 
I tewe vour letter of the 15th, and in reply would say that 
Ne, Methve ¢d, ayie was in wr employ for several years, as an experimenter, 
ard ne alue had charge of a Miea mine for some time. I do not know what 
otier eceriunse ne has had in this line, but he is fairly ingenious and 

Yours very truly,,. 

Oot. 24th, 1895. 

Vewevad liek, Mad., den, fuditor, 

Geners..t Miectrie do., 

Soneneetaay, WN. Y., 


: tan in reccipt of your letter of the 18th, making inquiry 

ag te the xeys of the property of your Company, at Bloomfield. I have 
not beet vole to answer you before to-day, due to my inability to get at 

Mr. Edison. Mr. Edison @id receive a commimioation from Mn, Ayer, at the 

Lamp Works, and ropiied to the effect that if the Ineuranss people, who 

are desizour of looking over the property, will dali here, we will fumish 

amon to visit the premises, so that they oan look through for Insurance 

purposes. Mr. Edison is now at work on certain experiments, which wii1 

requive the use of this Bloomfield property, and he is anxious -that no oft6 

should visit the plant, unless authorize td do so by him personally. 

trusting that this explanation is entirely in order, ana with kind- 
cst regards, believe me. 

Yours véty truly, 

Oot. 28th, 1a95. 

Foo}. Finis, Maq., 

Weaors. Fish, Richardson & Storrou, 

£80 Brondwvay, Rew York. 

My daar gicet- 

tT hsve your favor of the 26th, having reference to my 


Laboratory comtrast. f am now working 45 hours per week on a new fila- 

ent Cor a Laie, wud ty matters are so arranged that I canno8B go over to 

New York to see you thin week. I shall go over to New York one dak next 

week, and arrenge thincs personelly. Please let me know what day next 

week wili miit you, and if ycu could arrange to see me either Monday or 

Thursday, i: would be preferablic. 

Yours very truly, 

? a 

1 een il Eg LOTS RE ONO SIT TE Fes: aon, 


Oot. 28, 1895. 

J. p. Grd , Big., 
grd Viee-Fresident, 
General Blectric .Co., 
+» Schenectady, N. Y. 

beat cari- 

t have your letter of the 25th. Mr. Edison has all his 

materiaie, ad a large quantity of experimental apparatus at the Bloom- 

field factory. He is now at work getting out the new filament for an 
tnaandesoent Lamp, and this apparatus and material is being used in con~ 
neotior. with sane. I? you insist upon having the building, he will move 
everything toat he has there, to his Laboratory. Please advise me of 
your decision. 

Yours very truly, 



My Gear Marks 

si pewd~omn o Pes Frye afsckloftunro 

th ‘i aes ae alg cote Pa. rr ofbeanocta 

ea She. CHa werorhi ce — 

oa pie bd 




L ra 
sim Poker, ane aireiee. CMEC 
A Fee yes 2 , 

t om 

Mile ded Pe te Ke ow ae aenett 

pe ah es 




Ae y 

Buds oe 
wal ; { 
Lf, Why ot) ae’ 

hu Hee 

£- Fake bree. dock ow we Adee 

ef i} — 
the pan weper4 ew Ac 

plat in The talets of hus 

Las or pe owen, bzeng eiteoes. 
ae OTe \ 

sas ewatl tt 
“a nzepecte-t _ ve ae 

afceke KT 




menses =~ hea Aessrat< Banter res 

Can TO te fee au Reo 

of ote 
a Sy 

s r 


Daeboben G1 JED 

AA ett : 

( Pisked 
roe lows. Quek. 

dae the, /9 ih Ccrsire ae to hana 
Level J td to L alnkiar ie the we 

the oleecl tryecuttc ) Mine Inank 0 RM be 
fo Pres Lrbis — 19 

dated 4A ban oF Besa xt aud the uw sil 

AH 2) #22 And A235 Wm» 
Qeuk nw +p ext acto ver bre Fag dna Jared Bs 
datid Ock 2d regs oe TO - Vadis Leb ft ‘7 

HE 22 ancl #23 Aw 

TW Anth a co me thn tar FITLY leavey) 

ouh kh # 2o. 
le nae th ome kuna a ths a» Cech ancl 

of mit atud a aren dee and? / unto Aare we 
be cuted aud nctuws aa dom aa gh aatreg) 
Jotirw Beh 
¢ Uy biel liae, 

Sg P Kerk Eni 
fo Rivne 
Kens 5 fe 

Kew Livi - 

l Der any the Jo ” uth, Came Au fy haud aud 
ty aba teluam Aaa nek te fu 

beg To a Sw KD oh 4) A bee 297 enply fo 

ont dine aud wt ant mok 5 7 nites AY 

J wavul dd pp yee Commnuncaly with hun 
duueh , tay addrau 24 166 Corclard Lith, CGhaug. ig 
pee es 

ai ¥ p zs 
RA dyih oe woe ar 1° 9s 
fo wae ‘ 
Mean bo” obb 
23 ay wr p the 2a ek Saagry’ hb fan ay 
Oud i Ae ae ah if anetheng Aefpeerv 
wit w: fly 3 ae Pay aa” aa 

LU * Ta / 

Tho. 6 tae 


Nov. 15th, 1895. 

iMheodiorc Seligman, Esq., 
Mills Building, New York. 
Dear sir:- : 

I have your favor of the Oth. I have delayed going over to 
see vou regarding the proposed arrangement of handling the foreign Phono- 
grap.. business, until we could seo our agents, and make certain inquiries 
nivead. We nave gone over the proposed agreement,which you sent me sone 
days ago, very carefully, and after due consideration, have reached the 
conclusion that under the terms proposed by you, we could not work the 
territory, and we cannot therefore see our wayto accepting the arrangement. 

Yours very truly, 

si ie ; 
ee cate 




j a ‘ 


a Nov. 18th, 1895. 


Messrs. Dyer & Driscoll, 
#36 Wall st., New York. 
Dear sirs:~ 
I nave vour letter of the 14th, oalling my attention to 
your rrevious conmmamnication of Oct. 28th, as to cylinders, for experiment - 

al use, in the suit against the United States Company. I have had a 

man on this work ever since your first letter was received. About dne- 
third (1/8) of the cylinders are ready, but it will be some little time 
yet before the balanse can be finisned. They will be sent you at the 
earliest possible nioment . 

Yours very truly, 

Nov. 25th, 1895. 

Thasogan, Seliguan, Baq., 

esa ’ om - 2 
COne Ta, st 

célignedy & Seligman, 


Mills Solidins, Broad ct., New York. 



i G4 meceaved your letter of the 18th, and have again 
Giver the mutter of the propesed arrangement for working the territory 
of the cogpeny which you represent further consideration and discussion 
Wh ay peooie, having before me at the same time the proposed agreenent 

sent me. Tae cooditlons, nuuder whieh it is proposed to have us operate 

this terratevy, eve entirely too onerous, and after setting forth to my 
pesple the temur under rhich you would permit the sale of Phonographs. 

in your Serritors, enthusiasm which was at first displayed has entirely 
subsides. Turthoriaere, since the interview whioh I held with your people 
dn New York, we find anaH investigation, that the Graphophone people have 
Degin and awa sontiruing to push the sale of the Graphophone, not only in 
thin ommiry, out abroad, very briskly, and the latest types of machines 
have not only the prinégipal suportant features of the Phonograph, but are 
being sold io sgents ang dealers, I understand, at m the very low price of 

$25.CO exch. In view of these facts, I do not see how it is possible for 

us te mdertane tO seh2 

mohines at a price that would mect this very 
Setive cotipetition, and at the sane time pay you royalty of $20.00 on 

e€eh anc every machine sold in your territory, together with a further 

Nov. 25th, 1895. 


royalty upon all supplies thet would be required ih connection therevith. 

ATticle 4, of this agreement also stipulates that we are to pay all 
pateny fees , and in addition to protect all patents, by suits for in- 
fisgowent and otherwise in all the territory controlled by you. It was 
not soutemplated that this should pe done at the time of my interview, at 
deact, I do not recolicct stipulating that .we should do so. 

Article § sets forth the number of machines to be sold during the 
first, second and cach sioseauent year thereafter, and I find that al- 
though the parties with whom I-have been negotiating, fully expected to 

make iurge sales, still when we come to inoorporate an absolute agreenent , 

on their part, to teke the immber of machines specified, they dissent from 

having any mich figures incorporated in their agreement, as those men— 
tioned by you in your proposed apreezent. ; 
Article 8 is also very obnoxious to the people with whom I was he- 
gotiating, as they would not, under any circumstances, permit the examin~ 
aiion of their books by anybody, even myself. 
There are other stipulations in the proposed agreement that we could 
not think of accepting, under any clroumatances, and the position which 
.you assume, in connection with this matter is such as to absolutely pre- 
vent us from making any satisfactory arrangement with our agents that wouk 
prove mutually advantageous, 

In endeavoring to take up and push actively the sale of Phonographs 

Nov. 25th, 1895. 
and suoplies therefore, throughout your térritory, our entire idea was to 

make such crrangements as woulda tond to effect tne very largest sales of 

Machines, our agents agreeing to take a minimum output per week, 

output to be in 

and this 
ereased gradually to meet increased demands, which we hade 

every good reason to believe vould be effectively produced after the first 

six months, or after they had succeeding in arranging their sub-agencies 

throughout your territory. They are doubtless still prepared to proceed 

on about those lines, but refuse to permit an examination of their books, 
whieh would neturally divulge names..of their customers, which is a thing 
whioh they ald not at all contemplate would be expsoted of them, 

In the case of the Kinotoscope business, we simply insisted upon 
their taking a quentity of machines Per week, placing whth us a suffic- 

dently large order to enable us to manufacture at the lowest possible 

cost with a given output, but it was never contemplated that we would 

Sxanine their books, or in any way interfere in their business, so ‘fer as 

the sale of machines and supplies therefore were concerned. The large 

business done in the Kinetosoope, and the Consequent profits realized: 

‘therefrom reg the reason Which Brougne up the question of endeavoring to 

make @ satisfadtory arrangement with you, whereby the Phonograph business 

Could be taken up and handled onabout the same: lines. We have Sndenvor= 

M10 gee Af a counter-proposition could not be aie, which might possibly 

Nov. 25th, 1895. 


be acceptable to the Gempany, but the stipulations as set forth in the 
proponed nercoment submitted by, you, are £0 onerous, and were objected 
to 80 Stremously by our people, that it has practically resulted in an 

entire abandonment on the part of our people, and the consequent decision 

on our part that we could not ante satisfactory arrangements on the terms 

and conditions propesed by your Company. Should any wie vatuine be 
reached between us, it would have to be entirely on the understanding that 
our agents end their sub-agents would not bé in any way hampered k in 
selling machines, except, of course, that they would not attemt to enter 
or sell Phonographs and suppiies therefore in the territory, the patents 
rights for whioh have already been disposed of by you. 

Yours very tru 

: lene. : 

Nov. 28rd, 1895. 

Edison Phonograph Yorks, 

Orange, N. J. 



mnediate need of funds, I hereby demand paynent 

Being in i 

$10000. - same to of 


fret a like amount of notes now held by me. 

rrange payment to me at the earliest possible date. 

Please a 

Yours very truly, 

Nov. 29th, 1895, 

Edison United Phonograph Co., 
%. N. Hobison, Esq., Sec'y., 

Mills Building, Broad St., New VYorx. 
Dear sir: 

I am in receipt of your letter of the e6th, enclosing letter 

from London, addrensed to Mr. §. 7. Moriarty, py lr. Wm. Alexander Smith, 

of the Edisor ~ Bell Phonogranh Corporation. Limited. I inmedi ately con- 
municated with the Works, with the view to ascertaining whether ve have 
filled any orders for the Chieago Talking Machine ness received through 
the Receiver of the North American Phenoas enh Conpany. 
that th 

They advise ne 
ney have only shipped to this concern one lot of material since the 
aproeintment of the Receiver, in August, 1894, the partioular material 
shipped to them, consisting of 6 shaving machine bodies and ather small 
material, which went forward by express on July 26th, 1895. We have 
shipped them no bodies, however. © In connection with this matter, I de- 
‘sire to advise you that the Chicago .Talking Machine Company is nothing 
more or less than the Western branch of the Craphophone Company . They 
have been advertising Phonograph, Graphophones and supplies therefore 
throughout this colintry, and I presume that they are also doing the same 
in Furope, judging from this letter from Mr, Smith. Although I have no 
absolute Knowledge, personally, I have been informed that the dhicago 

Talking Machine Co. have been mMaking,or having made, in the west, Phono-~ 

gerapis, which they are offering at very low prices. These mohines are 

Nov. 20th, 1895. 

E.U.P.On, -B- 

not made Ly tho Works, nov have tho Works any knowledge of the manufactur- 

erg, althcugh as soon as we ean obtain any definite information on the 

gsuject, it is proposed to bring the sane to the attention of the Receiver 

of tie Norta American Phonogravh Company, so that he oan at once arrange | 

tO protael vic rithte. 

In cunelnsion, I desire to say that the statement made in the first 

paragrsrh of Mr. Smath's letter, as to my authoriging either the Chicago 

Talking Waonine Co., or, "other American Institutions", to exploit my 

Phonograyh avrcad, is not true, and the insimation is entirely uncalled 

for, acd stuineiy absolutely not in accordance with the facts. I wish 

thay Four woud see that Mr. smith is fully informed of my position in this 

Matter. and essure him that the oireularizing, selling and exploitation 


Ov Photoge.phs in his territory, if it is being done, in being done with- 

out any knowledce on my part. 

Yours very truly, 

Dec. 2nd, 1805. 


| ay 

bot R.B. Povher, Eeq., 

= of) The Rdizon Bleetrie Tiluminating o., 

ere mMtse 8 hm ste., Hew Yoric. 

ro My donr Mv. Bewke:- 

ot, I bog to acknowledge with thanks, your very kind 

AATGE a Tey, 2 

ard, which was -not answerad before, due to my being away, 

anki of 2 

os eaquence, My personal mail has necessarily been nepleated. 
aq : 

fo have been du New York several times lately, on imperative business, 

wares reouire) uy personal attention, and when finished I inmediately re- 

TOUPMed ta 

SNE Vory dnvortent matters, which are nov taking my entire time, 

Hors or, do ea aewure vou thet at the first opportunity, I shall take 

pLeamive ln roine over to see you, and to meet the staff of your Company. 

loam now 

TORLLi Qimost contineusly, day and night, dividing my time pro- 

Pov tionkiedy 

oeuwean my mining interests, at Edison, HN. Je, and in bringir 

OWN 2 ame Aaa wal 

rroduce a totat cf 20 to the horse-power, and between 

the two. 2 huve wuyolutely no time to spare. 

AgHUn Slatkin 

“I YOU Yor vour kind invitation, and assuring you that 
2 chull take advantage 

of it at the first favorable opportunity, I am, . 

. Yours very truly, 

5 Mee eae 

Dec. 2nd, 1895. 


This iy to certify that Mr. Charles 0. Honflinger 
Nest hear inowy cuptoy fox upward. of 6 years, as tool-~maker and machinest, 
and Fohave t.ways found him eapabiie, industrious and attentive to his 
@jies. -<18 songider hing a thoroughly good man ‘in his partioular lines 
of wert, , 

Yours very truly, 

G oun ad Matar: pres 

Wom dhe fi. Caeewes 
hn Ligside Picts) Mab-E she. Gin ticny Geko dal 

happlc Cee $f '70.000. ,, Plow Awe a Inertgagy ow Masten ge 
aud Mob Elete , A 2ao00, Fe tee, 

J at f 47450 Fo 70@ par ral Eh « ak ae LAS h. ¥. 
apare a on Lite td) ow urtreks thera sw Sng, 

rit as 
. ow J 9ece, $2 Sao the oth fark xe Clear 

J ours 13 407 Lhonusn onhof aw tal of syisl fare sr0ued) 

the haw Abe, My Parh whraus OG saa brate. 
(Ge. atatinranh o a Der be uate sa “ache ad), 

J Cus eee Lis SAC TUN 

“fol a ey bens “hanee of 
Phe Etesion OL in De Sade 

i ammos uliee: a Bae I Both lbmaud hiker 

Mu fu the | as tar tds Feb 28- 1895 worl 
fash iM as: 


2 omer nn.- Gem 

oe aes 
f amy ie Oinccns the Gdiaon ackar @, ita 

jojo fo a tara year te Hind ge tae Lo b, 2 3. 

Vis 2500 thane ouk a /oooa Hane os Gdsam bee 
Phone ros C , 

d bee abn /20c6e Sara 2Zdcoo ey the, v4 

Geran One Putter. 



Ae cuncticy [t Concermay ava 

OA, we 
ano aone rth GoUnceds Annual 2 a o l8,c00.: 
. © antec Pecawre ow Wen ah ee Y saa ne 

jt fo btinratot trol 

| olureh hiabititien ane Or thay a os hiblitee 
Gre f /2 Hoo, 3 Ge enolimagay ory traf danny frofe/ 
f 12tten Be ta madlase) on oe ea 

& ates CU ow Minato 
whe chs have Oo Noo, 

ith. 1895, 


pec. f 




7 ¢ oy 7 


mG rk ‘ 





eyedy: Mev 



hacky £6w md or 

te shen ¢ 



i AE 

anuel Insull and 4... 



# pam 

Ae bo Kigied by mysed 





ur bank, 


all checks wild, far 



jnature oplow, 


Dec. llth, 1895. 

flaneor. dary. Meo., 
fear". poth et... New York. 
Teas nip:- 
Vour Favor of Nec. 4th, came duly to hand, but absence from 

the $itv has svevented ny anewering the same until now. I assume that 

reray to tic Edison Phonograph Works, who ‘have placed an order with 
Their indebt— 

you fer syringe for a motor which they are getting out. 

ednecn 3a wavy chait indeed, and they are asking no favors from creditors 

cr -olnore. ion the President of the concern, and you oan feel perfeot~ 
qv sate ta Pillans their order. , 

Yours very truly, 

LD oe 22 ih 4898: 

1 he er 

22 bnek oe batel, 
Rattirn ne. Andi, 

f Fe. 
5 i aes have feand thok | ae 
. wv the Auituin of. duperio 

L thi Su vv } 
77 7 tee A 

Pie Lae a 


ane eg, 


2k, a=] yee 


oo =m 2 TO rant ds at a price that will net your Company 

neues Ge.ond af six per sent, 

wee Ded, istn, 1895; 

agey Svecnd Vice Prastaunt, 

Javigral Blacryrte co., Schonzctady, N.Y, 

T hava your favor of the dith,, whien T.liave brovgit 
cunts attention, and na daaives me to sey in wapdy that 
sarely that ae Will require to usa the Bloomfield 

-is work, Tv such ia the tasa he belisves tnat he 

Yours very truly, : 

A6tH. 1806. 


aig oy. 4 Drisooll, 

f5@ Wall Stw, N. Y. 

SAT MMe PYOr te 

* have your favor of the Rlst. and give you below a list 
cf tne claims sgainet the N. A. P. Co, on which Mr. Edison has agreed 
to pay BOM, out of the first profits of the busines3. The last three 
Liars uave ben figured with interest to Iep. 1,1896, and as Mr. Edison 
agrasé to QLlow interest at 6h per annum on same. The amounts mentioned 

peor enens Ri of the olains filed and accented by the Receiver. 

idvaon Phonograph Works. ee 
Ro. wh. Dyer. 695.95. 
Dyer & Seely. 744,63. 
‘ies Matvion E. Edison. 1572.73. 
#stete of Thos. Butler. 203.06. 
jaizer Cutting. 5006.45. 
domes Gaunt 6456.36. 
° c. B, Carman 5648.35. 


Yours very truly, ; 


PAL eT EN ferme . : 

Dec. 26th. 1896, 

General Electric 0o.,. 
J. P. Ord, 2nd. Vice Pres., 

Schenectady, N. ¥. ‘ 

Near Sire 

Thave your favor of the 20th., whioh I handed to Mr. Edison, 
wag Teturred it tc me with instructions to gay that the rental of $50 
anwith whieh you ask Lor the Bloomfield LPadtory is entirely too high. 
He Ls nervactiv willing to pay you $20 morith rental for same. . 

Yours very truly,. 

WHE /BS « 

Jan, Sha, 1896, 

Joseph D, Weeks, Esq., 

, Anerican Institute of Mining Engineers, 
Pittsburgh, Penna, 

Dear Sir- 

T am in receipt of your favor of the 36th. Degenyor, and 
in reply thereto would say that it 4a vary diffienlt to Bay what 
the future of electricity will be, Tt has bectme an inyor- 
tant fagtor for power purposes, heating ang Lighting, 4s aigo th 
chemloul decomposition, havine infinite flexibility, It id 
‘ba iny made cheaper every year, and you of cows know what that 
wang to industrial progress, 

Yours very tirubys 

Touls Glass, Eaqs, 

C-o Sunset Telephone & Telégraph Co,, 

San Franciaco, cal, 

My Dear Glass: - ‘ 

I have your favor ef the 20th, December, and in , 

reply would say that the power which yau refer to was investi- 

gated by Herz of Germany, and turna dut to be a paguligr kind of 


So Me, Laughlin‘has aold out his mining fhteresta ab Oror 

ville, Well, what is he going to do next’. tab bahember 

george Geisse, .dongratulate him for ms, 
Youra very truly, 



Jan, 9th, 1896, 

Anedse Vernes; s4., 
11 avenue Tholdfne, Paris, France. 
hiv Dear Sirs- 

T duly received your favor of the 20th, Dedember, 
esto hing certain questiona fram your Congin, Mr, Camborort, 
widen T Aave carefully conaddered, arid qo which T will reply ger- 
tatim, so far as IT am able ta dh day 

is answer to question #2 Y would, aay, You, out devices arg 
advo ocsd fo prevent alastrolytic action on gas and water pipea, 
Mie alrtoulytie effent on telemraph and telephone lines is noth- 
ile Theg avs only bothered by tho iindustion in the case of the 
woianion Lines, whars thar do not use the metallio circuit, 

Th ungver to gucagtion #2 I weld gay that hbettor bonding and 
“vagge wml lavage sedle nas dimintahert the effect to practically 
Met ce 

in angsee te aveation #4 ¢ casnot say paritively, as soms 
Sasaee uve ue reouble af all, due to eleetrolytic peeiee, 

u auLnes to question #4 f£ wewld say that 7 an not. informed 

atone tela, 

fh ungvey bo qmeation #5 f woul-l aay that owing to bad bond- 

Jan, 9th, 189%, 

dlffe;‘ances of potential tnan one 

fyyp ees titics havi grater 
vat . PP pedused to this the effect would be practically nothing. 

Pits kiniseth vegerds, bsiieva ine, 

Yours ver we fraly, 

ae Vexice 
» 28 Sparcaro, WEwiGe 
i ot 
nate yial Fy ' 
aigating with Mess. 

bt, pe 

Payor ob. Tt 
: ye Ve Pop Lis 

h it Sy com 

Wo aN? 

anne Tah zac ht 

on. rary Py 
Wie Pra 


‘tawny THe » epalj 
ee . ewan briadgs 
Yours: Gs ? 

sere ee) z 




page) i 
/ / / we 
{ ao Jan, 9, 1896. 

’ 3 
| p *> 
, fo bw a 

2, Yiew Presse, 

veneer iady, Me Ye 

ss ro 8 
 maye wour Letter of the 3rd., with further reference to 
Cheon tei teat sav to Mr. Edison. He dessires me to say in reply 

He ean secure another place 

pele reEN 

wy tel waaeh you ask is too nigh. 

ted at 580.00 per month ,, which will emswer his p 

thine bts 

wrposes equally 

poy, ee not therefore, inelined tc) pay more than that amount. 

yet, Jee ar Aave your deotsion in this matter at your convenience. 
yours very truly, 

Lo. nrnry 
a al 

eg areca 


haa dha deg Me ; 

na bi baa vot the san unk, J be ts abate 
Kah I have the. fir i yi know the peasow niga 
ahead, J mink oa i. yuel, aud inch bean 
Nave the ane rahe hg ania fag ain Lob 
rebar eer | wnteativeneces he world fork “ow ee 

ri) Mrcaten, Zo uch, fp Yocve. VRE 2 7 


a 20 Og 

aia aon gb ouah, sty 15 hand, 
ae a a we aw muwrby fofack 

a : : deiiede atfs Nn ode hich the pm Too ‘cd ae 
ae : : Gin blk Mle “Hove watuclio, ee 
i : eh 

—: iho eres efi 

snare RRR XLT TG EE EAL oy _ 
- : Z fhe! = ! a Fats : , 4 . . 

Pe ee 


oe vy porfe<Mome 

YAS np thd FG 


Ph. Mek 


1 oF Gi .nage 9 Kimoce. 

7 x 
v re) 
9 . 
BS. ef 
i ‘ 
vt y 




: Ue 
Yo tertin 


Jan. 30th., 1896, 

Sr Se Se ies thes 

G. N. Morison, Exq., 
Secretary Edison United Phonogragh 0o., 
Hills Building, N. Y,, 


Dear Sir:- 

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of you letter of the alist. inst, 
a with rogerd to the forma for the making af wax for the sylinders, and 
| enoiosing copies of letters by the Edison Bell Company and uy the Works 

with vagard to the same matter. 
h IT have peyaonadly 
, 9 

i shall be pleased to give you formula sha 
4 used in the manufacture of wax to the English Company, 4? desi 
although I should expect them to take the necessary preeattions ta keep 
the composition a secret. As a matter of fact ft have not bothered myself 
by the preparation of this wax for the last two years, be eels had ny 
hands full of other business. The entire preparation of the wax compo- 
sition was turned over to who manufactures it for the Works, and 
whatever improvements he has made therein aire entitely Hid on sdoret. 

I ought further to’ state that I had considerable trouble with. 
the vax that I manufactured, on account of ilts eritiness, &hd mos} likely 
the Edison Bell Company would have oonsiderdible difmiduity and be ut a 
considerable expense in making the necessary teste émd axperiments to 
eliminate these bad qualities. Whatever improvement vier js in the mane 
ufacture of thia wax I have had no hand in, but it ip dué entirely to the 
man about whom I have spoken, and perhape the English cotiany might perfer 
under the olroumstances to purchase the wax compositign, au mamifactured 
vy this man, and make their own cylinders with the mathiher} and in accor- 
dance with the information which the Manager of the Edison Phonograph 
Yorks would cheerfully furnish them. 

I make this suggestion merely besamse At peers to me to be the 
quickest and siiplest way ont of the difficulty, although, ag J have said, 
I an perfectly willing to reveal any knowledjze I may have on the subjeot.: 


Yours very truly, 
Rno. A. ; a . 
Themes AOL La Banews- 

Fhe easy | aa | 


Dothons anc’ Mevik Que Gute 
Ca d ss Telak chow nra 

ts, hdtimal Phim eprops Cou pany 

a rsaaareiery) altoneds Mase as 

sy: aud a 


sar Hares 
Pha aay Fa Saw 
ke my? y A tg tht 

Fark atisell) Sisal) ahi cracker flee 
: bpp att = tert, the acrd, 

he Fe 

dud J 
Clauwe aac 

Prue Fhowaan 

aw cach and the bataua a aaa sai ~T P ieee 

Comp: sy 4 


Eth att utes 
Que Howe and aie 

Kee- 13 gl 

Q. MK. Setlen € Coq) 
b ae Lt 


Lir of the 4h oie pk Cera ne ey Io 

Atul ane Ee Ak nei we ufaty had 

! L) : ff 4 Ae 
Mw Gdaee arch 4# b desea fig 

Sy Cette Or teak perdliin, 

r e vt ' t P 7 
{ ular 1 irediea a AW =e Ante fa ol can 2 

v f 

- hake CLO aS 

je egy oe 

rk see et 












. A ady 

Poe rtf : 

el lias psy j , ‘ Soe 
Ctaadks Maw  scitie hele, psa ty! hes | 

1 ; : 

ot ‘. ff vi ys 2 

dijefira ciate), a ee etna) oe 
ut as ‘ . : Mh iy A Ba gh 





no Beer 

(Pope Bota. 

cmengentennrn te RE BIE Sah 

fy LAO we 

o andesa§ G 



Cray Cregg. CELE 

a? PALE ete 



rite lie 








Vy. Lt 






(eds as . 

gt . ’ 7 : f 

we A. Vode oe bray hes 
ee pr if 
LOS FyOt reres tare. 

ae) p- 
AE Cp f 



Els. rh 
bntiann » de ty 

Dy vt » thins y 

Ne ye ‘ ‘ id , re 
ees nef fb, / fo. CA Y, ae he 7 i ; . pnak, 

i ie atate LRG Us canmck 2, oo S 
Susi ool: tire with the Geers ie" 

¢ aden Chow fy oe ine ney 


eo OTs; : 
oe vA 

bos ws 

LPO aeunds thas) 

(a Y i 
fae alerad a 


F z {} 
yt CFs Keer 4) eptu 
: ( ; 
gf < . 
ae a ae) A wick: 

Rete as af anes 


oe arses erepepmeemmrmmrman 0 



, ( a ; 
: b, J arlene é 


‘ sey . ete 
/. Cbd: - t Be J i Liga D aby 


/ ay ae j 
“VbliLr as Qe, Me wf até, ; 

7, vA / /' 

Pai Lev ve 128. re fag Tie, 


F j ae if he 

fi ,oR 4 "yee fle. 

Pb bitty Corrine elute (ellen Pes es t 4 

o : ds is yt? “of ff ce 

OND Ag a dare Gat ft f 0, REDE Ge, thahy ee - 7 
F k ‘ a : : : se : 

ae Sy eine 

(A ate © Ztru? 

pa fa) (ON ge 
VEU i Aiden Vv rata, 


; : 
(9. Ff has i/ - 
(Park: if he, 
, Ing 4 
hoes ‘do’ Z 
bes fy anche. aw Fey fe whack . 

iv fas 2 Pherae Guard ed ant on tio ox” 
tA re clotlana tay Oe i a: dy : Acie cl! ne. ae wy 
Grtath,) otlrgg, 

i ally Ss 

q Moh, 16 94, 
. Me W. 8. Party: Je 

few York, 
Reuy Sivs 
¥ with, SOR ity four thoneant ang efettt 44000) 
shaves of the Bitscy tes tety Light Gohpany bP Byrepe Limited, at 
One dollar per, spare dt, phadded that this pgfor ix Ap ¢ephiedt 
on or Datyne Maroh, 26th. eHh, 
‘Fours vary only. Sn 




an Pea 

VOLE Maal) bre P ; 
A y vey CLA Ah Lge PER EWR 

a : ‘ 
fr cern: (hand) 

ae* 7 P 
oprhaé Pb wet+ epi ey. 


TE Ta 







Nanoh 26th., 1sge, 
Ediron United Phonegraph company, 
G. oY, Morinon, Esq. , Seoretary, 

Mills Suilding, Broad st., N. ¥ 
Gent Lene: 

i J 
Answering your letier of Feb. aath., i attach hereyith the 

use in conneotion with iy Phonograpyas 
This aluo givon information relative to the 

formulas for raking wp wax for 

plant necessary in bonndotyon 
with seue. Please acknowledge receipt, 
Yours very truly, 

ad ste on, CL. ot ee _ 

c ‘ { 
a es 
WZ oil 

Menton 26th., 1606. 

600 pounds of thé bent grade df ateatic anid is méltad in a Lead 
lined iron kettle and filtered throvgll aoft; closely woven dantay, faye, 
au is used in filtering putps) into another kottad of vopyer, Heaviay YA 
tod on the inside with silver. The silveh Jijed Kettle shold be heaten 
by coal om gas, and. so arranged that the ripped h4lf of the kettle ib not 
exposed to the diredt heat of the five. FYropet Aanperd for regthiatirg the 

- temperature should be attacked, after the steric acid has all béen file 
tered into the silver lined kéttie, the, tenperatyre is vaised to 260 Qe. 
Fahrenheit. dite by iittib 1742/8 pounds of arystalized carnonate of 
soda is aded, allowing the temperaturd to reach S20 deg. Farenheit, ‘at 
ter about two-thirds of tH batbonate of sdda Ads beer added. care mat 
be exorcised in this dperation om the wax may fodm ove. ‘the carbonate 
of sada is best added by petng of a one gakion piaverea topper dipper, ; 
Tiavang a handle, oF yon Pive Feet long. Tits i filed with the ortre- y. 
tals of carbonate anil MibHerged nto the mojteh mans of steatio avad, and 
constantly stimrea axound wntd; a}3, tha audk hag been diesodypd, when it 
is again filled and the operation yepeated yytt2 ala the soda tab been 
added. If during the operation the mixture bolle eo f\axiusly Ap to be 
in danger of boiling over, the diprer cen pd tamovad, tip bionbing fet 
ther Violent voiling. when all the qoda has Been anabd the temperdiyre 
is then raised to 480 deg. Bahrenhed $ and 492-1,/8 pounds of stonbata of 
Aluming 4s added and vel} abipved, pen HA ronnie of indke Sextethyy ana” 

ubwoh Aath,, lve. 

OMOEA unt a 8. ss, oneal uy g, wiidno 

the maps de then Kept at 28) deg. SAhterhoit to 440 dex. Taltenhet, unti2 
bwobles ahd foam eeqde 44 Fotm nd rijWd t¢ the mirfade. 
Foaling off to tha proper point ih of great importehss, ‘tor ig 
- not peoperky froamba off oma}. pin Holds will develdp dy te av dudete. 
‘The foaming off uqualiy requires aba} one > hou Bhd operatdy, oweyer, | 
Should Judge hy the appearanaé, 
The tentpevatiine is dv allowed ta Fali to ation. 340 dex, Fahey 
Tenhelt, "when 1+ is pained thtough thred or Squn shiowiassys of Mitezy 
woven muslin and pobted. into pans to Adel, At net 6 ye waed at offoe. on 
tf th is wek muda tie offthders cron the dame Keto 
tle in whien the wax is mide, pillow the tempomdtwpe ty fait v& 84d Hog, 
. Fahrenheit ang then stand Pov some time #4 ag 46 BattiAd athat dary a 
gotten in whilst making. 
mite vast Wax Aflquad have a aoteennint pois of abqut add Ong. 
Fahrenheit. whe net pay of dbqerying the oongoalgng poink ips us Spine . 
' Remove a ladle #yh1 from the mada boty of the wax when Piutehed, atid pane 
- a. thermometer phergin, tnen Wateh Tex the point, af nigh a ain bagiia 
to form on the suiirace. in the Hongeadiny poate faiig baaenr 200 deg 
Fehrenhelt it indicated a degiedayey gf andd dn proportion to the whontig 
Bold. If the gengenling ooanh 46 abpye 00 deg. Herontett {Han pod de 
ceeds the necergary aman ahd diane pheania potdcekauid he addey,. shone 
aifrerenoes wile frequentiy oooue wee ahetepant sid git narbhbate of pote 
due to. varying amounts of matan Ae apy hha tAnat don ad the ognmiund. 

ie rettbte 
aes rad 
es : 7 _ Ne aa 
eas an” te ene ee RR = en nN 

“ee aed cd 4 5p eke ES tos ol Le 


Masten AOtn,, 1000. 

Sdiestion of Hatertaig. 

Great avre should be exetoided in Pytohdasing the ingredients 
used in making the wax, if a tiniform product is to be maintained. 

Staria Agia. 

This should ba the finest qiaLiky that can be quypplied. Tt 
should ‘be especially Prea fram selid and aybasdie dokds, or they fom 
donbinations with soda whieh fakes up meietute from thé ag@, witich oauses 

i the mipface of a cylinder to ohanga, thus thhéat ly’. dimairitg thé quality of 
& reaord in a short time. 

_ Gaybonate of, Sota. 

Mie should be free fyom potash, and siisoa, sid should nave bhe 
formila Neg 00g 40(He0 ). 

The carbonate of aeda orystala phould be pidked over ana only 
the vell formed orystals taken. mies are washed with a etal, amount 
of water and allowed to drain until dry, ont mst not be wtt exponed to 
the alr very long before pee. The dmerfeot and dirty oyretede bye aie 
solved in water, strained throygh a filterdng elobh and oxyptadindd. 

Ste 3° ° 
The plant for making this conan nya oF 4 yen J aaket 
ed kettle of about forty gallons papagity, thmes Lange wooden (: gedny) 

tanks, each of about 1000 gallons eanacd ty) 8 agwayr predd,: pion ag tq 

Mayen =e 1856. . 

used in tendering rat, a steam heated drying oven, containing ‘trays made 
of canvas, stretched upon wooden fants, the total -aree of which should be 
about fifty asquave yards. 

Qperation--—-Caystic soda, en } pure as oan be obtained com 
Merdially, ip dissolvad in whtet ang proieht to 1,200 speaifio eravity, 
‘at 60 deg. Fahrenhoit, and dass to settle for sdéveral dara. For this 
purpdse theo twenty-five gallon afoneware jars aye provided, and 260 
younds of steardd acid 1s melted in thd jackated kettle and 65,232 Cubip 
Osniinetvor of anette sods woymtdon are added, Wath constant mixing. 

The mining thould be contimea for sqme. tana, atte? al} the bikaldd hap 
been added. fhe contenty of the kettie are then transferred to one 

ef the torge gedar tanks about three-fiftha Mai of oLeay water and Qis- 
solved, ‘the water being neater fo bddaing nbdnt ny dindot injectign of 
Gea. After ali has heon dissolved, the aolytion 4s mun off through 

a stxainer into bhother latge cedar tgnk. 4 solution of commen aliui 

As now 7an Into the hot solution with conbtant Ahioine. mie Wadd 
douse the “tearie bold held in SWS solubior to predipiiets ak ktearate of 
Alumina. . tthe addition of the alum ia odntiymed, though slowly towards 
the lage until blue Aitnyp paper turns tedrwhen eménead in the satte. 

Gare should be exenaised, ad AR Not to exvend hayond the point Baee 208: 
paper first tume red, of a waste of plum iia remit. the tatery soite 
tion 1s drained from the precipitate, BG bhe latter a weld washad with . 
fresh water and finally dredsed on nmakin ntretolied on & rogden Feeney and 

then pressed to remove most of the water, acter whloh spevation t+ is 
epread in thin layers on to éanvas trays, pzaoed iv the oven and arded 
for at least threes days at 170 deg. Fahrennott. 

The. stenrate of Alumina should ye perfeotly ary Befoxe using. 
Ynen a stock is ade wy ahead it should be xept in tightiy closed poxag. 

Cras.” é fa of ¢ ftp 
Matar FY IVEY 

i aoe 
Rats wu axforionssite sents the 

Ave Ae ten: the At fbae Lee CL of th 
brad , ale cl. frstlicdeds, FAL 

Me Gke ducal ee 
ALLA? faut. MUAG ye 

. a Posen eats, 

rere fn tha: 

ee ce, haaraw! 

at P svakate Pom take of 

dy : Se Fav 

oo rE late, d olism: are Faden J 

&. LOA hy, Orafom Lt G LQ. 

, ; 
Hea, ole {i fp bide £0 ee De 
té J hr ane de ans 

Pgpaibess reeds 
hed bes th tex Oxte Ch4! 
(2g (De vi siicthy fh cade Chr emnisaoy, 
re: é Shad 
er dears brane aunéeary, fur eke, on 



fo Akh fees “tle «ye 

Be og’ 

/ a 
: 4 

pens otti! 

t Aen a 

ser pnt oot aneeunaenaanas 

A. aaa 

— i os 

ifs oe 4 

‘fe a fae c oe aA the ; pide 

LEU pies 

: i? ; 4’ . 
AALh, cheep fan 

Po o<, 

eg ie 

Li we oe ada; , 

(Ae? a ua free ClAA Ck 

theo plete, Ste 2AR? jot, 
ya 12 ly eh, 


on aroth, nae & 40 SLA tees bo) = 
Pg, kf 

te ‘ A 
‘eee ae ca APL. 


Tg Ags Coaj 
"Fhe Paste Tchr 

ee _ ibs ff. 

date, thab J Fuk 

4 Fi Pox Y 
GHA, Ay | bins 
ees A. hes ¢ af? 3 
CGA: fos he Le 
Oe an ud = ‘ 
a fav 2 Af 

late thas cl th Lie fi. 

gaa $ E > 
Fiurretrlescar el J Chtn Qb ade a ; fa fe — 
: ae es caeecd Coed te LMA * at whet, maa grin 

ope ts 1 eae, : 
pre te A hbcos ree bff aeyiaadee pide 4A if: 2 ear Eo A ; 
PSNR ERLE ey ORF PRM Lea ss fe Aorist Fea Ate A CR Ges, 

‘ : ‘ 
the . por i. fats, ; Lodi J 
spuia by 

Piatid va f 

Tae Ce. & Loco 

wef lennsen 


baie: abrurcal 2 bok 

25 b 7 roa “f 

é ae 2. on ‘ ae, Carat: hu, j (46 ae 

AY ar * 
lav wy TT; 

fir wa naps j I be fy a, Bide as he ee 
abaarfition Ube & fh , diter dalle, and Or. 

Evtoreacw. ‘nth, Lhe fe De , bia : 
decom. kin bh A ‘ob cath Vt eh PLL 
? Pow witht | Raace es Mie wee ancl 


a 7 

ae S50 

*) . 

March “© , 1896, 

Mr, W. S, Perry, 

New York City, 

Tear Sire 

T hereby tender my resignation as Director of the 

Fdison Electric Light Company of Europe Limited ", same to take 
effect imediately, 

Yours very truly, 

6 Ae B96 
ead : 
Myr, Wo S. Perry, Dad Bea Pi 

New York City, 

Dear Sir?- 

I hereby tender my Tebignation a& Diveotor of the 


Edison Electric Light Company of Barnje Lintéed-", samé to 
take effect immediately. 

: _ 
2 7 

Tours wery truly, 

«Shomer. Finn ee 

ie ae th; a ie fa 
~hh a va fa a , plot we Xe lan ne 
bh duricked: in , 

poe comulcl An ar- a 
j 4 a bolt 

Ay tht Atids £ 72 4 of fire atr_ck, tar. da a sii hy 

Pg t Lt1 chk cra, A , 
a , Leff: 9 : : 
a tw 14 eh aus CA aby Dotter Arte hae v4 A LQ LA bs, y fe 



a ed Gorsths gerakd, ey winclow dlirae 

. we “a f 
if 7 yj y vA the, ati A nth 

Gorw ett rt AGAR 


vA i Cc inti 
ny rn Ab ap frr tect ae ; oe 

; : Oface /- 
, Wy.2 ke dea} ree bss ; : 

J (ede, a tot aae! yo) 
) Gr. say a AY. s 
Nein! dul. 7 

; ay ‘ a i. : ? { 7 i > 
) ease Ohrafe fe flim siderisnace Ra keires, litem 
: ? 4 or, 
uy Uv o f Lo , 
Je here teres New ah br Auta, 

fg f 

YZ : : ; fo 2 
ao 8 ferg Puta creed char ge Renae 
yi ; 

fi 4 
Pre: A lecercacope Weyer 

Ore. rok obtage 

(1 u : 

/ ° : ess ‘ \ y F , 

how 6a CA lanes 4 Lever 62 5 ae Lan “fate 1eAD Gor 
.? 4 vf F 7 2 y 
“oO } Mahe. 475 PRUE. ‘ F, ’ : 

Si aieinCeneenEnenenenenG tit Sener anemanememnemen aceaione 

C Cele Qe 

' a8 ‘ dave 
ih arch ga Uhr pore, Cum prbionenta 
ee : 4 

_ To 7 coe 




Re ee 
ae See 

/] ch Che 0924, 




5 : - & 
S 2 mS 
Ping \ . ~~ 
= wn OY 
xy ree 
= Vv 
= M5. 
-" t 
A : 
“ Bs - 
a + nis 
: a 
. ; ay 
S ‘on: © 
C ¥ t 
Se Boy a! ea 
F s as 
Rosy : 
2 wee : 
ot ¢ 
AS : Meee 
a ~ : 
+ ™“ 
oe 4 ace 
aa 3 
us ad 
ia a 

coef Of 
1 FO Feta ol 
é ‘ cl xa bree. ff ue faves 

; * “i,t opea Z 
fl AL 4 2 OCA? 




wh q pea? y 
ite ? / 

, ‘ sy 
Akeecteed Te 
: ) ' : . . “3 5 
! t : 
: ard re ere iz? Dyer Luar Pitas! & Rtatten? 
foseruarlas < frarg lems: saolsr xta 14 vi ft ‘ ’ 


» tvarg, .darceer 
a hi . ‘ 7 
( ey : i ee BLtevees yak Ew cto anh evrty 

; f 
fie j / ; 
wa hh cyt pees liye ah tn Ate EEA ch rant, 
Lag lawrnere 

(Age arncing 

q i 

tf a fe fags 

The. Gilead bisa techs 

duty thw Agoutte 
i Pp / 

‘ e 
Faak asreceshe a. 

fh cease Fema 





ea kten 2) 






Cotoary Ob 


Ltt ds,” 


(03491 4at 



(hy & 

IAL adn s ; 







{ Vives ba 







Ac vrelen 



‘draun’ to 


Lam | 

Are A 

Appi}. Ord., 1696. 

¢. Zs Maguire, EBdes Vico Prewes 
Maguire & Banos, fLamited, 
44 Pine St., i. Yes 

Dear Mi:- 
narda Joth. and @lst., T 

Rerenving further to yout letters of 
would way that a4 ia the antentiion of the Wational Phonograph Gappany not 
artes, nay= 

to- repail Phonographd, out 
ing the. nevekdary capital and ag 
+o S822 +6 tA looB? Companies. 

nevsbury ox his Gompanyt, and we will 8 

goimaany, apd Mrs denkebiry ox Dis Oonpany » 

phonogeph’ gn the 
aia you, as far Ar poseip 
tq other you hompariy oF Mir. 

sel}, thei throtgh thtee or four P 
enoy reoriitiep. We may ba  ponipezied 

ve havo made arrangenonts 40 Boll to Me. 
1co pall to your cirm. 
gonauct the meiness 
our gatisfackapn. 
8 received adrect py us 

go as +o ite ah efiie 

rf your 
of selling 

tinites States and canada to ye will 

ie, mererring any order 

tenrksouty 'S company » 
4 sales of either dangatit. 

tepie GvieLons acepvding to the tota 
L wart it asbindt y under ators. however, that while t is 0 
proapiit intenbion to. 8621 your ‘Soppery and jie ir. Le ws : 'g dome ba 
o not nari ouraolye in any 
ent avestion 

pany, ang POSHEPS | 40 GbRPF hee, 
ay not td vars, 88 she ate on vege, the P 
haps +0 that of your 

ney so. ghange that it bias pe tq one In eredt and pepe 
Gonpe ie sell to others, 2 at tT repeat that it 38 net Hur intention 

gs Metters now atand 40 do BO. 
“‘Yoire very “gs Ty 

” Bhanenco- Eine 

at saan 

April d4th., 1806. 

John TF, Beame?, Esq., 
Washington, Ia., 
Dear Sir:- 
I nave your letter of the l0th., and in reply wojd say that rx 
consider either the Mutual Life Insurance Company or the Ney York Life 

Insurance Company first class in every way. Y songider it entirely prop- 
er ‘for a man of famtiy to insure his life. 

Yours very tiny, 

e : 


C9 CO Lh 2 oy 








el tear 


van Le 


Avda aétn., 4898, 

: ¥ Z. Maguire, Esq., Vieg Rren., 
Meguire & Bauous, immed, 
4% Pine St., hey Yark, 
Dean gins 
I hereby ogneel my letter Of April Sid. , Raving vogerundd ee 
the ofie of Phonogtaphs. - I have ingtstioted i.. Gin *@ exphida te you 
porsdngliy the reasah for’ tits. 

Youta very ituay, 


ate, . 

Sea cgi vats cghiBagon cot Sve 

Vratimnes Pre oie oe 

ae Tarde ds o Vpn, 

Aerar Kruats 
iO) ps 
WEAY whiny I 

ge Noe, 

dé LPP, bakivad, by \ CAAAK, 

Z A ae 
(Ph RA AAY dy g, Cen basrn 

Py 1 RRL, 



SL rire dus e. 


Ors: FEAL if 

4 wy diss ‘ f . : / 
As ree oar 

bau vu Puy be Gaus Dae fhe 12° 
bhah d DP mises fii kdb. jp hy jell Zi: thew Biehl far i guid: 
Fhe. on adinsatl. Ts the f eC Ltrad ae crpehaligicl Vik ae 

Sp beens fds chs ae ahaek ttt hy Crlbtedtiins nano 

7 pete ca . tg Ew es nyt JAAga! hives ae this 1h ae ye 

L Pha. G, Guam 





oe é a ay ct lee 

ae : 
wit ing geltcal Coles LOR 
1043 ieeaclean LA wteasks 

C : y tas “Eesrine « “tel. 
A. Can dau ts og 

ea ri 5 
aw repre, fo aon fawn of 2 lhe 28 " by J beq to stake 

Sus On amulia clianer: ee ae gh far ecliseedl. & Jgeuel: beainfo hy x (he 
Gan gor 

c a fet ve Q Dar rade. plac 4p wrakey bins yas tehac i 

Ghiwk ea°uce Oa af acta V7 th unite be a amath a ry ureehe 
be Ie nes, Care Le Liane yf ous, 


11 Qrrenrclh Y age he om phen. feu Luk Yelarvk 
Yee aay sa ay | Nonna ah: 
; I Pho. 45 2b lor 

a oY ‘ e 
J hy (laae Cog - 
Ca eer Ob CGE 

Alcrrr.32 Or 

AN geen! (cy te 

arrel nw 

Sacer fcuk & the 26 B uth CAL wy, ts hanol 
dept, LR beg i, alate Chak J somite. OC pla 



? : f 
Ay fiave ia aerecl OME Ch Varn Q2L2., 

baee tel, 
oO Dy. q. pee 

; Wray 25° 96 
Sresere Prach td “- 

73 gr “tag 4b 

Meay Manis. a 

sheen to heaw thah qe i FOR 
ale, 2 ada bert, tuhack, Carre, aa 
AK fy hens or- ef Vat, ele bak hate mot bein ai 
dufilreate LRome, 4, arcue amade, Wi ame ih “a (AtanS 
Raven ak + cage Qa. 

§ turtet Le VOAA naren hy - Le wreck, w asvutel Qeudy 
Ong pia a ts ae a — 10". +o, es 

(2) | ; 
Wits Coase Gake) oad as ; 
Gea, a" nv have brth Ce we — aan 

Alhre wr anor eee ‘ 
thaw fl. be! en UD ¢. ra 
ry as Va Js - a we ae 

Phe. GQ. fcliam ia 

foe hua Goliaon Pays 
owoath, Lire 
Neaw be Cryer. 

soar i fe encheae + Agrasdh, checks . 
dnracuw bo the ow of Lop Jug ‘ SEI wv if 12. Fe Teo 
Paw Rha en | nara ne carph / eared 

¥; Dam 
“TO Riad 

ae e pourie 
GC "Alas ol x eae 
cobiperre gm yt page 

hk tee 
ane POS ie mw lide beter : 

oe lea Te ts | 
Bes. Q. Line 



: Ry AL Sk I ere 


| Me 


hese ebb Me, 
. = fe 
Dea Boe 

ha ackmotrdse with Chanty the 
os Pee ball have bite ee ei 

ty 4 ‘have one 7 hb the enribiccurre of Chk 
S de moh Ha the crrphaler arvratey thaw) 
sta anechs aennnieg, ork ab frre “thaw fMHe ands att) 

Conran thaw fa. d » bib 

eg Shares AL ot RDC ng 

Crp poe e ney ag- 076 
ea Eoluber . a 
Cae turcal Cee 

268 face hel 

Ke cn) hiv. 

be ef i Ba lege ave ie oe iat all 
fur €. dist He obaeal 
ts ‘ ss hed this aitivic nfo 
i 7b ae Inewe, ae ee 
| ; | pa cane uvhah ww aadl bub Geetat a a Mewonrw 

au an 77 pon 
pete. Ts got . 

lke ke hort bag tis spel og! Ligely. 
and mer frrodiaw om line te than ae 

| An 



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ea eet se 
SENT = = = 

7 » 
a 2 
: Q ron 
4 rs 
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cr at 
s > 
: ae 
* c2 Db ~ 
Be 3 5 
. cS roo] 
es Goo 
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S m! 
’ = £: 
H re 1 2S 
j c 2 
& be, > r 
B Ss rt; s 
f a Go eB: 
j £3 ~ 
1 % 2 : 
I Pe - 
| : 2 8 ee: 
i . a g ate ON . oa: 
J ° cy cs %. 
: £ 0 © fy SS 
j c e . G os 2 
| wt fava Ft a oO 
; Go mt ort cs bt 
j oO Oo OS ce °o 
G wt aad & ts o 
; Ee | vad ct te 
“ed ot & a o : 
! eg 8 fe 
i ta Oo 4 “ = $3 
= th CC A Qo ¢ 
c cf rs MH © 
c a & «x a 
ca 9 Cc Pa oO ‘ 
: a FG Se Cc t 
a Oo & Se 
< alo & Go €! be 7 
= oo & oe f 8 
7 ri on s 
~~ p to [ee 
; : SO 4 RQ +e: ane 
i a Z ec 42. = 
4 ‘ e Br : 5. 
S a Ss 
4% 3 a ; 
- : 3 
ae 7 ~ oe 
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: ; 7 ee i 

jt pat . 
yf ape aT 
ear davie = | 
| ; ts hard 

: aa BD fee ke st eh, Come rs 

I by +s tate thas, ak rents Bere, 

Dh the bth, Fmt 
mt fai 

arack. Ly Yee 
H, Vrattorelivn G y- 
AO. Rw 237 
Uarr he. 
eka ona for og Be ach, Came Cd 75 Banal 
5 JA a Laliulid? radhn 
ard Ww re I beg ti ale thar aw m Uelaisth 
be canner 3 Was ae on the ee ey a fu 
proper fo baw another fe coo, Hae Aa dy Patria hare 
rts suvith (Ze ini : fp owse fir 
Pea. Etiao 

S optria 
ta st sie ala 
dnt fs lg dw oe 
seg es Ca etl bp oe 
She at a oR St art 

June 8th, 31896, 

Weoteaal Maenegraph Cow, 

Orange. Ns Jd» 

Caw ag you whl turn Gvet to me all profits soorulng to 

We Sa ty ober papknug dll legttimdte expenses, I will agraa té 
Ser os wat Pan ef iy srperdimente and any improvementd that £. mag 
(ho Mech on yath Pronographs and adjunets thereto, up to meh 
TAN EE CHAM. us porfestily fitted out with proper Phonographs and 
WHALE A$ “2 Son sie an 12 40 ouelness, this attatigement to oortdngze 
REO Sey Lah USUIsiier dba, Wan, and theveater 16 dan be términkt od 
wy ood eon panty uot 9D days written notiees . 


mune devler iv woltten yen to confirm the verbal understanding 

Prgete, potpoors + he sopresentativesa of yey dompany ahd Myrnelf sonetaae 


Youre very teuays 


, 02. 44 

: fy Dung Deas) 
he ast thay Wesceds S Gace rer | 
a> rte thah Inansér with Mane yO rand gone 

pane a the 

Aint has bean thab grane to he foi 
I wan mob nt able fe de ih 5 ais Pe Caren a 
yl 7 vtintborns to sronedec, runt otcht . 

pre mipy 

a en rae £9 Anns 

(2 .% 
268 fae 
Avwihitise ie) ce pi te the Ena on 
CU pins 3 hae ston to be 

7 fish wf I Aa a SORES: 7 “Zw 

( | if 
t by. Pitt tA 1 Nie Noucal 
J ag ter h “hi 
aay Lev ‘. 


Hh Ane Cork org ite iad that Caw 
Crianudactin parnw Chg ble. jeaw gri be ‘Chess prival, 
fo jan me @aal és Vs by fect. 

4 Jona Thule 
K.. ; 


ee ce Cee : eee Sa 

A) nauk Anette Co | ae ie 
Dea hiv: oe pli 7 

: wag of te 96 if by to 
mart jt eae eee 

une 46 96 
d Ogle lig | / 
Mean dv. 

ny as f 

Oe a Miche wie’ epee ae ae 
mew a, rvy yee Ar aom ae Jf ! 

y Slat je fav Ltasanntly a" 

a ss mt W « 
: : fe Hha.Q as . ; on , 

ly A as 

eer Dron.’ Co, 

A tan dv. . 
ee ow lavwef tke Seve ney Ca fre Faw 
. Proce th. pe ae gions pore adiay po for 

pe an Ragan te Che danpeter, 
a a seer peas ae rave fos 


Br. a. Aram) 

hana nh yA 

DY guns the phd Came As hand 
J have fw “Colah aud he ute ook boy Sa aay 
ss ke Can apt prio gae oy Mone 4 

mok % pe te eit 
ws sar i Loew ae Pay) Al ky 
Cclsainn onaghl, trad, the. place, 

Ted Ei , 


X 46-9896 
QO) iy ano oe 
aed rations” 
ean Lear ‘ j ok, 
EAN « be 
He are Gerd one the , follounn broke onaitinedl 
a | ea pt 1896 Labalys "a 

of dag dail fe se se ee 
Oo 22 Catale 
2 i, Cdahus, Orte ow Foleo 

22 cat 

Duct De en aul Hour waeds 

a ea Poi 4 rs 
j ANC ot baal: ve tear to ahe aud ma Lea deactiges 

it, on ye aan thes i ee | 
8, aha. a ee 

; rb ved 

db 7: Qe chanel 
fot Syebk ag oo 
: few Bok 
Quaid Oar chanicteal / 
, al sndirtancls yee rire he wheneee d 

ae ny pm Logs ahrutdd Ye ae ft 

vel Aa pro ote te the ks 
ie Cok aud WL, we. fuk ue a pag 

:afea ian? ; A0p the tuptrnrwe Pe Che 
. unsecp font the peacow Lhah high Caun ch 
made aud cof hike what wae chan ges 

view the outfit Aw VQoean all. 
Ghe hous occufeciol Sev Tele 

Aw ane avde 
(eure fait fo by Phu ctbiad ing, 
uth pes ne & indir maw and Shave now her - 


end 0 s "ak. r : a 

AN hewas_ a, Edn ncn 

Juné 19th, 1se6, 

H.. W. Berry, Esq., 
Boston & Maine R. R., 
N. Woodstock, N. H. 
‘Dear Sir: 

Ihave your letter of the 15th, ara return you herewith oir. 
cular addressed to the Stockholders of the Edison Phonograph Toy Mfr, 
Co. I am not at ala interested, in the reorganization of this concern 
and personally shall have nothing whatever to do with it. The question 
as to whether the reorganization seheme will be & success Or not is 
purely problematical. 1 have not been consulted in the matter ‘ant now 
nothing whatever about it. 

Yours very truly, : 
‘ Phar. Q. Ean 




dime Loth, 1896, 

irs. Blestus iM. Springer, 
187 Kenriok Park, 
Newton, Mass. 
Dear Madan: 


nave your favor of the 16th, and in reply would sdy that. 

I know nothing whatever of the proposed reorganization of the Edison 

foy Co., not having been consulted in any way regarding same. 
Sonally,I have 

no interest in it, having wiped out all of the interest 
heretofore held. and I shall have ho part whatever in getting out any 
eppuratus ete. for the hew company. The question as to whether the 
reorganization Soheme will be a aocess, commercially or othemrise, 
ip antirely problematical. 

Yours very truly, 

Hh aQ. Eokinon 

Suen ers ee eee 

June 28, 1893. 

R. Be. Hastman, Hades 
26 Court St., 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Your favor of the lath is at hand, and in reply I woulda say 
that if sou v2121 communicate with the National Phonograph Co., Orange, 
Ne des You can obtein ull information regarding the Edison Phonograph, 

they being the selling agents for same. If you will advise them as to 
the minber of machines that you desire they can then Sive you prices. 
Tne information you have received, that Phonographs are not petne puilt, 
is entirely erroneous, ag they are being manufactured at the Edison 
Phonograph Works ee along, and the Companies handling same would 

Not of course sell them unless they were prepared to defend all suits 

‘that might be prought by the Graphophone Co. or any othors, 

Yours very truly, 

Tha. Q. Chea or 

= Aateriag font e 

Meow sock " 

hi iawagd Heese go homie el eer 

Civecivaa r Yew Crbane cm] Tivow as ed A. RG. J 3,30 a : 
datas [Dives 196.46 

wi and | 
flac - oceece Please og [oi ne lie fig a e 

ane a 
Pha. LW Edsaors 

Mess, Maguire & Baucus, Limited, 
#44 Pine 8t,, New York, 
Dear Sirs; 

Replying to yours 30th, ita. 
asking the privilege of using on your: Letter heads "Foreign Repye~ 
sentatives of Thos, A, Edison", I beg to say, I do nee: eppreve 
of it, 

Yours very truly. 

S30 L Be anno 

to sae) trys! 
4 . 
AY eee A ‘a MAA! 

. to tha, ondrwey , 

é I adh 

@ Ts a 

GY) / Io 
A 2 : P 
ty, pridvrate, 
9 ff 
f Cay Juv. 9 
dau ve *7 oun avr7y OF; Ate, 23 of Uh S 
i ¥, aA cute, ANC “aA Z atark Wwe Pee atl the 

Aen CQ. 


Oh, pm a) thal, mo ne ge. ; 

: ey ww er ad chase moh / 
Mhaw Soh Come oa, vt thed + Ne oe 
June Maw eapaaisasy AW Youwy 7 


Sha. A 

| 7 dh tus G 

eee | Ne h. ia 

4 er Lhe ony 
ae oo ones or Iburrescent ESS 

poe Ged Lo hfenty Cae hLtr2e, t Qe 9 Cine CN 

“bon eee ened ope ba eee et 
4 , ‘ ; 
sae Ns 23 
“i RGU ee 
rs / 







“aad don j- 


wo ae 3 
row ; : 

dy Puy aruitann 28) 

iy tes 

MS de 
enip NO 
a RNS 
oy 8 Ley 
a 8 as 

te a edi g- ree! ame 
4 . LA SV 


00 00¢ 
‘00 ES 


Ae cae, 
# “ aah he Birutol Aare! 
ws as Qeniewy mattiv 

aN ee Sis ae rs 

Aa eee Lee nee’ [oer 

ati hk Wh, ve Ab he the, A 



he / 

ceae Vy 

4 ty: He. 4. Fi with A hewkes ee, 
adh’ VIS ay i 

Tae tke CMe fie 
; Caudle 





Ne a a ET get TE fe mae 

Kundl, yi, 

Homey & e. 
« mia ov oy) 

atl eave : 

£ a pore Latah, Cane, vtenl, ty a 
Aucd wg ut “PY Vig Sate Chad, 

c~A 4. et 

f tal fa CLR 
Z tvt tL AC MMAg. carte 

Hun oy 
Y Bis tt G. as 

Lose Cue J Pia 

2 . 
abe 15 9b 
# a, Ung ow Gul é 

on (Oree dufpry. Mave pa | 
awe / awir of the 424 isveh Cased & fe. va Acard tw. 
be Aare ah aa-ainn eek Aa Laser’ toecenbiobic. 
fe ite, 9 y Ave: Operation parkvch antl 9 Ehne tvraten, gt 
Grefea ry bi sa Sowth, J herour 4 the Sucve Rcrriie ca vr at 
ing Ran lah, Cow he ana Maer ah, unt, Maan fe 
a9 ae w dy, ah pera fae de 
ee te vat aa waluatte aud he. abicta dd a. 

Ad fe ptloww ya ah, ” 


piictee eee AAS 
papas bac nee eee oe 



<a SAS! 

hes Witsinca, b Jaton. 
7 Wok bk Sek. 

TI wes the gtk Came tk Found a 
ud she rs % obate thah Siclo mill thukh tho aaa 
Qowe, chure Fo Xf. im ie mn yas Ras bre tak me: ae 
f weoha tndeu the x aff noth UE 

At che pane ek ee =f itt 

Toe th 


b Caw Aa 
oo Py hep: ge hae ire doa bane afehe have 
whed) uh wi alvnk tive om bar Aa aie 

Come Be nin RTE 
. J urndd tdvia Agnes ac abrah Qe 
| ? bys 

rrya Watson five oad 
pisek pil Edie Waited si 

ar ali for The eum af- 

Cana, ensh, fhe 
te 5 ar i 
= shall ba pois TE me om or Oofoe 

tie sixteen sateen toy, 4 Nournbey sie 
frumctrad ond wie dame 

w Go vied : ate 
oie Oto | he 

“7 ts 

, 26 Gaal 2g 
, av rh, 
eww Sie , 

( Cray: 


Caras 07). Eve 

the Coral ‘to 
hail gets 

Aa ¢ 

ous) rp 
 erky he 
a Gav a ee 


el es hinehes £7 thew) bev eto ee 
the Coppey wou care te Ey or Crree aGiaucdse bo 3b 

H Copp weve iv Conn 
se Gear aiees a 
Ub Mowe Fo Le 

Ver te , 
bite Coverenk 

peereas a 

f hes tr) dt hor P 

L, Ee haw ? ser f Care 
Me oie ao aA ova nok, ttanell, 

“9 wl queailly otteg & 

TC ten, ts. 

Pip gt fae 


ite + 




hw AMmwuriah plowble fad 

wee fia, Aan ¢ A al 

laser a af sartrady, 

NY an tirclercHtine 
She. cercle unk be, 
be a 
Che,) & be, madt, Pr ore enth 

- mea fija cans the 
“thich carrigh ae 


“. i thong wr ll 


te r 

! Pha.a, Chber 

$ ft Hike Fiz I 

630 Prscult (esting 

(Ogess Ls, ‘s 2 en de g, . : 

Ve oar) sl the, git Vand | a 
>» Check op prcee ear lo 


hove yuk Acre 

ws Se dees 
Lu fy the gevd! Carre, cdf 

eee is a ee 
0) OUVG Y | 
(  prayweuy reps rvep eles yt Ty 
ee pe aca if Tor? Bos? Ved “T ff a alas a 
w/e wtp m210g ‘goer "Ef ” i Se i ey 

| “a tart 

OP bE 
aera I Act OF 

URE Ve LON. 4 ae Nice: F he 
4 ry va saa ) yest es 

C LEW (Le. i -pogt® 
t. CS tne AK 

Wd. ¢ Lo ee 

d) Te (OO Resfe yy 
| ot Khe 0E™ 

\ . sales 
A ne A Co CUCL +o ary 
ALf Ah — a has Rae dee c 

a it nae 

( CBE 

he wh &% 
=f ty et 

yworte g Gin aoe Looe - < ys 
ere a Oe abe tie. Lt 

het rv SuroY " | 
pe Liv ie ae cs 
a # 

aeidytipasta yom 
Sin URSA Sa ieschid pre earnien eemreatenpancor art: TENT rs Sa 

dis ewwseSRidae 

Ock. 28 Fool 

ne Pan ee 
Du th Qweune Ligh Lael. 

S a Rows A 
KOaav by}. | 
A ewes Ginel The a7 Anak, , oy 
To Aancl aul se SI beg to atate, hah | 

: Aare omads 4 tp hawt mo anttia 
Cc ak the Arrow ov ade) and. ao J raasaLy 


| a hows ang af perstzliah aw damdayp! 

Stem, 7 

Bor.Q. Clan 

ened ede 
ei a ees 
7 Se —— 
Oe es ae 
v oe . 
tae ee & " Pea) : ' 

Yure Alice 0, (Ratlard 
ae ee my 


Ga § yao Pay jo es, react: the Snetin 2A 

Geers Le the pack Ghee 
( cthe wh Convin ob Qnclerw Aw or oF 
with vats tek i me he mth aa the 

ratty vi fuk pee ieee, 

on th, ae, 
ovdaw ra 1 is ee si ae change 
pees Pee vio 5 D anee 

Qunck out a amaw fo ane Uae wav the trout er, 

boar mA gb 

: SY hs E i 
ace) Sa / 
Dean Iw Freemasvs. 

the eck aed tow bil made ouh 
Ae pe cd) uv ancuvntd th ah Inento Grk 
I thch th wv munch too tek aa Jamu aunes 
thah omy asephter urrucd be by ts glad Te 
aut. the place atvul, thue Th orn asd) ollane, 

or ae eau do wi regard 19 Fras 
this A os — 


4 A, 

a i salaeyr atin ee Pena 

: turndraedd Ohaus o, 
tian Gdraw Lake dd Phenegra h 
ork Ww the Aim v bony & 
se f the garae oholl be fas 

Pe asa the avlernthy day, % 
Dpcember) Ga fiw) henndud and whee iy 

Gant a 

Paty © Rtn 

Lh Gow fF 

Meaw du. i dees ek est 
3 UW lerk uate 

rack descuption. as J have mo tivcz je 4 

thy matt» ( bates 
| Jw nf u 

ies Ziasa. Pema one! 

, Comm 
Ome gi te 7 7, Ce aees b Jank | 

Ihe thah ab preach He Vilaserier 
pages 5 bak aon thew wilt by he psa) 
oo brarks Beles ye br! to purchase Wy 

auho iM ee: | faa 


bw iP} 4d 

Haass mr 

ag te ' 

Maaw buco 
i fol re the lack me fuerte cd; 
well, Me ae aarnafle pecenccl deve nok 

ae OY | aie ae OP SES 
lav A oe! ae hee 

, Chews ty 
Awl heey es ene 
iz dt che oe hve “hal 
sa Mba an 

fas. - 

Aw Win ep "hah, ped 
ip Ba arg le 

q better — Qu as Chant 
| VR ey 

STAG et ER eeu Ty wee og a Oe 
MAIS PARED stitgs Sete eueeneeaie ig! sega Wonca vee 

SSS Seer 

FOSS ST ee: 

Sa: Dor as? 48Gb 
CMe cMrallon, Saran, Ehren 
| Rex haath . ag 

he aummencise dese thah a horw 

J dad mob, y ety 
ag, com Se anew onl sd oi ce oval ee 
oe Pag ateled ce ble, dc Ahancseco 
paved ovel Marci acl bteauw 

w Ae es ow eae Ae tlt. 
° 3 a meh aot on o 
tLe —_ A the Ml e aan 4 

eeu fev and aud other ches 
oy rey 

% . 

Letterbook, LB-063 

This letterbook covers the period January 1898-August 1899. Most of 
the correspondence is by Edison and John F. Randolph. Many of the 
documents relate to mining and ore milling. Included are letters concerning 
Edison’s operations at Ogden, N.J. and the factors that led to the temporary 
shut down of the plant during the winter of 1898-1899; his investment in a dry 
placer mill near Santa Fe, New Mexico; and the organization of the Edison 
Ore Milling Syndicate, Ltd. Some of the letters pertain to Edison’s work on 
a compressed air reheater and the formation of the Edison-Saunders 
Compressed Air Co. Other letters deal with his plans to manufacture 
Portland cement and the organization of the Edison Portland Cement Co. In 
addition, there is correspondence about electric meters, a process for using 
coal dust as fuel for steam boilers, the phonograph, motion pictures, the 
fluoroscope, and x-rays. 

Included also are numerous letters about Edison’s personal finances and 
the financial affairs of his children, Marion, Thomas, and William; proposed 
business deals with Edison’s former associates, Josiah Reiff and Edward H. 
Johnson; the management of his property at Fort Myers, Florida; and his 
debts to Sigmund Bergmann and to the estate of Robert L. Cutting, Jr. 
Appearing on page 145 is a letter to Samuel Insull about the origin of the 
phrase "central stations." 

The front cover is marked "1898 1899" and is labeled "Letters of 
Thomas A. Edison. From. January 31st, 1898. To. August 29th, 1899." The 
spine is stamped "Letters" and is labeled "T.A.E. Letters from Jan-31 1898 to 
Aug 29 1899 2." The book contains 700 numbered pages and an index. 
Approximately 20 percent of the book has been filmed. 




ro . 
seme hy.5 ) 


Yors well bs. uy netach ree of gure 

| | 





ma i eal | 

Ae Wa feann often &, 

. . 

Ay PE 
Aen oh 

« 3 2 £ F 
caf thowtal fh: eh bee wfares een sow ob boise 

“a 3 
oda coe arte ery! Ba? ts Aa 

whe edt 

baught ethos 


i * foes 
Kir hret., ye a gS: Seeley aos Hn hnd 

Pe eee es 

De ae 


~re # 

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Dear div 
gh) onrw the, 7th anabe Caine ts howol, aud 

beg Bap theh $ ies ore Caniw To Take ! ar Git Alger 

“ho. ehiim 

Feb. 3, 1898. 

Comitato Eseacutivo, 
Congrésso di Rlettricisti, 
Como, Lombardy, Italy. 
Dear Sirs; 

I am in receipt of your President's comnunication of the 
20th of January, advising as to the Exhibition which you propose holding 
next year in honor of Alessandro Volta. The undertaking is a very 
noble one indeed, and I desire to express to your Association my appre- 
ciation of the honor that you purpose conferring upon me in placing my 
neme upon your roll as an "Honorary Member", and your request is fully 

With best wishes for the success of the Exhibition, and with 

= assurance of my kindest regards, belisve me, 

Yours very truly, 

| eres Erne 

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| cena 

nef Ova 
AS yeu 
AVE | ee 

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then he Shave nd ataned ae yy p 
Aas Yeah gos fo chro 

WO. 8. Branch Ey. 
di Soh Fick 

aaty, th C or avw of the, i urah te 
mt 4 a itor rr vi sca maT em 

"Maa Me 


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$8) LP Pe te” i ; Keene ia 
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4 a, 
VL cenne Jud aanscs, vee [odes 2 fale oo rf tf 
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ri te Oo ee on wh ony ce Power a ae 6) 

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i, f fated % Change v ‘ +. 

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frail ste ee f atte, 15 
é dy Haim fol Banke 2 28-7 hw a La ee 
wd : ty enchaw se harsuathe cha ch fr § 7 
a frogr soll fo ee Aa LOT 

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neply 46 ees vue the 2uIK rah, J bey fs bole 
hob thos 12 no Onrceke Aaa evee pr the fe (rlasu chen cal tats 
ahack while guick Lerget Pe a i Chenurh cnr ob Ah aby 

Corte. mi ~y (es md F | ! 
/ M oe Q, hana j 

SSS spe Tem = 

hy by fic rare Que. 

SIBLE Gd fy ts gow fasow of the 21 0h wish, I beg ts abate 
Hilah J Aave me aslerrda. J her uf a prep aitdc aod Aotve, 

5 tly Protleny aud do gone ab freak U Gew’ Aves. Gees 
. ol ee flour fw ithe by bf i" iroph + unl 24000 ay: ee 

ful ef ye Cauneh i a ae Ahins PO ee ay) ey da. 

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Gelnews ie) ee: Paired 

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rs ty pow faure, he agh meh, J h- in 
mete f ae | 

Phu. Q.Clem 

Bian as 98 
atin Or 
Voge if | 
oe a ~ asthaah, I bey ts able 
Soil oo gee er 

Bnd, the: fae if S coutd moh h Tesi 
ie ae an (piey ee ee tis, Gromnd 
on g, the dectgne fr the Irait, pauper Momtsol 
seach antit thas wi fo gees 

th cle tun te dros over tf the oe 
r 1 Nye ay 

Snav 3 A 98. 

Gronk dinpanv bg- 
oom be 

ert aia | Nid iis I beg te abate hab 

Ban eo aalp a) weep btw eee me, 
eT Aloe fair mag seme EL pee ci futiity 
huh he ri. (ens, Ca ark mo doubl, accompbeh the’ ‘heed. _ustts 
othaimatte, a say 
Pa a. EXltam 
[irons te tile, - Maw " . 
176 Ethan 
Drow dei;. dow nefety ly ie ge J te a 


RB. te aes 

‘|t/o tntwerstty uf Hebrhske, 
H Lincein, Heb. 
By ten Sirs 

ie. Mien bas voquested mg to reply to your letter 4 
Sach Het, with-swfprmnce to bis naklog # personal exhibit at the 
ceming TraneBissiosipnt etq Internipfonel Bopoaltion to be hel at 
Quan. Ss bo has ajreaty prs sere 19% it nes dost fim 96 much Tor pare 
pone) eah{hites in the pant, and parsiculeriy at she last Parisian Be 
position, that a mute 14 am phsplusm Tyke nevty ageln fo make an 
gehibit, and so for au 3 Ratwy bes not Caviated From this mit, sxcert 
in guy Sustancs. He Aid act make & pergnnad axhabit at the Jate 
(02 J oten Maposttion dn Shiefge, etehguan svery fufInende wae brought 

to Leh to faye tin de ae, hp taet of thd patter s6, thet electria 
11 fring apperanes feetgned after tis ideay t#-now Sut ant by Che 

ts Morel Blactri¢ Cap, and 42 fo my dupppesion thet ft is thelr Tuteey 
cfm to mexe po oahibhe at your Exposition. € courap t haye ze 
af suct information af te ab¢p, bat J egpume nye to be the fact. 

} z truat, therefore, that agter dug conaidevatied ont in view wt 

wg above axplaphtion yo wf 12 ges he panting: oF iF, Miseon'a poatrien, 
aud. I sinostely hope that vy whys here fo ptanby 4A deaiftdtia YR 
exhibits of bpparotns manyrnetinnns py hae iv favant aud me Wee: 

ore’ thon afrand maysithy Hi eit) rielit fads : _ 

Dray da: MS 7 
So nepty 2 gers fon pie eae oe 

nan OW ore Aw fo ee 

wit ar 

me ao f pow 


fat a4 

Osan bin 

a face oe 
oh skeet 

if a die. 

a lhe 4 

raed ee ansdtids firth, Qn obits 

ae ae 

ms ve 

gutta: buh i 
thal gun ve devon 



ae Too Yoon 
| t 

(hi tam sofpes As get, 
wia ° aux RY 
woud ) sane 

“Farah : 

ranuilibe ane, 

4p nom ag th uth, J be to alate: LOinh, 
Ga. yeh a have f. aihkenolts unm the we Sacena. i les 
4, Dae avk ane feu bronco, and Qm moh sa | fp fithe 

: QO, 
. tf tthow po cpaacti nies a prtanh, 

oe Ge Chsswn 

Cpoit 7 # 

bee iy 40 saws farvvref the 2b Aatd, I Le9 te obale Lhih Hi 
l ele Srcth fe sda | with Ly STIG | [shatie aa 

ady Lien re, ool flare ook ar ales 

a i is ‘ZL 
aed ce sachwury Luk Aanve ay aa hati & Atrial St cfr fove 

Finn ey Mahar wants £. ws ofier ov Liaw daiaod: WY ear 
of Couns duck wa onll wiih Curoh py Ore, Se Es 

aeeay Fe \. ra ahalt, moh 4 nea. ree tL she ether pbawite 
ees : ,° oa dy 
im a. 


April 15th, 1393 

Deav Hye Dyort« 

Maclosead please Cind agreement dated Vacsh i7th, rug 
dismissing 211 the old Phonograph suits, also release of raceivar 

signad by Edison United Phonograph Company, 

Yours very truly, 

\ \y 

kn, 23 Hult s 
Conch aati: @ 
Qs “79 ‘a | 

Meow duv:. f. Pa dass ths 1b ane, J beg 7- 
ea ve ey one. Conk bane Av 

ho get vtdtiw Colored ont 
/ w) r 7 Q. Chuan 
: apy ie 9 | 
ean divi 

“daw nef 4 qaw ES Lm DI beg Fi abdle ies : 
Pree meee. at Absnns Mine Ee as : 

ae ° bw Aww G Quinine 
hat. I aturted ea dee ny Taal be, 
ftsorincebe. ae 
Phar. Q. Pram 

ot tee ; 
v any 
by fo he. "fe the 64 nich, Shave srthntth clean ghtiomans 

Bre 6. hrvecw/, 

wim ong 


Cusmharg, dane achan 


Wiade hak embani te YB A ay a A ae pulee an 


i te a 

Views cuicaneeantoats "4 

Opa ih v 

Jute Inch. J hate bew 
ove tp om ame. att 
Peas donet gen pe, 

the tard  Gaidh Jan uv naceeph 
HS rdleak ne fer 

Brie me 

o gerel hui jas ek 

: ae a 


pp eng Pra, 
enced 3d 64, 

er de Te ee 

. id fe 
a Saget 4, 
ch UAS { { bo Cversew 

Man gst fue 

i hayes f Peo ‘Veen zu 


REAL e.. fut 21 

fy adua Lard Mibess 

Phen, a. hace 

vet fr 20 98 
i by | 

a ede ied tte rath wink J 6 whats tftoh 

pidge cat meet ee 

Oud anak, BOs ann 

ow and d “ 
ar elas! hae SPA fe Hf wb pie 

"Mo a. 

mete aa 

ta.  tY. IB OY 
‘i Bebontohanner by i 
Mrou di: ff 
be nef jadi the, 22 nah, J sal te abete> 
Hak the bomaple wellnodin ( oO ae have Bilede a ees 

ahed hunt &cononne 
Barr 4 oe LLG meh dncumen, tes Tea 

auth moh weds Soo fos fon des nb Lles os for orl 
hour ts thah ameunh, a 
bay of fel tn hab, bass 
BOE Gaps Fr gomanig, ade th iwi ius 

- Pind 



sae ene mee fe Bt 

ice | 
: aceite | WILE. EX Barr 



“alk Phe Lebeer 


i 3 



C/o AM Ct 

oy Some of the Coys 

Mig yh 1898 

ha IG maf ba ‘nl 

fe Hy Qana2 m” 

; havitelian 
Deow by eee i 

ae 40 “oun faviy Snanck 23.1878 m ei 
ods thea ae h, ° i Jf Daas dbiaeh Ione Sark, Mar 

done a oy Oatrinh E yd fe auol J coreden Fam 

@ nehatte maw, 
oa gumg pew thahk vay 3 to yth a eeltections 

y | ied La atud ww Qeome Canctlhcl pe DHompr 

+ Ve Cont y 


KN) ora ) 
he. Cb. Gan 

P.# Keun Ey- 
579 Fire 

ents fe i‘ y 
i ee f i oie w) 

y S000, Zo » Qane heeig uv 

ey) mel whack fries tow hon y] sth for Like, amawh, 

oye a 



Wiese xarky ies. 5 Bray wh 78 
Rn Saf 22°\dateh 

iia bites Be | 
b leone cloned altar bw fre LBs tnahane 
a | cure be 

rect Sroliastiictte dev Potephmers 
a5 Ou dw ¥ hi ptinnte, 
Draws Parma. Frome = 
J beg ts adm sow thor Imo Conger make Telephone Lovvadp 
hoch, Mraa made. Cutting a Vw the unch fa Manne 
ae ands oy the, Canna te amrks owmeach ade / jes 
sas Carrs / ancl ah Wren the Prcud An a& mould, 

| We 
@.Q. Clam 

hay 24 98 
bine HI 7 
ig dang ad 
Pprtimaerths, %. a 
Ina clan. 

bo gy ty ce avy of ths 2olh svah, J bes 46 gtoky heh 
Shave tambed ow ane iuh had me + based with thy, 
cnn ink | 4 

Ro. .bo oa 

Fo a ee a pects manner mmr nengnns apenas Geer eee seen oer 
Rel coches es : : . Per) 
=r San amen Oercnn ceeentecee interethnic Se apn tna nb 

va a 

May 26, 1898, 

Deb Shum Shere Jung, 
General Commander-in-Chief of the Gurkha Forces, 
Thapathali Durber, Nepal, India. 
Dear Sir: 

I have your letter of the 12th of April, together with the 
copies of communications to which you refer. The two concerns in ques- 
tion ere not my direct representatives, but simply dealors, burying and 
paying Tor goods just the same as all other dealers.: I have no personal 
interest in either of the concerns, but will say that so far as 1 know 
they are entirely honest, and any orders that you place with them will 

. doubtless be filled satisfactorily. I would suggost, however, that 
should you require any additional materials manufactured by my djffer-~ 
ent poncernss if you will send them direct to me 1 will have them 
filled satisfactorily. They are both quite good customers end in 
competing for business they evidently go beyond ordinary business lines 

and endeavor to throw odium on one another. 1 do not personally approya 

of such methods, but of course have no control over then, 
Seusting that the above explanation is entirely in order, and with 

best wishes, believe me, 

Yours very truly, 
ef ge 

ye OPA etter 

€ ees jee ate 
a ee 


J. §. Otthivnaan 

Meay $ud:. pce h)) 
: ag 

Leerw Ad 

ia pote twho Tikes née 

Pet tise = 

awe ores, and Jan mek eS 




ne ts er oan 45 
efate, thek Ry. Cbs. l 7 

i ee a 

Y trnts the, Actes 

i i 

Po i dawcv. ae 

July 1, 1898: 

John Kruesi, Es3., 

C/e Genoral Elestric Co., 

Schonectad:;, N. Y, aie 

Ihr decr Krues 


. In Mr. Edisen'’s absence 1 desire to acknowledge your 

letéer of June Sth, advising of the shipment of one of 

the "Z" dynamos 

rigdnanly instelled on the 5. S. "Colunbia" in 1878 or 1879. The 

aaching has come in and is now at the Laboratory. Mr. Edison has been 

away to the mines almost continuously for the past two months and 


consequence his inail has naturally suffered, as he has had no time. 

whatever to give to it. Your letter should heve been acknowledged Be 

before, tui 1 only discovered ths other day that it was here ond Leve 

it be sont down to me here at the Works so that I could 


acknowl ad ie lt. There is no doubt that Mr. Ediso will 

Snitiiaaebs Ane 8 

in such a way that it will always be remembered es 

one of the ompliest types gotten out a*® Goerck Street, but es to what 

Going to make of i-; “not say at the moment, I 

somewhere in 7, ory and there remain es 


~~ i 

Trusting that you will accept his apologies Zo not heving acknowl- 


edged this before, and assuring you that it was due to no yA on 

his part but to pressure of other business, and with 

Iti pur ws 
believe me, Lh en 29 teen 
_ Yours wee truly (A 

sae aa 

nner enieann oe 

Q,, a ¢ ar : 
me hive a | Fi2 
ds ee epee p 
am & ts ldo, : af, r fates 
- whe dv, oe 
ly sy O fest ely 
ame pre 
oe, ee 
Prmart 2 

oping be 



Te ie Sus illo 
j apy | 

thy 13% nich, f beg & tele” 


fw Gb 5 Ti - 

hack Jam one wilt mpaohe 

Y ae 


a eae Sh. OS Speyer 
ges word weypstviey + dan, by, 
Posgaeh mein emp * he snow ap 

| oe 
“son Bam piven scrap 29" 

*. i 
aan 3 7 “ 
ce oh ery" < 

SunaEaEnSEEEEDE Unaneaie 
i t 


Aug. 24, 1898. 

Preneh Cable Co., 
44 Broad Ot., 

New York. 

Dear Sirs: 

Irasmuch es my different interests, as well as some private 

enterprises in which Y an associated, will. require to use the cable 

from tisne to Sime, both to and from this country, and as 1 have had 

filed with you for some yeurs past various cable addresses, I wish 

orders would be given that nll eebles intended for me and addressed ac- 

cording +o any cable code filed in your office be forwarded to Orange, 

NW. 7,, and under no circimstances delivered 9 tho Edison Building, or 

in fact, to anyone else than myself. 

My principal reason Zor giving these Anstructions is that 1 find 

that cables addressed to mo Gre g@elivered to the Edison Building and 

epened hy wnauthorized persons. 1 am therefore compelled to take the 

above Course. sa 
Asking that you kindly acknowlsdga receipt, IT am, 
\ oe 
Yours vory, truly, aaa, 


é ‘ é : 
: 4 fesnanme'\% é loouae saad 


Orange, N. d., August 29, 1698. 

NavJonal Press Intelligence Co., 
52 Park Flace, 
New York. 

1 am interested in tha report which was publismd some time 

aftar July 23rd when the hospital ship "Relief" raturned to New York for 

the Tirss tima. Tha report stated the excallencies of tha X-Ray service, 

and alec wentioned that the static X-Ray plant could not be used in the 

Tropics owing to the atwospheric conditions. 1 have the Sun clipping 
ef July 26th, which is not in the shape of a repart. I wish yor would 
ge: tor we the full raport as published in eitnor the Herald, World, or 
soe other morning paper petween July 23rd and probably not later than 

the first of August. 

Yours very truly, 

as, § oo 
: ad eyera ake Aaah, STL eee ery 

Ow: 2 oe Ok 2.9% r095 
oe GF Rows, ta | 
ike ae sd biel a % 
Meat hr gewv favw of tad22 nih, J beg t obets thah 
TY ale ie Age Ww anne Inv Geman a. Easain Ju 

os my wnfe Quad 
na rey aw ditid, ptiinter so- 1897 ov pref ottiated wi Aetinntle 
Gunde few Clivew thousands one here teed anch oy 
ye detlarww ato aw Ponck ar comedlion with aac age 

ig te Ss ty Chernreauh hur hundud ant fh 
Plu m ay be aitinh ab the nate of aire ferconh fim Commer’ 

A alle ™m joucd thy sulin has baw park ws 
dete. 189%. J eupech 4 poy the Inechp age eh beeen ty 

Obtober Det, 1998 
Meseru Fora,Bacon & Davitt, &nnineors, 

Kroey-Wallrsr & Company, 
230 & 132 Pearl Streat, - 
Naw Yort City, 

Dear Siret- 

In comfliance with your reyuest of this data, Tt devire hereby 
“+0 certify that tha installation which you are now propouing to 
maye in the Rar Raet of the Raieon Three-wira uyetem for electriy 
lighting wiki, 2f constructed in acoordance with euch plans ana 
regulations ae now ussd in this country, not only prove one of the 
most efficient imetaltations possible, but will aloo give a dagres 
of safety and durability not t° be founa in aay ativer 6leotrio 
lighting inotallation which you could maka, besides possegsing alao 
a flaxipdility which will ankkiie You to assure your client® that 
the installation you propose is the aimp2 est and esfeat know, and 
the entire lighting can ba readily controlled by the City's offi- 
clals at. any given point or place by using proper awitoh devises 

for turning the slectrio current on or off. 

The above rémarks revarding safety and efficiency will 

gleo apply for an sledtric tramway inetallation. 
: Yours very truly, 



Oct. 31, 189s. 


gH ? 
Mr. My 


« Cutter, 
Supt. Transportation Lehigh Valley R. Ri, 
South Bethlehan, Pa. 
Dear Bir: 
Togue inforas mg shat he 1s an applicant tor the position 

mude vacant by the resignation of your Nr. hattig. 

Logue has been with me for a long time, and ] can recommend Him 
ys being competent to fill any position that yoil can five nim in 

connection with your telesraph or electrical depar tinynt. 

Yours yery truly, ; ro orn ae 
F Menasiene: Edition» 

eae dition 15 hw Se 2. Eten the wees 
ho ee fe f 


Ivctce Gllarw fe 
Tn Pur Yaw 

Gute corte, hucktie 

pant [ptt 

& eek We" 

Ap aucl onade hur 

“0. He whips ait 
Cand SI thih he unit tithe ch 

j'* ome a deceded onauen toy 




Y Kid 

bk he anit, not 

Lhe, frpuil 

Devos ti, EM, 
BP. il, Prassotty Nsa., 
Edison Bullding, 
44 Broad 8%., Now York, 

Deir Sits 

Hy attention has baoa callad ty the facet that you arg ctivay- 
vising yourself as being my agent or having gz agency for tha sare af 
the Edison phonograph. Such advertising on youre nart sends to wet sleag 

the public, and is injurtows to my busindsg gntorast, nnd I thee fora 7 

notify you to discontinue 446 at ence or I syal2 institute Lega) pro 

ceedings against you. 

Yours very ty wy, 

Dean dui. ae 

A ras ped then avah, Steg fy 
aes) f ay ba Aes “ppc 

frie Omg laa te muck at Cain ar -ke wi oldon Aer. 


Mees 13 g 
proton eset | 
gs foo 
Dean dus :. $§ “7 aren 4 Oat ohh / Sie 
7 bniah, awe meh atcw Lh Cua t Tact 

Mice, pees , Aer ai "Y ofrionen ees and eh ould ber r : 



rate wD bey } ro - . os 
20 WILL dnteoadues cO YOU arte of ny Gh end valued NaYt. 
Wad na 
OLevyne 5 rine ake . oper. 7 
EE SOE, Wie, fay MEN! Venrg wag anrread dn tha 
hestresea with me, 

Ho ta ney SU rad Ay the Meetrieal hbugte 

ESSE fir hath “ew York ond Jovlin, Germany, Ho foes to 

Trp ate 4 : ic ts ey . ‘ 

VERGE ta Taok oyae the Pela S6a0rea ly. pid 1 fladiv cive him - Latter 
‘ Casey Lee VE NAM Cera BA 

To rou, 

ate Courtestag Ox toriag to hi apnoreclatad 
Dea EA 

mowill ba very mich 

Teurs var ¥ truly, 

Yeo 2 ant egg 

J ps 

OD rog dyid re Ces 
Pron Parga te 

§ ny rs frrehag i fewunth hive note, ' $3300 % 

Sack, cated Dec’ ad ana Macat “tha cl Aa piece QAtra pleaw Csucl 
ep a” odie Efe. amenchy anet. ‘ate, ; 

ts aom aa I Atte youn ore, S att have ome olrremapltd> ands 
food pw 6, lech } if Ga00. oe ta dake, up w drole, stack ‘ine Ath, 
dua 8-009, Gnd Hh und crabite sw to forg nee onto dae Kay $44. 
je fhe. other, did comee anand 8 ante Rave yaw othin vole 

Rida ne db come wht tind nwa cheeh ff S000. Ge te mp 
= dine. ini 10- 1499 and thed site enable 7 fs fry ~~ a 
. 1899. 

ha ad jv ab. Codi | the unittn om acenmb off mon 
deunh of Cori wy, Masse @e g Ls hate he atte ‘Le pair (ad 
pestle, tegualate . the mnitiv twchouseds Uthiinins 
i tag/ bri fy. 
. U 

wh Ua 


i ee Se 

Fed seine, ts. 



la. Zz 

Pee AST 

sarhow 9 ; : . 


Ye eo SO ree . 
Wes Cl | RAS Lee 2 



oy) Wa ke ee 


+ Senso fe Shea Sete he. 

an aengree, 

Oe gS 
SC Aayth, By 

evvete Lest ey, 

: . * 4 
e+, wna ion Lena 


Ra A TC 

nw a 
4 7G 
Nt oa 

Bee, Syd, 1a78. 

P.u. Proatect. Hae, 
44 Broad Sc. 
Bew York. 
Dear Sie: 

To am Sz npepipt ef your Aetper of the 12th ingt. and senate 
Bbantybehy Fangtet om your 24 ston tinul ng thé pee of ny nane in any way 
in gonnpetion with your bus Lugs. ¥qy havp not ani naver teve had the 
loast right, A) up gh. 

@ wave inetructsé my simoel to prepare papors in thea matter, 
ans untews its usp 4p antiraly biscontinuad within ten days from the 
data horeaf, Lege? ection wth) be tulrey apginat you. 

Zayeg vauy trply, 

Lae I 
ie ‘ 

a Ow ae 7 

Aa Mewkos Ey. | 
Ouans akon lies. 
he Sank 
Maav nwt. 
Jaa thy re Phe oth a a et get ral 
pia ee the oil a aun gills ee uth 4h 
Pian eer Ta ts gob comer faviks from 
“hea dam 
Deo goA 98 
C. Coline! by: 
NM Proad 
ag t 

fo naPuah Y beg 
Sb dench big rua ee apn 


A, itlord, 

Coa ovw nia tome, lect of you | 
wart FAL meat week 2 hope te 
Laure Latest wick sample 
sendy a awe will i you 

Aine day, 

; | fy ise 


4) Keans L 

hone Phe omnia, nal ianaactin., wow aw ewebhan Jhuwenat 6 achis brck, 
fog SF Coan sents (mastiateig abeck, ahd fo thaw, the tiade 
Hl Maes tt en th Br eld 
By how the tie 
: @ anahon wor clued, AMenench Clbectid, ad. Ome oloury 
Metdlig ane facaty a I, Qa, the erfuctalioonn were hah G. Elects, 
tuvulds a op ay a pee ar 
Qe nuithe soe the Uianeackén J clined 
po tees Here dh om » Aeweve S howe Mo 

ref thrutand ae ae ante A Le vic ite 

at ae 7 eae and elme 

Jeuny LA 

Wy Wean Bick 
~eor x WIA comyefhed Ko Ure dour rad Ce Pires we Clea 
har Wee. ST Mhe neous; ak when Une tevsne eal Teak came. 

base 1 cowl vat \Vece it mn on mnaunkaan Ta opencte 

Ke wa ‘ Wihad wo ast commmodakious, conch re weotntiieers 

ume Compose. lash thre Sov ee could KDC reach Ge wos 
av ace fo wow, 1 Nodak Goshax aud Kantat is 
Sa Ged eoulh alee Conpenlive, Aa Ua 

(Wee 20% 

Condud A te oR € da tae api GY ahnoff ennack™ 


“lao dobar tt oe ee Sat ee rete ee | 
cae Vea wy tetas Toe Aa 5 ia ee wah 
“he a |e a act worked pega” Our ouncw 


son ie Sa aka cea: ear “. eae ao 

dc ahdla. RT Tigh Rell, KM patios Label 

aracce Rasux doled Peano 

Ou res coos) ee ba | beaf” acu al Doct | Cate 
oue shoud’ rere | ounce sagen es ws 

a ped tenons the Crrohiney btact™ (350 TERS of 

ore Ue heer taxi. 50 Wacreitee 

Y ahelt 286 Ww Rave Knee Pre ame \ "er Loh kirg he A ete ide 

7 ; . s Z ry < 

‘wRrole qeenreb of POET TE | ee nen a 
Cone as ae | qurachwer = bc| sia, niin Ant —, 
pane ‘nis Us. haut noonhy esa pital neck Woe wc patek. 

of vive BA rel for PoP Comer” ope 
freien pb ob Ss 

i wf lneust Wax (Bue puns he te aos tar el 
anoos bring Greed one coma lore Verses afore Ry ast 

ok av GAee, oo a ae cs (Ge 

ie wll te way neh no aqeod Sek tee +e 

Raud even LY uid evuck W300 Vous 1G meoh, 

ene mw 20 hoa Gh WE wove Waa 10 Cuen 

CoM eH alten wat ye dares enneces of ofemer te 


wate Um Bypedinng— CO boo tee wid woulel 

Cosh oe) of Viaws oud. 

a | py Ve 699 

fi Ae 

fie fev 

- rg gre 
é Cte ees 

Mean bow .- 
% aif “he Tale hi ne: f / smack One Cad: sie! as ahem 
hk ah me 

ance by fee of eile ferry hee aflio please err 

e v is ied 
Puce Cured food diaccucte. anol pre is 
i oe ae 
AG OTN: briak,. 

f aa if, f chia on 
Niet a 




SP el Se 

a eer = een 
eee ae ea STE 



i ae [a 

Va 4 337099 
Dean ag fe 

gue i iad ag I bea ty aba thah ony precotlectiiin 
a ane aw Pars weph uwho terk, he atock ney 
vd woo prank ob the indivi waa the adwe oe obatal, 
ome hitter, Ow atrictl, Legal nomde I cuntdh eld Ab, avaes 
pee ee aaa vetiow aw the matliy ao I madcde 
‘iat mare f ahah 9 thik the Grbate chert 
A henth pementer altro tha the Grkats fas w 
wntt Fie ts do ao wn Ke 

hd khe 

acebh . ow 
witvuh wi the Q 

yb the wrhote turd ald 

aued Jthukh the Gilat aheutes tah things + a 

ea een = 


ee SS PS ee ees 
SS ee = = = = Sarre Senge fi ——_ —— freee Se geet Sees 

Piste oa eee = 
2 Se ss — 
peer Eh e est rig ‘ 

Change A pevmsy > shiteg 

4 @ Muddele Hotshkies Bq, 
cfe tr Siwand Beauv, 
US Wath St., Mew York. 


“near M nee ca era 

Dear Siriee 
Sushering your ratter of Tamary 27, 1699, ty weir 
you etate hat gen are considering ihe purchase Of A centage ben, 
end cortgags wile by we, ated Soptemder 30, 1697, TO tecus the 
payment of $15,278.00 ant interest, to Thomas A- Bazson, Se) 
Z deg to ony that % content - Upon the purchase by you of ane nie 
Dend and mortgage - fo strike ont of the bonds the words; 
*Fogathar WIth 24 nasienad, state, county and @ her 
auld GhIG cay de aScised wpon the moncy now tosaned 
and Rereky Securta to bé paid, or upen this odliga@iic, 
GF The indenture of Porigige Siven to securé the Pamat 
of the saws, and bearing evers date herewith® 
go that the obligation dn ty part wild be to pay the caja principes 
gun together with interest at the rave of 91x por cent, pot sam, 

payable montitiy. 
Further answering yur Detter T Heg to say that no psrt ef 
the satd primcdpad Gum of $229275.00 as been poid and thant thre 
ere wo offects or counter craims thereto, ana there thas Of ne 
Aegenced tn Yaw or equity against the sé". 
joure crud 

h 16.6. Wd a Q 

ust be wn th 21% rsh ie 
elas thar Jama fe te HI. : 

ay 26% 4 
YU ittand: 6, 

94 lbuad lp 
Sraind Viats” 
eat! ren fod thy 23° Ash, I ahatt do + wi bch Safle. 
ae Se shieaaas S xs eee as the pale wt | 
ts pa th ants 7 Commercial ahape. Sarl by fir svsibaness Vike AW 
yi BB aE a tb bent, th, wh inched I ahaee it 
iaowers and. ther Chalts omaky Sc anc cel Cher; 

ap ov mana 

hoa bias 

é : - * oy ew ote 

. pny 26 deg 
| Ga Bowker & tn 

O15 irae Mt dtiash, 
We. ~ Dewthen: 
safely to ae iv ae Veg do abate aay 
Creme haaa) ath 
fy td. sae ~ tie bee on See jeadeng, Choanrcleng mnt 
he mich, ometh, afin rods, the errstoer, com see urhod hed hie a 

ta Base chach betty ih Cow 

! nenahtbte 

| re i pe : pane ha chenistly 
a ae re dh, with: Fancy Gtestiodae, 

hn ew Aare orcas am and Pasties anth ongehonsaen Caw movoy be, 

ned ow oh as Hae withonh, Usufrtatar 4 abaolute se Che 

aad § wat he 8 alse Faw ay Athos nnier urbail, iad 
Colum ahnw Anacdinip on gr Ding anche “dL 

Gd Su han hana, 
- je -“ Thy 


ee Val nae ee ae as nok ow, 

Jdonch tna th ahmed buh fp wen pattie thoh 
am weal jets ew fall. Marre had Aa a and Conmatelh 

-_ Fhe al 
Bo A. Ebecon 
| R.. 

fog 270 
fe Srattr, Ouktin: 

* Dip taee ae “4 Z 
Qa « ru fare the 24 “ina, I beg ts euch 
ow ae weer } per bel, Panda: of wf Belroin Phonopapl 
ohe pov natu ove thoraanc dvtlare cach, thea bynda ands 
thy tity thane Ricans sta Ope Uecker 
fs | the Qinewnd whack F rwe Lk, Chats RG Calais 
ally dal and ot in Khe, trclioed/ pscerph an Gyecubay 
Fi... Elva’ 




Faby, Tth, 3399, 

My @aar Pick: 

Please fayige us pAathsr your company world pphe the 
rights for tursps toy the exalugive uae of our mishinery far the 
maoyfesturing pemeqs only; if co ehet pring they wapld want dnd 
how long an option they wotldt give, 

Yours very. truly, 

fo Ho Fy Digk Rag 

Chteaea, J22.° 

| Qriserad, “et Gresieerrsiey Becve Fety 7 1 

Ratt, | cage, do. 
4 Oe ay = wv 

ry Altace eeu : one tht Qmatt Lark a 

Outtaz., re ite oY pitas thy ome 

pua Sthuih as 
me! baa ae Vp ant nd ts Covinwh ands 
Py pone ger Witnilly omit baie and ub pemsh, | 
"Fda Colaaan 

“ak: @ 


. i. 
we Z Boa, dt 
L Atago 

Ase dgnd me ae aon ae pantie the bevh, eititleol 
OW Cant Vhrelly Preatice onthe Iramufaddine ae Oarthacads 

and offer Fra ed er ere 

an Wf 52 ak 
fpr of 1 ts Bs Ovhane aed ery ae db bt ant 


Ane Raa 



Feb, 21, 1893 

James Evans, Esq., 

Ft, Myera, Florida, 

Dear Sir: 

Will you please find out how much it would cost to re« 

pair the house, 

8ould tha house b@ rented until TI want to use it? 

Yours truly, 

Maas Pelican 

34 9 

Fab. al, 1899. © 

Walter Cutting Eaq., 

Pittsfield, Mags. 

Dear Sir: 

The enclosed receipt does not state what the Bonds and 

Stock are in the payment of. 

Will you kindly send me a receipt stating that they are | 

in payment of the acount of R, I. Cutting deceased and preatly 

Yours truly, 


ence see meee 


toe a 
‘ho tae wu, he asus 
. 7 

qs 1 nates Smt ety nana, 

D reed eT 
3 oh hepa tte SAPS 

perpebse. conrad nee 4 

oe ree 7 get ‘ A 
Yur” ene aaah ens oe 

come” aden alec 

RU ee PY 

Myrecis VT 


epreenny oererers 


sel perery VA 


2 OW buwdeeate. 

Re eee 
Sy et 

OLS GAT US, we. . 

ar eroe 

5 oY 
PAE reno 


Ve aera Rte 
ara Uae 


oe ee } 
ye STOP LD aoe bles 

Feb, 24, 1899 
‘Richard N. Dyer, 
31 Nassau St,, 
New York City, 
Dear Sir: 

Please prepare the Compressed air Reheater patent for 
following foreign countries, and let me know lowest prices you 
ean do it for, 

Great Brittain, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, 
Russia, Belgium, Italy. . ; , - 

Youre very truly, 

Cor BY 

Feb, 28, 1899, 
Mr, Thomas J, Hurley, Tres, 

Exploration Syndicate, 
Mills Building, 35 Wall St., 
New York, 

Dear Sir: 

Your favor of the 2ist inst., came auay to hand, and 
in reply I beg to state that we already have = briquetting 
plant, with capacity of 1000 tons daily, and we only use one and 
four tenths per cent binders to make briquetts as strong as fire 
brick, Our binder, however, would not answer for coal. We st 
6Q0001bs, pressure, 

Yours truly, 

Pia. a E-lacen 

‘ pt 

aa 33 a 

Mar, 3, 1899, 

Mr, W. L, Saunder's 

Sergeant Driil CcO., 

# Ingersoll 

26 Cortlandt St., 

Now York. 

Dear Sir 

My man reports as follows on the testing scheme presen- 

ted to us, 

Sources of Error in Air Reheater 

Tasting Plant as ud. 

vised by the TIngersoll-Sergeant Drill CO, 

The pump must be run at a Pressure lower than that of 

the receiver to obtain regulation of receiver pressure, 

When the speed of the pump is increased by putting on 

the heater 

» the pressure on which the pump works, must be inereased 

owing to the inertia of, vater 

, friction in pipes, valves ate, 

This increase will vary with the conditions, and may be quite tiigh, 

Working under higher pressure, in this manner more air 

Will be exhausted ner 

‘ stroke and work will be done by the air 

Which os ue’ evedited to it. 

One of the advantages of reheating the air, is the t:- 

creased expansion that can 

be allowed in an engine without too 

Breat chilling of the air, This can not be shown in a pump whero 

there is no expansion, 

Mir, John Gnedell, 
200 William St 

New Yourk 
Dear Sive 

In reply te your favoe of the Oth ult., I beg to 
Liat & gorvent account of the relations between myself and ¥M:. 


Reuces is published ta the Waster: Eleatrician, dated March © i.7:2 

Mar, 8, 180 . 

“, Fred Lind, die, 

&£%3 Washington St., 
Paterson, Ne J, 
In reply to your favor of the oth inst., I would advi-:: 
you te consult some telephone Company in regard to the wobth ot 
your patent, 

Yours truly, 

Mar. 3, 1899, 

Anna E, Edison, 
2519 Cherry St., 

Pert Huron, Mish, 

As par request of Mr, Edison, I beg to enolase you herewith 
his check for $150, 

1 also enclose you herewith a note for four months, fer 

160, payable to Mr, Rdison's ceder, Wilk you kindly let mo knues 

What bank, or Where you want this note made nayable. Kindly sigs. 
tins Note, and return vo me, and erestiy oblige, 

Yours truly, 

Seca ee ee ns 




_ Mar, li, i809, 

Mr, #, R. Hutton, Sec, 
Amerizan Society of Mechanical Engineers, 

1g West Slet St., N.Y, 

Near Sir: i nt 
Tn vaply to your favor of the 7th inst., I beg to stir 

that the Sun Article is substantially correct, except Commerfa rit 

Martin wag not one of tha pioneers, 

The pioneers wera; FB, H. Johnson, Charles Batchelor, 

Francis R, Upton and S, Kergman, 

Yours ‘truly, 

hu pags for 

Mar, 15, i899, 

iv. A. J, Miller, 

Main Sivawt, 

Orange, N.ods 

Dear Sirs 
Please do not deliver anything to Wn, L, Edison, unless 

hag an order signed by Mrs, Edison or wyseil, 

Yours truly, 

Mar, 15, 1899, 

Mr, A, M,. Baldwin, 
345 Main St., 
Ovenge, N, Ja 

Dear Sir; 
Please du not deliver anything to Wm, L, Edison, wn.s 

he pays for same or ins an order signed by Mrs, Edison or mys¢l?t, 

Yours truly, 

Mar, 21, 1899, 

"James Evang, E3qd., 
Port Myers, Lee County, 
Dear Sir: 
T beg to enclose you herewith my check for $329,36, the 

same being in payment for Stulpners salary and taxes on my property 

In regard to the repaird on the 

geed $250, you can go ehead and 

Please, send me receipts for same. 

_ house, if the expense does not @x 

have the rspairs done, ‘thanking; you for your trouble, I remain, 

Yours truly, 

Ran 23-1899 
Preaere Pnevke Soy ae 
lease | aad 
Deow diner ine 
agen $m ZL. Colsain wal Cadl on an a 
: te ah Qome, ach ace, i as 

Medley qui Aania enedih, nf ts rw Lamdsed ood 
dottane ate anol phange Coes agameah ~y Acerunh 
Buck. atud. dt hie th me aad. ah 


Py 451 

Wace d se: 1399 
Phila oe 
Draw Audis ial 

“a . Capolyuie ty le 4 22.°4 wank, ts Onn, Inatten 3 9 
age | Oe ae dormer Qy 22 A, to chou mf dovndinn 
: | Flas ww dein he want prerrdlins sammrsctsnnny Of | 
ca ae Conbrorel pilcttiones avith, then. eee 

Ow proferiow cow be pol am ee 

¢ te conw the whole onattov, b . 
et ot ae 

: sci! (4 

» ae 
wrth meke : By eh 
af te 

‘ ian 

ae! i! 

~hl ¢ 
£ = dred Onead ef OMAR 
aad -SVAA 
4; Qriet Heep talance 
enon i narrdithe d , dare. Cow 

aud mitun take ih onnatluer, 



b, Prarch, 23-1899 
 L Puttin 

"Wrncap ” 

Dears hace Cone | | 
GC melaed please are il @ a on tm crancduw A greeonened, 
¥ be sad 46 draw the corstrach Otien, Sty Lhabreunduiie ancl 

“ef Qhao ae hy ff He sarndine contact hack we 

ee aA ae’ 
zee : mesa Pe 

dh ne 
sane a | 

wh erilined vcto ~the olay 
branch 4899 ih hae betunen Phamae Q. Elvin . posi 

Dads 0 an partie vf the, gecend, cea 

- Whoeaw Pe the ark we 
wie | prin oY aaccaaai ew df pes Lane 
ae ands canta AS wih!- . 

ve | a he oii % aa wehiclee, anc others 
a ar paw Ov pen ov To 
bore aenesud jag ands afhle apply, 

reff (Orit and. si. 

Thined):- (0 pores UA ying, aito 

Comeaicreting Real ns chinunale he impurilidn 
eur : Ahereriv, Cont , and wwhenrrae, 
: Pos the partie | the Qecena: fu ane denne 
: = 7, ac aw —s Awe dard Arneritiinnas 
oe ey tale ee peasy amd sis | 
6 20% oAe Flag Aevum ie lege |i sears 
as \dettens 4s beMaid the Gait Sdlem \ 

tha Ceribiagh and tiv 

plac eag yg a te be ts | | 

ae aan ae 
Ai 5 _. tae 
(2) a | | 

thy oleveleferewh nn ares pnveectionn whieh 

Ae tp be paid 7 falls aaid, Ecamy. 
ae Ccbracn et as one ad 
/ Sara 
ml papere urhach im Ae chtirvedd 
ag es cetaw ed Fereerers aes ae 

am ch the aad 
wan 6 te nh er 

aa. tia pled Snanch 17-1899 
aS eae 47 ps 7 ated ancl afpanalaw 

on akoual;- 
ima. ier the bnitid Lotte, 
whith nny be bbl the procew 
Cruretung, acuemng and vay Gat 
Yih of iopltins op botched 
Cohain wit “be Led are hci { 
tha abwe ate Aunpav sandov applestins fa 
hack, Pnarck 7- 1899 Reualh mumnbw 709 447 ay 
yea and ome qeviy of ade eer. 
and Sear the tanfroemerde wn 
th Ae ha tung Cnpreacd Qin wii the, 

fet Base fst 

So ane = = ceappnbaae 
Seem. ase = 2: ce 

Sa ee 

as Ke sumaton 706 976 
a sean fain melee the amd 

fit Connie, “Maa Mien, Brame Ma 7 
t Prats, Omada, Leihccs Onrearin,, (ul . 
| — whith the aavt Chum x» ee 
wo Ate att riches duumenatid, Luh ih ad 
; Amderaterd thah an y paaiea Ae Abnh to be 
oa made av ptapech 1 the lente ater and mar 
| i Ja ghte, amdiv auch apphedtion mr wate hid Staten 
‘ a anol Gusfanch euly tio te be made to a lmprany 
eee Ap ie Nagas a the Cobain A anno Ornndpreraede 
ee font 1 eof the pucpacd a anh w 
Qunusyecl, co the Lrck, prounid 

a te ae the Reem ds 

ape to eae aadel fom 

the 20 meno re ake, Arnfrovermente, made 
jos wm the wupendtine, the 
OF ca yA ollarr, Slike mr aa 

the, tupiturt - 


rae AyD amrecte 
alt be trom tack fay 

% idyee tea 
: t <a wah ae dare 
; ee = Lemp 
> eae Lah etary 
- 7 we 

Mar, 23, 1899, 


We, Garman, “Wsq,, 

Metuchen, N. J. 

Dear Sirt 

Mrs, Marion Oser, (formally Miss Marion Batson,} now re- 

siding in Germany, is desirous of sslling her house at Menlo Park, 

ag she can not poasibly look after 1t, If you nek of any body 

that wishes to purchase same, will you kindly lag me know, and 

greatly oblige, 

Yourg truly, 

Mar, 23, 1399, 

Martin UW. Force, &5q., 

Menlo Park, 4. J. 

msac Martin? 

Wee, Marton fiison, is very desirous of selling her house 

aot Menlo Park, as sivu resides in Gernnany and has no chance to prope 

arly look after it, If you hear of any body that wishes to pur- 

Ciuzn38 same, kindly ist me know and greatly oblige, > 

Yours truly, 

a a a TI 

Mar. 27, 1699, 
ir, Join R, Dos Passos, 

20-22 Broad Stes 
New York, 

Dear Sir: 

T will call at your office Tuesday, but can not say what 

time. TI am stopping at Holland Houses till Wednesday morning, 

Yours truly, 

Pho. Q. Clesinn 


Oremge, “4. | Raw, a nhece alll 

G, Ge “ ¢ 8 

Va res 1X Wet lho Bri 
2, betK aerkn 

FS aay ft We 10 Cnitilct fier 

Aprdd~2 Lee F395), 
Mre F, A, Fish, 
SO Broadway, ) 
New York. 
Dsar Sir} 
Years avo T got up what is called a wonorous Valtometsam 
A point in the liquid formed qagsn, whieh polarized up so vartaty 
that it save a musical sound oy automatic tkdke and break. “© wttt 
wry 4nd Find the data. 

Yours trily, 

April 12, £499, 

Mr. F. Pe Bish, 

80 Broadway, 

Naw York. 

Her ix’ 

| there da goneiderable demand tors Dys battery. There 
dis ates dt the field, wo showlé Like to basis 2-nood one if pane 

Peiatid BEG ite . 

foury ty 





be we 


AD Coat 





reeds oo 


tag Fy 


¥ %e 


April 17, 1899, 
G. Beancht, Bsq., 
Consul General of Thalyy 

New York, 
My dear Sir: 

Your fever of Marth 3th, enotyidiy UbcHMMOALLO awl 

February 26th, from the Prapigent or the UNbdidl ii Goi bby wet the 

. : . National Photographic Typopatipy, to de hed th Abydh aa YAY wt wuid 

a year in Florence, came duzy to hana, hut in PONE way Yecams mwisiala and 

hence no reply was made to 4t. T pSve thoxens Very Aaratys ty 9vay 
that T am pot APR PORN RES fp Hone 4a 

aratus referred te, Php PY PAAIRAY eapen Pop 
apparatus that was even turned aut fan the making 
phs is in use, and,, consequently, 

the matter and regret to say 

Flarence any of the app 
this is, that all the 

of photogry: T have none of it at hand. 

In fact, it is constantly in use taking new subjects. I assume that 

thie is about what they want, but I eannot 

it, it having 

» Of course furnish them with 
been turned over to one of ny Companies in the ordinary 
course of business. 

Regretting that I am not in Position to send what is required, 

and wishing them every success, however, I remain, 

Yours very truly, 


% tbh 



Babe BGvi 


up bri oth 

wba ose ht 


VOI AG nor. 


AY 6 




rm will 






ag >, 



fhasmasn, will you 







Gikan ay goon ag he. pa 






ig taken 



Yours trahyy 

April 24, 1899, 

ene Direetors of 

Edison-Seunders Compresset Air Company. 

Gentlemen: -~ 

Loan the owner of an inventiod relating ta a yew and useful 
Method of anéd Apparatus for Repeating Compreaged Air for Todustrial Por- 

pdses, upon which invention T app}ied ta the U. S, Patent Office for a 
patent, such application having baen filed Fabruary 27th, 1699, serial 

No.| 706,976, and I have also applied far 4 Britjah potent upon the samy 

invéation, T offer to sell to you, for the sum ef seven thousand fiye 

hundted dollars ($7 500), payable seven hundred and fifty doj]lara  (#7f0) 

in cash and six thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars ($6,750) 4n 
stock of your Cempany at par value, all my right, title and interest in 
and toa gaja invention in and for tne United Stutes and Great Britain, and 
in and to the United States o:.5 Fritisn patents which may be granted on 
the said applications. 

Yours truly, 


April 24, 1899. 
Sather Vario Romanelii, 

18 F, t8Beh Aistent, 




Nay Yopy pity. 
Dear -Si ry ‘ 

L he fo enolase you herewith dubyd Si pdt diy 4964, 
se Yours uy, 
ee : _ . April 24, 1899. 
2b a 
at Mr. W, WH. vickerson, 
turf Midvale beet ca., 
ot Philadelphia, Fe, 
va Dear Sirje« 
ors If possible pleasa arrange with -your preaant oxployers So Fax 
tf can be released within a day or “two, -es-we have coms speclal worl & which 

I want you to start inmediately. 

Yours vary truly, 

‘May 8, 1899, 

fe F. Weataver, Raqe, Secertary, 
Generar Rleotric co., 
Scheneotaay, No Y. 
Dear Sirs | . 
_ ALL right my dear man, 1 wide @0 ana purchase 9 share to 
how what a bold inveater f Betis. | | 

Youre qruty, 


Ho Mo Livor, Eeqo, 
511 Weet 13th S&treot, 

Now Yorke 

In weply to your. feyor’ of. ane Sth Anstes. I nag to (tate 
that I do not imow of any Property except the. Ogaen. 


‘Yours - ‘tealy, ; se ~ 
Phos Q Elaon 




May 12, 1899. 
J. 8. Me Millin, Bsq., 
Roche Harbor, Washington. 
Dear Sir’: 
In reply, to your favor of the 26th ult., I beg to state 
that I understand MR. Marconi is soni ik to Ameriga, and he will 
probably produce something practicable hers. 

Yours truly, 

May 12, 1899. 
I. Ve Duke, Ruqe, , 
Outhbert, Gace 
Dear Sir: . 
In reply to your fayor of the 2nd inst., I beg to state 
that at present: I have no’ poeition which I can offer your sony. as I 
have ali the learners that I een possibly. take care of at present. 

‘Youre truly, 

May 13, 1899. 
&. > Fish, Rego, 
80 Broadway, New Torre 
Door MRo Fashi 
In reply to your favor of the 12th inst., I would ask 
het you do whatever ne think fair to the company ana mys@élf, with 

« view that some day patent might be valuable, 

Youre truly, 

Fon Q Elec'on 

flay 13, %89%, 

fohn Toler Sons Cc., 
108 Adams St., 
Newark, Ny, J, 

Near Sirs:--9 

" Please make Sor me, as arranged with you yesterday, one 

casting each #2789 ~ 2790 2791 and 2792. the patterns will be 

gelivered to you by Mr, A. Scott of your city, as fast as made, 

‘Lagse. mawving the castings as soon as you receive patterns, and 
sizer them to us here so we may get ahead on the machine ork, 

Your: very truly, 









a vertical engine when running on highly superheated 

steam, say, 





the interior ‘rubhing 

‘surface of cylinder becomes | 



olished and requires no Jubr 




idized am 

Rhy -p 


whe th 


“where can I obtain 

ar this is so or not, and if so 




‘give me, I remain,” 

m-you can 

the informatio 


ing: you for 


“Overy sincerely 

May, 20th. 1899 

Mossherg & Granville Mnf. Co., 
i Providence, R. fT. 
Dear Sirs: 

Yours 18th. fully nated, we 
herewith return print on which. we have. made a eké tali showing the 
conditions under which the roller. bearings will be used, 

The cylinder has an area of 33 square inches and we- 
will use 50 pounds pressure, giving 1650 pounds pressure on the pis- 
ton head, the reciprocating parts are very light, the shaft wiil 

run 100 revolutions, 

We also give quality of the material as requested,. 

if you. think it. desirable we can put a steel. sleeve inside the cast 
iron as shown, please advise, | 

x We find we can get along with two of "4" solid. and tw 
two ‘aplit, and the others as specified. 

Tf you can furnish your bearings to cover the 
conditions, ‘please fill in the dimensions for which we ask, and 
also state price and tims of delivery, if you éannot furnish” them 
ple-ase telegraph us 80 Wwe may make other arrangenents ‘and 89 not. 
delay. our work. | 

Yours very truly, 



es ere} 
rast & 

n sen & 

suggestion, I am, 

May °° , 1899, 

Howard 0. Adams, Baqe s 
35 Wall st., 
New York, 
My dear Adamse 
I have your letter of the Sth, advibing mé that Mr. 
#dward H. Harrimen is about to make a trip to Alegka and suggssting 
that I send one of the new large type phonographs with an operator for 

the purposa of taking records of the different trives of ind4ana Located 

dn that far distant country. I very much regret my inabiitty to do 

this time, as my Maneger informs me that we are sluply so 
overcrouded with orders 

anything at 

for the new type phonogreph that it wtll not 
be possible to get one out in time for this trip, 

There is no doubt that from a Solentific standpoint these records 

would be very useful indeed, Furthermore, in order to obtain Batis 

factery resuits, it would be nevessary to send one of our best experts 

the purpose and a special apparatus would have to be gotten out, 
but the time 48 too short in which t 


Oo make up same, and the apparatus 
that is at present in use-is used continuously and could not be spared, 

Regratting that I am unable to take advantage of your very kind 

Yours very truly, 


yo deaar Ith. 


tieposad Murpoun 


a lether fron uv. }. Merpan and noumeny 
LEVEVE Lume gy ed wert and saw J. P. add told fim whats T 
ao and placed my slack at nie dispoeals, and hove not heard 
anytotug furth eyo hist, 
had nothing whatever to do with Geurand, directly or’ 
indirectly, for several years and any representat LoOnB he mAkas to the: 
‘Gontrary are kucorrect. T have my own optnion ax to his mental» 
Hope bone thing will come out of. the negotda ah 

Tam. well, busy, consequently happy, and willing 

very prosperoits. 

To.B. N. Johnson, 
“Hotel Cecil, 

May 27, 1859, 

nt Thomson, sq. 
Déverai Mlectriea cov, 
Lynn, Mase, 
dear Ur, ramsore 
< have your letter of tha th, which has remained 

unanswered duc ta my absence from sown, T an not acquainted with th: 

FOUNE man to whom you refer, Hr, Letheule, nor the publication to which 

has reference, TY have adopted a rnia not to alldw my be 
in conection with anything, unless I am familier with it, and 1 
regret, therefare, that [£ sarnot male an exception in his case. T 
wal? much prefer net to have my name ansociated with. the publication, 
i have never heard anything from him directly, and y your communivation 

ia the first 1 have received on the subject. 

Yours very truly, 

Jung 3, 1899. 
Jo Go Raiff, Reaqey 
20 Broad Straet, 

Naw Yorke 
Dee Sirs 

Tn reply to your fayor of the 2nd inst., I bag to state 
that tha method suggested by Rand people using Bir, is all vient it: 
ig uged in thousands of places: ite called the Pohl System. Send 
up to Haverméyer Building to Ingersoll Sergsant Drill cO, and got 
their catalogue of Pohl Air TALS for pumping that will give you all 

the pointes You gant waa steam the water would condense it. 1 


could get you a mining Superintendent or rather foreman, $2.50 

por day. H¢ would understand mining rook drills ete. I think f 
eould get you our old Ohief Fngineer, who could attend to machinery 
air Compressors ota. He has been around mines all hie life. You 
een get him Lor $3.50 to $4.00 per day. 

Yours truly, 


Ho Re Mighty Riga, 
4142-Lare, digo, 
Thictan, Th. 
Dear Mr, Biok: 

In’ reply ty your Laver of the let 

thet 1 hays NO objectiana to makin 

inat., I bep to stats 

B@ movel ex spy Mitog Sites 

Kindly have the Syndleata sen 
ahead and ta 

dg mé an Order, and £ will go 
¥O Skme igs Ont of braee, 

* Yours truly, 


jon c & 99 
eas be ett 

ff Len. EE Peay the lone 
FF at woah te canta i 
7 yd ity ‘al, Qhim. O hie. 
Sight, rsa Randa of the, seitharn. Pacifes hy Ip Poser =. 
maQerts he dts dens mob 
an he anew Qknm, Ohi 
Seid, Kam endy ont spay eh the, Veswr Gorhs Gocteat oh ih 
Tadews Coin Lhee Cetaterct Binds at 10%. Yoo far vetnn 
os theneand, detlere omk, i. af : 
hone beany U nities ahnon. © hie 
| lmvoy ae 

Charge came Vo aeons arrel aces 
one Mtoe anol yt 



June 12, 1899, 

Heavy Ro Wood, . haqe, Rasavaye 
1734 Arananse Street, 

Denver, Colorado. 
Dear Sirt 

When you were here the dther aay you ata. gd You had & Jot. 
of Biewath {OF Re T have inquired into the mattar srr ‘Lind that. the 
AGMBNE At one (Mollay and twanty centt 7. 02 Be Heibattes, 14, S¥omgnt, 
pricg and that this price Aimitea the martet. Aner: are & nunae of 
ages to which Hismuth ean na applied should the pring ga low @noum 
@ ents would caues a moderate quantity to be used in type, ef! 
conts per Ibe would causs it to be used in certain alloys and eh 
ane per lbo would cause immense quantitise to be used in Metat- 
lurgic procassas ang chamical reastions, Have you ‘a mood. eUppEY © 
of ore, what percent. of metallic Biemuth doss it eontain? 

Youra truly, 


ration, owing to the fact thet I will pe 
the Meetings in! iladelphia, T believe 
deterest oof the u someone 
xeculive Committee, who will te able ‘to devote 
PMN & a4 be-active work-of the Company. to therefore beg:to 
aolerber of tnat Gomaittee, and ‘te suggest; 

to the other Bireetors, that mm, Crane. be 

elected in my place, he being oa the ground and- able to sive the i 

neeaesary ethention to the work to be done. 

Yours very tru! 

ye tet 

ranar esxperivarss on the cement relis, and 

tanke cuitteanwsner of other experiments, which 

€@ OF mreat benefit -to your Company. Ve understand’ 

any is to cay expenses of experiments from June 

We write this Letter merely that the fact may be’ on record, 

Yours very truly, 

MLarever sider, 
497 Chester 34,, 

Philadeiphia, fa, 

“We made ou test on the cement rolls tosday, but 

hed yulte a Little trouble with the @levator, which has piven us 

browble all the wey through. ™“e have decided to:aand to. A Fa fsan 
Works Lor a Llerver alevetor, wrieh wewilt uae in PLleoe of gie 
wnaliey ong, This will dylay tne test tntil some tine next wel, — 
which -vwe trust WAIL pot du any vay tnconventenve your friends, 
Twili notify you as soon es we are ready, . 

Yours very truly, 

SAS Se ae ee 

Terence AEN tapes eet teen jaa 





June 15, 1899, 
Meserg. 3. P, Morgan & C0., 

2% Walk Street, 
New Yorx, 

Dear Sirgs 

t beg to anelosa you herewith my cheek for $66.87 ang in 
piuce of guma, please cena ma draft on Berlin payable to the order 

of Mrs. Marion &, Osgsr, and eregatly obliga, 

Yours truly, 

3 r 

Whe C 

| LW 
: | 

TwnelLeth, 1999, 


Me BAN, Vorse, 




Dear Sir- 

Twill need draughtsmen on a new fement 1 Tas abous to 

erect, and if you are open for a posit den, would like you to eal 
on ne here. ¢ will cay one hale your rallroad exnenses from. your 
place to Grange and return, and ip you can arranse to vislt ma, 

Please advise immediately, and i will notify you when to cars 

Yours Very trnuiy. 

Tune 19th, 1899. 

Prot. Geetane Iago, 
Mnatitute of Vechuolanys 
“OST Ol, “ass, 
Vy’ Nigar Sir- 

T have written the JOUNE: wien Whose mines vou Gave “ne, and 
will arrange for thea ta ¢all hera at orenps, and select 
fron them the men we want. 

T wish you would alao semi “e@ the addreases of Lewis Grosvenor, 
Donte wMrteld ond 2. U,oore, an it may be we can do hebter Por 
thea than the nosttions they have slready taker, ard give then. 
more conganial work. 

Relative to the eoupressor, T have an engagement with rr, 
Saunders on londay, ant WH11 show him your letter, and write von 
later what he hag to fay on the subject, . 

Thanking you very muck for the atdresaes, ¢ am 

Yours very truly. 
ie OE Be mya 

A pein ils 

I een 

June 26, 1899. 

Kawardg J. Redington, Eeq., 

424 Crouse Ave., 

Syracuse, New York, 
. Dear Sirs . 

In reply to vont favor of ths 17th inst., T heme to say 
that uae I become responsible for Thomas's dabte, there would -be 
no end to it and I will not hola myself responsible. 

You. oan aay, however, to. Mr. Sawyer that I want him to 

Ret a judeement for the money due aeained Tom and put ‘it in. ‘hands. 
of New Yorr ‘Sheriff, and if he can: not. in a pecsonebts time eollest 
the money, lat me know and I will see what I can do for him 

‘Youre: truly, 
Tnx tA. at a 


Hanvy &, Woo, Feq..; 
1734 Arapahoe Strset, 

Denver, colo. 
Friand Wood: - 

Your favor of the 20th inst. came duly to hand. I wiil 
keep ‘the Biemuth mauter in mind and 8e6 what can be done. 

| I supposa your friend would sell the ore for the full 
assay value of the sold and silver. 
Yours truly, 

3 My a 
Ow, eA ike 

June 28, 1899, 
Walter I, Zillie, isq., 

Grand.Haven, Mich. 

Dear Sirs 

In reply to your favor of the 12th inst., I beg to etate 

that the people at present. in charge of the institution are first 


class’ and reliable. 

Yours truly, 

Phos OE 

- @) ALC Citue- 

“June 26, 1899. 
Rev. Chae. W. Otto, 
801 Elm Streat, 
Atlantic, Towa. 

Dear Sirs 

In reply to your favor of the 20th inst., I beg to state 

that Ihave never heard the name of the party mentioned in your 
Yours truly, 

hoy rn a 
he Ci Colur er 


June 26, 1899. 
Willian Le Raison, &eq., 

45 R 59th Strest, 
New York. 
‘Dear Will 
I beg to enclose you herewith a latter from the Revi Chas: 
Wei Otto. . 
' Ig this one of your girls? 

Youre truly, 

PP Proine'a 

June 28, 1899. 

T. Gs Marvin, Raq., 

120 Liberty Street, 

New Yorks. 

In veply to your feyor of the 25rd inet., I beg to “state 

that I worked on telephonic relaying and made One and took-out 

patents, but never folklowea it up. ~~‘ 

Youre truly, 

Phos C. Pie 

June 26, 1899, 

Bdison Ore Milling Syndicate Limited, 

189 Fleet Sirget, 

‘London, fngland 

Dear Sires 

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 7th 

inet. onclosing Cart. No. 102 for 205 shares of Btocke 

Thanking you for sams, I remain, 

‘Yours truly, 

. Ken ro og 



Jung 26, 1899, 

Jamea &. Roderick, Boge, 

Chief Pa. Bureau of Mine, 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Dear Sir: 

Mr. F. R. Upton wily pueaeae this letter. I have asked 
him to obtain information Looking towards getting a Supt. cof one of 
my enterprises from among the various superintendents of eollierics 
in the anthracité voal regione. I would ‘appreciate any informatim 
that you may give him 

Yours truly, 

rec ae 

dung 27th, 1899, 

Haus, Mosdbary & Wrehvidie thee. do., 
Byovidence, > 

. Rate 
PAH Le yey 

Y fyve naz for eqpipiderantey, Wuedk trun oF aofs sent Wrist 
thsi: 320 wlda, act gy Length that wil ent in muLtiples of 80" , 
E hayes détitaatty dn obtaining what f qwedy aitt nave under sonsider~ 
eefoh the yurehusing af Nhees Ng" oo ohoge Thick, aie tehdnding 
aad rolling &¢ dom to ope, Yhet san you Purndea ye dn FOLA8 Sar 
Bhiw punpuse, ane whas sors ya a hedbing Tusnacé Yanid yoy diyieet 
Bigise also quote price and thse of axiivery after rq¢eios oF 
RF Ror , 

Yorr's very trady, 


meee ee elie S Zeneca Bee 

June 26th,1899, 

Mess, Eimer & Anend, 
205 phird Ave., 
New York City, 

Dear Sirs~ 

On the furnace I purchased from you a short time ago, I have 
the following to report- 

After having had it under two heats, neither of which heated 
the muffle hot enough, we find the back muffle Support has burned 
off, The front muffle support is partly burned off. the front 
plate of furnace cracked in two places, No protection to front vt 
furnace plate above the fire door, so the plate heats red hot, The 
rubbing plate and rubber both have too uneven surfaces for grind}- 
ing fine, Plunger of cupel mould does not fit its ring. Scale 
pans are of unequal weight. 

We are unable to use the furnace, and our work will be serious-~ 
ly delayed, and we beg to ask that you take this matter up at once 
$0 that we may go ahead with the work at the earliest possible 
moment. We think you hat better send one of your men out +0 see 
Just what is necessary to be done. 

Yours very truly. 

q | June “yt 

: Pw side | 
OO foe aca ean 

a Coanwerdatccn etait thine, os Cate {spa ha habe 

t= oun Wades rornwndt, Reever nk he Se 4 

toy f ‘Nomen Cewtt., Ge wok 

Uae petted chemin, amet dietemnects C2 

| nciiiyels has mee 7 
saa hoot ar 4 4 ro 
Ue Fite wntatas a[erdpant. Cheaper 


Golunc In. isang oF Ey Pau Prien 

eae a 

i Anat 

wy ornare 

ame Que. Phi and 
oh Qutial, 2 Oud Hu dam 

Qu =f Lh ores ae Pen ah site (Pararetar 

“tha oH: Janel ave Caw 




a OR DE RO ST NE SE a fp bygeen Seba mee ET aa naw 
ea apse ee ee = : = = ee Piece. 

ey Pe OS 

en pga. 

Sewer i 

| fareeelnes 
sn anima 

' ; new Sen metered meetie! 

| July 7th, 1899, 

vy, Charles Wirt, 
sore 1028 Filbert St., 
+ Philadelphia, Pa, 
My Dear Sir= 

f I beg to acknowledge with thanks receipt of yours of JuneZlst, 

offering to send me a 12", 50 step rheostat with maximum capacity 
of 400 watts, and in reply, beg to state that I could use a rheo- 
MM Stat at present on my storage battery work which is Low voltage. 
Would like total resistance 8 ohus, and to have resistance between 
steps vary from about 1 ohm for the last step to about .10 ohm on 
step next to short circuit. Would also like 20 amperes capacity 
at first part of the resistance, and as much as you can Jet us have 
when resistance is all. in, If you cannot meet these conditions, 
please let me know how near you can come to it. 
Again thanking you for your kind offer, I am 

Yours very truly. 


Jf a 

bt lus prgy 7% 0 
45 Caek tA tas 
haa bol 

Meow brace: 

J beg Fo sel cas Fpravsith, checks as 2 
d al ™ 13.50 ia 

Otter! hr ace SS-00 
fone Panay 4444.50 


wey et 

; | g. Narasy 15.08 
of. Ruse 36.00 
th _ j { $ Rearol Na the ole ekechy to y Fhe hebte Ji trmeraonole, 

_ § ery Bet 5 hoe ees oreo: 

Mia | aca | | 
: a 

July 10, 1899, 

Ney Tork. 

, Daar Sirns 
In reply to your favor of the 8th iusto, I peg .to advise 
you that it would be agresable for Mr. Malonay to call on me on 
Wednesday morn ings 

Yours truly, 

~ ie Bin. Q. Daten 

beteping yom 
Osan dis G kero 
"Ae,  negeash 7 Pus PhaQ. Glam JI be 
on hae mw dete cat te the Crush tol be / 
Y. Sutter “the fottawing “che chy, ing 

ane bod pea oo a len iki dag ir 4 Pe 
Nox oy ackwewledge At cup and oblige 

Iii deat 


ann aki, 
ws het 

Tuy With, 1899, 
Norris County Machine & fron Qo., 
Dear Sdirge 

Enelosed please find blue pring 2 1618, 

showing pattern 285. 
Pleade make pattern and one casting for Se, ohipping 

the castin, 
ePresS At tha barllgag no 

to ug by e sstble moment. We need this 

Casting so that we may Start the ney engine in operation, 

Ve had 
but the hea 

in a Wrought dro piston, 16 warps it ao much that we 

are unahle to run the engine with it, and ean do nothing until this 

ved. We will therefor 
tO hursy it forward, 

new casting 18 reeed 

6 apprectate anything you 
.88nido tor us 

Yours very truly, 

ec rane Me A A a een tee tee semen i nen tem id ma 


duly 13th,1999, 

Bdigon Ove Witling Co., 
189 Fleet st,, 
London, Bo, Augland. 

Rear Sirge 

T at just in reomtpt frou ur. Dick of your letter of June Band 
to Bim, vedativé tm the New Zekand sum, Replying to sane, T beg 
9 2yate that undoubtedly tha ¢itandum can he raduced by conven~ 
trating Yo 1 whit not be ohjautianabie for blaet furnace use, and 
A poad cmicanttreta mide; however, as 1 understand the situation, 
aven if lidgh grada synoentratons were made, thers world be Little or 
uo market for tham, It wold therefore seem to me to be unwise to 
jJuves& any money until w market eould be aesuredt tor the proinet, 

Yours very truly. 

duly 4th, 1899 

Ry, charkes yyy 3 

LO28 Plivert St., 

Philadelphia, Pa, 
Dear Sirs 
Replying to yours of the Lith, © bag to state Y will pe Blad 

Sf ven wid Sand me § alng'la is Anch vheostay, wlth capacity of 

20 ampere on ths raret Step ang & 

on the last step, 6 chins ree 

Steps t% vary as oLaustt ted dy my Former Lather, 
thanking Nor yary meh for yout kairtessy 4 the Wattear, 7 
an , 

Yours very trady. 

| jy iyih 1899 
760 Proud Lint, 
Dean hai). 

J beg te enrctas gu haereith Ve porcentr : 
Leet Prenele | ae CT Bostrend ong dw B240 0 
. ‘ elusive. Pov vatuy one theneand, el tlase tack, 

— mpi the noone of hue 



July 18th,1899, 

Mr. W.S8.Pilling, 
N ? 
Philadelphia, Pa, 

Dear Sir~ 

Replying to yours of the 10th, in which you state there 8eems 

to be much interest on the part of the stock-holders as to the loca- 

AW tion of our new plant, T beg to state the selection of a proper 

location and geological formation is a matter that cannot be hur- 

ried, Several serious mistakes have already been made hy the Lehigh 

ony , Valley Cement Company ana we should try and take advantage of these 
; ae mistakes, . 

| ; We have to take into consideration the position as to Railroads, 

ingress, contour of the formation, character of the cement rock, 
character of the limestone, close prximity of limestone and cement 
rock, pitch and trend of the rock, supply of water, character of 
water, proximity to sources of labor and dwelling houses, and ather 
minor considerations. 

We have secured options to purchase, on the properties shown 
on attached list, these options running from three months to one 
year, We have one man obtaining options continuously, another man 
Yunning boundaries and maping land and vicinity, and giving contours, 
Vadiroads, water courses etc. We have also two mine foremen, each 

tha gang of men sinking holes to bed rock on the verious optioned 

Pyoperties, The rock is drilled, a blast is mate, and general 

Mr, W.S5.P.No.8, 

oe, t 
: . samples sent each day to Laboratory. Positions of holes are marked 

on map , and each sample is assayed for Silica, Iron Alumina , 

On Magnesia, Lime, etc, We have three chemists at work making these 
ig assays, which are preliminary to diamond drilling to a greater 
ah 7 4 depth, When we have eradicated all the worthless properties by 

these preliminary tests, we shall then select the best, and drill 
holes to a depth of 100 rt. at proper intervals over the properties, 
ny assaying the samples or core every foot. Then with all the data 
. N | , a and considerations already mentioned, we will select the property 
we require, and perhaps enough for another mill, We have already 
closed with the drill people for an apparatus which will be at 
our service when required. 

We shall not require the property for about 90 days, and we 
think that period is sufficient to decide which are the best. In 
the meantime we are pushing ahead rapidly with the general plans 

of the plant. 
Yours very truly. 

oT E Legere 


Lye # 

July 19, 1899, 
W. Ws. Weidel, Req., 

Williamstown, Penn. 

Dear Sir? 
In veply to your favor of the 26th ult., I ber to state 
that my opinion is that Mleatric belts are of no value whatever. 

Youre truly, 

fp fe. “Ny ; 
SAK 64 LE Lote. 


July 19, 1899, 
W. Se Angrews, Baqe, 
Schenactady, Ne Yo. 

Dear Sirs . 

‘In reply to your favor of the 12th ingte, I beg :to state 
that the fluoroscope was made in ten daye after Cable received 
gon ddueiag Rosntgene discovery, Tungstate ai seovary two daye before 
thate | 

Yours truly, 

As Ge, ee 

eet Lt 



ceed se a ena aston ipa nistatd, We pdoainainigialey Saree St, oi PSea awe aah: eee erences my 

July 18th, 1899, 

Genl. Electric Co., 
44 Broad St., 
New York City. 

Dear Sirs- . 

Yours of the 15th fully noted. Please ship me at the earliest 
possible moment, 2 one horse power 115 volt enclosed C.A.Motors, 
complete with automatic underload release starting rheostat, at 
$66.50 each boxed, F,0.B,Factory. 

Please arrange to have arniature shaft extend three to five 
inches outside of bearing either side, 80 that we may put on our 
mechanism, If you can ship earlier than three weeks, we would 

greatly appreciate it. 
Yours very truly. 

. duly 26, 1899, 
Jamed Rvane, Sage, 

Fte Myoru, 
Flori da. 

Dear: Sirs 

In reply to your favor of the 3a inst., I per to state 
that I will rent my house for $75 a month. 
+. Yourg truly, 


July 26, 1899,. 
#. GC. Plarce, tage, 

P. O. Box 244, 

Chicago, Til. 
‘Dear Sir: 

In reply to your favor of the 12th inet., I b6R to atate 
that I know very little about the life of Gao. Be Field If you 
will write to 8. &, Lava,“ Pres. of the University of South Caroling 
I think he could tell you all about hime 

Yours truly, 







R. D.. Ruggoll, 
Sibley, T1l. 


In reply to your favor of the 6th inate, I bay td state. 

that my name is pronounced with short "&, # 

Yours truly, 
bbe RV 
tert 6 / 
c VV () 

W. J. Jenks, Reqe, 

129 Broadway, 

New York, 

Dear Sirs 

In veply-to your favor of thé 18th inate, I peg to otate 

that I think Lawson is an honest person but of no great. ability, 

Youre truly, 



WEP pk ay 

July 24, 1899, 


- k 
Ae Pre Pho Q. Clee fy ead 
a ae a 

ay ed to Cuclet Kereonith 426 jee 

Oe 7 the Pay aeaet: the am ruuh 7i/8 
eae) es them ae fw ake alors Crtrarn ey purchase lode 
z is : : ! am atl Oe ere ze ‘eee B fr ter oo F| 
ee es Watt 1 Ind Pray 


ereere et ERA UHM Des TN Sand 
ae eres s: atte 

July 29, 1899, 

Mevares Dyer Aiiaonds & Dyer, | 

Sy « : Si. Nassau Strat, 

| Ne Y o] 
SK ud @W Yorke 
; ; Dear Sires 
‘ | [ he to advise you that we have thie day sent you by the 
oo q U. S. ®xpress tne papsre for the faieon Ore Milling Syndicate . 

| , whieh have been signed by Mr Bdison.e Toe causa of this gelay in 

Forwarding you game, is that Mr. Raison has not bean fFoelinm well 
All this waale and has only been here one day. 

Yours truly, 

Oreary vor, 
New Jersev, 
Soar Sirs 

Tris witha introdues to you Mr. Walter H. 

Miller who nae 
PULL charge of my Reeord Plant. 

Anything you aan aq for him will be very much aEpTeciatead 

Youra truly 


August 2, 1899) 

Massra. Brooke Brose, 

Broadway, sore 22d Street,. 
New Yorss. 
Dear Sires 
In reply to your favor of tha 29th wlte, In rerara te an 
account for my son W. Le Rdieon I would advise you to abtetn 74h 
for the goods whieh you sell him 

Yours truly, : 
fin Q. baum 


2 emetrte FO 

Aug. Sth, 1699. 

“Wesesrs, Eimer & Amend, 
Third Ave,, 
slew York City, 
Dear Sirse 
Up to this writing we have not received order No, 11922, This 
Grdor was mailed you on July 3ist, 1599, and we expected to receive 
the goods in two-cor three days, It is now nearly a week, and they 
have not arrived, The delay has caused us a great deal of incon- 
ventenve and delay in the work for which they were required. It 
Seens Strange that we are compelled to walt so. long in receiving 
g00dS fron you, as we find that it ‘invariably takea from three to 
Tour days for you to fill an ordinary stock order, which could be 
sent up by return express, and as ve do not have any trouble with 
other Yew ‘fork houses in filling our orders, we think there must be _ 
Sune inattention somewhere. ; 
Trustin? you will sive this your attention, we are 
Yours truly. 


4 haa Rlamoloeph, 

Aug. 9th, 1899, 

Mess. Dimer & Amend, 
205 Third Ave,, 

New York city. 
Dear Sirs-~ 

and which 
gave us such a lot or trouble, with one that would do th 


@ work 
nothing being stated at that time to 

our Mr, Chapman 
as to any additional cost, 

Yours. very truly, 

ie sraa Sy das 

a Sem wcrriatinnii 

aig 75 4699 
xe bo. ADack © 3G] - oe / : 

1S tf § foul he, en 
es bhscage. 

NAA ARS Aine. 

The. 22 nan fa be ae Taher £artn i id Z bee faces ee 

v, eS 3 Chew, a fp ef as hers ten. BU 
dre 8 Arvest. amadse, aanmenad, oy and, thers, Acerwr fo 

vicpea et eagenigcy 

be rar Hy cleat e-}., of wh, 

mp, : pes 
Farad bi. tabrastnany ! turhen ole es Rakes, 

i Ye 
Aug, 16, 1899, 
Messrs. ° Merdne 4 MO. 

J7S Dburviuntoliak Sty 
faleutta, Indta, 

Yr, Madson has requested me to reply to your letter of tha 
LSth of July, ead is anewer thereto I would say that he has different 
rethons of handling different petent rights, so that he 4s umabile to 
auswer your query a8 to this. 

The question as to whether g008s sold and sent to one territory 
can be used in another is also somethine thet he cannot answer, inasnuch 

as his different companier have different methods of handling their 

business, and he, not being acquainted with the details, cannot advise 

So far as the word "Phonograph" is concerned, he has endeavored 
to copyright this in-all of the different countries of the world, but 
of courde there ace always spurious and illegitimate parties who will 
endeavar te foiut upon the public epperatus that is not manufac tured 
by any of tre cencerns to which he sold his rights, and in which in a 
great many cases ne is interested, so that it is difficult to reach 
everyone ja all. parts of the universe. 

ra to his foreign phenegraph patents, these passed from his control 

ebhout ten years azo, and we are not in a position to Say to whom the 



patenta were distributed in the countries which you mention in paragraph 6 
a ean or a = Be = mos — 

: ‘ 
“yy \e q 
ad Nn 8 
WoONS i 
A a 
8 OY: 

: TaY. & te (2) 8/15/99, 

Of your Letter. 

ey ae 
henrettiing thet wa 

as we cannot give you full and detalled information 

you desire Jt, we are, 


Yours very truly, 


mye see 

Auge 28, 1899, 
Mr. Je Wa Aydon, 

Wiliwington, Dele 
‘Dear Sir3 
Your favor of the 27th Ult. came duly to hand and in 
reply 1 beg to state that Z am so very busy that Tt wilh pe impon~” 
aible for me to attend the exhibition. _ Thanking you very mtoh Per 
ithe invitation and reeretting that I am Ynable to attend, T roptatry 

Yours a 

ok 3 

Avg. 18, 1899, 
Mr. Wo He Newoontd, 
P,. O. 3ox Li, 
Silver City, Ne M. 
Dear Sirs 
in raply to your favor of the 7th inst., I bag to state 
that we are going to srrect a big mill next year at Oreta near 

Santa Fe to work -eravol, ‘and the tccess of thie mili ‘answar. your 

qugstionee rr 
Youre truxyy 

Alge 26, 1899, 

Jamnss Rvans, Rege, 
Fort Myare, 

Dear Sirs 

Your favor of the 20th inet., came duly to hand and in 
reply I bey to state that IT’ would lika to have the house painted 
the same oalor that it was befora, If you will kindly let me know 
the quantity and kind of paint, al#9 the ofl that you require, I 

Will have the sams tent $0 yous 

I beg to enaloss you herewith sheck drawn to your order 
for $310. Will you ¥indly pay the agcount of Mr. Henley ana send 
me reesint for eamea, and nreatly obliae, 

Yours truly, 

Pho. Q. Elam 


This series consists of three letterbooks that do not fall within the main 
run of General Letterbooks. The first book contains letters concerning Ezra 
T. Gilliland’s relationship with Edison and Edison’s phonograph business. The 
second book contains letters written on behalf of Stephen F. Moriarty 
regarding the business of the Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co., Ltd. 
and the Edison United Phonograph Co. The third book (not filmed) contains 
correspondence relating to the personal affairs of Alfred O. Tate. 

Ezra T. Gilliland Letterbook, LM-022 

This letterbook covers the period August 1888-January 1889. The letters are primarily by Charles P, Bruch, 
writing to, or on behalf of, Ezra T. Gilliland, while the latter was in Europe (August-November 1888). Many 
of the items relate to Edison’s phonograph business, Included are letters pertaining to Edison’s dispute with 
Gilliland and John C. Tomlinson over tights to the phonograph. Some of the correspondence deals with 
Gilliland’s personal affairs and with business interests unrelated to Edison. 

Stephen F. Moriarty Letterbook, LM-023 

This letterbook covers the period February 1898-October 1901. Most of the letters are by Moriarty’s private 
secretary, G. Brossa, writing on behalf of Moriarty and the Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co., Ltd. 
The letters relate primarily to the business of the Edison-Bell company, of which Moriarty was managing 
director, and the Edison United Phonograph Co., of which he was vice president. Included are letters 
regarding the establishment of sales agencies in the United Kingdom, the reorganization of the Edison-Bell 
company, company finances, and travel arrangements. Also included is Moriarty's personal correspondence. 

Alfred O. Tate Letterbook, LM-024 {not filmed] 
This letterbook covers the period August 1887-August 1892, Most of the correspondence is by Alfred O. 

Tate, Edison's private secretary and business associate. There are also letters by Thomas Maguire, John F. 
Randolph, and Bessie H. Tate. The correspondence relates primarily to Tate’s personal affairs, 

Ezra T. Gilliland Letterbook, LM-022 

This letterbook covers the period August 1888-January 1889. The letters 
are primarily by Charles P. Bruch, writing to, or on behalf of, Ezra T. 
Gilliland, while the latter was in Europe (August-November 1888). Many of 
the items relate to Edison’s phonograph business. Included are letters 
pertaining to Edison’s dispute with Gilliland and John C. Tomlinson over 
tights to the phonograph. Some of the correspondence deals with Gilliland’s 
personal affairs and with business interests unrelated to Edison; these letters 
have not been filmed. The book contains 293 numbered pages and an index 
(not filmed). Approximately 30 percent of the book has been filmed. A few of 
the letters are written in faint blue ink and may be difficult to read. 



19 Doy Ste, Now York, Auge 2nd, 1888. 

.Jnoo Bo Powell, Esqe, 

Hoffman ‘Rouse, 

New York City 
Dear Siré- 

I am very sorry to have kept.yon waiting -s0 long at the 
offiee today. T am going away on Saturday to be gone some time 
and I wanted to say to yo that I have had Py talk with Mre Edison 
in regard to the burner matter and that he has: said ‘that he would 
start on the Work very soons as soon as I return I will assiste 

I will try and get to the hotél to gee yon before I 


. * Q : 
leave and if I am unable to do so I will say good-by and assure 

you that I Will do all T can to have the york pushed” 
- ac 

Yours very truly, 

12 Dey Sto, New York, August Srd, 1888. 

Messrse Lord, Day & Lord, 
Equitable Building, 

120 Broadway, New York. 

Gent lemen i- 

I hereby notify you that I adesire to pay off the mort- 

Gage held by your client, Mro Willima Cunard, on my residence, ac- 

cording to the terms of the agreement made with Mr. Stokns. 

Yours respectfully , 



August Srd 18@s- 

Ao Be Dick Company 

152 Leko Sto, Chicago, Tle 


Write mo care Gourand, London, anything 

I can do for you on Mimeograph affairse 

Eo To. Gillitands 

‘August 3rd, 1888. 
Inoo Ce Me Cutcheon 

Fordhan, NoYo 

I wail for Europe tomorrowe Must 
ase you tonight at the house or temorrow 

morning suree 

Ee Te Gilliland. 

19 Tey Sic, Now Your, August “rd, 

Nee Robindon, 
Cure Mro Weil, 

150 Bruadway, Citve 

Tf have consulted with several of my friends who are 
PAS ed Ly real estate matters und Io nage been advised thet the 
priee that you ask for the hoase is teo high ané Y shal? Probaniy 
varsy out my original intention of bvilding ny hese. 
Tt Leav> tomorrew fo be absent fur ep Pew weeks: TI wilt 

therefore not be enabled to meet you tomerrow morning &a you Suge 

gest +9 talk the matter over furthere 

Yours traly, 

if es Par 
ya ae te) ae 
.« i EWM Cad 

a Hoof Lacon SE- 

P76 §lie7 t0Ct2,. 
tag Nea 

| — 

Augro Vth, 1888. 

Bo Ty Giiliianda, Ese, 


Cars Core Go Eo Souraud , ; ‘a 

251 Qusen Vietoria Ste, 

London, Engo | 

Dear Mr.o Uiililendg3- 

Lo have saen Mre Geoe NeForest Lord,of Lerd, Day & Lora , 

and have piven him to understand that you consider that the two 

vutes requesting payment of interest after the payment had been 

med9 Wes evidense of a rather carcloss metnod of doing business. 

‘ Meo Lore said thet Mee Cunard was nis versenal client and that as 

the enshier of the firm received the checirs he failed to be notie 

fied that ¢ie amount nad been paid? he admitted, however, care~ 

tessness on the part: of the olerkse T said to him that your - . 

tiwsire to pay off the mortgage in accordanee with your contract was 

not dus to any feeling of pique or on account of eny treatment you 

hac received fram Mre Lord's -hands but that you woulda desire to 

pay the lean in any tase and that I did not underetand that you 

asked for Mr. Gunard's addrees with any intention of going over Mre 

Lord's head, but merely that yon might be fully informed in the 


thal Mr 

diveatly ta Mre 

as Yoo 

%. 2 

° Cunard 

should be 

Mre Lord stated that he telds the bond and mortgage and 

It will ba impossible t6 obtain a 

amount has been fully paide 

Yours truly, 

endorsed upon the pond and mortgagee 

satisfaction p 


is in England end therefore by making payments 
Cunard you would be defeating your owm interest, 

would be unable to receive the proper credits therefor, 


Angast 6th, 1888. 
en Te Gilddiand,-Esqe, 
Care Cole Ge Eo Gouraud, 
132 Queen Victoria Sto, Loendane 
Meo GilQilandt~ 
IT have seon Mro Coulter of tne "Vorla” ag you request« 

ed, he states that you promised positively to deliver a Phono~ 
groeth for uhipment <6 Mro Pulitzer three woeks after his conversa. 
tion with you, which was about the lith of Junee He seamed vary 
ach annoyed dt not having reo eivad the Phonograph cr ey word ih 
regard toe your inabitity to furnish i+ and expressed himeelf rather 
vigorously in renard to what he a a his discuurteous | treatment 
in the matiar. I explained to hin the impossibility of eateries 

and apologized for our fajlure to. notify him and thine 

£ sieeeaded in mollifying him s anewhat-. 

T deliverad your messages to the effect that you had 

aalled for pare and vould be pleased to exhibit the Phonograph to 

Myo Pulitzer or any of his friends whom he might designate to. yous 

Meo Coulter stated that Mro Pulitger was ips return to New York aime 


“Ly in September and he thought it would be too late to show 

the marhine to Mre 

Pulitzer in England but promised to forward your 

capagapea te Rime 2 gave hi 

nm your naarezca as Care Coie Gourswde 

very truly 

in ee vin het TET 

i gee 
é wv) ca 
i ra 
4. oe 

- August Tip, 1863. 
Regs iret GRLLLband S+ 
I envloge herewith paesnpnba for yourself end Mrs. Ciili- 
Jand ana fer Miss Grace Gastone T notice that i Ss deeradin aN atoH 
has not boen inelucded in the passportea. Mre Bremsn informs me thok 
. you aia net think it necessary to have one for here IP it is nee= 
assery 1% can be readily obtained from the minister or poneud 
f wherever Yau my happen to bee 
I eBlso enclose a memoranda lett by you and whic t 
on _ think may perhaps be naw eal, to you on that #ide, and a letter from 

the Rave Mro Powers, which © have acknowledged and seid that you 

ware abroad; also a Lotter addressed to Mrso Gilliiand at. the 
houses : 
The Linceln Sate Deposit Co. will send for the silver 

ware this afternami ‘I have urrvanged with Nore to get the roof 

fined eas you Aireatede 

a ae IT. leave for Miche at six o'clock tonight in company with 

‘Mere Warde I expeat to get things in shape there and get back here 

by Monday morning nuxt? sooner if possible.. I will attend to the 

Inte Rwy. Tele business as soon asl returne. 

I have asked Mr. Toppan to look after the "Raith" during 

tre few davs that I shnll he gonee Miss Wymen will look after any 

wail that needs immediate attention and in ense cablograms are 

ceivad before I get back, will translate and forward them an may 


Yours very truly, 


Be Te Gillivand, Esa, 
Victorin Hote2 ; 
London, has 
Dear Mre Gilitlendg s- 

. heve just veturned from Adrian after doing OVE oY 
thing that was necessary to vonplose the organization of. the 
Glitilend Electrig Company ag pe. enrporation. IT Wrobe oat tho 
wimees of stock-halderts ana director's meotinge and inane the 
Certificates of gtoeke Tasre are a fey pepers that if will pe 

Yor you to Sign in ordor to complete the files; Welvers 
Of notives, etes The deed exeeuted by you on the day yon sniled 
Will not be recorded fer the reason tha’ 4, contains information 

in regerd to the Poreelasnure pur ohase- witeh Mrs Watts thinks 4 

wniwise to pat on recorde They will hold it, however, to scenre 

the Company, mmtil you return, at whieh time you will sign e pack- 

adeted contracth to transfor the property and execute a simple war- 

‘tenty dead after the time in whieh the property may be redeemed 

has expirede With the exception oP these rew Metails there ig 
nothing remaining to be deme in eannesc tion with the organization. 
As it was necessafy for mo to return to New Yerk to 3ee 


Myre Ward and arrange the Consolidatea International: Railway matters 

I did not have tima to do 

the secemmts in bad shapne 

and the aeeonunss 

sistance £ thank 
them out. Thig ¢ 
nobody in.the off 
no fake a 
employ an 

counts of 

done by the 

| Beotions as to how 

gourse of book-keep 
accountant + 

the -past-voard work, 


They have kept no 

that they have kept 

it would rp 
ondition of affair 

ice understands book-keeping. 

exereise of some care and patience. 

Torm ne what igs done in the mattere 

tion of Mro & Mrs, 

Gill iiand, thay are 

You will notice this letter head; 

small supply; 

enough to last unti 

Gilliland and Mr. 

all at Devil's Lake. 

out of other paper. 

Yours very truly, 

actual work xpon the bookse I founda 

cash necount 

QUireé considerable time to stra 

I have no goubt 

they should proceed and they have «a 


- are in sueh shepe that noboay 

met Myre Jo Fe Glililand ean understand them and evyon with his as- 


S se0ms dae to the tues that 

“Mire Parish ts. going 

ing at onee:and they have decided to 

9 open the books and straighten ont the ae- 

that this can be 
T made some suge 

ereed to ine 

All of your people in Adrian are well. 

With the exeep= 

& Mrse Sheldon and Mre Jo F, 

I have ordered a 

1 you return, as we were entirely 


Beh ne NE: 

? Ge Fs piss e Vehional as f2 eer 

ne MEPEF2, O54 Eo C4 

Vi, eg 1 Fo Talesce ore Clponge ee oa 

” 2 * VMeifr02? + - Et Echbvia ~ 2 nett, hiscouptid tp Jorge i . sf 

ag (ER Leper chap ohg90 
” to J O Tenby, hirer oops. L/OQ — 


ys chee 

corbag M To Gahanee var Cefn 

ae a a = Ln 
es ee eee ' Sat 

i Deere AK Co. - (910 Fe SP C. Jomtgearn) 

vo em 

zor - 

ar, i JI FT 
pe. bag Kofoitss: Goat lo we ge - 
” bnonta din. Finke» ~ 6375 
” ” Willy lfrea ofc 74 50 
BP ot Feb 270 
F fered %) Woragoh ” fhorste farcecsifit 799 
te ” o Bente 7ifg Fes crgam- 2-29 
: PPLE Lt Bod $e. a 2 
” * . Salgrier Gy bvs0 Loewe Cestficee: 9 / SF 
1 ose ag Pape dng gor on 
a 3? SF Brey) Loe FH te Oe? ape Ferre 9 LG.” 
” 7 * Ore 009 ¥ YE. al 4 7} 44 
Z . b3 tenet , Ir f°? gut. heir 24409 He Cb 250 
” “WOamedl lo ~ Ve Cora. Ind lity, Fel, (2, FG 
woes 0 6 PH Ctedctieci 4G000 ~ I) 
; . vite Parga Yy.- [Fer of enckit £10 AP 2E 80 i 
” ” * LOD. C aby ~ Tarte- £20227, Maltacea hh SG Cesk | 2/22 7 H 
” ” . Chae Cijftn, ~ Guacer, - FI FS 4 
‘é >» P Agatr % Pitcosstisg Wei chios 4 4b 4z | ie 
CAR einadit Hla Innbute for yack G2 OF i { 
n « tah Wry, bade, for EF. G- 1090: - a. 
> é . om on Itt b ititiecs 7600 - 
“ "4 sof a « Gbity Cagh SOO.- 
% noe I Ce bg ierd i roco'- 
0 4 0 ts Farttinglon - mil 60 Cage i Mt eo)- 
iw “” a 6 ; Mieywiace . i 7 ot * 
a ae Jovi Jenne Ye yphet LIIIFE 
TD LD co whe oe oa £ rm oe Le. Ps A ly ra 
Doohamew mr Oefoovit i LA2IF 1S 
ore, et! Lao 3 if roo ‘| 
. a | 


Zz + ” 

Waldevere, Tteaener Banter ve 
WA Tossed, Oe 250) 2lp2, 0999 VPC blb Pe 
LF Gr) Lone:, Jendsico Sor Yet: 

RING mew if 

6 SO 

Sao tee nme NAR ot uo 


iy 12 Gugest se 
AD, Ly, Gellleni.- 

Exrcloveet tt shadenernt Xf ct 
ante acct wo ade , Whocetrg Tar 

cence Of A42,256.% Fb yeeer Credet 
J enet you tex Chane 

CMY -priterage Aanouneeng— 
Aral came Sex (PHenJay ) 
onmeng, and Iuicnde were not 

Yacton, PHawtk and PPeee¢ 
. Sheth Hand regards jr LL 
Srehy COLD 

Loa, Lox 



Avgist 14th, 1 


Los Angeles, Sule 

“ye r e at " e 
four faver ox the Gth inste ib at hande Mre Lippen~ 
te a ay 260 tc 14a Broadway,to which number the 

Wetiar anglosed py you nas been forwardede Mre Gilliland has no 

2498 aonmection with ihe new compeny Whatevere He is now in 

to be ahsent Por abut six works. 

Youra truly, 

AvymiEs US, EBA. 

Mre TeGrand Farish, 
See‘y Gilliland Blestric Qomany, 
Adrian, icine 

Dear Sixeg- 

T senda by express todey tne seal presga for yous Coe 

The seal shouid be put on the vertificates of stoek now 
in the stock certificate book and the stock should he delivered 
and proper receipt teken therefore 

I will sond transfer beok in a day or two and will in= 
dicate to you how it should be used} entries. should be made in it 
to correspond to the transfers of stock from Mre Robert Gill Jiland 
and Mre de Io Gilliland to Sheidon and Crane and yon should fill 
your name in the blank on the back of ths stoek certificate as the 
attormey with nower ages the hransfere — 

Please say to Mre Gilliland and the rest that the morn- 
ing papers here alee an account of the exhibition of the phonograms 
made by Mre Edigon end taken across by Mr. Gilliland , to a iarge 
gethering at Colo Gourand’s housa at Upper Noérwoode he exhibition | 
is reported as being very suceessful.o . 

Yours traly, 

Ff. 7 i Lb > fe ‘) ff 0 a a j 
VWVINBTUMTEAT GLY (AD ae oe) LO tty , (Carle Deter bed 
Fa A Le. 

| Wee 



Acgust i8th, 1888, 

Doar Mr. Giiiilands- 

eived and nas been ettentei tog, 

Your veble was duly ree 

aa (2 

Mre Toppan has explainsnA toms your wishes in regard to 
the Gone Int. Rwy. Tole matters TI heve seen Mre Cheyver and thore 

Will ba 2 Inceting of the directors called to elect ma Seeretary and 

Treasurer, next week; after that I Will be ina pesition to carry 

out any instruetions in regard tu that Coo, 

that you may forward, 

as T have alt the books and papers heres 

Everything iz going wlong nicely here and we are all 

Welle T took the "Eaith" Yesterday for a run up to Greenwiehs 

got as Lar as City Island When her pump refused to work properly 

and the engineer was wnable to keep more than about 20 pounds of 

etceam on here The men worked -her back to New York ali right and 

she is now safe et her moorings So far nobody excepting Mr. Toppan 

has desired to use her and if you sre not coming back in time to 

make use of her this scason T think it might be well to have her 

aid up at the end of this month and let the Captain and Edward 

@0 on whetevar terms you may decides She ig only an expense to you 

end there seems to be no object in keeping her in commission while 

you ave absente I will do nothing in the matter until T receive 

instructions from youo 

Glad to hear of the Phonograph's BUCCESS. fe, 



! a Ses ces og Slats HEN Fag ncn eee 

te fe CoB | Ce 
iro Ward sails for Havre on the 7Bourgogne® today. As 
it is now tou Lute to eaten todsy's mail I shall request him to 
maii this lstter when he reaches France, thinking it will reach 
You isso quickly in that wayo 
T have arranged to put in sufficient time at the Watch 
Company's office to enable me to become familliar with the wusinese 
and prepared to teke hold of matters there permanently by the time 
you and Mro Ward returno Mro Ward is hoping to be able to return 
with your partye 

With kind regards for Mrse Giliiland and the rest, 1 

Yours vary truly, 

i : : 

f ; : 

i A i 

i a J 


DS a 

™ Suganh Lith. Lass, 
hee SrGrend Parish, 
See"y Gilliland Beetrie Company, 

Adrian 9 Miche 

Lomaid vow herewith, sransfer book end have indicated 

in Tenedl tha method of filling out the planks. Those leaves 

SHON nes be horn out but be kept for a permanént yvacorde 

Let ma know how von are getting on with the Accounts. 

Please gay to Mire Giliilend thet a cable reveivad this 

morning gays that the Phonograph is a Breat suecess and that the 

phonogr ays made by Mre Edison, Mre Bushnolll and the rest of us, 

msde @ great hite The narty ara enjoying themselvee and all are 

veile Mnil letters eare Je Se Morgan & Co., London, until further 


Yours ‘traly, 

Jesso Ho Lippencott, Esqe, 
Dear Sir:- 

You will please take notice shat I desire to gynil mye 
self of the privilege given me ander my contract with you of June 
26th, 1888, of selling to yon on September 1st, 1888 one-fifth of 
my stock in the North American Phonograph Company fer fifty thouse 
and dollars ang that on the Ist of September T shall present such 

atook and request payment as provided in my contracte 

vk Yours trnly, 

cy — “CorBaee S) 
(c 22 Chg tick oF 

7 7 wa _ 
A howe Gs Glllarid:- 
Liew LUTE. MaKe) ore She “Cea C2I72 Ey 
Mist esstorveeesy Ly C2tle adPraces tf ioe 
LIES yw Fieve x7 — wu Seave alread, y forrest 2. 
Phen, Kt Chtgects tere int + ft Wore agg 
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tHe ESQ ~ 79 order F NMI: Vall. Mante f 
CHeteage ~ aud 0 Org ar ee Talenese— 
Psa acct. -Le2Sha Wier When gittem eat <¢ 
Weed.- ae freq YO tis teccedibne 

orange toered cee 

= Me Jiggaenat elitr hat Hate, 
Cells, as “fefeegeee Ah fefecgpcoFl Sov 6. 

AOTE » Wei a out ee ts ‘aphiagy Bo 

FROM Hed, 2 

i me at icin nnte 

. 20 Ctuguet &f 
Man Cy, Mettelend:- 

DI have wvrees%%err. Sl7€ atin fred 
LAIN * eae Ll! Guscheony Ctcs%r- 

ae If Afef1Eewes Shut She kA. 7b, 
fittfiowe Ul Cavey out wetter Coredvac S- 
Crily Co She Latert Geveng Jecan Wee. 
fruvelege of ets a veel Oar ficny,. 
a firsvelige fiat cout irra bley Peave. 
Betw Cher) tr) any Catt. Sv ceed 
Gott sk pemmanes Ce wttlirig Fo Go nto 
Ye Ctesenced orr Shove Verred , aetee 
buattes At auer a shite -yotles 
Strateore eee oe proud ZOD 
Fo cndeece Feez fetenr os FO tn vegf -tr.9- 
Gul Shat She Potteries for 4ger 
LtaAATE Jeger rrewuts, be Lippe Gh 
; oti ») 

, CFE Gur suis fey e, ‘Wtel2, 
WHA Yenerat Tarun St Gach Secor. 
Ne gmentetned tt) Surig Cymani | 
tianng Ht entinteon #0 Lee crv 
We ie whethe you fas sited Fe 
Yevtns reofiser orhiiche 4 grag frwpioer) 
So ferrirh She enaclternty, “3 fave, 
WMO pearl’ fogev iv 

ta7e ovtT. 

es Ly, Gls enid:- 


moe ry - . 
LS wy, ; : ue, 
aad Oe Cab P ER. Vigg L Wade. 
i : iy mcrae, Wr ; 
i : nie ae ase 
aan von feud one: aes 
' . ; : 7 
Piteet Ce Pere yr geek cre, 
pee eS . f 
pe wae +e ete og ie a es + sh Ge eo Re eT ae 
: oc Ces IT Oe Beat en FE es 
. ’ ~ wh ow” oy vee F 7 ee: 
, we "Pye Fs ota ‘ els 
ie ne rer% rag iry sae &, i a Seat, 
, win ent 
. . _ : 
rae ; : 7 cf - J. yy 
t as oe aie ile, ceityeone pie! 


Hay BAA 

St SES eR RA BRP gr 

ey Py Pee See " . 
Cee OF Bye lt 
. ig ae 
“~ 4. op - be re a 
aa i 2, A dP Oe oe 
= . ovo “ee ae g . - : ~ 
a AES. Fit yfl 7 gh oe, ” foe tes aot, e 
pat 4. Fay! cv? ID leak dd: e Ace Cf On se ae 
U% ” E se xe Xe mst . 
se oe OLRM Ae bade A be OD, 
: t; 7 net 
AE vs Se tas i “an ‘ oN S 
: Cong ene 2 a4 wore Cet ee. e Pris. thy “d 

gee de | 
y if. ‘ n fi oe ; | 
Chere ert eme a Otte whee 2D 

C843: ee eer ae 
OH eer Cone tt on 

o ~, 
“A Zt. SLI Eh 

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gn LEE 

a rag - 
o Read Lind ore tes 

ee re Eee reat Cena 


ehelemtelulwe gis 

We GALPL tend oe 

Message Wan veeeiyea prowprly veste: 


Momenes Lote: Mrs Peirea Llef% the fox os nhone- 

Wonk te Orange ¢ Lilie phonogream: ait hended thom to* 

win apEencal they xpussred ty che in goad cons 


Shere wes no machine in working order so Lodia mot heer + 

ve Elipon was unable to say when he eoalda send zou 


osomivhine but promised to let me know todays out up to this 


five o'eleck, IT have heard nothing Yvan him. He got back. 

from Chatarwa yesterday ornivve and was wury. btueye Myre. gate seia ve 

by the “Etrrria" had. been raceived. 

“has. just “been’ in’ to sey that the "Waitt 

ne is leaking & great. deal; 

Adotel Vactoria 
Omrailrrng, Sduntamans sufly, Gromired Fada, 
| Oni 

29 Qugwl 
Weel Uciona 

Lorde — oe 
Wit luiehcor, Urrieatend cin Flunger?d 
with you dated hlecemnber “Mast te. 
contratt. JSaeby guard. 

ng aon 

«san tn aa alta ats eho saat salt sate 

al August 30%h,. 1886, 

Mr. George Ca Evans , 
360 Broadway . 

New York Citys 

Un aeavrdgngs wit vere eo nest, LT ginve fram Mere Gib 

Viland os sablegrans "Magnan aw. Melughiie are oniy estiten oor 
sYaots evar given. MeOnteheon kas nenc:o Very most tat ean pc 
expoetad by McCutcheon or demanded by Maguire and Molaughli: is 
the ageney Upon san: terms as exreted of all other agents, and 
fdiling to aceept and comply with these terms they have no further 
tiaime. Maguire ond Melaughlin eonairacts were agreements be give 
tham ageney for nerra tory mi Whatever tounge anda plan of operazing 
the busingas that might ve geciasd upon in the fiturea. Mroe Lips 
pencott egreed to carry out these contracts; sil othor arneney , 

matters are optional with hin? 


D mould hte Fo Hhewre. 
Cofry vig iia Si ace 

a ae. 

August 30th, 188k. 

My Dear Mre Viliilendt- 

On yesterday Mre Evans; General Manager of the North 

Ans vLees Phonograch Company, showed me a telegram from Mr. MeCut~ 

sbeor at Indianapolis to the effect thet he had a contract with 

vO, dated December, which the North American Phonograph Comp any 

hed neither the power to disregard or 

transfer and threatening to 
fer : 

tn foin them operating in Inde, unless the contract was carried out 

by theme Mre Evans stated that you had mentioned no such contract 

end thet he had no record of any correspondence with Mrs MoCutcheon 

tu the files turned over to thom ana asked if I knew of any such 

vuntraet; I toid him that I did not ana cabled you at once .to as~ 


I have received your cable message and have informed thom 

as to its contentse 

Tt seems that Mr. MeCutcheon went to them some Weeks 

&ge end they gave him the option for Ind., in acéordanee with your 

recommendation, it being understood that he was to Biye .then his 

reply within a certain timee As they did not near from him, somo 

days aftor the time was up, they wrote him cancelling the option. 

It was in reply to this letter that he telegraphed as aboyes 

They say that in their eonversation with him he made ho 

metition of any contract. At the time when he should have notificda 
them of his decision in the aeteen: he was here in New York and 
geme into this office and wrote you the letter that I forwarded. 
As I had no knowledge to the contrary I did not at that time quos- 
tiouw his assumption that he had a contract With you. 

Mrs Evana expresses the opinion that Mr. Mefutchedn is 
taking advantage of your absence to bluff them and I am inelined to 

think that he will not now get Indiana on any termse 

Yours very truly, 

tte. late -umys Sevy CabTid zor Foley 
avons Fihierregeasehs. be 

Me -tsgeo, ; stat 06 Atel Celle. 
qanececege- f -tinct. Bry Conlecrrocacedt 
ME € worn svecDeuts ¢ Jhonografche 
tio tf which oF Aeewve: cewed frorre 

unkvupored haw Aoday 

ements paeeee rhanded. 
Ke Ho vege foday. ond wll advise 

wy, Sotember? 

VWieloria, Morel, 
Hunting vow Vans caw frory Mus avecle: 
Detinke: seVRemnerW owes wnony oer somori0w: 

Nelerdony {olidoy. Br ne 

Ron york, “ert. 4th, 1898. 

MY Dear NMre Gilli Landi te 
L have your ietter post-marked August 23rd. . The only 

vutas of whieh there is any cecord are as followsi~ 
1, dated Muy 15th, 6 monthe, due Nov. 15th, $1000.00 
r, game date, 2 months, due Feb. 1th, 1,000.00 
2 Ne igame date, 12 wortha, due May 15%h 1000.00 
feng Ue Hall, sixty daye, dae Sept. 26th 450.00 
the noto given Hell was discounted by Cormelius Van 
Brunt wid is payable at the Hanover National Banke ' 

I enclose twelve more blank checks. You will have time 
‘to mait me a check to meet the first Bergmann note before it comes 
ci tf yer do not retuvn by that time. : ; 

jt have received f{'rcm the American Bell Telephone Company 
ang Jonosited to your credit in the Hanover National Bank, check 
fox $166.65, on account of selary to date. 

"ne following is & copy of the telegram from McCutcheon 
to the|Ne As Be Company. mentioned in a former letter: : 

| "Gilliland contracted for Indiana in December last, 

beforel your connection with the Company. ‘hig contract you must 
meepecbe Lt heye not ani do not intend to reloase and will enjoin 
you oy any one operation outside of me- You have no right to 

4 = i ott 
BB 19N. 

In regerd to Lippencott‘’s payment, I called on him on 
the lst preparec to deliver the stocks Mr. Lippencott stated that 
ne Was unprepared to muke the payment’ and explained that he would 
haye been ready to do so had it not deen for the fact that the man 
with wiem he had expected +o place a large amount of the now Coth 
pany's stock had happened to meet Mre E. H. Johnson and to remark 
_to him that he was about to invest in the Phonograph enterpriss. 
Johnaon said "They hav'nt got the Phonograph; I have it? This, of 
course, coming Irom a man who has been closely associated with Mr. 
E4tson ana occupying a prominent position at the head of one of Mr. 
Ediso's companies, had the effect of spoiling Tippencott's etis 
rangements in that direetion, temporarily at least, A "Herald? 
reporter’ also heard the remark and was about to publish it. Dip- 
peneott saw eatery’ and they succeeded in keeping the matter from 
publication. Ile is now endeavoring to secure a satisfactory sa}- 
tlement.s He tells me that he owns nine thousand of the twenty 
thousand shares of the old Edison Speaking Phonograph Comp any , Joni 
gon, Painter and Bergmann owning eleven thousand. He teils me 


that if it had not been for this eciroumstance he would have been. 
prepurad to mn ct his obligations as agreed and he would have met 
hem any how, had he foreseen that anything of this kind would 

Yesterday was a holiday (habor Day) so nothing could be 
done. I saw Mr. Lippencott this moming with the intention of 
arranging the payment on the 25th as directed, but he, now thinks 
he will be able to make the payment this weck; he will know dcfi- 
nitely tomorrow. Tn case he is unable to arrenge the payment as 
he thinks he will be able to do, he will seeure the payment of one 
hund”ed thousand dollars on the 25th by collateral whith shell he 
sutisfactory to me- I ansented to this proposition to delay the 
matter another day, believing it would be more satisfactory td you 
to have the payment made at once than to have it delayed as Was 
proposed in Hr. Lippencott's cablo. TI have cabled you today and 
will oable yon again if necessary and in any oventy, whon tha matter 
is settlod. 

There was no quorum at the special meeting of the Board 

of Trustées of the ¢. I. R. T. Qo. ,called for this afternoon 

Yours very truly, 


oe ™ La 
thy -—" 

Momat’ tt btwn” 
Change A 

Magy feast Hue Jomo? oY 
fod fame linger: Mewee wenewieteW 

SopPto Sth 4 1888. 

hin fe Whppancest. Bsae, 
tle Brouewar 

reew York City 
Yeur fareor of thin date is at hand. 48 you suggest, I 
wii) oa) won you on Friday. to make a definite settlement of the 

water in questiono 

Yours truly, 

S tapi 

B Millard 
Victoua Hatch 


Muntir frremises Whee fray ffi 

thousand en. secure furndred thousand 

2678 Drei dary. Security MW. Hurcber 
[ober days goo. 

6 Sepr 

Ve: Legit “fits ee ww 
-Véer-YarZe _D 

GG BLipierea- Ve 

MLALE rye31e SKeeird Y <r ferere ore 
LoSieLb err CAMB SNES Conte, Sec. 
Lridgreoerziert£ GE etry, LY Wl VecerOt1— 

Meer ey, goo? seactnes 4 aoe APOE. 
Staegy22e7eF Gf LVTOO, G00, ? 
Grea. eZge., 

Sees tee Atul, 

Ball rwoh 


a z = _ . 25 rs AEE gee ret oe 7 

patel is TAA a aaa Sag Secale me te SE ee an ° 
eee = a (Reads itn pn ere peters pial ome iN - 99 ae pon poe pms as Se err 
eae i 

25000 asacant talance next — 
Wen, I hold furrigering. Save- 
mor vasoat- 

New York, Sept. 7th, 1888. 

agar Hye OLLAL Lend i« 
Me. Idppencott has just paid twenty-five thousand dol-~ 

523 On 2vecant of the amount duo September ist, by cheek to your 

tr, which i have nad certified uni deposited to your oredit in 

Q2 .urover National Pank. tT geve Mr. Thippencott a receipt for 


TG ufowi4, agreeing to deliver 762 shares of the stock upon the 

vagrant oF 624,985.00 and ft retain the 


ertifinates wntil that 
aruink is paid, waich “re iipnencott now expects he will be able to 
‘le neat week. He promised not to delay the payment of the balance 

#¥ Lenger than ne tan help. 


twas 2t Oranpe yesterday and heard some new macivines 
work. The results ohteined are hettcr than from any precoding 
rochines. Standing outside of the door of the musie room I could 
Tae Pisknell’s Singing above the noise of the machinery; when the 
saor af the mrsie room was closed the song could be heard with per- 

Peet Rierinetness all over the room. Mr. Edison said later that 

another machine which he tried after I left was even louder. He 

winging, Lr. Zdison expected to send you some machines by the 


3 . 
Servia™ tomerrow,bus T dount if he can get them aboard in time, as 

AERA ead civen ct anal 

ad teeta tecde Pais buy aovne frre ner 

wn express ky bat ehaamer hae alveady clonedy, { have 

ned Tim thet bs ear get the machines off on the “Alaska” 

to the oxpreas company by three 

racelyed trom you arkrnewvie 
Letters cxeaptive the firss one. f prestune, 
“GWreeo, RAL maka is rexshing you. 

Yours traiy, 

Sept. 8th, 1888. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esqo, 

Orange, Nod. 

Dear Firte 

According to your request I have seen Mr. Ferdinand 

Mayer, the Maneger at Weber's. 

Ne will give you the use of their 

show rsom, which is on 

the ground floor and nearly as large as the 

masic room 

at the Laboratory , on any evening that you may desig~ 


The room is very well adapted for your purpose and there is 

2 snalle 

¢ toom up stairs which ean be used for a supper room if you 

fesives I promised Mr. Mayer to let him know in regard to the de=- 

tails of the arrangements and also invited him and the others at 

ths Weber 

place to he present In case you should decide to give the 


I? you desire, I shall he glad to do what T can in 

making further arrangements upon receiving instructions from you. 

In case you should conmunicate dircet you should addréss 

Ferdinand Mayer, 108 ¥itth Avenue. 

. i 7 

Yours very truly, 


Septe 8th, 1888. 

Thomas A. Edison, Eaq«, 
Grange, Node 

Tagen ys Ode 
Peay Saba les 

Mr. Gilliland telegraphs from Bath; “Phonograph feature 

assesiation? big sucaesse Opposition fallen flat. Began personal 

abiack, Sir William Thompson aalled on President stop hime Pregi~ 

dent uscered him sit downtd : 

Yours very truly, 

Het ta 

Deore Heh Hae hy ae SH mee 
= i PTE ak MY 2 OOO nr EON PO NG es ee a fe sO bp Pere 

panne et, 

¢ { 

4é° Aptember? a 

a ; : 2, ; f 
A tan cle. Gelldlenecl :- - 

Youre Celtir Z , AGT ane Stiller 

(70 clase) Aavutler - eae cecys Cater, witls 
Cf, or @S00. Ceclt. 
ic aaa eo Prey ets are “a rebated Cur~ 
datlarwed-.nis- 2? Covired #60” rd 444) 

He telly SHiat Or0d--770F Deés2rcend ce27me- 

Bale frcyriestt - tut ocr? - 
ahtowt OQGCCEP aud Ave Py 

Fo Ger A F000 FP Frere ett. Et%eso21 “Hits 
he. f-coretta cl Sfp -tt220 -st1e Yast 272t%2> 
Y hae nok Coze -tyet,- thin tt crv — 

Ball sheer tt, at Ceart unite PD ani 
wire Paftatl of vrreed et. oD 2th pe? 
toatl Ltnesher -—Halesozzer2rt te orn 
two eFibody Crt She Gift ct Coup Grew, . 
WH overe- fr tr CASH 1Cte SFltrs 321020- 
LAG wee D Con ¥ fier S4t4t. Wrrree. 
tt vel corel Fae statirnent for Shes vat, 
which Clever at 64° Cram.” foanorrce oo 

Chie 2 PECe.” 
avi lf mater PULTE LIQ-Cty RWC GC- 

sutnt, fo heave She "b00%R Laid afr 
ley the TE OO Shie_sr0cemsthi2, and wrtt © 
advil about her ae Ith ay 

Wit fr- -ty 
OFM CH Ltrex, 
Ever iL’ tt ale ght at She 

Srocttt, £3 fave Conrrincasye the 

lore Wwetty Coty Or Fire on She ehefihore 

can cat Shire Fre or fArte ftmes, 
She tayo thee nts 10 fH 

aud CF | getting foster peice lg \ a 

b ond 

By hive fect nothing ) a Cbuan— 
Lor yeverat tweler, tvhitrr Sarverfet—- 
“cunele shat fA ety Liat’ not yet CLG eeoL 
tn he Covkhd, ‘oP vttfrleeo ADVtELNG Aim 
mitt Co Otley sleet piatler, az She irger 
they are allow fo ttenr Yee mete Sela - 
Cult th wttt Ce fo theughTin Sletenr ef. 
7; row Aavet ~ Jia Shrowtrg 
She ofel ceccevtntayacetrt tind starting 
ane), Cut She tts AMLGLEUTLI -drr Ptr 
eae 0 ae Geeners Cyne , and 
(_guakes tt —Hett@sety Pee 5 
Jace Coores freeeee Shie = Bo ie 
—— Dyno tat + hutiaate A eget 777 ~ - 
Guvit aed Picbrlteheor? | Hey feave, 
not aemptid fo get anyfttieng few fo 
ath Sherr — adtIwoutlnt Vig Qurzel, ae 
Yienr fofave acctes x cteys, yout folrn., 

Curd AYfaughtirr, Sto JG Ane wot 

: Bee Git fad fear? 
ASME ter, At brttehierwrre MIICe 
wonlinG EER ca Shty Fad no Cr 
tach, cond Me Sees %o te Cound Cy 
Cin? Contech v, at HS IE. 
he yore Whe Sy eee oe ae 
2) ever fe Sheqne” oD -Leufifiowe tl Lt. 
Ad aevartiriy Ly arnowet Fe fer Rett 
Cefore He BZaaKntd Gey geet mere, . 

Me. rteev Cove Raeret Gorrie er et. 

9 shat br glad fo Fave cl, cee SF 
fait Ha aame Pefgreadtt, with Tiionel? 

Colt Saath ott ¢?. 

Ske Sold mee 

Fe eet Re 
SS ere 

* = rT a 

| (> ae 
‘VPIAO PLL... Jen 2 Ceferue tft earGd t# peg ht 
Yewwe Cer see Ce prueecFhr Ce llp~— 
VETO. AUCH A 200 SACO LIT OLS fpe Tehnerd 
og Me CIPI CY She orber ttty tr) 22409 
Ly tas Cone, Bur. Cheever Shouglt OF- 
Ser Prey | tie srttler tanthetl -yeu Gh ferme, 
 tenlee,g tL CLOZVED — MECELIAIMY Yo petaket. 
ante a bese Fearvrygers Ov Pasnsack Lowe. 
Wir seen tles S00 e Decretlary | 
and Sracerter On ~part CLtet , tino Aes 
unetetting tll te Calted DD fot F$ficrir 
you rntercly p212Sttd fo fav. Nall, felocte— 
Selled nn Cast Shot Pttouwtd Cet Ceatty Ettote 
Ctouti1rne Ctretnecv , and Shac + Shere 9 
Cotechy to Ct toting ‘fp 020, 9 seep feored Ste 
cblaey 0d Ce to Cosiseguertet..., Y you 
fiird tt meewaty Ho Have anything Jone; 
It get aur. Joprfen gr -torne- 
Get afew siuerres of abet, Franz cond 
garutee Shitt a- Teack fee UAGING Aaclidry 
Orr Areca AF aia 
fave nok 3 y Ctorvasery ad 
ly whether oter— phe Aaph Bs ogee 
iso porias Shretg UC Corr7ritsu cating SM -Yyott 
I Rave sent KieCOfe 100. asec! 

Zz ra 
| hanP trek 
Loe , 



< | 
vo a 

/ Cf (if Sept. llth, 1888. 


Thomas Ao Edison, Bsqe, 
Orange, Node 
Dear Sirte 
Your kind fayer of the 10th inst., enclosing check to 
my order for three hundred dollars on account of loan to More Gilli- 


lang,is hereby agknowledgede Thanking you for your wourtesy in 

this matter, I remain, 

Yours very truly, 

14 OrcloterrberD? 
Motel Victoria 


Mowrewifes Unbria Satay. 
Taument foromnived by Datiedary) 

19 Dips of 

Utcloua t+folel 
Choon a 
(alle necensed, Begotten: Cant ton tnotinel re 
AI 22000 net neha - 


oe ne 

( pe | 
I! iw, Optic ov 

‘s, “a 
so 4 ieee : 

Crarnge, KF: 

Leo A f- 

| te, Horace Jowretrd Stevred 
we To way that Ae wettt Go 0 Soe 
eboratouy érrtovity Co ttt ow 
ahitiote To an arttrete Shrat 4 ¢71eE 
COMME o. frreecaratrorr: Cr7 ts. Seorze 
Chert0-114 athros: gor She 4torth Brner- 
ner Ge it cottl sek Ce corrvent- 
cut be pee 6 2ee feirir Fomrervi08w, 
Lea S 


LOG o fend, when corr Cow Jett, 
wrirtled She article She 20°F zo 
that thee t4, no thre fo tt test 


gr | 

| t¢ Defi? Sb. 
GS tan): 
COL” tay CLAVE i - 
A a aiken: for Yormovews Meaprer? Clots 
tar Ste swenng. FP send face Gp lat 
domettieng snetty ceceer FO eusert ctr fo C4 2 
ove tilenlion HO refiven ~ etefirected cy, PLATE? - 
£ SNLELAGL ~ thy WECH CHEE torr wrod tek 
i fidbe We. tatect tHfetsnafior poses, 
- FF ecaltd One Fer. Leppeers cot On? Sucedeey 
ACO the furymnent. He gicdc ont a Hyfinese | 
Sirorutve To flay the Calin Fue Oy erdccer, 
and sid He twv0ultd tend Fer sre ‘wen Hel srs 
wccby fo bo go J Rave Arad totticng form 
Ss serge ais o Cecvened Sf Yotr contract ise 
lave any tepgech wpe « Sf frerc-cofti : 
nd WS Xf5 GE é f 

by ‘César: Sltree~ or wwTe x 2 ; 

Cte En ; =. 
Yeme F 2 _ Mee Coy ehivened with fie. 
Hee Mat tir. 7 Fad Gg Cet. pep 
CtOr Ly, 

Mees comorsrtes Pe) 

A putet ‘tur. 
Sebeythowed -tr9 Fo Or. A 
Jo 26, ss 2 To wry , 
CG aft € Goue 7) 
Mates Gourand, cL At 
twrth, Aske ccscvab Gib gern 7 

I recewe a nCf6, Shez 
Skat ely, : 

; ; A AML Ctt.cgne ct MAZE 3 
I rmtl Cie ; 

L tegcer! fo Sbtecg- & 
Vere C4 er tpi J cae 

Mee; — ferapose cefsiedelean . 
Khe Places cca GOCE Cort All “cee fel 
A 009 yore thalericn f Yo ca teerrgmenty 
peat COelt” Go feces ce: “atest te. PRCLUAL, ut fhe. 
Shed, ‘ : ; 
D Has Stat, Atty, Voppiart ts ne le auger 
‘ CFR PTE POT a She SKOR ODI: “Prete, Tut trees 

OPW 84nd ~ Oy €f Atleng tet - ~Oeyfiiig 
ONC, SIALCHNCOT 040? grrr, EES COR CO7 pce - 
fat Hie BF? * * 

“2? Cer Mhenrte GF or Ober p19 weet heey’ 
of MUR lron” 

SF UaePidiiek 

roa Seen 

] stenftonee tty ir iets ACE thar 
SF fau_not Prhootd any Be HAM 
Meck, tts eth | att rete the Ole. 
Cats hw ede oe ee oe Calanier Y flr mtn ce ad 
Ait od esse) 

‘¢9se He Miyppeneott, Esqe - 

Sir: ; 

= You: WIL plokse: take: notic 2€) thet t Aosi re to. a 

} , 

nett of Give: pri vile ® given me, jamie am - contra 2b fis) it you of 
1, 2888, iS sshecy to you. aon bet ober Jat, 1886 oné~fise oh 

ator nk in he North Amor gan Pronegray an open Por. 



Victoria Hetel, 


Sable reeciveds tuntaman served papers yesterday 

Storping poyments gronmad transfer your contract vith Company 

invalid without company's consento Hunting postpones payment 

until consnlts attorneye dfeologrest 

AR Ceadae dat ces 

Tar oph ani. deatreobdeegees 

Lointinentod tHotel 

he. Tons 
Eanes fiffienth, dhall bdith tay Ufa 

OrKc ak nasnr from. y 
ae + Cog t ar. 


— befoy — 1st) 164 ke 

Ree Se 

e08tarD eae 
Tax rid 
7 pate ae aarilicae! CeraeentAenn~_ > 

au Cope y 

bontinentaly 4 Sparie 

Wheohiluwrs hystomer bait. alte as 
owthority ad | 

Rew York, Sept. 24th, 1388. 

My Dear Mre Gitldlacct. 

Your letter written just before 
shesk for S509 received this morning. i have not written you 
vinee the 14th for the reason that I expected you would have 

started home before this. As far as I know, matters are in just 
she same shape as they were -then. I saw Mr. Lippeneott a few 
hours sftor writing you. It seems that Mre Edison learned of 
your arrangement in regard to the sale of the stock and sent Mr. 
Lippencatt a letter, whith he read to me, 

to the effect that Edison 
hed learned that you and his attorney, Tomlinson, who had conducted 
the negotiations for the sale of the Phonograph, had exequted per- 

sonal gontracts with lippencott; that he had been deeeived in re~- 
rard to the terms, and stating that Lippencott would be held re- 
epensabhe for any further payments of money that might be made to 
you on account of sueh personal contracts, and reauesting that 
fippencott comply with the 4eeus= es letter and thus avoig Viti- 
gation. Mro Lippenaoott stated that he was not prepared to say 
that he would not carry oub kis contract but that he was anxious to 
avold having to pay the amownt twice and must eefer aetion in the 
wetter until he had consulted his attorney. T saw him again lest 
Vednesday and agein this morning and he is stillawaiting his at- 
torney's adviee in the matter. He informs: me that Mr. Edison — 
claims that your con raet with the Phonograph Company was a per- 
mond contraet, which you had no Tight to transfer without the cone- 
font af the Phonegraph Company ana it is on that ground that he 
notifies Lippencott not to make further payments. 

Until yesterday, waen I went to see Mr. Toppan in re~ 
rard to your message, I have not Spoken to anybody on the subject 
tnd have no information as_to the steps that Mr. Edison may be 
takings I know that Mr. Insuil has been in tom and in charge 
of the matter, Mro Tate having been absent in Canada when the 
thing first’ came uppand I think that Hr. Edwin M. 
acting as Mr. Edison's legal adviser. 

Mr. Toppan says that he does not know whether or not ; 
the Ne Ae P. Company have made Mr. Edison's payment and that if he 
Were to ask Mr. Edison the question direct it would at once be ap~ 
Parent that his question was asked for a purpose and it would not 
b@ answered; he says that he was to have received some money when 
the payment was made which he has not received. In his position as 

Leaving London, vith 

Fox is perheps 


Hage TOUS preg tys 
ing and Fold him: + 

Soin yor. em: ; BS ER Ke: ¥ag. ats 
eet sf iiastoun bis way bo earn Purl siidkt Ate He 3 fe 
Chasg eit has. givensme ne informations . Ue gather, however 2 opxoin 9 Aye 
eee Sans with Mri Tippsnaett (ana Me + Tonpan, that Mr. Bal son's 

Le “pia nina? ‘ess. Worse and ‘Widen the breach between ‘you; an 
bone. I am afraid, too, that your. absence : 
évidenoe that you are afraid. to .come ‘Home. 
“Although I seid very Little to 
thak be ith wke-as Lodo apout your. absence | 
none you. the cable saying, 
absence. is damaging. I would not: ‘prosunio. to eh ve -you ey op nion 
on this subject. if T knew just how pully: you? are informede "Of 

-guurse, all.-that I know ‘is What. I ‘have learned: ‘from. your.” 
putaenee Raz) aie and Prom: shod tag my ars and: eV eB: open and 

Youe | I ‘know, 
At be worth ‘and 

Mr. Samuel Holmes, u ship broker, #ro+e me asking if 

ha "Edith" were for sale. I explained that you were absent and 
tnat I did not know whether you wished to sell her or not, but 
. allowed him to have his cuetomer inspect her and got stean on her 
to show her to Mr. Wolf, a mechanicel engineer, who is a friond of 
tiie austomer, G. Sidenberg, of 47 Mercer Ste. T had Gnorge and 
thie Captain posted end everything done to show her up to the best 
Advyentape possible.: Mr. Sidenberg writes me today to knew the 
price and T have cabled you accordingly. He understands that she 
has not heer put upon the marke: and that it is quite ponsible 
that you may not desire to sell her, Upon receipt of your roply, 
if you quote price and give me authority to sell, I will m ke the 
necessery preliminary arrangements and you can axequte the proper 
papers when you return. 

IT have made all the.arrangements for having her hauled 
out at Lenox$.on Thussday and will do so unless she is sold in the 
meantime o Everything at the house is in good shape. 

I am now expecting to hear f an yon at anY moment that 
you have sailed and think it very likely hat you will not receive 
this letter. If, however, your plans should be changed and you 
are likely to remain longer than the middle of Oct., I wish. to 
write you in reg: rd to my posi¥ion with the Insurence Association, 
as I must decide concerning it about that date. 

I have papers from Gaston & Marsh which say that their 
Fhonsireph Exhibition; on Thursday last was a great sucatss, 

Will continue to keep you fully advised by cable and , 
mail as to what is going on, in‘case you do not return. 

Yours very truly, #4 : 

Pe 2% 

go *m, 
/ / ee 

8 ON yp? oH 
Puy Dette Pier. Gllelard:- 

SUELEL t teleg quoter 7g 
puncte pegs : C14: SV cabied tiproh ids Ottt722 
Cueg anc gave tem She figures, edceng the Cro- 
Nak Corridor a S%.- We Came CO ter Werough. 
a Crores. We @4 a yew, Cut a very genffe man- 

fe ? eet 4 Co, OL Whethh 
AN tne Ctrenprftorw (100 $f. Con . 
tivo year old , - eee) EL fecon Fert, 

anaes fo ttl, Cut woutd te wilherig fo es 
fo of ty cowl get free, tetauet 
“dahe Ge Auch Yort Goer ‘ a 

Yat Aly. Sheencitl wavs He 21 Sieg 
Covrefels Nc, Wo Ccat 07 fy tn She Taher 
PM AMEN becauet, ACL AUG hi ler Kaz aee 
tg 8 ee gene: ye . : | 

4 Have feak,, WMS fitz, a). ee 
Oteion: arceties Yter. SIneutt (OM Cor Steg. 
MhiewecF Py : 

oe ee 
—i7 Of ne ac 
PO2- 32 VE DIYS CF oh 
DO” apa Spi?” 

Gets Ist, 1888. _ \ 
5 ch funne' & we | ! 
nS L Sewer whieh Veritan jal neti neo Bostow,; | i 
SOEs have agikex ve to al- . (grees Yow henin Jan tridary | 
use st th@ar offices 7 1 

« lay? 
a He fay 
w st ne 
2 OF 
oY ir ft 
oe us ; F 
oy aS x D 
" i nee as am “5 at 
- ee iw ~ x 
Sik et * i 0 
a x en te ay me eo 
ee Se a fe) © 
oy a Q > 
‘ iB hd 43 2 y ' a 
at th aa ad s 3 ta! 
my eK a ae ; ct 4h 
in Pal Lat 4 
x ty a te a a7 Ae) 
3 cf “y te “ ” 
it ° a w 
o - rou ” ce 
te fet 3 
my ae wee Feo 
my =1 
Ses ie fas ~ 
ft : bee 4 = 
O i+ 5 t c 
st ot bony © ut 
v re ‘ 
7 a 
Ny ee y 
a” s i 
ES i 
77 vy fats 
a *) 
om g 

Gittiland : 
Aah OnoleXorre~ 
Qneass Raid Depooih tomoriows Conteact notes 
aigned, OW alo an rosseosiow exc VUerooriar 
306 shares, Ohatl 3 detiosiy 5000 Verronian eredif 
250000 van Leow frard Venenes 



b o 
a nonwiagy 

Cote Onaleterre/ 

Mrewibe 125 max 

Oct. 6th, 1888. 

3. H. Gilliland, Esq, | a 2 
Gilliland Electric Coe, | 
Adrian, Mich. 

Deer Sir: 

Hr. EB T. Gillilana and party expect te 
sail on the 20th by the S.oSe Brstapnee Their 

present address is Hotel Angleterre, Gene-rz. 

Letters leaving here not 


5030 AcMe, addressed care Ss Se Bretasy:, Havre 


ought to reach them before wney sa 

Yours very truly, 

pheatler, tr P werFég chad Antler Varn. ce 
At tenn. iso Naas ape at . Weifred So Le aesecrtd - & 
Cowie, fftat Shee focke Tea Pek Geerr Wie pte 

y Ge jo mt fiat tt had 

oe ett jo Caiwuon- x BIAS O00 cath - apt 07 weg 

cast afer ayveorr bpd fiat F frad Cen ats 
oi ta oles Mie atic. ctf Catfed -yott; Wt care Sor 
fas" Cone lon from fict Kew as ine ‘ob Attorney 
wiowtd) frre fiat Ser te gaily Serd- 
lpnnt eat oe ca-d Shat Wo" Caceld—z Sor. 

gp, ~ Wek grad conc, . 
Lecttbcinaunt Of Gur oycnin 1 i fre Mcally 
She o€0 -Trecbees ¢ Thonegiagth Co, had oe 

Vt ATbCh2.2 VG Coeceg hex lien - 

Uae COW -t3 hauled out. at yer yard - ttflknhe 
der sired fc ea 

Yucht Otel Lb Medeq, FO. (Phehyre, Grae 
Biter olen | tate aie 
Lory ,wtule nehivern. 
ad fo-ftar agarr -ae Es 
Cree, you. twould -tytrt Fo, ee. ‘fier - 
ie Cur ordre Fo Raut cut, tert 
1 fo Yrve She! Cerstos Brier CL CA 
Com. Bebe. get ee. Kigierts. 
Acave Ciew Aft At ev; 
dhe wae pot Catd tfo <eeeen? 
sae hace re 
seas 1 Pitc-rtst07 
{ofr wtecieg on 
Hone “Pe Bigs Cth Cet. ee 
Yting at the houe tt all ot. 
Cttiand far reeecve) grorag 
Anne ytG ett ttt CV Ont 
Hefeere, F fica -ye sheds 
nd feb Rhwntaa 
Lad have sft LEAT sp “DA Sericeer 
aps tft a pees D bree, 
Yoter. “Gadt eller U2) fet. af- 
Notice Jaus - (aagya "I ernctore one fo 
no Pes wast cnelosed. AAGUF , 7; 
OFICLY CANO en eAG A % cory “tg Here, 
eager and —lle22, aie ores cag. of Seeur bade 
OPPS LECRA-L ff” — 2 CL ge LE Gotnig fo 
tg fe ctcccoacpertin 2D Mente GREE Lo ert, 
ote Ceedt fot 
a Gel laws vier free. ateect Fin ch 2GO. We. 
Cae: Cn fo we abtet cone oretrs Flic: fit. het? 
wreeaves, -dossactoly at Crertge Yuet Few ov So” 

Me tow” Oye tee fat- got at Ederanr and Vad chalet” 



ane Sho seatefhergpors at nobere-I necoeen# 

fer thie fuck Mat 4 
On are OnOtr whieh weary 
FO dye nettice., _ oS Jireturme he ficeyz 

Sreazed Aen 


ey Cordy — alto 
cond FHath. PD pee = aes ps Yoabr 

ult nt get Contact, fort 
C. FetmienafEd Cer 
, é tot, 

= To; Vofiyped 24 23, 
Ot ee ce - a5 | Ofefecere fof tr. a ie 

tO -7212- +4 C fo Siem? 
rus PUALY 2teceted ter 


\ iy/ of 

Ethan | 
Hotel Chugletere | ( ee 

creer Acepreaty. wacate officeo, Snatch. - 
Diese Bretagne Marvrer de chborion- 

a | 7 
: i Ss 19. fms wv 
| U 


ek any: she Miaebivie: es 

a2 S 4 
: A ae oF 
AES OP oF gerzer er dceey , actelreeteel 
q the Offices reat peg Gry Petra at 

ay Fam wnAatte Vo nceackh iors 
CO Cblettr tirtiecteone tr She easter, 
aro. as Covnfril arete Werke your Bes 
Guerh at Sturt Pome cweeelct terv0tvt. 
Ad. SEAS fertcert renew ee fo -teL_e, 
sy Isetorld eestyicctgecllay acte Shat Fit, 
Bos Kear atrangement Ct Core7ycr- 
‘ seed n> Cr. Chi fan Po -rekivn 
Sd P7PAACLL 7} afeecltd weitere, Shee 
swat three .twerece— twhitrn fie Carn 
4tt721706, AMtaAnGe “tepereveal , 
ies. a af B 

tity tinly GOL, 

SESS cand aN 


Yee regcived from Mo. Gillilend: says that” 

and: that they now expaat to start for 

soout Neavember! LOths i 
anv Letters or telugrsams that y ; BEN me 

shenl4 se addressed to Room 24, Weatern as-We are. 

moving out of the ¢ ‘at 

yo : 3 
[ SL 20 OMbbKh ? 

Cheegyf: Ectuen lactine Ctortes, 
ee whic . 
agent Of SHE S88 éresk F face. 
arrassg ed So CACATE cer —tonday 
seca (22°E) Sie at lee 
ttttanber Chal Scere Petar Ocree- 
fered ty etl. CBlletard, 
Warteenng you andl Stic officers 

Contncchled tWwtffte your “fret feu 

Wc SAULAERS Cetetlettts €afé pe fo 
ttt 2 verrcter 2 as 

lioty Sel outs, 


Gt farD 




SG, Oger PF 

460,12 anbcotee s 

us oy 
ert lhe21£9 2) ~ 

Your CRAM 6222-00660 





Hat oY ets GavtSfo - 
geutthe. Fo facze aheereld- for 


Wee ferent, Ci addrceced 
Fo epiaey és Gere ~ Siggsar 2 

Lldkétn- CLzerce20- Deet(3¢ 

frre Sttcle pox 


oye oe Pas : : : 
LIC 2 tran prerctia Cate by, 
i Cell & Lbireard “ED. 

ere Woven ere 

9, Unity charge Hhe-ad- 

2ttet for Size Clever oo 
Civiecle , or fionant fiom 
lp MSb4¢ PE, 0 Tivo 2G 
S92, Shrocedtvcy: YF s GE 

Boretc Peal, . 
| Gare . 


; Ce 

22 OchK SF 

Ge. Di C2 Ge. G~ “ 
ZA S3r0ab Ft, 

, ee ee a 

Hiricly change We 

LEOLELS iis the Cttivecy 
Of p11 ett GEt fo pagertoe? 
(Cee le 

fre SG Ketz Ht, fe 

(o¢za +e, 

Yheorre 29, 195 Thecateoay 



Yours Pech, 47 a 

: Yrave crafiched Korercc€ 

23 Utiobesr > 
A har te. Glbiland; - 

Wave erdrren tngy 
hella by stirs frock ~ Ced- 
teases fo Gen CUAL? ae 
MS7¢ACE —Clorqari_t Co, . 

Hearjes, Jartt, fo r-tene Caller 
4 Crete? foro. for ©2000" 
; How cll. Ce ale cay 
fer Cott A 0letrr tfOU ALKA Te 
. Gis forte tm (aye: 

bee rphhierig gocrig all 

| “ig hl Gee fer ar 9 Ferecetl 


237% Ocidbenr-? 


Mel Cong le 

CEO LO UR ty ; 
ZI OGbbew? gy 

Ly Cear eC, RkCLeerec in. S ; 
Your vo Lctlerg Pre th Fb -csdge- 
£22 & Cs ELE JO -232 lf oe Jeu ou HM IOO”” age co) 
tee hegues Fort 000 tach. “fo Onder. K\re20 C 
- oa. ase esto Corr frcre Sf ne LUETE Aee-ceetto) wyer- 
Leider sero rts. ? 4y2- tyoter Letaf frre- 
Croud Lilley Cott teee0 Steg tte fer 4200, was 
Cnclose? » beet Mere evans p10 At Clopere., 
7 cerrcore tout Jo Cave. 2 a SI vefaprie; 
Herve ~ 2200 tiers were SoreatDtlfo Fez. 
Lereqe aded2eees pou OVC 202 C00 bere GYotch? 
fuel, == §- Che el geenro Ootch fet Moet “you 
Vice: New) Vier WHrelegsue Geller 39 
Gros 8 pL. Ore tA! Eid a peg cate 
‘ COtsereg eettlernenrt tex PEL SM vene ot 
‘opece -T0 460 ~ feeend tina Beet ot Hb , Faw 
‘Yer tert srt0dnire, , Ae agred-he - a : 
‘Oueltorr a2et TF eat{e) yote aecorder, Fig Hii herr 
‘Mteee cortvtacs, heck. Y -tibynipies 4 Yop ALI0+- 
1 GEES. Crt. fre oy, Lbowe step Ft 2 CLA, CvVe -C2retel ag 
Contoactl who atfirafror. 7. GOVE #2 €, 
"tegtte for MLA GES 220° Ferez10'% pep 
“YtoTes —“eleee Abe, ee, ant aoy, VIE! eurYleoet 
“Gucet , Pegettion corte the Ctyo Contejtrce er 
’ (3 767 ~Lhbcere4 1) L037 Owred ~-b, fPt O70" Cor oe i 
Warr eile tof e. Site FEEL Brewis, cot qecal, 
" EL vi CLC tt 47 “Feeey ftawds ere efile 
"Loo otf. oe 1F1f Dftaretr Each wher | Celon 2 G7 
“00 Vorilin flor Ged -Cwere grok tet pith Zee. 
Vore lest tope- tv? -So Stcess eo FP Les Cut wt. 
- Ae ACCC ELICD C8. tye —tt*ely Teast esyn Mbp 2 
SP Ceebyed tyerce Deg , eerd after. wecteverr.g? 
Yo Cable Cres reecicng gne # Fo.-to, de - 
Stott:22 fhe B F000? Chegeet SO Taf; eo. 
Creter Le. —Ligefe tr tau Car at cet, 
Ta bris ef uted Coapze 2 aed aig Wettt lS, Togertet— 

. eee 6 
ope SPD 
ees Oe ors 

oe 5 eae ay. 
ae Rais se) OC? Fer aoe 

ne te 

“SD Coote Shee Coe -t44 . FER CY ca Sirs FF : 
" Greeche ase BSeece Y. Gell lee 2% ~(F" 2624 | 
” Ce Ee CLIN “7 «COS fe 21- Gf Ctt- Get 
" few .éetll~ Yecrve- ert feut <4 cy. | 
PECBIVEG alors. ; Ver CCLACT cat GF Cetcr Ft 
“ SOCCC2ES Fo een ety, Tee Ortly fier2r- 
" Gre Coe. Gree Cen pet exncep? — ett 
" Lécgn2.Jo girl ~ vnttld Oe ter Ste LC’ E 2 £ 
ss Fe Serles1 200s “C CORB Fo, terre tt SRE 
‘ Clue Cerge COCATES, fer Yhie Ceetzod ey bf 
r) és CONF AL O7 al Ofer Are tye. ais Lf. - 
ekg, Hesitation abort. Wiat, Geet 
"SMETE” AOCES ~-220 —Cessre- JO CO, Pete 221 Corse 
“"“tetrtfe 4 (Ott, cog D3 Overlooteecl Wee feces oat 
" feore GE Mais CUCHE SUF tp pire fean Ly 
‘eenketl 2 got Mit toch Sap She Vella 
8 Shaow- ef epeercec UF: wt tue: 4ere Alt Preciby, 
"lO Clare F, setae, to’ D t0tsF Ahee™d 
"aver tfrarer Clay «t engel Alondee,* =§ 
" -eethed fo Cel aceevted -of Cocerte- f, Whee 
" @foche Fed -w03f : Z ; 
"NWec+nentioned So gue Shiat 4thal save, 
"0 -Lo EStves of W125 00g 2 Coch, 
“oe He eet SC Sf ttt teisesti aAdcoir o, fheer 
“Yat Z Sect! “CLeer alfe Fo OCs, SO EG 
“79 Called torn? go a SS ees oe 
he, blithe <1 fauled out at Cyerr yard, at- 
“Cantre Yacht Chet Fiaetor , De. Woe hiliyoe. Dy aad 
Yyter DP eco. yur CaN ordtring frér Lé& 
" “ttf ~ your Cable Cerzene ee gee g an 
verertte. P Cbeged tome. Jez ga St fb 
Seer ageew ,ar—-Y ete feot.d “ff yor: ae 
“ f @rece ote tvedtd tersh Fo 2ece firey 
" rear uBee3 Ltet-0 ye bo Goter ALDER Lo Shcul 
“Ol, bel agecesrr. &. LAYED Shee _-earabler fe G0 v2, 
“ She CeetTanter~ a Cheasce Fe “Lt, a 

« So Ger SOO Sf ced Uf told PT ge eld. : 
” Chey ave tear Seige 270. Copee ae ma Te 
. Leo ster Pe eens ; < 

Me above -tvag Javed GEA Ft ee 





6, ; Tbe cocetlers C€00l tease beter Jiet tn 
al te feotlt -er navther, fhe bess Fave 
teesw tlle - Weer are é777Aall cesrd tet CCE 
deercely otal eettugte So Cart all wenger? 
We Yeerrectect. 29 erg gered: — cand Car peels 
aud Yeocese Checeszed as “cegecer Seo Gry Chee 
Gilliland 01 yfelters , ear Serres. 

Wie tlacleene Prerf22 - Weroug el. Wiereh- 

LI2dOPY, ~ Keg tec Gil ee SO CaAcasE Stee SG OEY, Se 
VICE, --sageng Mat AGe Ctevon wistird fe 
eZt SMjesrr fer Sie Ore Alling Cony. Ps 
Bees t0cg vbr Were Par. FP xe Ut —vyacek 
fly Lo sae sretsage At vston S22 Prove, 
std GC ery teeny geet: 420 chee Dn tig e - oy 
AO OClBcl?e. @2r Clloz7 Pacey. Tite feceretfeert and 

Btfe cern fF So Yo ferecotir Nerage, ae tere 
PreeFe4,  -— Wott Aly. Kbelificnaavr covrrid Pita 
Stell Srcared SOLE wee ces Tectceb ey cn SK, 
Statler - and F epdeavoyes Ff Hcccyero ca TE: 
F7E. Cot fice ty CltrI90O F le accuse? GF Platt, Cre 
OCCT Fe —_ hegez - CCysi1an- tt Coagng 
Wee Cy; Sen, CE4B1AA10 «4481 Sher Crt 
Yee Olacftere. PIVOT LES. PF apr ES ACS 
etna teabpecarss2 tet Yee COwTerer. Ctrerei G- 
MCE ely SF O. adbbeerg cr VEL a FS: 

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Stee -lbajchi Corrprarniey steatlenZ DPD -Aalel. 
ercdéavor. L6 coretesetce setty Yrrezest fF ae7- 
targesucul tenet ett ttfterre me 4 aay 
tenable Yo C0 do wml Kligagehe on tHe 

m4 fect. the MeOH EE, WA Ching for fhe 
dauntves Cend yor othe perefierty aed 
tant te oy Set “elit ved oe Corre Zt, 


Oe AD tet Ate ent. fg 
. -- Hate ee 

ne ts wll, ae a a”, te ge as 
Qe FV 8 Foo Le | o terete BL FTA 

ern, ene ae ae Nt OO Ren Peer 

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wars, CC laos WO -one aa. 

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ee see At twrfh Fr “won. FS -fare Spd 

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to Reger Yecoer lalte ou F020 telly tet ~tvterr +4; 
‘fee were. 20 CleYtazed —- cerad Ceceeerz2et “DD ork f 
Cucendt Yer27- ¥O 0 84teer. Fe STAAL aS Pet ate Ce. 

Yicrreg Ctete. 

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ees 2. F Ge reece oO, Se Sons DLE eS Se 
COS AL Y SMéieszsr > ety o pesoiste: Crectn g 
We yeast l2ex -cuc0erer BZ Creer Aer3~eg- 
AWVICCOAT CL Co220 Cau Cerecec or, -.. Rowevex JF 
wall Cte AOL Sa wrlanuge Yow az Jerr tveeted.. 
sah Ct Meee 2 : 
CAVE - MLCELV EC. Ctcy  pwrettage cer- 
DBeecséerig. i pet trod tte Credr# 4 OOS EA 
 NearyZs Jeeves ~ HavtHadt--Gfy Gyo Chez e 
Cerrepved Catd Fietszed Fhbess1 OCvtir Fo eee 0 
logan and Gow — My atthe Aireck beret 
ke eae (A Yoss0740103 Be sr1e¢-~- So -ét2ee Stor 

. Creltt fo you: for F 2000, 
SD kl ELE 2 

SLOT ROR 84 Som me aaron eve Yee sey 


Seren eres 


a oars E = oer 

O,_veteror Cer UY firetonal 
oy ae . fh. 

tetii11 Sat Siate Feeyr Seeceehed SOe tepet, 
~e#€077€ Of Si7e121 Stt*m-To Le Petter fe “cor? - 

Jeoricnce, ae LfCAT abeesece. ptfl 
; Jr faker Yo ecleaowsedge 5 ones) 
SI have tngoermed prervucns, Gerions and 
Wie Giduan LQlE teil your reiitn Aarteen- 
again Yi fiorred. Yocer “Grothe 2 
‘George Gatien wll come an fh 
Mecrnety tahencgmn 0 9 ; 
WAT a tveefe a rr, ~ OY bhicche Ccaltfed 
iss - YW shouted ese lo inthe es 
tradagy -of fleet twee Le. 2 . tired Weer 3 
wa, € cP You Fiave fr Fitter tt 
CPt Ot futrwanrded, 
Yotrrd July 



. axed 
PAteté +t; 

ROU. mgrce csv SOA Selefitrone Placitceerg , J 
seconde fe 

“¥ylecomed that: Zt MVCN 

29, Oc#. t 

Beer belter og ey SG? rbacxos Pe2t. 
Cfees eer0 000; : tvrtore you getlyy 
Preven Gg ceed Ope Mattie, «Acree: 
Cael aboeer meré. Orr Shee wd gaty tly, 
Auwtviesveor Servytored fo fray - ‘fou Fes. 
loreg. CO -yetr , fat 3 we1erehy, Tere iar 

t_vacrt ccritel Ger Come Home. Doth 

OP weecctde . 2 Cat? heave ; ve) - aeeth- 


Pose gore t42 Yr, I & ; Get en, 
Pricer, Cerin DP Aer atlird Hp 
rHewmbene esiecTty Cat DP Shirnte There 17 oto 
Kant mentioned. Me wrth. werk, 250000” ponte 
ag Me colfaherat ettrvesaP ened r+ Shee PUc>#lé , avrd 
o? tein jrowabty Rr cewgpe. tt: Cead bey Callljre 
On heme J oholl JCETARLIN Om Wea? poe 
-eott Piowe- eet, a, PLES ee Terbe- CL 
oat Loi 4 : oe 

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atoret vacadieowr  D Cf frowed 
Giang LO CAAL Csr Sfie 20 : 
KOwerel Clorgarn wre She -Strres Ameet 
CO ctecee GCLEY Of Cedet fe you. F7 

yud Mat «4 eetiriary — oberzaiee cevh of 
tore g Clr 4 erect en She mails. Yer 

ME fEB > 
Po re yore 4cecetved srry ttern~ 

Lerten 6 2uéerntvte. or Srro Zerct - Com- 
“Grsung ‘Coriverwateons t00¢fe Ly. TAs 

aim Glab Sat You find Ste Frateh 
Corryftasney CAL tuck Gow Phare -and haez . 
#20 Cowtr, uf your Gt. yorer Jereonat 2Hern-/ 
Sen Yo «te- esses tt Shar tt ear! 
Ce saade verry Srrygetatte todte,, 71 
have eftent Carge Gensunts mthiei, Flee 
gee eng years, 2 sah eae Ute -carky 
Cree t dette -Tehliven 35 : 
tL OF Cettle CtZe Cao ati- 
LEA Whe eve sheag ACtANGERV EMT,» ia 
(srelagne 2? We Came cor Fier Sark evez- 

ssa 2 “—- V6 feer1 76 welase, 
al ee : G ~tetwr é 

a tt Lttmro F se IFiAtC SLte Ca 
COChel Frag a Jrckly facer Cheeesrce. FE oe 
Corry Geou au Get119 So loetr_yoedn Lcre, — - 
a fetter Corres Prov WICG16 err TSbrritce - FEL. 

: ' Cag tn coal, 


jer thet, ert werticr Yor 
PS GbOse fernreweard Iter, 
Yours Feet, El Tprcck, 

“Yeo, 6th, 1888. . 

cork on titand, Esqe, e 
ae y) 
Cara gilliland Pleetric Coo, 

Adrian, Miche oa 
ly Deer Mathere~ . 
'Winned of the rd inste reselveds Sorry to hear that 
you are Bick bit trus at nat you are felly reeovered by this times 
T am improving stony end feel. sontiaent that f wihl coma 
out 211 right and willl orobably be ia feirly good neeith by the 

time wo meke our visit in Adrian. Jillian left a few days aye 

and 23 mow in Indianapolis. I can't say just when I will jéave. 
Tr T san fet away by the Lith, shall go by the way of Indianspolis 
aad srrive in Adrian a day or two before Christams. If not abla 
to gece avay at that time, shall go direct from here to Adrain and 


sho will go there from Idianapolis with her parents 

T mote what you say about smoney mesterse as itis so. e | 
near the time that YT ax neat to get HESS i think perhaps at would - : 
be yell +o Let the mattor rest until that times 

¥ find in looking into the matter that I have no diffi- 
eulty in getting good sosurities here which will pay BK Therefore 
| there is nething te be gained by putting it into the banks 
the ce 5s 34 ratac fT should like to 1st out about 4 hundred 

thousand dollars and would prefer to have it in amotmts vf ten 


3 Ga¢h, 

YS mbeg Se very 

Suma of threg 

Al ‘hough in this 7 dort 

Shey Can hava What 



The part 

thousany do 
23 Mari gece on 

A brick block ‘ig the 
“MULE ah 

to Make > Hovevap 
“Ither song of bring With me 

Tomlinson has 88en 

Shout the Mat tars over 


“REYES her, 

interview haa showm that 
isa SeotSontaz one 3 » We made too m 
tenons tions that he shonta have 
COUld have demanded that hy b¢ given a 
OUP trade. ap course 

tt ths we 


& emtract 
tonding that fut Pail to holg them 
WERess he x 

Proposed to take £4 

ad resp 

away from themo 
‘tn a very r 

idieuloug ifght, 

The Probibilitios a 
Ll pe 

further wy Gone. - He has 

that he is meking oe 

fool o himselp, 

now and tha time } 

£ remain 
With love to all, f re 7 

Your sffectionate 

Rbout the amount that 

Edison ang talked in 

a ridiculous Proposi 

many 8ecoun ts to look 

five thoug 

and dollarg ag 

liars foy five years | 

kind of loan that I 
» We can atip thig aq 

over and I wiqz 
you mentioneg, 

the Presence of 

in any way derogetory 

OF course this ig not so, 

Bdison's only odaim 

2ch money 

Share of the Proceeds of 

tion and amount g 

to Tesponsipie Parties, in. 

onsible and ir it Was a 

This pute Edison 



. £ 
7 ‘a 
Y that you mMentiona 

SP gS Sey, 

Nome ort ay 

ny MEL .G ang Ela@otric Cgn 5 
Sdrton, Mich. 
OY Dares Sra sheet 
t have not yet reeovaroa from my siekness and I find it 

wiry S92fsieuls ta Write, go © wit dictate answers to your leterg. 

AQ une of Ook, 22th, sent to me -in Europe, haa just been reteived 

fidse your letter of Nay, fend, written after we arrived home and 

yerr Lass eter of Bac, 2nd, giving me all the news up to date, for 

all of whieh Y om mish obliged. 

Malnee gave me a great many details in regard to the 

Wark ings of ihe Piletory and the business in general and so far ag 

T have been able io jdge, they seem ta be. going along as well ag 

We could oxpect. 

‘As Y snal2 be with you in Adrian very soon Ty will not 

Sttenat to wedte much of any thing conceming the Edison matters; 

thers are some things , however, that I have told father in a letter 

Just written him, whieh he will Probably explain to you and Which 

no darbt you will pe glad to hear. 

Fathee told me something about, pyre Carith's troubles, 

and Loam crery sorry to near of his misfortunes, If you will send 
“ ee FoR : = eer i) 
me his gtdreas. F,eould be very &lad to sand him a little present 

hi sonkt, under t} imgtences, will be aa 
Cf money, Mich ne doubt. under the cirenmatances , LL b 

Bea Lele 

With tove t9 222, and hoping to se you soon, I remain, 

Yours arfeetionately, 

ae oe Ol a eceternnnnn wre ane 

brian iene 

“uta Rox S1vGe - Dees 7th, 2853, . 


oops Remmer, Faye, fo 

LY York-Stiasse, We / 
Kerlin, Sovmanye 
My Dear Tunnerd- 

Your aver af the 15th November reached me just about 

the tiwel handed in this country after a four momths trip to Europe: 

Pept agen EY OTe Sipe 

“Nou Ll Lert here I expeeted to go to Berlin, and in fact did not 

give wp the idea of going to Berlin until about the time I started ft 

Rimage i 

X think T informed you some time ago that I had sold aut 


my cnuita interest in the Phonograph business and know very little 


Yew wesks that T was in hondone 

I nave retired from wastioes and expect to return to 
Sutope again in the Spring; shall spend some time at the Peris 
Pupositauan and will visit Berlin and will expect to see youo 

T am much obliged for the clipping you enelosed and will 
have i+ translated so that I can See what is going on, as I am 

etill intsrested in that invention, éspeoially the European end of 

it. Yours very truly, 
. bo : - * . ‘ : 
: \ fo koe Se es Vs 
: 7 a ‘ e = 2 Sa : p- 5 e, See ig . 

Dees 7th, 1888. 

ee We Tord, 
"Ha: pelt tle, ieee 
New NG Tike 
ily Dear Cousin sin 
Your letter or Bees Bin duty received. lt have sold out 
of my aieareet an “Phonograph, matters and have no. further con. 
2Sh.0n "a ta. the bus: inesso ot khow, however ,. that Bp to the presy 
Sire , none of the dolls. which hava been saat bed” in the papers a 
have Bee. meanifaciured for : sale; it wi tt probably be a year later. 
hafora thay Wilt be ‘placed on the mark: ate. Tt 4s Proposed, oy be~ 
ave, %0 $0211 -them at about the price. of oth er dolls. 
y heer, from the Adri s an 1 people. freguenthy; ~ they areal 

Wel}. Mra. Gilliland is at ‘the present § ime visiting her Parents. 

in indi map OL 

er oe 

F, 0-W, Caubway 
Siw tr __ 
jar tk a) 

“ My Year | Ah 
. Spur favor OF A vétctrn ttt AOTC 
tMIAd the yi PLCLLAUEN . : : 
ot tha > Ja Dy, Cann? 


Chty ten co2tlty YOurd, 


( “y ltteer Lu 

3 2 ce eho 

c . : o NS . ) 
4 TE, ad ‘a } . 
, / 

rrr ee ene cee po 

BEN & By ia sae 
‘? Way nn 

WML Te eeg ate ay pregen  adar sg end ? eso der 

es eee ae eee ee hha: ne Yate Ly pu Ke bape wy 
Res WHE OA Sad 1s cee hones: ‘or whi pd vhdaf Pale via 
\6 Mo thiscer lease +2 Yel yore abe: pongegr La i, fe ong 
taht & rio total whi sh ved Bago ive sf plo knprude in my account 
\uea’ Pons .e “xpense a6 sige Prohangy ty eee on against me, and 
rand % Wb tome. pred angetet tof ign that yo also do the 
eh en isch; Rae ee can #80 Your om sdegnont in 
SHAE mats->. on these Wat (aiken Yeon unable to distihs 

a: hetusen 0-5 peer RR ‘by me ee r dong tances mpg bY “te, 

an A T can furnish vod ® haga ‘er acqpunt ond T think You 
oA Sind that shat my Poevapitan wis becX mope néathy paid up. 
ENC. SY gona ma the Acc Cet ang WAAR fons pt fi onff fi 

T shall’ probably a8d. wy he 4 sherg , ed I would 
$i ca uve you take out or sie seta ey ev toon sie that brlonke 
fleece them in my pene, Myerc ete pet vol few artinges 
“oo Me see of suoh a naturt’ that you will have th 

wot | :: Mr. 

aiffienlty in 

Pérat? Everything pertaining bo “nk Yaont, 
The dmthte berell od shot gum and sHO14 riftos, 

Ore domplets act AF Poa and ¥ecl and fishing 

teexhe all boa way throath ang one of whe ‘emall Sprague dotdyas, 
=e AIA of thene HLEMfié wre Spe amdot in my catalogs of what 

gaol wild) the house ahd shoutd be Pigib 2a in the honge, together 
He & bat 

“9th anything #i8e that may have yas moved, or loaned, so et for ha 
wit Sone De 

proper! ly che up by =e par Fre ears the promises, 

net ame hear a ais hy, sei BR Poni} ent. 
Yom) ty, 

wee : i 

“Ir ats 

ad “ 

vy sa Hoardman, Ese y 
Sen Carion Hotel, 
| St. James, Fla, 
Neer Siri- 

XY have mislaid your northern address and write thts let- : 
ter to Ploridn, with the request that 1+ be forwarded to you, If 
you have not yet gone down south, please call in and see me at the 
affice of the Non-Magnetic Wateh Co., 172 Broadway , 3rd floor. 

T am offering ny Ylorida property for sale and there is 

a chance of carrying ont the scheme we talked over, viz: converting 

the whele plaee into e hotel. 

Yours very truly, 

Liland, Bea , 


Adrian, Mie} 

Blk a 

Se Dsar we key ga 

‘ion check for ten sthovsand {8i0000). . 

place in tne bank to mr aredit, opens 

aext, going @irect 
4 couple of days in 
wha fo) aching, Adrian a day or twe before Shristmeds 
Thore payment of Firty thousand Zollers on one phono~ 
tyrnis eumng die tomorrow which ‘ 

there is same ehance of their 
veon: this being the aage, 1 will be detained: 

“si no. becable: 

to: gato Indisnapolis put w 

WELL mad] “this Letter to=nigns: 
Wish to Bet ia ceertified 

tchave no. diffieu ty 

shls matter as it don't amount to much, and if you all think 

ooght Lo have the money at that rate, let it go. 

Yours very truly, 
. = 



Dec. 14th, 1888. 

a ted . anti, 
PTE NTA tog ; a Ny 

ta ty Wie, Es qo, \ 
134 hake Stes 
nierso, Til . 

At about the time I had an interview with Col. Gourand 
in fontion, relative to Mimeogreph affairs and Was about : write 
you, I was taken sick and have been unable to attend to business 
until quite recently. As I intend going to Chicago the latter part 
vot Neeember or first of January, I will not attempt to go into the 
mather at this time but will then give you all the points that I 

have concerning the matter referred to, when I can see you ani , 
talk with you personally. I will say, however, that T do not think 
you ean ever get a proposition from Col. Gouraud that you would be 
wiliing to accept. ‘Whe schemes which he proposes are altogether 

too one sided in his interest and practically amount to your 
gcanding all of the expense if it is a failure and he getting all 
the pond “Lhe £¢ it is successful. He may have modified his views, 

hownver, wy Anis tima but his ideas, as set forth to me, were sub- 
stantialiy what T nave indfaated, 

t prosame you have heard that all business relations 
a, d t 

neg wan Fite 

Edison and mysalf heya .beeit permanontiy endede 
. Pr we aa 

Yours vory truly, 

EFC Mand 

Nea, 20th, 1888, 



‘lone at. Lippincott, Bsa, ‘ “ss se 
i6Q Broadwey, Ati, ? 
oe ; % ra 
. New-York City. Sis a 

Vy Baar girs- 

Your favor of Dec.e 20th has just reached me. The fol- 

towing ecrtificates are in the possession of the Hanover National 

Rank and they will make the exchange that you desire. 

Collateral seenrity on note dtie Dee, 15th, 1888, 

No, 15 617 shares. 

Noo 17 615 tt 

Mo. 32 50 . 

Total 1282 shares. 

Collateral security on note due Jan. 15th, 1889. 

No. il 251 shares, 

No. 1% 615 * 

No. 41 25 . 

Mo. 33 104 . 

No. 10 * 154 * 

No, 9 154 

Total 1285 shares 

Yours yery truly, 

: My dear llr. Gelicba rie 
oSeu. TC flereee 7 to goer “este ibe 
HY Conth via He Hid, 

Meio Glia OUTHNG, 
tPocnt arnt 

tier Fracrve VU 
; Fh, 

Gen Frak AME, 
| ihn br. Matd bft for 
Ae tft Cnztiuchione that & F000 2 ofowtd 
Ce, fewtte Sp Che ayectetvety, arb 
BLL C00. a hiday; bad efter. tf ait yu 
wv Ketiott an a QUANG 
rh as Fe oy Fhe tants fer. 
Fhe Salles cepted 3 

oy ‘piscountorig fhe & L000 = moe 

st aed @ oe, ee 

wt ee 

at the Secu cd nek sniclns feeg- 
ae Cet. fe. —Mritning our balance, 

ah tt 

etd only, § 8 00°, and at thers Pe CML > OL 
oc tite ~ fave freer 0 

Ptr, 3 ‘tva70 tho. A WAM af pf try 

Med e294 ENG: oo oe ouer~ it peaches 

total) nt PO. eg geod 7 Hearted 

pre Lwortd @ faave wato 
ee hg 0 Shr’ D muphie from Spree 
Be cabsfed- aig aarrtecnl, ae ts 
e Cabseg We. memnily "Banat » On, prawe 
don Offer Diaper oF OF a 
Gaim at a Wee % nderctarnd) whey Fe 
fiao add Cor ontens cate) | nSte 41a» 
ag <erfyrtiin oF. Steat Shece Celle 
we sonia sees ee as preernler 
Gf Her: CobPurig Gite reat grant, amu 
tug fo about BISQUE Lhe Ag G2? Gare 4 
aS Srayese ae Oienbire , az rnuart, 
Cte <<) Ctr GHA Ca tty, Comore fo BY 2,000" 
ee ee ig oes oe Pea eae 4 CLE Me kad : 

Pre.” r A. fetes Ae ee CN oe 

Ea cay 

Oo a 
fg oe bE. current cafienets-ard 
other Semaputie, Shore td Orneing th, At fer @? 
2 finva", ont only the talence a yous ane 
Sonilencona ‘ahocke aus cxf fiir tou about 
vk pe ein os We Yale bok dole Wee 
Tee —- Oe, Vie ange 
br, Frard- Dah pr Bs me 
tou. pully tm FAC malvtek | 
D. fiorw nuke Lent fopo 
Ahtte9 eS lee aie is gortl to 
Mn heey longer F ar you bad 
cafes) , avd Therfor awe foward 
on ticel, ai a Wire 44. Fare? 

ee Bah: Spice ORLA 

ee va 
aE COD LION. 2? be: 


he “og Poicly tf 7 : 
A. hin 

oA pan EUOn, 
} ote % 

Avo 4 _ 
i if oa oS 
Va ee - A, fe 2 Bre @ 

cA : 
» ty 


My Deak Mn. - Gilibe?, 
Gs we _pelegnam COPUCLIUNIG SGante 

Yio. fuk vrecetved c2700 anaverel, 
iv LS Lente Fettd of Ot. Credit Scd ttl 

| #25 9 GIS. GI, 
he hieyue Cooke fiat 9 thave ews 
enc tdrin 

Your balanct,-i vtZ- Thee dyer 
tt ano Ch CGMLET Aceh ee jee. 
MISA ZI GE, - 7 oe IGU2S GF 

So St fe Le. O00 ~~ F070. 
Crawn fo order Gm foe VOY 
bot and all on Lge attil - matt 
amg - ~ ~ IFM2EGS 

Oe 4  ohouldCe oh 
ae one rth by ae 
and —— 

soockeet Cheque vole 
pie Aave two ieeoee. 
ee, See eet 
o" ‘uioriate wwerte spat Sane 
Pher hemitirver, iz fut profemas) Carts 
Wit T9000VG ! GE Crag? of MIS 000.” .. 
om here ano CPt Lf, iy 0002 Pe Gack, 
Cfucise, Joh? Cx AINIT 2, Meee 
ae year wih & a Cane WOAH Sf, 6. Nyy, 

So Who 200, 23 Be 

by Hotime you tfiven D ope So 
Rave yrergecHeo a fe Change en 
Syhter Ceccownts , frat anti wat only 
uve ThE Otfatls id Shee. Cteerneed tr OEF- 
Sex Hef ie. , Cut te Jerten She Satih 
On fae footer So tome walerate | 

Un. ttacdclerva mt Mhahee te 10d tn- 
aeicly abayiiabye 7. CLUE regeerers 10 , 
gs ae Cetng tte - 
Left 0. Cat fe Has Lecel{en ft 
mmerhooe She Aan hing. + tprorthe. S) 

Jee Uarste wity- day ed +f fic 

i Ce me ih efor Levtesrce Arend tt-. 

—- hipftics Cate tt? Sodio ¥e congeteté 
the fOu et, g She ‘COCKA. fer Gerne orre, 
who tv, $o Cut a Coet, SD Ho fitm 
#5000 ~ ten b, aches feim Fo eorne. 

a. anound agate wher Aelficer., of 

@ There Ae. fo sae frroefs ect a. 

| Tie. WA. Veen Liye : co A bias 
PA Cis Ye atl aWVafefey, 

Me. v . . 
Ce oF en een your Ch, 2 SpA cced _ 

Mey bear Mn Velllardre | 
Come fuereg gert Jeot-tvas ST VEC, 
tnt S ain “tity glad fo tenow shat the fr 

pniscial, -wgrallety ar1eYo Ce (Gaeieificto 
Qed y, - 
im & 

ber. ard hae rok reltizn&® ~ 
and DP have not feae® whitrr Fe 0a . 
frecl-fierre, Ont Sriautmt Fe mH Ct, | 
pltad 40 eehe® 

7 € Cer $oI223,F1 = Sie heave wnt 
42000 fo seuch arb fied abot “qa? 
on ttb2,; and sreenor accounLn.. 
D have esr my bitte uryined 
armourtteng fo b22st 28 ; hG24 ae 
On Ye YL adverhecrg , the Calence on on | 
% a whaclets BTSO”) contd Setur ettla, | 
WAEMTIT K,rne, and DO have Tofected eg 

adv 1g Btyeaby Consrecht) for Fovab 
anwn€ ar -cuafifrly, goo’s erceedm, cur Of. 
So Have wreaby Grened She Cath Fe ag 


aa Mey abn be wutlén cp Fo fan TE 

oe t Ne Salada TN a en lint ae ete 

@p : 

npg wtiatlels that mu2k- 

7 7 ahi “sate Chivere ozo 
tng tern Sern> Vi any e5e5 ee 
Cla he  BLO~ i ies Sgr asH flow 
Shan ADecthé are Cterng hagete 

S evtclooe Leper {flown ay 770499 - 
“C78 Loa Sout reilag ee Ges ~ 

“an. o 

i Pr 
Tn EL "ISI ow 4 
vt te a Y Coe, 

we i 

: * . 4 fly i A soe 4 “ Segoe 
a ad So Ps cobs vem pase apenas RS geet oe We Sere OPers 




10 K 2. 


utly Chewy ee oO 


i 4 we . a ; : 
te firceecles oF fhe oe th A 

Chines. FE ee Ot: (Seo) el Ores 

bait & Rfrte 

af Stage “the C hitetn Oh ave 

ue to ane, aivacte try. Youd 

-on A f 

- Coote, 

to fete 6 O NUrfrrreet 
a / Sy. Fits PS 
, eta. : Leuy oO: Ural, i 

tock Z 

: sie etek Fp ne z ae fern feels cu 
a Bliaee AE Ceti) , tea | Ce aces ; : 



} ea 



259 West 74th St. 

New York 
March 8 89 
Thos. A. Edison Esq. 
Orange NJ 
My dear Sir 

The proceeds of the sale of the three hundred (300) shares of stock in 
the Edison Phonograph Co, issued to me, made by yourself as trustee, to Jesse 
H. Lippincott, you will please pay to Frank W. Toppan, Albert K. Keller, in 
the following proportions, that is to say, the proceeds of two hundred (200) 
shares to Frank W. Toppan and the proceeds of one hundred (100) shares to 
Albert K. Keller. 

‘You may consider this letter as an authority for your so doing. 

Yours respectfully, 
E. T. Gilliland 

Stephen F. Moriarty Letterbook, LM-023 

This letterbook covers the period February 1898-October 1901. Most of 
the letters are by Moriarty’s private secretary, G. Brossa, writing on behalf of 
Moriarty and the Edison-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co., Ltd. The letters 
relate primarily to the business of the Edison-Bell company, of which Moriarty 
was managing director, and the Edison United Phonograph Co., of which he 
was vice president. Included are letters regarding the establishment of sales 
agencies in the United Kingdom, the reorganization of the Edison-Bell 
company, company finances, and travel arrangements. Also included is 
Moriarty’s personal correspondence. The spine is stamped "Letter Book." The 
book contains 498 numbered pages and an index (not filmed). Pages 320-498 
are blank. Only eleven letters have been filmed. 

“ wrased wnderwrit ing letter when you send me your ounoang oblige 

28th Faby. T898 

Deas Mer, Chapman ¢ 

"L am in receipt of your note of yHdterday, 
witn chaqua value £30,and have secured a holding fer you ta the 
extant of £300. Eneiosed you will find a prospettus and under- 
writing letters,which T obtained with no little trouble fran aur 
dirsetar ( ag the company goes +o the public én Thuradey morning) 
an thar wou can see for yourself what you wish to. invest in. 

As U said before,only the Preference shares and, BepeenS 
reg ave available (except “five ordinary sharea +o every wroo, ¥ 
Dehenture Bond)tit as the Debentures pay only 5 0/o,%he Preference 
Sharan are generally preferred,as they are entitled 4a one third 
of the profits after receiving 6 0/0. | Tf you read the papers 
you will find all particulars,bat if there is any special point 
you wish explained, T shall be happy to enlighten you. Please Tet 
ma have your underwrit ing letter before’ Wednesday morning it 
possthle,becausa although T have spoken for you,t fo nos gant to 

take any ehanoe of your being frozen out through dalay in passing 
your Intter $o the proper authority. Will you also retuty tha 

i | | EF gees 2 ct is 

P.S. Tha Ling in thea underwriting letter after the words: t= 
“ T Recept and adopt the terms &e." as to be left blank,Mr.sS. 
F.heriasts sions there. 
T have jnst this moment received wotd from my father, 
who T aw sorry to say has been unwell,but tells me he feesis 

better at the ting of writing. 

Tith March 1898, 

Toimhert Dormer Faq. 
TT Rue Louis-1le-~grand 


Mr.Mortarty has handed me vour Vetter for answer,and 
wishes mata say that the Capital of our new Company being entirely 
snbserihed for,and the Lists having closed last Saturday at 2 p.m, 
he cannot avail himselP of your offer,but ake you for it just 
the same, 

Yours vary traly 


Private Seoretary 

oe Sia eer ee 

SE etre 

a 7 P : ¥ © 
Ye WET. Mech 109¢. ote GM Moreen — 39 

Note No.l, 5th Mareh 1898, 

Tf further tmprovdndnie Have hob gat BSbA’ atibda el th 
“sypa 2” phonogreph,the Peidooray abort be dheked “Hac | 
the Spring Mn the zoaah wmaantive Baht to us Heh Seam, 

4 to 6 timos whan che mabor dé fulie waind, wha vanes a aA 

dent eadh tiie th the pyalaior when aenitige, 

. Me Revere yievaren etter the thadtine dias aun Ly 
une Sortateinthiy Box sone Yim yd aa +} -vanwe é Senacves? Ansnnetinis 
oF Hopton tng é reuna tii. 7 Pum wah be bempearehs: aR GuFeet 
byr soraying ‘aha Per piones whit Yowia Th “obras, with tha: povernd 
fTange wildy ends hr 2eo ‘waldede the she ‘bara srry ‘ef thea 

a 9 ied fFiutaon hes abmgthing ‘50 at Wien “true Sot 
te. any bos swhroitia BA serv bia) a ‘ahi watch 
a0 ag ab nord wy rivny “i pines’ "at present vondtreatea, che 
"Bane ote pivoea sto ry Medd 1° Boat wot ALLOW tha box 40 
cp som. + irate @ ike 1 is BRT on ee seis 

A aaa sonke ‘erat be Fined Bion the sitradeht Aggi, 
b ing: very pene Iau patting ana texting oe * siptatian. 

hn sandeada od wiretaps wiles an ay AA maghingn 
" ghoula he mate veratsay a Bagg, en ey i) evans RaRKAA any ANA 


machine may be eaphiy ahayed ‘on any ‘other. 

OP LS Ma epee 

“the body ax poyer wana 9 na abs “he Inga ta fit better, 

than in the model in our posagsaion. 

28th March 1898, 

Janes Downey Esa. 
TA Newarn Square S.W. 

Dear Sir 3 

We area in receipt of your favour of the 25thianst. 

and in answer heg to state that the new machines will be over in 
& vary snort time from now: and as we are appointing Agents all ow 
ovar tha British Isles &e.,¥e shall be pleaseed to refer yoy to 
the nearest agency to whatever part of the country you happen +o 
bea going to . 

yours truly 


5th April (898, 

Hasborn WeGibson Esq. 
Shire Bali 


Dear Sir 2 
We are in receipt of your favour of the Ist inst. 
with raference io our new clockwork phonographs: these will be 
sold at five gmiinaas,and the first lot is expected by an early 
steamer, tr vou wisn to be anong the first to obtain delivery 
of one of these machines,we esnelose you our order form which pleas 
Fill in and ratuen to use 

vours Paithfally, 

. ‘ 
" ore Pare P é toh 
voy Lun ioHeon-Balt Qonsolidated Phonograpi Coy, {7 7, 

Peas estate 

ayer as 


Dear oy 

oS Naar F 

Ba Sa VR are hie 

sole owriad 

Patents for Sesndinavia and are: ebout. 

ad patents in that, 

eq Ressasox Les, “ haves 2 £21-0) 


Peep pampt ate with” a 8 a 

yang De aving- “room: hor 

tinge, . Reconan are 

Aoviarty being absant abroad, answering vour. 

ber valeryving to the: Bdison-Bail- co 
Vin t's tompany is now doing a very satisfactory, and. 

asing basiness, reports to he contrary notwiths 

“Yours faithfully, 

é: Meetey- Mi vases 2 0 2 

harVherere oe P Wee 

¢ orelove. L.L., 
| oak : 
? fry Oe G9, 

Bech J. EF 
Gee % of Cr 
306-20 Chere Co 
hela teYelaa. 

Pew leis 

see tegueet Ma Ay b tepoesh 

LO He wine aS, ote 

ees Weta phen. Le aie aves 
eet and As the nharlbte lose on 
7 ae TD “ff the tlek, whapk POO a 
firm open, and fir~ le fae Al Me 
por ye be g One eee ee y Ae nfofert | 
Aafreed bp le te te econ af mes 

ar at whates , ge ene 



_ tome tle- ais a 
ah walle) yp agtee ate foe She he fe be netere | 

se sae: ~tp paces meee the Atrange ment, 

Sie rz Sameer bere ft Ninel? |e aa a el. 

Aull ciel Lleck teal 


nat haw for fuilz, A faring © sf of eld 
ott - ea Crclicne , ee the ens rr acgnald 

ee fE AE fore fn af f: (el (ies afferte 

al eile ene: 
bs, I eae Lf ae 

wa FB Mt laer ”~ 

ceed ee ee 

~LOLi pees ~-daert ifrce 

aes at: la ole Pe aa pree re ve Le. 

oc tne €k 

0 (In adce 

en atnclee 
al Cecame Mae, ser veo enna pare 
7 te pace fret Whee edna af es — Beavuck” 
tt * te Laleom a Se as Bal ale Le: aa pcr on 
inal we pee nw AeA bees — Han, 

he afifacate i oe P-zet- 
frt oe nee: of thie Aer wap Pee A 
, tor posite pten er ae em 

LV , a a 

bb Arle eet Le. ee Mcrae ie 

eee Aha in Me fereteatet, Me YA Aen 

pal 7 ob le 7 re ae OF ie aot cancel Hhe> 

oe ee Oe ee e CPt e484 10 

ce reed A827 0447.7 
a Teaf ty a eine ae 

La we a 


i iB 
i , 







TSS ee eee 
Spica aC Nee as z ese 

r. P.Germain, 

Ye have as you will. 

Aw offices,& I regret, +o say tha your. tether ; of the. ‘aist, reas 

; yesronday, as ah pad been. nisl add by! the cleaners at 


Reel duplication of the whole or of es. 
any part of this film is prohibited. > 

In lieu of transcripts, however, 

enlarged photocopies of selected : — 
items contained on these reels Be 
may be made in order to facilitate os _ 


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available. Every technical 
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fate ti set eeemea at 

= aoe 

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